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“Who did you call ‘little baby’?!” A roar came from behind the girl, and it was suspected that some confusion had occurred, but the girl remained motionless and waved to Qiao Xi with a smile.

Qiao Xi: “…”

Qiao Xi was a little embarrassed, and then, the spaceship flew to the top of their heads, and a row of soft ladders descended, so Qiao Xi and two little friends quickly climbed the ropes under the amazed looks of everyone. The ladder was pulled into the spacecraft, the latter two blushed, as there were many people watching and taking pictures below.

The hatch of the spaceship closed, and it flew away quickly.

The animal-shaped feature of the Bear clan was the dull hair on the top of the head, and the Black Bear princess’s human-shaped head also had a bunch of dull hair standing upright, and when she rushed over to hug Qiao Xi, the dull hair fluttered with the airflow: “Do you like my spaceship?! Cool or not?”

Lin Chu and Ji Yang nodded first, blushing: “Cool and cool!”

“Really? Is it?” Princess Black Bear was very proud.

Jing Yan broke free, and the few people behind him gloated at his actions, as he rushed over and grabbed the little chicken into his arms, baring his teeth at Princess Black Bear.

“Why? Qiao Xi and I rarely see each other, what’s wrong with getting closer?” Princess Black Bear asked with her hands on her hips.

“A man and a woman should not kiss each other!” Jing Yan said righteously.

Princess Black Bear sneered: “I also want to say that the male and the male can’t kiss each other! You are a wolf!”

Jing Yan: “!!!”

Actually, she actually called him “the wolf”… He, he was not so lustful!!!

Jing Yan’s face turned red, but no one noticed that the little chicken, who was hugged tightly in his arms, had buried his head, and his feathers had exploded slightly.

The wolf… the wolf Jing Yan… he didn’t know what Jing Yan looked like…

Qiao Xi’s head began to turn to some unharmonious things.

Hearing the chatter from the side, Qiao Xi struggled to let Jing Yan loosen his arms, and he said with a little chicken face: “Lin Chu, Ji Yang, let me introduce you.”

At this moment, in the middle of the spacecraft, quite… a group of orcs danced wildly.

Princess Black Bear and Jing Yan were fighting for Qiao Xi.

Jing Yi and the Lion Prince were playing with a giant cotton ball.

Ye He stood beside the holographic TV, smiled and rubbed the little leopard in his arms, stopped halfway, and said about the beautiful and handsome man of the fox tribe on the TV, “Do you like them? Huh? Do you think they look good? Ah!”

Losing his magical hand, the little Leopard stretched out his claws to cover Ye He’s hand and dragged him over: “Continue!”

“I don’t like it! I want you! You are shaking!” Chris was so pissed off, it must be Jing Yan who had sued him!

The human-shaped Tiger prince put the animal-shaped Snake prince on his shoulders to take a selfie, and also called on Lin Chu and Ji Yang to take a photo with them.

It was the first time for Lin Chu and Ji Yang to get along with so many orcs, and they were a little nervous and excited.

And now Qiao Xi was obediently staying in Jing Yan’s arms, intending to introduce them to others seriously.

Of course, his opening remarks started with Lin Chu and Ji Yang.

“They are my good friends and used to be in the same class as me!” Chris could also be called and brought over, and the one who finally appeared in this party could not be Qiao Xi’s ordinary friends, so everyone’s attitude was also very serious. After Qiao Xi finished speaking, they greeted them warmly.

“Then they…” When it was time to introduce the other group of people, Qiao Xi paused and whispered to Lin Chu and Ji Yang, “I have to confess to you one thing first.”

“What?” Lin Chu and Ji Yang had some doubts.

Qiao Xi was actually a little nervous.

Everyone looked at him and laughed. Qiao Xi took a deep breath and said, “Actually… these people are all princes and princesses of their own clan!”

Lin Chu and Ji Yang blinked, still smiling, but their expressions were a little dull.


Qiao Xi embarrassed: “…Me too.”


And many more!

Lin Chu and Ji Yang seemed to have been struck by lightning, opened their mouths and said weakly: “…Qiao Xi?”

Qiao Xi looked at the two best friends of his in high school, and said embarrassingly, “I’m actually the Prince of the Bird clan, the youngest one.”

“!!!” Lin Chu and Ji Yang were stunned!

Qiao Xi had always been a person with a weak sense of presence in their high school class.

Of course, their school itself was good, so the gathered students won’t do anything to bully a person because of his appearance, but not many people wanted to be friends with Qiao Xi, even though Qiao Xi’s grades were very good.

And maybe it was the growing environment that had affected his personality, but Qiao Xi didn’t talk much in the class, he was a very well-behaved and quiet little chick.

Lin Chu and Ji Yang thought… very cute!

Qiao Xi was so cute!

Although his appearance did not conform to the usual aesthetics of the bird family, it could not be said that Qiao Xi was ugly! As long as you get close to him, you would find him more and more cute!

Lin Chu and Ji Yang would never do things that went against their hearts just because of other people’s eyes.

They grew up together, and they had the same three views. They liked what they liked and hated what they hated.

Therefore, when they fell in love with Qiao Xi, they also became friends with Qiao Xi without hesitation.

All along, they had consciously played the role of Qiao Xi’s brother. Although Qiao Xi was independent and strong, they still felt that the little chick needed their protection!

…But they never thought that Qiao Xi, who they were so protective of, was actually the prince of the Bird clan!!!

After knowing the truth, the two sat on the sofa, almost petrified into a statue.

A group of beasts and a small chicken surrounded the two of them, observing their situation.

“Are you all right?” Qiao Xi asked cautiously.

“It’s okay.” Jing Yan touched his chin.

“It should be fine.” The colorful snake was coiled on the back of the sofa, spitting out a letter and approaching the two of them as he said.

“Well, don’t worry, it’s definitely fine.” The Lion Prince lay on the sofa and flicked his tail.

… These are all princes and princesses!!! All!!!

Lin Chu and Ji Yang’s hearts became spartan.

“Qiao, Qiao Xi!” Lin Chu suddenly covered his face, startling everyone, “You scared me!”

“I’m sorry?!” Qiao Xi stammered.

“What,” Ji Yang covered his eyes and leaned back, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “Oh my God, it’s like acting in a TV series! Damn it, I’m really scared to death!”

The two looked at each other and laughed.

Qiao Xi was stunned, he tilted his head, and tentatively asked: “You… are not angry with me?”

“Angry? No, it was normal for you to hide from us at the beginning, right? Which prince would just after meeting someone confess his identity, then you will have become big news if you were not careful!” Lin Chu finished laughing and gasped, “But if you suddenly tell us the truth like this, we will definitely be frightened. Did you know?”

“That’s right, when did Lin Chu and I think we would meet the prince and princess, and it’s so many at once!” Ji Yang exaggeratedly said.

Everyone laughed.

“Speaking of which, you are amazing, you actually know so many people from the Orc royal families!” After Lin Chu was shocked, he became curious, “Is this the case for all the Orc royal families?”

“No, we have a very good relationship.!” Princess Black Bear laughed heartily.

“Wow!” Lin Chu and Ji Yang sighed again.

Qiao Xi saw that the two of them had started chatting with other people quickly, and after being stunned, he smiled.

Yes, Lin Chu and Ji Yang had always been such people.

Passionate, sunny, cheerful.

No one would dislike such a person.

No one would be unwilling to be friends with such a person.

It was really his luck to meet these two little sun-like people in high school.

The spaceship flew all the way to a villa on the border of the Three Meow Alliance in the midst of the excitement.

This was also provided by the friends of the Tiger Prince. Some other big cats had already arrived in it. The villa had VR games, billiards, and a giant cat climbing frame with three cats on it. Everything was ready, just waiting for them to arrive and start.

A group of people went crazy when they arrived.

Lin Chu and Ji Yang were soon dragged away by the Tiger Prince and the Snake Prince who were more compatible with them.

Qiao Xi had never participated in such a party, and was a little uncomfortable at first, but after being pulled by Princess Black Bear to play a VR game, he followed suit.

The Black Bear princess was very aggressive. She even opened a bottle of beer with her teeth while playing and put it in front of Qiao Xi: “Qiao Xi, baby, let’s drink together!”

“Enough is enough, you have called him ‘baby’ all night!” Jing Yan quickly blew up. It was not good to keep Qiao Xi from playing at this kind of party, but when he saw the “little baby” of the Black Bear princess coming again and again, he was very jealous!

He had never called Qiao Xi “little baby”!

“Okay, let’s stop screaming, let’s drink!” Princess Black Bear smiled.

“He’s still young, so he can’t drink!” Jing Yan hugged Qiao Xi into his arms.

“I’m eighteen years old.” Qiao Xi whispered.

Jing Yan immediately became entangled: “You…you want to drink? But drinking hurts your health!”

“I just want to try it,” Qiao Xi leaned over, eager to try, “I’ve never had one, just take a sip, I’ll absolutely not get drunk.”

Jing Yan hesitated, but didn’t want to spoil Qiao Xi, so he poured out the wine and moved it carefully.

Qiao Xi stretched her neck and tried to take a sip.

Hmm… a bit bitter, it didn’t seem to taste good!

Seeing that he had taken a sip and had stopped drinking after that and Jing Yan was relieved, but his eyes couldn’t help drifting down, and he glanced at the wine glass that Qiao Xi had just taken a sip from, and his Adam’s apple rolled down.

The princess Black Bear looked at him playfully, and the little chick looked up at him and blinked, as if wondering what he wanted to do.

… Calm down, hold back your thoughts, hold back, he’s not a pervert, no…    

The next second, Jing Yan quickly said in a low voice, “It’s all poured out, it’s not good to waste.”

Stupid, after the stuffy expression was very calm.

Qiao Xi: “…”

Who said “drinking hurts the body”?!

Princess Black Bear sneered, “What kind of wolf do you say you are, and you still don’t admit it?”

Jing Yan pretended to be calm, but his face was already red.

Princess Black Bear smiled and picked up a bottle of wine on the table, poured it out, and handed it to Qiao Xi: “Well, this is wine, let’s try it.”

Qiao Xi hesitated and glanced at Jing Yan.

Princess Black Bear seduced: “Ignore him, try it.”

Jing Yan was serious and calm, and even swiped his phone twice.

Qiao Xi couldn’t hold back his curiosity, so he took a sip.

Hmm…that’s ok.

As soon as the thought fell, Jing Yan calmly drank the rest of the wine.

“…” Qiao Xi, “Don’t drink it!”

Jing Yan lowered his eyebrows and pleaded with his eyes: “It’s a shame to waste.”

Qiao Xi glared at him: “Then I won’t drink it anymore.”

Jing Yan looked peaceful: “It’s okay, you drink it. Come on.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes widened: “It’s said that drinking will hurt your health!”

Jing Yan said reservedly: “I’m nineteen and it won’t hurt.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Then he’s eighteen, okay? It is good! How could there be so much difference in a year!

Princess Black Bear looked at Jing Yan and thought it was funny, and deliberately wanted to piss him off, so she started pouring out all kinds of wine for Qiao Xi to taste.

When Qiao Xi saw that Jing Yan really wanted to drink everything he had tasted, he couldn’t even taste it, but the others gathered to tease Jing Yan with Princess Black Bear!

Jing Yan drank two cups and got a little drunk. After being teased by them, he really started drinking with them, and the scene immediately became uncontrollable.

So, it was said that good drinking didn’t hurt the body!

Qiao Xi was going crazy!

By the time the group dispersed, Jing Yan had already hugged Qiao Xi and started humming.

Qiao Xi said angrily, “You’re drunk! You still won’t let me drink!”

“Qiao Xi…” Jing Yan called out his name.

“You drunkard!” Qiao Xi waved his wings vigorously to accuse!

“Qiao Xiaoxi…” Jing Yan was sticky.

“You unconvincing guy!” Qiao Xi continued to fry.

“Little cutie…” Jing Yan murmured as his lips pressed against Qiao Xi’s chicken head.

Qiao Xi must.

“Cutie Qiao Xi, the wine you’ve drunk is delicious, the wine is really good,” Jing Yan rubbed against Qiao Xi and said hoarsely, “Hiccup, but next time I won’t drink like this, so I won’t be angry.” Then he lowered his head and “tweeted” at Qiao Xi’s little head.

Qiao Xi: “!!!”

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