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“You won so much money today, so, you are entitled to give us a treat!” Zhuang Yu took the menu, and after a glance at Lu Chengyu, he began to order. His principle of ordering was not to ask for the best, but to ask for the most expensive.

Lu Chengyu smiled and allowed Zhuang Yu and Qi Jingfeng to eat as much as they wanted. After ordering the food, the originally grinning Zhuang Yu’s expression became a lot more serious: “I didn’t want to mention things that would affect your mood at this time, but Xiao Lu, think about it, who have you offended?” Don’t look at them like this. They lived a luxurious life, but there was nothing wrong among them in private. He now directly asked Lu Chengyu, it was because Lu Chengyu had encountered many things recently.

Zhang Zeyun didn’t expect Zhuang Yu to ask so directly. He glanced at Lu Chengyu with some worry. Seeing that the other party didn’t look be unhappy, he said, “Don’t tell me, just because Xiao Lu became a billionaire overnight, he attracted the hatred of a lot of people.”

“That’s right, your life path is like a winner in life, except that there are no beautiful women to hug you,” Zhuang Yu shrugged, “I mean, does anyone hate you enough to go to the extent of killing you?”

Lu Chengyu remembered his previous life experience, and then recalled his journey from school to the present in this life, frowned and shook his head: “I have no impression. I graduated from university and came to Huading to work. I invested before. Although, I made a lot of money in the movie, I have very little contact with people in the circle, and the relationship with the crew is pretty good. Even if someone was looking at me from behind, they don’t have the ability to arrange so many means to kill me.” If they had this kind of ability, those people would not still mix in some crews, they could just be investors who didn’t need to show up.

He remembered that when he met Huang Chuan in his previous life, it was at the premiere of “The Universe”. At that time, because a company artist was going to attend the premiere and the assistant beside him became sick again, he was temporarily transferred to the star for the premiere.

This time he deliberately joined the crew of “The Universe” in order to observe the behaviour of the artist. After a month of observation, he found that the artist had no problems, and that could only show that he was really unlucky when he met Huang Chuan in his previous life.

“According to this, you won’t have a big problem there,” Zhuang Yu looked at Lu Chengyu several times, and hesitated, “Have you ever thought…maybe the problem lies with your parents?” He and Zhang Zeyun checked. After the passing of Lu Chengyu’s parents, they found that his parents had some unusual behaviour before their accidental death, but they couldn’t find out the truth behind it, so they suspected that Lu Chengyu’s parents might be involved in something.

Lu Chengyu was silent. Before he went to the filming of “The Universe”, he made a special trip home. In fact, he was looking for something related to his parents, but he didn’t find anything suspicious. He frowned, “My dad was just the middle-level management employee of a company, my mother was just a university professor, who could they both offend?”

Yan Mu, who had been silent, suddenly said at this time: “There is a very famous literary family in S City, the Xia family, I heard about this family. They lost a daughter decades ago, but because of an accident at home, there was no time to send too many people to find this daughter. It is said that more than ten years ago, the Xia family had news of finding their daughter, but suddenly the news disappeared. In the following days, everyone in the circle said that the Xia family was deceived, and many people saw their joke for a while.”

Qi, Zhang, and Zhuang didn’t understand why Yan Mu suddenly mentioned that, the Xia family was now considered top-notch in S City. But when they discovered that Lu Chengyu, who had always been smiling, had changed his face, they knew it was not that simple.

Lu Chengyu felt that Yan Mu’s idea was a little bold, but in his memory, he had never seen his grandpa and grandma. Even his mother’s maiden family had little contact with them. His parents explained that his mother had no relationship with her family. So, the two families don’t have much contact.

Could it be said that the truth of the matter was that his mother complained about her mother’s family because they hadn’t cared about her after she was lost, and that’s why this happened? He looked at Yan Mu and asked with some doubts, “How many years ago did the Xia family lose their daughter?”

“Forty-four years ago,” Yan Mu said affirmatively, “I heard that the missing daughter of the Xia family was only seven years old.”

Lu Chengyu’s brows furrowed even more tightly. According to him, his mother’s age was exactly 51 years old this year, but… the seven-year-old girl couldn’t go home, how could she survive alone, let alone read so many books and become a university professor, it seemed…something was wrong.

“Xiao Lu, you won’t be the grandson of the Xia family?” Zhuang Yu looked at Lu Chengyu with a look of surprise, then looked at him up and down, then touched his chin and said, “If I look carefully at your eyebrows. It’s a bit like the old lady of the Xia family.” Everyone in the Xia family had a gentle appearance, and the temperament of the whole body made it clear that they were literary masters at a glance. However, when he first met Lu Chengyu, he thought that the other person was a very decent man, but after being together for a long time and becoming his good buddy, he discovered that the whole demeanour was fake, and he was clearly a pretentious fox.

If he was really the grandson of the Xia family, then he must be genetically mutated or to say… the Lu family’s genes had the upper hand.

Lu Chengyu didn’t feel excited or anything else. In his opinion, the Xia family was just like that. Not to mention when he was the most desolate in his previous life, but in this life, no one in the Xia family had come to him. The only thing the Xia family did for him was to help him calm the ambitions of the relatives of the Lu family.

Not to mention that during the hardest time in his previous life, no one from the Xia family came out to recognize him. Maybe it was really because his parents got in trouble, so no one in the Xia family wanted to help him.

Family affection was not present, that’s it. Lu Chengyu took these things very lightly and drank an appetizer tea poured by the waiter: “If the Xia family in S city is really my mother’s family, it is my mother’s business. Why bother about it?”

Hearing the indifference in Lu Chengyu’s words, Yan Mu stretched out his hand and patted his knees, and whispered softly: “I have found someone to investigate. Liu Qiyan has something to do with the Xia family.”

Lu Chengyu nodded. His parents really caused something serious. It was normal for a family as big as the Xia family to be difficult to get into. After all, one side was the children they raised, and the other was the daughter who had been missing for decades. Feelings were the most unsuitable for comparison. The Xia family just made the most sensible choice, not to mention that the Xia family had likely protected him many times in the dark.

It was not bad to be able to reach this step, “I understand.”

Zhuang Yu felt that the two were saying things that others didn’t understand, but seeing Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu’s expressions were not ugly, he knew that things weren’t very bad. He just said, “If Mu Ge helped, it would be easy to solve.” After speaking, he remembered that the Mu family hadn’t really accepted Lu Chengyu as Yan Mu’s partner, so he smiled embarrassedly, and then persuaded: “If you have anything to do in the future, you must tell us all. As the saying goes, three heads are worthy of another Zhuge Liang, we are much taller than the heads.”

Lu Chengyu’s heart warmed when he heard these words, and he glanced at them. These three friends, knowing that they were not being polite, he smiled relievedly and said: “Don’t worry, I will definitely let you help if I have something. Then you will not be able to run away if you want to run.”

Yan Mu looked at him like he was a child. He looked at Lu Chengyu who was smiling next to him, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

After the meal, the several people were going to go home. Lu Chengyu found out that all three of them were sitting behind their burly bodyguards. It seemed that the previous attack had taught them a profound lesson.

Lu Chengyu did not go home, but asked Yan Mu to drive outside the old house where he had lived before. The community had been built for nearly 20 years, so it looked very old in appearance. The only thing worthy of praise was that the land was not so expensive back then, and the greenery in the community was not bad.

In his previous life, he sold the old house in the community. In this life, he had no shortage of money, so the property was still in his name.

In the activity area of the community, there were some old ladies sitting on small stools and chatting, and a few children were playing on the slides whose paint had chipped off. Lu Chengyu pointed to the slide with the original color no longer visible, “This slide was there when I was seven years old. When I was young, I used to play around here with a few children in the community.”

Yan Mu glanced at the place where Lu Chengyu pointed. At a glance, in his opinion, Lu Chengyu’s point of reference was not wide, but he could clearly distinguish Lu Chengyu’s nostalgia for that time, so he just quietly listened to Lu Chengyu’s childhood stories and asked questions occasionally.

“In my memory, my lifestyle was no different from other people,” Lu Chengyu led Yan Mu into the corridor. Although the community was old, the corridors were very clean, and it didn’t make people feel like a mouse would come out at any time.

“Hey, isn’t this Chengyu? When did you come back here? Have you had dinner?” An old lady who came out for a walk saw Lu Chengyu and said with enthusiasm, “When you were young, you liked the tomato egg noodles made by aunt.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and refused. After the old lady went downstairs, he said to Yan Mu, “The residents in this community basically all know each other. Other homes also help take care of the children. The youngest son of Aunt Liu’s family who went down just now often made trouble with me when he was young, but he was the one who was beaten every time.”

Yan Mu nodded: “People in this community are very enthusiastic.”

Lu Chengyu smiled, “Everyone has been neighbours for many years.” He walked to his door and looked at the grey-blue old-fashioned security door that had been stripped of paint. He took out the key and inserted it in the keyhole and then slowly opened the door.

A thick layer of dust had accumulated in the room, and there was still a dull smell. Lu Chengyu stood outside the door and suddenly stopped. At this moment, he didn’t want to step into this deserted room.

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