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Because of Huo Sijia’s abnormality, the girls all pricked up their ears curiously, but the quality of the phone was very good, and they couldn’t hear a single sound.

Huo Sijia’s face turned pale for an instant, and then she hurried to the side with her mobile phone.

The girls suddenly stopped talking and looked at each other.

Gu Yuan walked towards Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan suspiciously: “What’s the matter, don’t you guys like the gift very much, don’t you think it is very beautiful? Why do you want to return it to me?”

Was it really like Huo Sijia said that this gift was so cheap that the two roommates could not accept it? No way, her son Qisen had always been reliable in his work, how could he fool her like this, even if he said that these cheap things could be given away casually, at least it won’t embarrass her too much.

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan winked at Gu Yuan and held back their laughter.

Gu Yuan raised her eyebrows in wonder, thinking what the hell was going on?

Chen Yuting lowered his voice: “Let’s see what happened to Huo Sijia first.”

Wang Yuehan: “Yes, did something happen to her?”

Gu Yuan looked over and saw Huo Sijia’s face turn pale, leaning against the wall, it was the appearance of not being able to take out the mobile phone clearly which showed that she had suffered a major blow.

What was going on, was it the end of the world?

Huo Sijia came back at this time.

Anyone with eyes could tell that Huo Sijia was still a big rooster just now, but now she had turned into a pitiful drowned chicken, lost in spirit and pale.

Obviously, the phone call just now was not going well.

Several girls hurried forward and asked with concern: “Sijia, what’s the matter? What happened?”

Wang Yuehan smiled and gave Chen Yuting a wink, and the two of them also leaned forward together, looking concerned: “Huo Sijia, what’s the matter, seeing your ugly face, are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Huo Sijia was in a trance, feeling that she was about to lose her footing.

She just got the news that something had happened to the family company, and a business deal that was already about to be negotiated suddenly disappeared, and her father never thought that this deal would fail. Yes, the sunk cost was huge, which had led to a lot of losses. In addition, the company’s management this year had not been good, and it had fallen into a debt crisis, and it would soon be in danger of bankruptcy.

Naturally, her final payment of 500,000 yuan for travel was gone.

Not only were the travel expenses gone, but the luxury car that was hit by the crash would not be driven by her after repairs, but would be left at home for her sister who had returned to work, so that her sister not need to buy a car, and could save some money.

At this time, Huo Sijia didn’t know how she felt. Without a car, what would she drive? But this was not over yet, her father also said that in the future, he would reduce her pocket money and directly reduced it to one-third of the original amount.

Without travel funds, without luxury cars, without the capital to sweep goods in shopping malls, Huo Sijia felt that she was finished and her life was finished.

But when she raised her head at this time, what she saw were Chen Yuting’s and Wang Yuehan’s eyes that were obviously gloating, even though words of concern were spoken out of their mouths. In fact, they wished for her to be unlucky for eight lifetimes.

As for Gu Yuan, she actually looked at her innocently, curious and puzzled, like an ignorant chick watching other people’s excitement.

Immediately, she was so angry that she almost spat out a mouthful of blood, and her throat felt uncomfortable. Was this intentional adding insult to injury?

“I’m fine, just a little uncomfortable. You’re overthinking it.” Huo Sijia sneered, raised her head, hugged her Chanel bag, turned around and planned to walk into the classroom.

With an arrogant face, she was crying in her heart, could she keep her Chanel bag? Was it necessary to sell it?

There was also the money for the royal cruise ship that day. She had paid 300,000 yuan in advance. Could she get a refund if she couldn’t pay the rest?

Unexpectedly, just after taking a step, another call came, Huo Sijia hurriedly answered it, but it was the customer service of Tian Yu Cruise Line, who first greeted her sweetly and politely, and then asked about her final payment.

“Miss, please pay the final payment of 500,000 yuan as soon as possible, otherwise we will not be able to reserve the VIP seat for you.”

Huo Sijia secretly looked at the students behind him, and said in a low voice, “Can I get refund? This seat I don’t want it anymore.”

“Miss, is the signal bad in your place? Could you please be louder?”

“I said, can you give me a refund?”

“Refund? Miss, you can apply for a refund, but according to our agreement, because the departure date of the cruise is approaching, we can only refund you 20% of the fee, which is 60,000 yuan.”

Huo Sijia was immediately angry when he heard this: “I paid 30%. You only refunded me 60,000 yuan. This is day light robbery.”

Several female students looked at each other, what, what’s wrong?

Just wondering, a classmate suddenly said: “Oh, you read this news, it is said that the Huo Group is facing serious financial pressure, isn’t this Huo Group the company of Huo Sijia’s father?”

At first glance, it was still freshly released, and it involved a certain economic field. The Huo Group was in crisis because of a series of debts, which caused the capital chain to break.

Everyone looked at Huo Sijia sympathetically, and suddenly understood.

Huo Sijia was on the phone here and wanted to find an excuse, but when she turned around, the classmates over there were already looking at her with sympathy.

She immediately panicked, she hurriedly picked up her phone and searched for her own news on the Internet. Sure enough, she saw the headline when she searched. Her ears turned red, and she gritted her teeth and looked at everyone, only to find that among her classmates, some were gloating, some were sympathetic, and some thought it was funny.

She gritted her teeth and said bravely: “My family is just in crisis, maybe we can survive it! Besides, even if my family’s business is not doing well, it is better than someone else!”

Chen Yuting finally couldn’t help laughing when he heard this.

Wang Yuehan also smirked: “Some people, when they encounter bad luck, they just hope that others will not be as good as themselves. You are really overthinking!”

Chen Yuting: “Gu Yuan gave us such a good gift. Say 9.9 free shipping? Tsk…tsk…tsk…, what about your taste, what about your knowledge, but yes, I remembered, that day at the VL counter, you thought Gu Yuan was using a counterfeit bag, but the shopping guide was directly honest with you, do you want to slap your face again?”

Wang Yuehan: “If I were you, I would be ashamed to admit that you are a Bai Fumei!”

Huo Sijia was hit because of the bankruptcy, and she was so uncomfortable that she didn’t know what to do. Well, in the end, Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan stabbed her face to face, and her heart was bleeding.

She gritted her teeth: “Just the 9.9 free shipping gift, why, you still insist that it is VL’s new gemstone?”

Huo Sijia’s friends stood next to her, although they were usually a little dissatisfied with Huo Sijia, but at this time against Chen Yuting, Gu Yuan and the others, that meant being united. Hearing this, they followed suit and said, “That’s right, you all dislike that gift and don’t want it anymore. What are you still talking about here?”

Since Wang Yuehan knew that the stone had turned out to be an Opal, and it was worth hundreds of thousands of opals, she had been holding back for a long time.

She wanted to scream and tell everyone that this was a gem worth more than 100,000 yuan. She wanted everyone to know that, oh my god, Gu Yuan gave us such a gem and said it was a cheap souvenir. She even said you can wear it and play with it!

This was the real local tyrant, okay?

Holding back until now, Wang Yuehan finally couldn’t help announcing excitedly: “No, you are all wrong! The reason why Chen Yuting and I want to return this gift to Gu Yuan is because this gift is too expensive! Worth dozens of dollars. We will accept gifts that cost hundreds of dollars, but this is tens of thousands of dollars, and this is an opal worth tens of thousands of dollars!”

Chen Yuting also hurriedly said: “Haven’t you all read my circle of friends? After I posted the photo of this stone, even Mr. Su, the treasure appraiser in our department, liked it, and commented on the quality of this opal, saying it was very good! I asked Mr. Su in a private message, Mr. Su said that the price of this opal is estimated to be between 130,000 and 150,000!”

Wang Yuehan: “Gu Yuan went to the Island of Leah, Australia on the weekend, and when she came back, she threw two pieces worth more than 100,000 yuan Opal stone at as souvenir!”

Hearing this, Huo Sijia was stunned, and looked at the stone in Wang Yuehan and Chen Yuting’s hands in disbelief, this, this, this was an opal stone?

Such a big opal, Gu Yuan just gave it to her roommate?

As for Huo Sijia’s friends, they were so shocked that they couldn’t speak at first, and then they hurried to check Moments.

Did Teacher Su really comment?

Teacher Su really said that the value of Opal was more than 100,000 yuan?

Everyone added Teacher Su’s WeChat account, and also added Chen Yuting’s WeChat account. After looking through it, they found it soon. Teacher Su really commented and praised the quality.

Even apart from Mr. Su, there were other people who knew the goods, they were all amazed and praising, saying that this opal was very beautiful or something.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Was it really Opal that Gu Yuan gave to the two roommates?

God, what kind of local tyrant was this?

If they begged to be Gu Yuan’s roommates now, was there still time?

As Huo Sijia watched this scene, her heart, liver and lungs were in pain, so painful that she was dying.

Seeing that Gu Yuan was so arrogant and rich, Huo Sijia was already hit hard, not to mention that she just learned that her family was about to go bankrupt, which was even worse.

And while everyone looked at Gu Yuan with admiration, Gu Yuan was also puzzled by everything.

But Mr. Su commented that it was worth that much money. That Mr. Su sounded very professional.

But hundreds of thousands, was it a lot of money?

Wasn’t it thousands of dollars for a meal? That hundreds of thousands, was it surprising?

If a stone like this surprised the students so much, then if they heard that Huo Jinchen directly gave such a box full of colourful stones, wouldn’t the students feel weak when they saw it?

For the first time in her life, Gu Yuan began to doubt the words of Ji Qisen who she had never doubted before.

Valuable, or worthless?

Hundreds of thousands, how much was it?

Thinking of this, she murmured: “A hundred thousand, is it a lot?”

When the people around heard this sentence, they suddenly became numb.

Oh God, wasn’t that too much?

Excuse me, Miss, what was a lot?

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