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Fifteen years ago, Haicheng, early autumn.

The heavy rain fell suddenly in the afternoon, and in the evening, there were still sporadic raindrops falling in the sky, bringing a bone-chilling coolness.

Holding a small transparent umbrella, Yun Qing stood at the gate of Ninghua Middle School with her head sideways, her soft eyes looking through the rustling rain curtain at another school half a street away.

She had just started the third day of the first year of high school, and she hadn’t gotten her school uniform yet. She was wearing her own white skirt, which was as long as her knees, revealing a pair of delicate and white calves, which complemented her small and pure face.

Many Ninghua students passed by, whether they were freshmen or seniors, they all looked at her. Some boys pushed each other forward and talked to her with red ears.

“Student, are you waiting for the car? I can see you off.”

“Me too, my family’s car just came to pick me up—”

Yun Qing was surrounded, so she subconsciously took a small step back, shook her head and said, “Thank you, no need.”

Just as she was about to change her place to stand, there was the sound of light footsteps behind her. The girl ran over stepping on the water, and said to the seniors who were not pure in purpose: “Yun Qing has a companion, I will go with her, no one needs to see her off.”

Think of a stone stirring up a thousand waves.

“…She is Yun Qing!”

Among all the high schools in Haicheng, Ninghua Middle School could be called the most important one. The school ethos advocated freedom and openness. A powerful character with a second jump.

This kind of news spread at the beginning of the new semester. The whole school heard that there was a new classmate named Yun Qing who skipped a grade in the first year of high school. Her grades were good and she was good-looking, but most people had never seen her real face, so they guessed in private. Those who studied well should not be so beautiful in appearance.

However, the bustling long street at this moment was like a curtain of gauze and rain.

The girl was delicate and graceful, standing under the umbrella, with a very light fragrance on her body, she was more eye-catching than a person in the painting, making people tremble.

Yun Qing herself… was even more beautiful than the rumours said.

“Yun Qing, there are many people here, let’s go over there.”

Cheng Tian was at the same table as Yun Qing, and after three days of being together day and night, she had already fallen for this gentle and meticulous beauty. Seeing her soft temper, she took care of her everywhere.

Yun Qing was dragged away by Cheng Tian, and her eyes turned to the school gate half a street away from time to time.

On the same street, Ninghua Middle School was on the south side, and Haicheng No. 4 Middle School was on the north side. The school gates were hundreds of meters apart, but the word of mouth and reputation were very different.

One was the key school of the city, and the other was the famous “garbage dump”.

Cheng Tian was anxious: “Why are you still looking at No. 4 Middle School? Are you really going?”

Yun Qing clenched her fingers and said, “I’ll wait here first. When I see him come out, I’ll go over.”

Cheng Tian was about to faint. She shook her thin white wrist, and said with an exaggerated expression: “Think about it! Everyone knows who Huo Yunshen is! No…he can’t even be counted as a human being, he is simply a monster!”

Seeing Yun Qing frowning, she thought it had worked, and continued to persuade: “Your junior high school is far away from here, maybe you don’t know, Huo Yunshen is so famous, everyone says he is crazy, mentally abnormal, he has even committed murder and arson, the fourth middle school is trash. There are so many trash there, but they can’t compare to him alone.”

“You can’t just see him as handsome, right?”

Cheng Tian was anxious, “It’s useless to be handsome, the horror is real, I saw it once from far away, he was covered in blood all over his body, I was scared to death, you skipped a grade to come to Ninghua, you are so good, don’t be tricked by him, and just stay away from him!”

Yun Qing pursed her lips, pulled out her wrist indistinctly, and spoke quietly to Cheng Tian: “Huo Yunshen is very good, he is not like what the rumours say.”

That was the elder brother Yunshen that she had missed since she was a child.

When she was in junior high school, she couldn’t get rid of the control of the Yun family, and she couldn’t come out to find him, so she worked hard and skipped a grade to come to Ninghua, which was the closest to the fourth middle school, just to come to his side justifiably.

Brother Yunshen suffered too much and was slandered like this, she felt uncomfortable.

Cheng Tian stomped her feet: “Why don’t you believe it, he is a mad dog, he will attack anyone he sees!”

Yun Qing lowered her eyes: “Don’t talk about him like that, then we can still be friends.”

Cheng Tian was surprised by her persistence.

The crowd after school gradually dissipated, and the street became obviously empty. At the gate of the No. 4 Middle School, a tall and thin figure flashed in a daze. Even if it was far away, it could be concluded that it was him.

Yun Qing’s heart beat violently, and she waved her hand to Cheng Tian: “I’m going, don’t worry, he won’t hurt me, see you tomorrow.”

After speaking, she eagerly braved the drizzle and ran over while holding the hem of her skirt.

For the first three days of school, she had waited for him near No. 4 Middle School every day. Knowing that No. 4 Middle School was in chaos, she didn’t dare to get too close. Unfortunately, she waited until it got dark again and again to no avail. Finally… Finally, there was hope to see him.

A slight smile appeared on Yun Qing’s cheeks. Today, she deliberately wore the dress Brother Yunshen liked and tied the hairband he gave her. When she was in front of him, she must muster up the courage to hold his hand and tell him, he would not be alone in the future.

The sky was getting darker, and the night after the rain was getting colder and colder, making people shiver.

When Yun Qing rushed outside the Fourth Middle Gate, the shadow had long since disappeared.

She bit her lip, the tip of her white nose was a little red from the cold, and her long eyelashes were covered with watery mist. She hung her head at a loss, full of disappointment, and walked slowly along the side of the road in the direction of home.

Yun Qing had just been in Ninghua for three days, and she was not familiar with the surrounding areas. After walking nearly a hundred meters, she realized that the surroundings were getting darker and darker, and she actually went the wrong way.

The street lights were gone.

Only the sporadic dwellings on both sides of the upper floors revealed a dim light.

Yun Qing clutched her schoolbag nervously, wanting to go back the same way immediately, but when she turned around, she bumped into a wall of strong flesh.

At some point behind her, three or four tall and strong boys had quietly followed, dressed in loose clothes, with cigarettes in their mouths, they were grinning sullenly.

“Come to help brother, I didn’t expect to meet such a beauty! New in No. 4 High School?”

“Go, take it with us first, and then get her after we finish cleaning up that mad dog!”

Yun Qing’s mouth that was about to call for help was covered by the palm. He covered it up and dragged her into a deep alley not far away.

She struggled in fright, but as she approached, the scene in the alley clearly appeared in front of her eyes. She suddenly froze, forgot to resist, and stared blankly ahead, tears streaming from her eyes.

A group of people were fighting, or in other words, besieging unilaterally.

The young man surrounded in the middle was facing her sideways. His body was tall and thin, his thin lips were stained bright red, and his light-coloured top was no longer visible, and half of it was covered with blood and dust.

Seven or eight people blocked him while beating him, but he was sneering.

The arc of the lips was ironic and cold, without any warmth, so cold to the bone.

When an iron rod was thrown down on his head, Yun Qing let out a scream, but he didn’t even move a step, he went up to him empty-handed, grabbed the rod and grabbed it violently, and slashed at the opponent in the blink of an eye.

In the dark night, he was full of violence, completely ruthless, without blinking his eyes, directly causing the opponent’s head to bleed.

There was a sudden chaos at the scene, the person holding Yun Qing cursed and joined in, and she was also pushed into the circle of the storm.

Yun Qing’s vision was blurred, and she couldn’t see anything else clearly. She only had that one person in her eyes, and she didn’t notice the injury coming from behind her at all.

A wrist-thick wooden club was swung at her head in confusion.

When she heard the wind, it was too late to hide, so she closed her eyes tightly, but the attack suddenly stopped beside her ears.

Yun Qing opened her eyes in disbelief.

The light in front of her was blocked by the figure of the young man, his body was soaked in blood, his dark eyebrows and eyes were as sharp as knives, as cold as two pits of cold, his slender arms stretched out, and he held the wooden stick that was about to hit her, and went out hard flick.

“Brother Yunshen…” She trembled, her voice was extremely low, completely submerged in confusion, “Yun, Yunshen…”

Huo Yunshen glanced at her, grabbed her by the shoulder, and coldly pushed her back to the exit.

“Where did you come from, where are you going back?”

With just this sentence, he never looked at her again.

Yun Qing staggered out to call the police, and soon the siren sounded, and the red and blue lights illuminated the night.

The people who were still moving inside rushed away from other side roads. The police arrested a few seriously wounded people who were too late to escape, and the surroundings gradually returned to tranquillity.

Yun Qing had lost her umbrella a long time ago, and the drizzle wet her long hair and dress.

She shivered and guarded the entrance of the alley, holding a glimmer of hope that Huo Yunshen was still inside, and wanted to go in to find him.

But before she could take a step forward, there was a little scarlet flame slowly appearing along with the heavy footsteps.

Yan Qing stared blankly.

The night was bleak, and the young man held a lighted cigarette between his pale and beautiful fingers.

He didn’t put it on his lips, just let it burn like that, and walked out step by step.


Yun Qing called him in a low voice.

His blood was still wet, and he was soaked in the rain. His facial features were sharp, and his thick eyebrows and eyes showed the madness and sinisterness that had not yet faded, which was extremely frightening.

Yun Qing grabbed his hand.

He avoided it and his ruthless gaze could pierce people.

Yun Qing endured her sourness and said: “You…”

She wanted to ask, don’t you remember me?

However, Huo Yunshen looked down at her from above, and interrupted hoarsely: “If you don’t want to be beaten, stay away from me.”

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