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The first day of exams ended in the evening.

When leaving the examination room, the crowd gathered together.

Qiao Xi heard a shout from behind: “Qiao Xi!”

Qiao Xi looked back and saw Lin Chu and Ji Yang at a distance, with several other classmates from his original class beside them.

Yesterday Lin Chu and Ji Yang said that they and Qiao Xi were in the same exam room, but they probably came in from different doors and were in different waiting areas, so they didn’t meet.

Hearing the name shouted by Lin Chu, the classmates around them were stunned when they turned around to see the unusually eye-catching young man, they started pulling at them and asking, “Qiao Xi? Is that Qiao Xi? He, he can change his body?”

And the figure looked so good!

Obviously, his animal shape was a chicken, why did his human shape become so beautiful! It was good enough for him to just about make a debut!

Lin Chu and Ji Yang were also a little proud, and said with their hands on their hips, “He looks good, right? Hahaha!”

Not only girls, but also boys couldn’t take their eyes off him. They felt a little embarrassed to go up to say hello, and their mood was complicated for a while.

Lin Chu and Ji Yang squeezed past the crowd and said to Qiao Xi, “How was the test?”

Qiao Xi nodded and said energetically, “Not bad!”

“That’s good, by the way, how will you go back? Is your friend coming to pick you up?”

“Yes.” Qiao Xi looked back, and at the corner of the street opposite the entrance of the examination room, he saw two flying cars, one obviously belonged to Jing Yan, and the other…

Qiao Xi was a little bit surprised, and then became silent for a second, then he said to Lin Chu and Ji Yang: “The car has come, I’ll go first, and you two should wait for me after the exam tomorrow, and I’ll take you and my friends to play together.”

“Okay!” Lin Chu and Ji Yang happily agreed and waved at him.

And Qiao Xi pursed his lips and walked out of the examination room.

Both cars were very understated and unobtrusive.

Qiao Xi walked to the cars and stopped.

The two flying cars lowered their windows at the same time.

Jing Yan sat on the back seat and said to Qiao Xi, “Get in the car?”

Qiao Xi looked at the other flying car.

Because they appeared on TV much more often than Jing Yan, the Bird king and queen only lowered the windows a little, revealing half of their faces.

They looked at the young man in front of them in surprise for a moment, and said carefully: “…you are Qiao Xi?”

They had never seen Qiao Xi’s human form.

Qiao Xi paused and said in a low voice, “It’s me.”

– Qiao Xi’s human figure was so beautiful!

Qiao Lian sat in the innermost position, but she was desperately poking her head out to look at it and was also amazed.

Obviously, his animal form was the ugliest of their siblings, but the human form… the human form was much prettier than her!

Qiao Lian bit her lower lip immediately.

The queen recovered from the initial shock, and became more and more embarrassed now, not only because of Qiao Xi’s unfamiliar appearance, but also because of what they did to him, and Qiao Xi’s indifferent attitude at this time.

The queen said embarrassedly, “Qiao Xi, mom and dad are here to see you.”

Qiao Xi looked at them and remained silent.

The queen was so embarrassed that she could not say anything more, so the Bird king said quickly, “Come on, get in the car, come in and talk to your parents. I haven’t seen you for so long. Your parents miss you.”

Qiao Xi stood still and didn’t seem to want to get into the car.

The Bird king closed his mouth. After a while, he took a deep breath and said in a gentle tone: “Qiao Xi, it’s your parents who are sorry to you. We haven’t contacted you because we didn’t know how to face you. But we knew you would come here to participate in the exam, so we couldn’t help but come here… You, you forgive your parents, okay? Your parents will go to the wolf clan with you, and this time we will definitely bring you home from the Wolf clan!”

The eyes of the king and the queen had gone all red.

Jing Yan’s face was cold, but he didn’t interrupt them, and only paid attention to Qiao Xi’s emotions.

But Qiao Xi remained silent.

The queen felt a little bit weird in her heart and said, “Qiao Xi, mom and dad still love you, come back with us? It’s not good to trouble Jing Yan all the time…isn’t it?”

Jing Yan said coldly: “Qiao Xi is not a problem for me, he can live with me all his life.”

Qiao Xi glanced at Jing Yan slightly.

The three people from the Bird clan in front froze.

When everyone left just now, and when Jing Yan and them came to the exam room together, they knew that things were going to be troublesome.

The man simply opened the door and walked out.

Jing Yan knew why the Bird King and his wife had changed their attitudes. Their purpose was too obvious, so this so-called “family affection” was so false that it disgusted him.

He said directly: “Qiao Xi, you can live as you want, and I can give you anything you want.”

Qiao Xi trembled, and his heart seemed to be pinched.

Hearing this, Qiao Lian and the queen always felt that something was wrong.

But the Bird king only knew at the moment that if he could keep Qiao Xi here, then many things would be saved.

He hurriedly said: “What do you want, what is it that your parents can’t give you! The bird clan is your home!”

Qiao Xi finally spoke, he turned to his father, and asked softly: “I don’t ask you to give me a lot, I just wanted to live like an ordinary person, have you given it to me?”

The three people from the Bird clan choked.

He didn’t need too much affection, and he didn’t need too much attention.

As long as he could be like an ordinary person, he could go to school peacefully.

But even that couldn’t be done, could it?

Jing Yu wanted a plaything, and the Wolf queen spoke to them, but they didn’t greet or warn him, instead just like packing an object, they sent someone to stuff Qiao Xi into the car and sent him directly to the Wolf clan.

Did they still have affection for him when these decisions were made?

And they hadn’t contacted him, was it really because they didn’t know how to face him, or because they didn’t care about his life and death at all?

Did they come here now, because they really missed him, or because of some other purpose?

You know, since he was born, his parents had never faced him with the eyes they were showing him now.

They rarely looked at him, most of the time they looked straight ahead proudly and passed him by. Qiao Xi felt that he was like a transparent person in the palace. Only when his brother and sister were bored would they think of him and waiting for Qiao Xi at that time would not be a good thing.

What would he be going back for?

Maybe by now they had found some use for him and wanted to take him home like a treasure. And if they found him not so useful, maybe they would throw him out like an object again?

There was no need to go back to such a home.

Qiao Xi shook his head and walked to Jing Yan’s side.

The expressions of the Bird king and queen changed.

The Bird king wanted to get out of the car, but he was worried about the people coming and going, so he still didn’t get down, instead he said anxiously: “Qiao Xi! We are your parents! Even if we do something wrong, you can’t hold it against us!”

“Qiao Xi, darling, Mom and Dad apologize to you, and when the exam is over, we will go to the Wolf King Palace with you. Let’s talk to the Wolf King and take you home, okay?” The Queen’s tone was a little tougher.

“I don’t want to go back.” Qiao Xi said clearly.

“You—” Bird King was so angry that his face flushed, he looked at Jing Yan and said with restraint, “Jing Yan, don’t make trouble with Qiao Xi, help uncle to persuade him—”

Jing Yan squinted and said, “Uncle?”

He pronounced the word coldly.

The Bird king fell silent immediately.

The young man just stood there and asked him a word indifferently, which made his heart tighten and his blood cool down.

He also wanted to take advantage of his seniority, but Jing Yan didn’t seem to like it at all.

The Bird king was a little panicked, Jing Yan was different from what he had thought, this child was really different from what he thought, they seemed to have been holding the wrong thigh all this time!

What should they do now!

If Qiao Xi didn’t come back, what would those strong clans think of them!

Qiao Xi saw that his father dared not even say a word after hearing Jing Yan’s word and felt a little sad in his heart.

It was always like this, and it was because of this that his parents were obedient to the tough Wolf queen, and even their children were put under the orders of the Wolf queen without thinking about it.

But was it really “to achieve the level where the Bird family can survive”?

No, it was not like that!

Qiao Xi took the initiative to hold Jing Yan’s hand and turned sideways.

Jing Yan paused and glanced at Qiao Xi in surprise.

After regaining his senses, he clasped Qiao Xi’s hand tightly and said to the Bird king, “You can go to the Wolf King Palace if you want, but after the exam here, Qiao Xi and I have to go somewhere else. We won’t accompany you. As for the outcome—”

Jing Yan stuffed Qiao Xi into the car and said lightly, “I won’t allow anyone to force Qiao Xi to do things he doesn’t want to do, it’s as simple as that.”

After speaking, he also got into the car and closed the door.

The three people of the Bird clan watched in amazement as the flying car took off.

As soon as Jing Yan got into the car, he took Qiao Xi into his arms.

Qiao Xi hugged his waist tightly, he gently rubbed Qiao Xi’s head and whispered: “Qiao Xiaoxi, your life is still very long, with me here, you can live whatever way you want in the future. Look, you just have to be happy.”

Qiao Xi endured the sourness in his eyes and nodded, but he was still sad.

If only everything was perfect.

Family affection, friendship, and love, he didn’t know when it would come, it would be nice if everything was perfect, but unfortunately this was not the case in reality.

The next day, the three members of the bird royal family did not appear again. They didn’t know if they had left the exam city or were acting alone.

Anyway, everyone on the reception spaceship acted as if they had not discovered this matter, and did not discuss it, and the atmosphere was still harmonious.

The day before, Qiao Xi was still depressed for a long time after he went back. He even received a call from his sister before dinner, and he didn’t know what they talked about, but Qiao Xi seemed to have started feeling suffocated over there.

Jing Yan couldn’t figure out what to do, so he leaned over and coaxed, “What’s wrong? What did your sister say to you to make you so angry?”

Qiao Xi didn’t say a word. He pushed his elbow back and poked Jing Yan in the stomach.

Jing Yan: “…”

He silently took a note, rubbed his stomach, and said weakly, “Are you mad at me?”

Qiao Lian called over, and it was the same old way, apparently caring about him, in fact, what she wanted was a method of sidetracking Jing Yan!

He really attracted bees and butterflies as a wolf!

Qiao Xi was very angry!

Moreover, his sister also asked several times what his relationship with Jing Yan was!

He and Jing Yan were of course good friends, why did she ask like, like…

Qiao Xi thought about Qiao Lian’s tone, suddenly trembled, and his ears turned red again.

Jing Yan really didn’t know why, so he moved closer, completely unaware that he was about to embrace Qiao Xi, and kept coaxing: “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, if you’re really angry with me, you can beat me up with your fist, OK?”

“…No need!” Qiao Xi held back, and after finally saying this in a low voice, while blushing quietly, he leaned into Jing Yan’s arms.

Thanks to Jing Yan’s coaxing, this infestation did not affect Qiao Xi’s exam status the next day.

After the two-day exam, Qiao Xi, Lin Chu and Ji Yang gathered at the entrance of their exam room.

Qiao Xi had changed back to his animal shape again, but some classmates who had seen his human shape yesterday couldn’t help but look at him when he passed by.

“Qiao Xi, where are we going to play?” Lin Chu asked curiously.

“I don’t know either, they just said they would pick me up after the exam,” Qiao Xi glanced at his phone and saw a message from Jing Yan, so she said, “Ah, it’s almost time.”

At this moment, they heard an uproar around.

Everyone looked up at a super bright spaceship flying out of the clouds in the distance.

The spaceship was sprayed with messy paintings, and there were bizarre skulls on the hatch. It looked very hardcore and very cool, just like Princess Black Bear’s taste in mobile phone cases.

Qiao Xi knew at a glance who this flying car belonged to, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

Lin Chu and Ji Yang, just like the people around them, put their hands in front of their foreheads: “Wow, so handsome!”

The spaceship suddenly opened a window, and a girl with short black hair was lying beside the window and waved to them: “Little Qiao Xi, here we come!”

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