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The man sitting in the corner seemed naturally depressed.

He looked at Yan Yan standing at the door with scrutiny, and a trace of imperceptible amazement flashed in his eyes, then he raised his head and drank the wine in the glass in one gulp.

A few days ago, when he happened to see Yan Yan’s live broadcast room on his live broadcast platform, he thought for a moment that he had identified the wrong person, and after repeated confirmation several times, he finally believed that the person on the screen was Yan Yan.

It was not that Shen Yu had never watched Yan Yan’s live broadcast before. But in his impression, Yan Yan’s live broadcast room was always full of smoke and fire. He was either being scolded or on the way to being scolded. So, he always exited within ten seconds after entering.

But when he accidentally clicked in a few days ago, he found that Yan Yan’s live broadcast room was unexpectedly harmonious. The young man with a sweet smile in the middle of the screen was very strange to him, but he also had a fatal attraction.

Although he didn’t know why Yan Yan showed such a sudden change, he was indeed aroused by Yan Yan in the live broadcast, and even planned to agree to his pursuit and play with him for a few days.

But after he was aroused, Yan Yan never came to him again, and never saw him again at various parties. He was only active in the live broadcast every day, as if he had suddenly left their group’s world.

So when he saw that Yan Yan’s live broadcast room was banned, he didn’t know what kind of mentality he had, but he asked someone to change the ban status of his live broadcast room to permanent, and it couldn’t be unblocked without his permission.

Thinking gloomily, when Yan Yan was desperate, he would naturally come to beg him.

Given how crazy Yan Yan was towards him before, maybe he would take this opportunity to pursue him again.

So seeing Yan Yan appearing here tonight, he was not too surprised, and felt that it was all under his control.

The deafening music had stopped at some point, the box had become quiet, and everyone was waiting for Yan Yan’s reaction.

Under the dim light, they couldn’t see Yan Yan’s expression clearly, they only saw that the thin figure seemed not to be moving and seemed to have no response to the gloomy greeting.

The others were a little puzzled, could it be that the music was too loud just now, and Yan Yan didn’t hear Shen Yu greet him?

If it was in the past, even if Shen Yu didn’t say hello to him, Yan Yan would have pounced on him as soon as he saw him, let alone now that Shen Yu took the initiative to say hello to him, shouldn’t he be crazy about it?

The surrounding gazes were too intense, so Yan Yan froze for a moment, and tentatively greeted the people in the box: “Long time no see.”

No one answered.

They were all shocked that Yan Yan ignored Shen Yu’s greeting directly.

After a long time, a chuckle suddenly sounded in the box, it was a young man’s clear voice: “Yan Yan, you are too shameless, we haven’t gotten together in so long, why did you still keep us waiting?”

Yan Yan was startled, he came in and walked forward. He also checked the time, and it was clearly ten minutes before the time they agreed on.

“Isn’t the agreed time 7:30?”

The young man who spoke just now smiled again, and the laughter was clear, “Yan Yan, you are really a noble person who forgets things too much. We clearly made an appointment for 7 o’clock, and now we have already been drinking wine for half a day.”

Yan Yan’s memory was not bad, he remembered that the time that the person told him on WeChat was indeed 7:30, now that he saw this scene, he somewhat understood it.

He originally thought that although the original owner’s friends were not doing business, at least they were sincere to the original owner. He didn’t expect that they didn’t have any good intentions towards the original owner. That being the case, there was no point in staying here any longer.

He took a step back, wanting to leave.

“Hey, have you changed the makeup brand? Today’s makeup is quite transparent.” It was still the boy who spoke just now, and he blinked his round almond eyes with an innocent smile on his face.

Yan Yan had already touched the doorknob, and he didn’t pay attention to what the young man asked, he nodded his head twice indiscriminately, and wanted to find an excuse to leave.

“Yan Yan, where are you going? Didn’t you agree to treat us today?”

Yan Yan recognized that it was the voice that had called him from the car, and the owner of the voice was a boy with single eyelids.

Single Eyelid knew that Yan Yan always wanted face, and if he told everyone that he wanted to treat him, he would be too embarrassed to refuse.

Thinking of Yan Yan saying that he had no money on the phone, Single Eyelid added: “Don’t say you have no money, I heard it on the phone, there was a man next to you saying that he has money.”

Yan Yan didn’t expect him to have heard what Ji Juechuan said next to him, so he curled his lips quietly, feeling a little strange that Ji Juechuan was talking too much at that time.

“A man?” The almond-eyed boy was slightly surprised, “Yan Yan, did you bring someone else? Who is it?”

“It’s my husband.” Yan Yan pursed his lower lip, feeling a little uncomfortable.

The air was silent for a few seconds, until the boy’s exaggerated laughter broke the silence.

“Hahaha, husband? Yan Yan, are you playing some kind of housekeeping game with others?”

The boy with single eyelids also laughed twice: “What husband, it can’t be your little boytoy?”

The corners of Shen Yu’s lips were depressed. It also evoked a slight arc, but his eyes were dark, and he was obviously a little unhappy.

Yan Yan hadn’t looked at him since he entered the door, and now he was still talking about a husband, as if the person who chased after his ass before was not him.

The laughter in the private room was intermittent, and some people laughed along with him in order to save face for the almond-eyed boy, but after seeing the gloomy expression on his face, they didn’t dare to laugh anymore.

Yan Yan bit his lower lip and pressed his back against the door. His delicate face looked even more beautiful under the dim light, and he still seemed a little helpless.

He could not handle such a situation, although he had many friends before, but his friends would never play such a mean joke on him.

The door against which his back was leaning was suddenly pulled open, and Yan Yan was caught off guard and fell backwards. He was firmly held by the waist and held in someone’s arms.

Yan Yan blinked, feeling that this embrace was somewhat familiar.

Looking up, the cloud on his face dissipated immediately, and dimples appeared on both sides of his cheeks: “Husband!”

Ji Juechuan said “um”, and helped him straight up, “Why are you standing here?”

Just when he was about to speak, he heard the people in the box calling him:

“Yan Yan, are you okay?”

The people in the box only saw him fall out after the door was opened and couldn’t see the scene outside the door. They didn’t know who opened the door, they just thought it was the waiter who came to deliver the wine.

Yan Yan hurried into the door, “I’m fine.”

The light in the corridor shone into the dim box, and they saw behind Yan Yan, a tall and straight man walking in, his aura was very strong and sharp. His eyes swept around the box, making everyone feel a little uncomfortable.

When the man walked into the box, a beam of light happened to sweep across his face. Although it only passed by for a moment, everyone could see his face clearly.

The box suddenly fell silent, and the sound of a needle falling to the ground could almost be heard.

A few seconds later, a few gasps could be heard faintly.

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