APY Ch. 173.1: Master Fu is Back!!!

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Time flies, it would be the twenty-seventh soon, and Fu Hengyi was going to be back tomorrow. Shen Qinglan woke up earlier than usual. When she opened her eyes, it was only a little after five o’clock. It was time for her morning exercise.

After all, it was a military compound. There were many people who woke up in the morning for morning exercises. Shen Qinglan met many familiar faces along the way. When she came back from the morning exercise, Fu Jingting was already up.

“Qinglan, why did you get up so early?” Fu Jingting was surprised to see Shen Qinglan so early. It was good for young people to sleep an extra minute in the morning, let alone do morning exercises.

Seeing Fu Jingting’s sportswear, “Auntie, you going out for a run?”

Fu Jingting nodded. She was used to it. She felt uncomfortable if she didn’t go out for a couple of laps when she had nothing to do. For the last two days, she was adjusting to the jet lag, so she didn’t get up. Today she woke up early and wanted to go out for a run.

“Then I’ll run two more laps with aunt.” Shen Qinglan stopped and followed Fu Jingting out.

“You just came back, I can go alone.” Fu Jingting said.

“I didn’t run far just now, so I will just run with aunt for a while.” Shen Qinglan explained.

Although she had just returned from the morning exercise, her body was clean and fresh, and her breath was steady. Fu Jingting naturally believed it. The two went out for a run again.

Shen Qinglan and Fu Jingting came back from running, and just after breakfast, they heard the doorbell ringing. Before Shen Qinglan could get up, Aunt Zhao got up to open the door first.

Aunt Zhao directly welcomed the guests into the living room, went upstairs to talk to Mr. Fu, and then went back to the kitchen.

“Aunt Zhao, who is here?” Fu Jingting asked when passing the dining room.

“It is said that it is the old man’s former subordinate, and he would come to see the old man on each New Year’s Eve.”

Fu Jingting didn’t take it to heart. Every time around the New Year’s Eve, the old man’s former subordinates would often come to visit him at home. Although the old man had retired for several years, he was the top leader of the army at the beginning. Even after retirement, his connections were still there. Besides, Fu Hengyi was still in the army now.

There were faint voices in the living room. Shen Qinglan finished her breakfast and was about to go upstairs to clean her room with Fu Hengyi. When passing the living room, she casually glanced inside, but saw a familiar figure, she stopped.

“Fang Tong?”

Fang Tong was sitting on the sofa looking bored, when suddenly she heard someone call her name, so she looked up and saw Shen Qinglan, then with a happy face, “Qinglan.”

Shen Qinglan walked over and greeted Grandpa Fu and then looked at Fang Tong, “Why are you here?”

Fang Tong glanced at her father, and then said, “I’m here to visit my father’s old leader with my parents.”

“Qinglan, this is?” Mr. Fu looked at Shen Qinglan suspiciously.

Shen Qinglan explained, “This is Fang Tong, my friend, and my roommate in college.”

“So you are Qinglan, of whom I have heard from Tongtong’s mouth.” Fu Fanghua looked at Shen Qinglan with a smile, not forgetting to glance at Fang Tong from the corner of his eye, why didn’t she tell him about knowing the Fu family earlier.

Fang Tong pretended not to have seen it. Since the last time she met Li Boming, her mother called Li Boming into the house from time to time to have dinner. The euphemistic reason was that Li Boming had no relatives in the capital, so she should take more care of him. But Sima Zhao’s heart was known to all.

The relationship between mother and daughter was therefore a bit tense. Fang Tong naturally knew that Fu family was Shen Qinglan’s husband’s family, and while visiting the Fu family’s house, she was likely to meet Shen Qinglan, but she just didn’t want to tell her mother that she knew Shen Qinglan, who asked her to force her to get together with Li Boming.

“Hello, Auntie,” Shen Qinglan called out, glanced at the man sitting on the sofa, guessed that this might be Fang Tong’s father, and called out “Uncle.”

Fu Fanghua and Fang Chengzhi responded with a smile.

Fang Chengzhi looked at Mr. Fu, “Old Chief, who is this?”

Mr. Fu smiled, “This is my granddaughter-in-law, Shen Qinglan, the granddaughter of Chief Shen.”

Fang Chengzhi was surprised, “Hengyi is married?”

“They just got the certificate, and the wedding will not be held until the girl Qinglan graduates.” That’s why they didn’t receive the slightest news.

Since they were all acquaintances, Shen Qinglan did not leave, but sat down beside Fang Tong. Fu Jingting just came over to say hello and left.

Fang Chengzhi served in the army when he was young and was under Mr. Fu’s command. Later, he was discharged from the army due to an injury, and he became a politician. He had been out of office for all these years, and he had not walked into the Fu family house. Now that he was back, he naturally wanted to visit the old man, he just didn’t expect his daughter to know the granddaughter-in-law of the Fu family, and it seemed that her relationship with the other party was still very good.

If Fang Chengzhi knew that Fang Tong not only knew Shen Qinglan, but had a good relationship, and even went to Shen family home as a guest, while Mr. Shen was very fond of her, he would be even more surprised.

Because of the relationship between Fang Tong and Shen Qinglan, Mr. Fu asked them to stay for lunch, and Fang Chengzhi agreed.

After all, he was now transferred back to the capital, and he was not without the idea of making the relationship between the two families strong when he came to visit the Fu family. In this case, how could he refuse the opportunity to eat together.

Fu Jingting didn’t come back at noon, saying that she had to see a friend. All the people who ate were the Fang family, Mr. Fu and Shen Qinglan.

After the meal, the Fang family left. Fang Tong wanted to stay and talk to Shen Qinglan, but now was not a good time, so she could only find a chance next time.

When going out, Shen Qinglan went to send them out, but unexpectedly saw Shen Xitong getting off a car. She didn’t seem to be very happy. Shen Qinglan glanced at the car and could only see that the driver’s seat seemed to have a man wearing a pair of sunglasses, but she couldn’t see his face clearly.

Shen Qinglan turned to go home, but was stopped by the person behind her.

“Shen Qinglan, stop.”

Shen Qinglan stopped and looked at Shen Xitong, “Is something wrong?”

Looking at her cold and expressionless face, Shen Xitong felt uncomfortable for no reason, “Shen Qinglan, are you very uncomfortable now?”

Shen Qinglan looked at her blankly, “Go take medicine if you are sick.”

“Shen Qinglan, you are sick, if it wasn’t for your love, would I be forced to go on a blind date all day.” Shen Xitong rushed to Shen Qinglan in three or two steps and yelled at her.

It was such a topic again, Shen Qinglan couldn’t remember how many times Shen Xitong had mentioned this topic to her.

“Shen Qinglan, just because my mother prefers me, you are jealous of me and you want to take revenge on me like this? But what did I do wrong? I didn’t enter the Shen family voluntarily, they adopted me, it was not that I wanted to rob you.”

“So you also admit that what you are enjoying now belonged to me originally?” Shen Qinglan looked at her and asked indifferently.

Shen Xitong froze, of course she didn’t mean that, everything she deserved now was not Shen Qinglan’s, she didn’t rob it, but it was Shen Qinglan, who robbed what originally belonged to her.

“Shen Qinglan, if it wasn’t for you robbing my love, I would’ve been Mrs. Fu, Fu Hengyi’s wife. Don’t you feel any guilt when facing me?” Shen Xitong looked at Shen Qinglan as if she was looking at a shameless person, a bad woman in general.

Shen Qinglan thought it was funny, wasn’t Shen Xitong tired of this kind of drama? The people performing were not tired, but she was tired of watching them.

Turning to leave, Shen Xitong stretched out her arm and blocked her path, “Shen Qinglan, are you particularly proud now?”

“What am I proud of?” Shen Qinglan asked back.

Shen Xitong’s eyes blushed, “You stole my Fu Hengyi, I have loved him for seventeen years, and I fell in love with him from the first time I saw him when I was nine years old, but you stole him. He originally belonged to me, he was mine, he was not yours.”

She was a little hysterical.

Today Shen Xitong looked a bit strange. In Shen Qinglan’s knowledge, Shen Xitong was a person who could control her emotions very well, especially when she was outside, her image had always been good, and now this shrewish behaviour was not in line with her style of behaviour.

In fact, Shen Xitong was also irritated today. When Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi first received their certificates, Mr. Shen asked Chu Yunrong to arrange a lot of blind dates for her, as if he wanted to marry her off immediately, but later because she joined Chu Yunrong’s orchestra, things she was busy with gradually increased, and Mr. Shen also let it go.

Just when Shen Xitong thought this incident was over, her family arranged a blind date for her again, and this time the person who brought it up was actually Chu Yunrong, which stimulated Shen Xitong quite a bit.

During the last car accident, Chu Yunrong’s behaviour of pulling Shen Qinglan away first had left a lump in Shen Xitong’s heart, but this time she was forced to go on a blind date even though she knew that she was unwilling to go on a blind date, moreover the other party was a poor teacher. It was impossible for Shen Xitong not to have resentment in her heart.

Just seeing Shen Qinglan, Shen Xitong’s sanity disappeared instantly.

Shen Qinglan didn’t want to waste time with a half-madman like Shen Xitong. She had to go back to clean up. Fu Hengyi would be back tomorrow. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but feel anxious in her heart. Looking at Shen Xitong who was still entangled in front of her, she lost that patience.

“Shen Xitong, Fu Hengyi has never been yours, and he has never cared about you. If he had cared about you a little bit, then he won’t have chosen to marry me.”

Shen Xitong’s face was ugly, “You are talking nonsense, it must be you who forced him to marry you. He cares about me, it must be you, it must be some nasty means you used.”

Shen Qinglan was too lazy to talk nonsense with her, so she turned to leave, but Shen Xitong stopped in front of her again, this time, Shen Qinglan’s face turned completely cold.

She looked at Shen Xitong coldly, without the slightest warmth in her eyes, “Get out of the way.”

Shen Xitong met Shen Qinglan’s eyes and looked away subconsciously. Shen Qinglan always made her a little scared.

Shen Qinglan was about to leave, but Shen Xitong reached out and tried to hold her, but Shen Qinglan grabbed her wrist with a backhand. The pain from her wrist made Shen Xitong’s face turn pale instantly, “It hurts, it hurts to death, let me go.”

Shen Qinglan instead of letting go, tightened her hold a bit, then looking at Shen Xitong’s face distorted by pain, she said clearly, “Shen Xitong, don’t mess with me, and don’t covet things that don’t belong to you, otherwise, the consequences will not be something you can afford.”

Shen Qinglan threw off her wrist and walked away, Shen Xitong held her aching wrist, and looking at the obvious red marks on it, her eyes reddened.

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