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In the Xue’s villa, it was already time for the child to sleep since it was nine o’clock in the evening, but Xue Yunmu moved a small bench and sat in the middle of the living room, pouting and sulking.

Aunt Wang, Lin Bo, and Chen Li surrounded him for a long time, but the little guy still looked like he was deaf, almost having the words “I’m angry, I’m not happy” written on his face.

“Mu Mu, I think it’s too late, the kids who go to bed late do not grow tall.” Aunt Wang patiently persuaded.

Xue Yunmu’s head tilted: “Huh— ” Aunt Wang and Lin Bo looked at each other helplessly.

For Xiaoyu’s birthday today, Mu Mu said long ago that he would eat cake with brother Yangyang, but the birthday star was filming, and the patriarch of the family flew to meet Yangyang, leaving the little guy at home.

The little fat boy came back from kindergarten and learned that Yangyang brother did not come home. Dad went to see Yangyang by himself without taking him. He was so angry that he ate half a bowl less for dinner. After eating, he sat in the middle of the living room and sulked. He ignored whoever persuaded him.

Aunt Wang was also very helpless, how did the child become so angry, why did she not see it before?

“Call Mr. Xue or Mr. Xiaoyu,” Chen Li suggested.

Xue Yunmu glanced at Grandma Wang secretly when he heard the words of Uncle Bodyguard, and when she saw Grandma Wang was looking at him, he immediately turned his head again: “Huh— ” Aunt Wang sighed heavily and took her cell phone to call Xue Chengxiu.

On the other end, Xue Chengxiu was cutting fruit. Yu Siyang leaned on him watching TV while eating the cut fruit. He took a bite, and then fed Mr. Xue a bite. By the way, he complained about Mr. Xue’s fruit-cutting craftsmanship. They were all too sweet.

When the phone rang, Yu Siyang was instructing Xue Chengxiu on how to cut the apple into a bunny shape.

“Help me pick it up.” Xue Chengxiu cut the bunny ears with concentration.

Yu Siyang took his mobile phone, saw the name displayed on it, and said: “It’s Aunt Wang.” Then he connected the phone and pressed the speakerphone.

“Mr. Xue.” Aunt Wang said over the phone.

Xue Chengxiu asked: “Aunt Wang, what’s the matter?”

Aunt Wang asked instead: “Are you with Xiaoyu now?”

Xue Chengxiu and Yu Siyang looked at each other, and the latter immediately said, “Aunt Wang, I am Xiaoyu.”

Aunt Wang said with a smile: “Hey, Xiaoyu, happy birthday.”

Yu Siyang said, “Thank you.”

“That’s it, Mu Mu is angry now and refuses to sleep. You talk to him.” Aunt Wang sighed and said: “Xiao Xiu went to see you today. He didn’t take him. Mu Mu got angry when he came back. He even ate less food than usual.”

Yu Siyang immediately felt distressed and said, “Then I will hang up and video call.”

After answering “Okay”, Aunt Wang hung up the phone. Within a few seconds, a video call request was sent. Aunt Wang immediately connected and saw Xiaoyu appearing on the screen. She sighed in relief and squatted next to the little guy, “Mu Mu, look, it’s older brother, older brother wants to talk to you.”

Xue Yunmu immediately raised his head, holding Grandma Wang’s hand and looking at the screen of the mobile phone. The little guy was aggrieved immediately, “Brother, when are you coming back?”

“Mu Mu, sorry, brother is working, and it will take a long time to go back.” The little guy pouted his mouth, making Yu Siyang feel distressed.

Xue Yunmu was very sensible and said: “Then brother work hard and come back early.”

Yu Siyang said with a smile: “Okay, I’ll make good food for you when I return.”

“I want a lot of delicious food.” Xue Yunmu drew a big circle with two short arms.

“Okay.” Yu Siyang nodded, and then said: “Why did you eat less tonight?”

“Because Grandma Wang’s dishes are not as delicious as brother’s.” The little guy said frankly.

Aunt Wang holding the mobile phone angrily smiled at the little fattie’s words. She thought that the little devil ate less because he was angry with his father. But he dared to dislike her for not doing well.

Wasn’t this nonsense? If she could do better than Xiaoyu, she would have opened a restaurant as a chef.

“Then you can’t skip eating. Children who don’t eat well don’t grow up.” Yu Siyang said.

“Grandma Wang just said that the children who don’t sleep on time do not grow tall,” Xue Yunmu was confused, “Why don’t they grow tall without eating, or without sleeping? Why are there so many conditions for growing tall?”

“Uh…” Yu Siyang choked. How to explain this, he remembered that it was because of secretion of growth hormone or something…

Xue Chengxiu immediately came out and took the phone and said to the little guy on the other end: “There is no reason, Xue Yunmu, it is already half past nine, you should go to bed.”

Xue Yunmu pouted and accused: “Bad father.”

Mr. Xue raised his eyebrows, “Don’t want superhero toys?”

“Yes.” The kid really had no bottom line in front of toys, “Good father.”

“Good ~ ” Mr. Xue was very satisfied and said, “Go to sleep, and when father comes back, I will bring you to buy a set of superhero toys.”

The chubby kid cheered, lightly pushed Grandma Wang’s hand, “I will tell brother goodbye.”

Xue Chengxiu gave the phone to Yu Siyang again.

“Brother, happy birthday.” The little guy kissed the phone screen, but accidentally kissed the hang-up button, and the video call was cut off by him.

Yu Siyang looked at the phone that returned to the dialog interface, “Hey”, it was still the superhero who had greater charm, and he went to bed so obediently.

“Look, how about the bunny I carved?” Xue Chengxiu showed the apple bunny he carved to him.

In all fairness, this weird polygonal irregular object could not be called a bunny at all. It barely expressed the ears of the bunny image. The ears were also long and short, one large and one small, which looked very abstract.

The so-called Xi Shi in the eyes of a lover[1] was to be used at this time.

If a kitchen worker or apprentice in the hotel’s kitchen had carved like this, even if Yu Siyang didn’t scold others, he would have at least asked others to redo it. But for Mr. Xue, he was…

“Yes, very artistic. It is amazing to be able to sculpt it like this the first time.” Mr. Xue was also very satisfied with his first work. He carefully put it on the plate, took pictures and posted it to Moments.

Papa Xue: [My first work, guided by my baby [Proud][Proud]

Pei Ziteng just freed himself to scan the Moments of his friends, but when he saw the weird picture of Xue Chengxiu’s carving, he silently swallowed back a mouthful of blood, and commented below-

Qianlong Tengyuan: [I’m blind, why did you change your nickname to this, taking advantage of us]

Papa Xue replied to Qianlong Tengyuan: [My baby made me change]

Pei Ziteng was really frantic, ah ah ah ah… I really want to block Xue Chengxiu permanently!!! This bastard who shows affection all the time!!!

After successfully abusing a single dog, Xue Chengxiu happily put away his mobile phone, took his baby into his arms and watched TV together.

In order to be able to come to celebrate the birthday of his lover, Xue Chengxiu arranged work ahead of schedule, and spared three days to fly to Tenglan City. He also greeted the crew in advance and asked the director to arrange a half-day holiday for Xiaoyu.

However, “The Battle of Feishui” was to be released on the first day of the Lunar New Year next year. Because there were a lot of war scenes, the later editing would be a huge project. The shooting time for the actors was very tight, and Yu Siyang could only get a half-day vacation, and the next day, he had to get up early to go to the crew to film.

When he got up, his movements were as light as possible, but Xue Chengxiu still woke up.

“Why get up so early?” Xue Chengxiu asked.

Yu Siyang explained: “Work starts at eight o’clock. I have to go there early and put on makeup. The armor is very troublesome.”

Xue Chengxiu got up from the bed, pulled the person into his arms, hugged him, and patted his back.

He didn’t say things such as “Don’t work too hard”. His child was a serious and meticulous person. He respected his own work. He would definitely complete it seriously, and he would not shirk his duties at all. Saying such words was useless for him. It would only show profanity of his work attitude.

Yu Siyang kissed Mr. Xue on the cheek, “I’m leaving, I will accompany you to dinner at the end of the evening.” It was obvious that Mr. Xue could not be sent easily by such a small peck, and a deep kiss was necessary.

Men were always very agitated in the morning. When they got excited, they couldn’t be held back. The temperature in the room seemed to be getting higher and higher, and the wheezing and the entanglement of lips and tongues was also getting louder and louder…

“Dingdong——Dingdong— —”

Just when the two of them were about to lose their senses, the doorbell rang, and Tang Hang’s voice came in through the door panel: “Siyang, it’s time to go.”

The lips of the two were immediately separated, and Yu Siyang’s voice was dumb as he replied: “Wait a minute, I’ll be there.”

Xue Chengxiu hugged the thin young man tightly in his arms, buried his head in his neck, and an unexplainable part was pressing against him with excitement. The arrow was on the string, but it couldn’t be released, it was simply depressing.

Yu Siyang didn’t feel very well either and tried to calm his restless body.

Outside the door, Tang Hang felt that he had waited for a century. Zhan Heng, who lived on the same floor, came out, passed by him, patted him on the shoulder, and smiled unclearly.

Tang Hang rolled his eyes in a corner that Zhan Heng couldn’t see.

He could be said to understand why Luo Peng changed from Zhan Heng’s fan to Zhan Heng’s anti-fan. After getting acquainted with the movie actor, he discovered that his gentlemanly elegant image was entirely a persona. In fact, this person had a lot of drama and wretchedness, and his brain still had a big hole.

“Why don’t you go down with me first?” Zhan Heng suggested, “The ghost knows when Xiaoyu will come out.”

Tang Hang refused: “Thank you, no, I’ll wait for him.”

Zhan Heng smiled: “This has to wait until a long time, go for breakfast and wait while eating.”

Before he could say anything, the door opened from the inside. Yu Siyang and Xue Chengxiu stood in front of the door and looked at him expressionlessly.

Zhan Heng was surprised: “So fast!”

“What did you say?” Xue Chengxiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

“I said you finished washing up so soon. Didn’t you use some skin care products, haha…” Zhan Heng smiled awkwardly, and wanted to smack himself. Fuck, why was he so courageous? He even dared to tease the boss.

Xue Chengxiu nodded and said: “You are not young anymore. You really need to take good care of your skin. Let Wei Xiaofeng buy you more skin care products. Don’t be reluctant to spend money.”

Zhan Heng: “…” Where was he not young anymore, the media sometimes still called him fresh meat.

Xue Chengxiu: “You didn’t rest well yesterday? I took a look, and there are fine lines around the corners of your eyes.”

Zhan Heng swallowed a mouthful of blood in his throat, took out his mobile phone and sent WeChat to Wei Xiaofeng: [My dear, am I very old?]

Wei Xiaofeng responded quickly: [Are you sick? Asking this early in the morning.]

Zhan Heng: “QAQ”

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[1] Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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