MTaFB Ch. 68

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Lu Chengyu put the plate with the cake on the bar next to him. He heard something in Sheng Shaoyuan’s words. He glanced at the secretary behind Sheng Shaoyuan. He jumped off the high stool. His index finger clicked on the counter table and laughed. He said to the bartender, “Give us a glass of Louis XIII for Mr. Sheng.” After saying this, he looked back at Sheng Shaoyuan and said, “Presumably the amount of alcohol is good.” The bartender opened the wine. He took a few clean wine glasses, poured a glass and put it in front of Sheng Shaoyuan, made a slow gesture, and politely stepped aside.

Sheng Shaoyuan glanced at Lu Chengyu, held up the short-footed wine glass and slowly shook the red liquid in the wine glass. After taking a sip, he smiled and said, “Thank you, Assistant Lu for the warm hospitality.” He seldom told others not to drink too strong foreign wine. Lu Chengyu probably didn’t know about this. Now, he came up and drank the strongest Louis XIII by himself, not knowing if it was accidental or because of something else.

Hearing this thank you, Lu Chengyu smiled slightly, “You are welcome, Mr. Sheng.” The place they were in was originally a high-end club hotel, and most people couldn’t even enter, so, the most indispensable thing here was expensive tobacco and alcohol. He heard that Sheng Shaoyuan’s words meant to tease him, so, he did not give a big or small reaction or added a block to the other party.

Qi Jingfeng and Zhang Zeyun were not very familiar with Sheng Shaoyuan. But after all, they were all in the capital city circle, and they knew a little about Sheng Shaoyuan, who was a local snake in S City. However, they saw that this person was not easy to deal with, especially after seeing Lu Chengyu inviting him to drink this kind of wine, they became more vigilant in their hearts.

“Mr. Yan is very lucky to find such a good helper,” Sheng Shaoyuan glanced at the wine in the glass, then smiled and said to Yan Mu, “It seems that we should be really envious.” This seemed to be enviable, but in fact he described Lu Chengyu as a little white face dependent on Yan Mu. Perhaps in Sheng Shaoyuan’s eyes, even if Lu Chengyu was worth hundreds of millions, it was still far behind Yan Mu and the two would soon be separated.

Hearing Sheng Shaoyuan’s words, Zhang Zeyun somehow, suddenly saw in his mind the cool look of Lu Chengyu when he beat someone. He unconsciously stood a step away from Sheng Shaoyuan and nudged towards Lu Chengyu to show his position.

“Mr. Sheng, what kind of help are you talking about? He has never liked cooking at home. If he were not for me, he would probably be hungry and faint,” Yan Mu said, “He is a big man worth more than 100 million yuan but because of me he is holding the position of an assistant, he is already very wronged.”

Sheng Shaoyuan twitched his lips and smiled. He didn’t expect that Yan Mu would be willing to say these things for Lu Chengyu’s sake. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Lu Chengyu, who kept smiling from beginning to end. This look was indeed very dazzling among men, but no matter how handsome he was, he was only a man. He really didn’t expect Yan Mu’s taste to be like this.

“Yours is mine. I am helping myself. Why would I feel wronged?” Lu Chengyu smiled and looked at Sheng Shaoyuan. “What is there to admire Mr. Sheng, you are better than me, and you will definitely find a partner who will make you happy.”

This sounded very polite, but why did it feel as if there was something wrong? Qi Jingfeng, who was next to him, glanced at the two of them suspiciously, but seeing that Sheng Shaoyuan was still smiling, he just sat aside and had a drink.

Sheng Shaoyuan knew that Lu Chengyu was giving him back what he had just said. He didn’t get angry and laughed. He brought up the Louis XIII bottle to pour good wine for all the people present, then raised his own glass and said, “It’s a rare meeting. Let’s have a drink together.” He had never been able to drink a mere glass of wine when an outsider revealed his preferences.

Lu Chengyu picked up the wine glass, and slowly touched it with Sheng Shaoyuan, then changed hands and touched with Yan Mu with a smile, before taking a sip with grace, as if it was a high-end reception, not a place for fun.

Zhang Zeyun glanced at the few people with a smile, knowing that Sheng Shaoyuan was not simple, he was probably a competitor in Mu Ge’s business, so Lu Chengyu was very cooperative in everything he did, and he was no exception.

After drinking the wine, Sheng Shaoyuan put down the wine glass, smiled and pointed to the table. After scanning Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu, he said gracefully: “Here, what’s the meaning of not playing? Assistant Lu will you play with me?”

“I don’t play well, Mr. Sheng, don’t laugh,” Lu Chengyu agreed without hesitation, and then sat down opposite Sheng Shaoyuan at the poker table, then raised his hand and said, “Mr. Sheng, please.”

“Please, “Sheng Shaoyuan lit a cigar, and the smile on his face became brighter. The secretary behind him glanced suspiciously at the laid-back Lu Chengyu. According to the investigation report, Lu Chengyu never got stuck, and the days between him and Yan Mu were even more easy going. Sitting at the poker table now, there was no sign of timidity in him. The pressure was really invisible on this young man who had just made a fortune.

And this Yan Mu also indulged his little lover Lu Chengyu, who threw the man aside, and sat there waiting for the dealer to deal the cards.

“Raise!” Sheng Shaoyuan didn’t look at the cards in his hand and threw out a bunch of chips.

“Follow.” Lu Chengyu smiled and pushed out the pile of chips beside his hand, then smiled and glanced at Yan Mu, who turned the money into a pile of chips and put it beside him.

“Assistant Lu is very blessed,” Sheng Shaoyuan played a cigar. “People like Mr. Yan are all obedient to you.”

Lu Chengyu knew that he was mocking him for fascinating Yan Mu by various means. Because of Yan Mu and Sheng Shaoyuan and their identities, there were already a lot of people watching the excitement at the poker table. Sheng Shaoyuan’s words were not for him, but for those watching the excitement.

“He is mine. It’s normal to ask him to change some chips for me,” Lu Chengyu played with a chip, as if he couldn’t hear what Sheng Shaoyuan said, and said with a smile, “The so-called lover, what’s yours is mine. Mine is yours. If you care about these trivial matters, what is a lover. Mr. Sheng, what do you think?”

Those who could play here were all people with certain identities. After listening to Lu Chengyu’s words, everyone saw again. Yan Mu behind him did not even object at all, and even showed a bit of joy, and he had to admit that the famous Young Master Yan in the capital had been planted in the hands of this man.

“Assistant Lu has great opinions,” Sheng Shaoyuan pushed the chips out in a pile, meaning to continue to raise, “It looks like this person is very compliant to you.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and didn’t say anything, but just put out his chips and continued to follow him. Obviously he was not intimidated by Sheng Shaoyuan’s wealth, but it made the people around him more interested in watching the game.

Not to mention that the two of them threw out hundreds of thousands of chips in one hand, but the gossip between Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu was enough to make them curious. Originally, they thought that Mr. Yan was only fooling around with Lu Chengyu for a while, but looking at how he was now, Master Yan seemed to really love Lu Chengyu. Seeing this, there were still things that depended on Lu Chengyu.

Everyone was busy watching the excitement and were not interested in who won or lost the game. So, when Sheng Shaoyuan and Lu Chengyu threw the chips on the table to open the cards, they were surprised to find that there were already more than a million chips on the table.

“QKA straight flush,” Sheng Shaoyuan pinched out the cigar in the ashtray and sat leaning on the back of his chair, obviously satisfied with the cards in his hand.

Lu Chengyu was not in a hurry to flip his cards, he smiled and applauded: “Good cards, good cards.”

Just when the audience thought that Lu Chengyu was determined to lose, he slowly flipped over his cards, and said with a slightly surprised expression: “Oh, it’s such a coincidence. It turned out to be three kings.”

Everyone exclaimed. His cards were better than those in Sheng Shaoyuan’s hand. Most of the players at the scene mixed in the capital, and they were naturally more emotionally inclined towards Lu Chengyu, not Sheng Shaoyuan, who was an outsider from S City, so the hand was settled, and everyone around him suddenly clapped.

“Accepted,” Lu Chengyu smiled slightly towards Sheng Shaoyuan, and instead of looking at the chips that the croupier pushed towards him, he pushed back half of it. “I’m just joking with Mr. Sheng. Let’s forget about these chips.”

“Assistant Lu, what is this? Losing is losing, winning is winning, how can it be forgotten,” Sheng Shaoyuan stood up with a smile, “It’s just a game to pass the time, Assistant Lu shouldn’t be too polite.”

Lu Chengyu followed and stood up and heard the words. He smiled: “Mr. Sheng is chic, I’m not interested anymore.”

Sheng Shaoyuan laughed twice, and then said: “It’s normal to win or lose.”

Zhang Zeyun heard that there was something wrong with this, and couldn’t help but look sideways at Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu. Seeing that they both looked the same, they just looked casually as each other, but in his heart, he felt that Mu Ge and Xiao Lu were really a natural pair. At least their expression control ability was much better than him.

After Sheng Shaoyuan left the poker table, he checked the time and smiled apologetically to Lu Chengyu and the others, “I have something to do, and we will get together later.”

“Go slow,” Lu Chengyu smiled and watched Sheng Shaoyuan leave, and waited for him to disappear behind the door. He whispered to Yan Mu, “This President Sheng seems to have bad intentions.”

Yan Mu hooked up the corner of his mouth: “Leave him alone.” Zhang Zeyun touched the bridge of his nose, looked at Yan Mu, and then at Lu Chengyu and kept silent.

“Boss, that Lu Chengyu is too arrogant,” the secretary followed Sheng Shaoyuan, frowning, “Should we find a way to clean him up?”

“Clean him?” Sheng Shaoyuan stopped and looked up and down the thin secretary, “You can?”

Secretary: “…”

Sheng Shaoyuan sneered, and then said: “He dares to be in love with Yan Mu despite the old man of the Mu family, he could be considered a little courageous. I hope that the Yan family and Mu family will be more lively. I’m going to clean up what he did.” The secretary lowered his head and thought, speaking so generously, as if you weren’t irritated by the other party.

Sheng Shaoyuan looked back at the clubhouse behind him, and twitched his mouth with his eyelids down. At least he now knew that Lu Chengyu was a fox who could not only bite people but was also difficult to deal with.

He would just wait to see when the Mu family would take action.

He didn’t want to miss the excitement of Beijing.

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