5BKCM Ch. 52

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Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan said, “Gu Yuan, we have already checked, this should be the real opal, such a large piece is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, we dare not accept such an expensive gift, you should keep it for yourself.”

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan returned the gift box to Gu Yuan.

Facing the two gift boxes stretched out, Gu Yuan was even more confused. She was a little confused for a while, and suddenly felt that her son Ji Qisen seemed to have a very different idea of money from her classmates, so she had to say: “Actually, it doesn’t matter, how much it is worth, you keep it.”

Now she was a little confused about the concept of money, wasn’t the money already inflated? But her classmates all looked surprised, she vaguely felt something was wrong, so she had to be vague.

Regardless of whether the item was valuable or not, the gift had already been sent out, and she had no intention of taking it back, anyway, she still had a big box.

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan looked at each other, and pulled Gu Yuan: “Come on, let’s go back to the dormitory and talk about it!”

Gu Yuan’s roommates had scarce resources, and she couldn’t be surrounded like this.

After returning to the dormitory, the door was closed, and the three of them spread out and talked.

“This opal is very beautiful, and we are also very touched that you gave us such an expensive gift, but it is too expensive worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! If we accept this, we will feel uncomfortable.”

“Yes, Gu Yuan, you should take it back.”

Listening to the words of the two roommates, Gu Yuan became more suspicious.

Judging from the roommate’s reaction, what her son said was seriously wrong, so… how much had the price of goods inflated over the years?

She first firmly expressed that she still wanted the two roommates to accept the stone, expressing that it was her own wish. After the two roommates finally accepted it nervously, she asked cautiously: “Why is the meal in the cafeteria worth three hundred yuan?”

“A piece of Chinese cabbage? In fact, this stone is worth the price of eating Chinese cabbage for a year, why are you so surprised?”

Three hundred dollars?

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan looked at each other in dismay: “That’s 300 card points, 300 card points are three dollars!”

Gu Yuan frowned: “Three dollars?”

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan: “Yes. So what do you think? Have you been eating Chinese cabbage that costs 300 yuan a piece?”

God, what kind of daughter was this, to have such a price perception?

Do you think that a meal of 1,000 yuan is cheap?

At this time, Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan suddenly understood why Gu Yuan always said that it was cheap!

It cost 300 yuan to eat a serving of Chinese cabbage!

Chen Yuting: “From today onwards, Gu Yuan, you are a different Gu Yuan in my eyes.”

Wang Yuehan: “You are exuding golden light all over your body.”

Chen Yuting: “Oh, I didn’t notice it before, but now I suddenly see it. Gu Yuan, this dress seems to be inlaid with crystal sleeves and crystal edges!”

Wang Yuehan: “Are these real crystals?”

Chen Yuting: “Sure!”

Facing the two friends’ amazement at the diamond crystals on her skirt, Gu Yuan did not look at this thoughtfully, she was still amazed at her perception of money in the past few days.

So, a serving of Chinese cabbage in the cafeteria cost three yuan, and she mistakenly thought it was three hundred yuan?

So, it cost more than 1,000 yuan to invite Chen Yuting and the others to dinner, but she could actually eat more than 300 servings of Chinese cabbage in the cafeteria, but she said, it was really cheap?

Also, she spent more than 10,000 yuan on Taobei and bought so many things. She thought it was just two or three meals, and felt that she had made a lot of money, but in fact——that was a lot of money!

What made her even more shocked and helpless was——, she quietly glanced at the opal stones of the two friends. Was that opal stone worth millions of canteen Chinese cabbages?

So expensive?

A little heartache.

She silently opened WeChat and clicked on Ji Qisen’s profile picture.

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Unhappy.jpg.”

JQS: “What’s wrong?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Sad.jpg.”

JQS: “Did that idiot Nie Yu make you angry?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Heartache.jpg”

JQS: “Who asked you to go back with him yesterday.”

JQS: “I’ll have someone pick you up after school tonight.”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “It’s not Nie Yu, mom has something to ask you.”

JQS: “Me?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Yes, mother has something she wants to ask you, how much does a stone cost for your box of stones?”

JQS: “I don’t know, what’s wrong?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “You don’t know how much it is?”

JQS: “Why, you gave it to your roommate, and the roommate didn’t like it?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Do you know that one stone is more than ten thousand?”

JQS: “Sorry, Mom, it was my negligence, I didn’t know these stones are so cheap.”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “!!!!”

Gu Yuan raised her face, looking at the sky and sighing, she didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh now?

Then a box of stones was not very valuable. She picked two pieces and gave them to her roommate. The roommate was too scared to accept the expensive stones.

She ran to Xingshi to inquire about the crime, but her son thought she was upset because the stone was too cheap?

If she misunderstood three yuan of Chinese cabbage as three hundred yuan because she didn’t know how expensive it was, then what was up with this son?

Gu Yuan thought of the money she had spent before, those super…super…super…super cheap things that she thought she bought casually on Taobei.com, and suddenly her heart ached, it was a lot of money!

Just as her heart was hurting, her cell phone rang, and it was a call from her son Ji Qisen.

Gu Yuan quickly picked it up.

Ji Qisen’s voice came: “I just asked the secretary to choose two gifts, and I will send them today, and you can re–“

Gu Yuan became angry when she heard this: “No, don’t!”

Ji Qisen: “Huh? I remember you said that your two roommates are nice, so you specially prepared gifts for them.”

Gu Yuan: “No, no, no, this is a big misunderstanding, I won’t talk anymore, chat on WeChat.”

So when Ji Qisen was still confused, Gu Yan hung up the phone quickly, and then started chatting on WeChat.

In the end, Gu Yuan said earnestly: “Qisen, Mom knows you are rich, so you doesn’t care about the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but for ordinary people, this is a lot of money, do you know that? Our lives can’t be so extravagant in the future. It’s too wasteful, it’s not easy for you to work hard to make money, mother must save, otherwise mother will feel sorry.”

Ji Qisen: “…”

Gu Yuan said again: “Mom only knows now that the Chinese cabbage in the cafeteria is only three yuan, but why did you take your mother out to eat, and it cost thousands of dollars for a meal? Your mother’s heart aches when she thinks about it, let’s not eat such expensive dishes in the future.”

Ji Qisen: “Mom, it’s really nothing, it’s not much, even if I don’t take you out to eat, I still spend like this.”

Gu Yuan: “No, but it feels very different, how about this, we won’t want go out to eat in the future, let’s eat at home.”

Ji Qisen: “Okay.”

Gu Yuan: “The chef at home cooks very well, such as the dark chocolate foie gras and lobster soup, which taste quite good.”

Ji Qisen: “…I think so too.”

Gu Yuan happily closed WeChat after communicating with her son on the issue of thrift. Her son was so easy to talk, and it felt great to communicate smoothly now.

On the other side, after Ji Qisen turned off WeChat, his eyebrows twitched slightly. Thinking about it, he couldn’t help laughing.

Of course, she didn’t know what the salary of the head chef of Nie family was, and she didn’t know how picky and exquisite the ingredients of Nie’s family were in order to have the taste she ate in the end.

But it didn’t matter, as long as she was happy.

And it was even more impossible for Gu Yuan to know that her other son, Nie Yu’s butler Zhuge, was allocating a new expenditure to pay the salary of the new chef hired by Nie’s family. Chefs of the same level, they paid a salary that had never been seen in the industry.

After communicating with her son, Gu Yuan let out a long sigh of relief, and looked up at the two roommates. The two roommates were already thinking about how to match the stone with a chain. They wanted to make the stone into a necklace and hang it around their necks.

Gu Yuan looked at them, but remembered the things she bought on Taobei.com.

“Look at this, is it expensive for me to buy?”

Gu Yuan turned out the super, invincible and cheap orders she had placed and showed them to her roommates.

“Hey, why did you buy this?”

“This one looks like a stall with no brands!”

“Look at this picture, it looks good, but it’s a stolen picture. They don’t have a model, and they don’t have a real picture of themselves. No one knows what it will look like!”

The facts were coming like a tide, Gu Yuan flipped through so many of her orders, and suddenly understood what pain was.

So she was fooled?

Fortunately, she bought a lot, for herself, for her son Ji Qisen, for her son Nie Yu…

When she was thinking about it, she suddenly remembered that the shirt she gave to Nie Yu was called a shirt, and he even praised it. He seem to be wearing it today.

No, never!

Just as he was thinking, Chen Yuting suddenly yelled, “Look, Nie Yu is wearing a Taobei 29.9 free shipping shirt!”

Gu Yuan: “!!!”

In Gu Yuan’s mind, ten thousand beasts were galloping in an instant.

She actually hurt her son so much!

That was her own son! She actually bought a shirt that only cost ten servings of Chinese cabbage in the cafeteria for the diamond king’s fifth son to wear?

Others would definitely laugh at her son, they will!

Gu Yuan felt endless guilt towards her son, how on earth did she become a mother and buy this kind of thing for her son?

But at this moment, she heard Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan exclaiming: “Nie Yu’s fans soared another 300,000 because of wearing this shirt! My God!”

Fans soared?

Gu Yuan froze for a moment, then hesitated to turn on the phone and go online.

But she saw a string of rainbow farts flying up under her son’s Weibo.

“Wow, he looks so handsome in Taobao 29.9 free shipping!”

“It doesn’t look like him at all, but it feels so close to the people, I like it!”

“I didn’t expect him to be so rich and still wear such cheap clothes, he doesn’t feel airy at all, Yay!”

“I really like the way he wears a 29.9 shirt and drives a Bugatti Veyron!”

“Cool is just one word!”

“I’m a fan, I’m a fan, he’s just different from ordinary rich men!”

Looking at this piece of rainbow fart, Gu Yuan: ‘Can it still be like this?’

The next development on the Internet was beyond Gu Yuan’s imagination.

Someone deliberately began to analyse how Nie Yu’s shirt matched his GUCCCCI belt, F country handmade trousers and Hermès leather shoes, analyzed how this shirt played a finishing touch, and analyzed how this shirt seemed ordinary but actually hid all the details.

Finally, someone concluded: “Do you think this is just a 29.9 free shipping shirt? This is actually taste and fashion.”

After this incident, the shirt that Nie Yu wore quickly became popular on the Internet. Countless copies of the same style appeared on Taobei in an instant. The styles were almost completely sold out, and many of the same or even similar shirts were sold out in many stores on Taobei.com.

Looking at this scene, Gu Yuan was really stunned. Now, she didn’t feel too guilty towards her son.

She also finally realized the fact that it didn’t matter what you wore, what mattered was how others perceived you.

If you have money, it is fashionable to wear 9.9 free shipping, but if you have no money, selling blood and kidneys to buy LV is also suspected to be a high imitation.

Even so, Gu Yuan was still very emotional.

She just remembered now that when she showed the shirt to Nie Yu, Nie Yu was actually taken aback for a moment. He could clearly see that his mother had bought him a no brand shirt, but he said nothing. Without saying anything, he sincerely praised her for choosing a good number and her taste, and he simply wore it to work the next day.

This son was really good.

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Son, you are so stupid.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Tears.jpg, what did I do wrong?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “But my son is so kind, I am so touched.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Smiley face.jpg, so why do I do it right?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Don’t be so unreasonable, mom told you the business, the shirt I bought doesn’t even have a brand, why are you wearing that, what if someone laughs at you!”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Then did they laugh?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Not really.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Even if they laugh at me, is there any loss for me?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “…it seems not.”

Riding on an ant to see the sea: “That’s none of my business, I wear whatever I like, the shirts my mom bought for me, why should I worry about their eyes and dare not wear them?”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “…It seems to make some sense, but that dress is too cheap, it must be of poor quality, anyway, you don’t have to wear it in the future, your mother has learned to be smart now, and knows that there are some counterfeit goods on Taobei. I bought it at the store.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “But this shirt is really comfortable, although it’s cheap, but I found that it’s made of pure cotton, it’s no different from a shirt worth thousands of dollars.”

Yuan Yuan loves to eat grass: “Er…”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “In short, my mother has great taste, and the clothes she bought are also very suitable.”

These words, and looking at her son’s slightly flamboyant WeChat image, she felt a wave of emotion in her heart.

Although he had all kinds of shortcomings, he was really cute and a very good son.

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Mom? Mom?”

Seeing that Gu Yuan didn’t reply, Nie Yu on WeChat asked “Are you there?”

At this time, Gu Yuan was so touched that her eyes were a little damp. She rubbed her eyes and replied to the message: “I really want to hug you, you are very good, much better than I thought at first, I am very glad that you are my son.”

After Gu Yuan sent these words, it took a long time to Nie Yu, but there was no reply.

After a while, he replied: “Mom, you’re really getting more and more crooked.”

Gu Yuan laughed out loud, and he said she was crooked.

In fact, it was not a big deal, nothing earth-shattering, just a 29.9 free shipping shirt, but Gu Yuan was really moved.

She even remembered the moment when she first woke up and walked out of the airport with nothing. Everything around her had changed so much. It was a lie to say that she was not panicked.

She had nothing and was far behind the times.

How lucky she was to have such good two sons during the twenty-five years of sleep, who brought such a touch to her in this age when her relatives had passed away.

But when Gu Yuan looked at the WeChat news stupidly and was moved, Nie Yu, who was sitting in the office, took a screenshot, and then sent the screenshot directly to Ji Qisen.

Riding an ant to see the sea: “This is what our mother sent me.”

JQS: “And then?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Did our mother tell you such a thing?”

JQS: “And then?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “How do you feel in your heart now? Do you feel good?”

JQS: “And then?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Hahaha I know you are jealous of me, but there is no way, in our mother’s heart, you’re the first one. It doesn’t mean whoever recognizes his mother first is the most filial son, do you understand?”

JQS: “Are you done? I’ll go to work after you finish.”

Nie Yu rolled his lips proudly, in the past ten years, there had been countless rounds of fighting between the two, and each had its own advantages and disadvantages. But this time, he would be the final winner.

Just as he was thinking about it, he saw a message from JQS: “By the way, you don’t need to worry about that Huo Sijia matter.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “What do you mean?”

JQS: “I’ve already dealt with it.”

Nie Yu stare at the message from Ji Qisen for three minutes.

Huo Sijia, the same Huo Sijia who bullied his mother at school, he just put up a fight and planned to give that woman a good look, but Ji Qisen had already dealt with it?

No, he refused to accept it!

He must break it back!

Since the Opal incident, Gu Yuan’s image in the minds of her classmates has suddenly changed. Naturally, there were some people who secretly discussed it. There were rumours behind the scenes, anyway, but no one dared to talk about it in front of her.

And after Huo Sijia went bankrupt, not only the VIP of Tianyu Cruise that she boasted about was gone, but she didn’t even get the 300,000 she prepaid before. She suddenly became a joke.

She used to show off a lot, but now she had turned into a topic for talk when she was down.

Huo Sijia, who had no money, was like a phoenix without wings. She couldn’t fly, so she didn’t have the previous arrogance. It was just that when she met Gu Yuan in class, she would sneer and turn her head away with disdain: “Don’t be arrogant too. It’s too early, I’m waiting for the day when you cry!”

Gu Yuan looked at this scene, and didn’t even want to talk to her, after all, she twisted her neck, anyway, Gu Yuan didn’t need compensation for twisting her neck isn’t it?

In fact, Gu Yuan’s life in the past few days had been quite satisfactory. During the day, she attended classes at school and studied hard. After school at night, she was either taken to Nie Yu’s house or Ji Qisen’s house.

At the beginning, the Butlers of the two sons came to pick her up with the driver, but for some reason, the two sons suddenly found time to pick her up in person.

She was puzzled, and once asked: “Ji Qisen, haven’t you been very busy recently?”

Ji Qisen: “Fortunately, not very busy.”

Gu Yuan was very happy about this: “It’s good if you are not busy, anyway, you have a lot of money, you can stop working too much, pay attention to the balance between work and life, and take time to enjoy life.”

Ji Qisen raised his eyebrows. Although he seemed to have no desires, he was also competitive. How could that boy Nie Yu compare with him? In the next life.

She asked Nie Yu again: “Nie Yu, why haven’t you had a girlfriend recently?”

Nie Yu: “Those women have bad taste.”

Gu Yuan: “That’s great, Nie Yu, you finally understand, you used to have so many girlfriends. I think they are all after your money. In the future, you should correct your attitude in choosing a girlfriend, and find the one who is really suitable for you and to whom you can get married too.”

Nie Yu: “Thank you mom for teaching me, I know!”

Nie Yu chuckled in his heart, Ji Qisen, did you see it, kid? Our mother has studied my nineteen girlfriends, and our mother is too attentive to me. Do you have nineteen girlfriends for our mom to help you research? Compare with me? You are far behind!

And in these happy days of enjoying the filial piety of her sons, the results of the audition for “Xuan Ji Biography” came out.

The heroine was Gu Yuan.

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