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The smile on Sheng Shaoyuan’s face subsided a lot after Yan Mu spoke. He glanced at the secretary beside him who was still in a daze and said: “My cigarettes are finished.”

The secretary stood up immediately after hearing the words, “I’ll go buy it right away. “After leaving the private room, the secretary breathed a sigh of relief. Although he majored in economics at university, his junior high school biology course scores were good. Both parents were of type O blood, so their offspring could only be O type blood, unless there was a rare genetic mutation, otherwise…

The boss also mentioned that the blood type of Third Uncle Sheng who died accidentally two years ago was the same as that of Lu Chengyu. This… he felt like he accidentally got to know something he shouldn’t know. Regarding the rich people’s secrets, the secretary frowned, looked back at the closed private room door, and hurried out.

In the private room, the atmosphere between the three became a lot more serious than before. He looked at Sheng Shaoyuan, who was hesitant to talk, with a smile, “I’m a stupid person, I don’t understand what you mean by your words.”

“Lu Tzu wants to help such a smart person, if you are said to be stupid, then there will be no smart person at this time,” Sheng Shaoyuan smiled and saw Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu. The expression on his face was dull, and the smile on his face couldn’t be held, “I think, Special Assistant Lu has investigated some of the past things, right?”

Lu Chengyu took a sip from his teacup, raised his eyebrows and looked at Sheng Shaoyuan. This one came to him today. What was it for?

“You are the third uncle’s child, that is, the descendant of our Sheng family,” Sheng Shaoyuan frowned slightly. “The Shengrong Group should have belonged to the Third Uncle, because he died unexpectedly, it was managed by me. Now you…”

“Mr. Sheng would not think that I value the wealth of Sheng family, right? “Lu Chengyu cut into Sheng Shaoyuan’s diatribe, then angrily laughed, “You say am I short of money or lack potential? “

Sheng Shaoyuan was interrupted by Lu Chengyu, but his face showed not even a slight hint of anger. He said: “Then what do you want, we will definitely make it up to you. As relatives, we have ignored you for too long. This is our little heart. I hope you don’t refuse.”

“Fortunately, you have ignored me for more than ten years. Otherwise, it is hard to say whether I can sit here,” Lu Chengyu was shocked by Sheng Shaoyuan’s shamelessness. “Did he write a will in advance?”

Sheng Shaoyuan’s face changed slightly, and then he smiled: “What do you mean?”

“I have the key to the will’s safe,” Lu Chengyu looked at Sheng Shaoyuan with a smile, “Why don’t we find a lawyer to go to the bank to take out this will and have a look?”

Some time ago, he moved a lot of things from the old house to the villa, and finally found a safe key and a series of passwords along with the instructions his father left him. And he saw a note behind their family portrait photo frame. It was an address. He checked it according to the address from five years ago. This address was a bank. Although the bank changed places later, Lu Chengyu quickly found it.

Sheng Shaoyuan’s face finally changed. He glanced at Lu Chengyu, who was not interested in the Sheng family’s property, and then at Yan Mu, who had a cold face, and forced a smile: “You really belong to the Third Uncle. He was smart and cold-hearted. He was able to abandon his pregnant lover in order to win the shares of the Sheng family. Now you can watch the Sheng family be shaken by others with cold eyes.” When he said this, he turned his head to Yan Mu said, “The blood in the bones of Sheng family members is cold. You’re sitting here with him now, and maybe he will abandon you for profit in the near future.”

Yan Mu waited for Sheng Shaoyuan to finish, and said unhurriedly: “The Sheng family and the Xia family in S City are two great families. Xiao Lu in our family didn’t care about it. How much interest do you think it takes to get him to leave me.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and nodded: “No, in your words since I am a person who values interests, Brother Mu is so rich and powerful, I will leave him only when my brain gets filled with water.”

Probably Sheng Shaoyuan was stunned by the shamelessness and cheekiness of the two. It took a long while for him to find his own words. He looked at Yan Mu in disbelief: “You are really infatuated with him.”

Yan Mu raised his eyebrows: “It has something to do with you?”

Sheng Shaoyuan sneered. Seeing that certain words had been said, he stopped pretending, and simply chose a comfortable position to sit: “If Lu Chengyu was not with you, we could easily kill him, no matter how smart he is. Even if he knows how to be human. Our Second family didn’t lose to the Third family, but to your stern force.”

Originally, it was just a complaint without much substance, but Lu Chengyu’s expression was slightly stunned, and he laughed after a moment. “Probably Yan Mu is the destined patron saint of my life. After meeting him, my destiny changed.”

Sheng Shaoyuan sighed: “At the beginning of the chaos inside Huading, Liang was the best choice, but I didn’t expect Liang Deyou will make things difficult for you because of a man, and you would not hesitate to enter Huading. It went really wrong from the beginning.” He was not reconciled but had to admit that sometimes fate was a very strange thing.

“My grandpa…Of course, it has nothing to do with your Sheng family. The old man named me Chengyu, hoping that I would have a deep blessing and be able to do everything. How could I have the heart to let him down?” Lu Chengyu’s past life was unlucky. In this life, he turned his head to look at Yan Mu beside him, “What’s more, how do you know if others have put every step right. People often only want to look at the results of others, but don’t want to look at the process they went through. Fate is this kind of thing that doesn’t refer to the result, but every step taken.”

Lu Chengyu stood up. He felt that he was suddenly not interested in talking to Sheng Shaoyuan. “My personality doesn’t look at the stuff of the Sheng family, so the last one who owns the Sheng family is your big house.”

Sheng Shaoyuan was stunned. He looked at Lu Chengyu, but couldn’t say a word.

“Your first step was indeed wrong, but it was not me that was wrong, but that you killed each other in cold blood, and lost even the last bit of humanity for the sake of money and status,” Lu Chengyu sneered. “There is a pile of mud on top of your glory. I won’t step on it either. Instead of sinking into a pile of mud, I’d better earn a golden mountain on my own. Also, I’m not from a Sheng family, my surname is Lu. I don’t admit it today, and I won’t admit it in the future.”

Seeing Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu leaving the private room together, Sheng Shaoyuan first smiled mockingly, as if mocking Lu Chengyu’s innocence, but gradually, the smile on his face spread out, and finally turned into a blank face expression.

A few days later, several people from the Shengrong Group were arrested as they were found to be responsible for illegal operations. The elder of the Sheng family was arrested for the murder of Third Uncle of the Sheng family. The entire Sheng family was caught in scandal and bankruptcy and became a joke in front of the aristocratic families. Those families who were at odds with the Sheng family also anonymously provided a lot of information related to the Sheng family.

But the most surprising thing was that the Sheng family’s boss sent someone to murder the Sheng family’s child from the third branch. Among the Sheng family’s sons, the Sheng family’s third child was the most capable, but it was a pity that he had no children and only after his accidental death was the Second branch’s grandson, Sheng Shaoyuan, put in charge of the company, who knew that there was such a good show behind this.

Ordinary people watched this joke. In addition to feeling that the rich people’s circle was really messed up and unexpected, some people looked at the photos of the Third Uncle of the Sheng family and regretted that the beautiful uncle was killed by his own brother.

The day before the case of the murder of the brother of the Sheng family was to be heard, it was the Golden Bird Award ceremony. Because “Autumn Wind” and “The Universe” were shortlisted for the Golden Bird Award, and Lu Chengyu also won the nomination for Best Supporting Actor Award for his performance in “Autumn Wind”, thus that night, he took Yan Mu’s luxury car and rushed to the award ceremony with the driver.

When he walked on the red carpet, he did not invite a partner. He walked alone on the red carpet, listening to the screams of fans on both sides, he kept waving to both sides, and then walked towards the host with an unhurried pace.

After signing his name, Lu Chengyu was stopped by the two hosts. The hostess smiled and said, “Chengyu’s suit is so handsome today. I just heard the screams of fans on both sides, I almost couldn’t bear it. I almost forgot that we are live.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and said, “Then I would have had male fans clamouring to beat me up.”

After being pleased by this sentence, the hostess laughed a few times and suddenly said: “I heard that today the driver of Lu Chengyu is the most handsome among the drivers present today, isn’t it?”

Lu Chengyu nodded and smiled: “Not only is the most handsome, but also the one with the highest self-paid value.”

The fans present screamed louder when they heard this, and there were many people shouting “Mr. Yan, Mr. Yan.”

Seeing that the atmosphere had become hot, the hostess stopped interviewing, after all, the next wave of artists had already arrived. After coming over, Lu Chengyu waved to everyone present before turning around and entering the arena.

Because the Golden Bird Award was the highest movie award in China, the review was also strict. There were almost no so-called shady or unspoken rules. So, artists were also proud of winning the Golden Bird Award.

When the Best Supporting Actor Award was awarded, Lu Chengyu didn’t care much at all. After all, he was not a true insider, and the judge panel should not give the award to him. To put it mildly, he didn’t even have an agent. Compared with the artists in the circle, it was too marginal.

When his name was called out, he was pushed several times by Zhong Zhenghan by his side before he reacted. He pointed to his nose in disbelief. Was he the winner?

“Go,” Zhong Zhenghan stretched out his hand and patted his head, then reached out and hugged him, “You are winner in life, your existence is worth being hated.”

Lu Chengyu stepped onto the stage, and finally touched the golden trophy with a golden bird on the upper end which looked as if about to fly, then he looked at the audience and said: “I can get this award. There are probably only two words that can describe my mood. That is unpredictable and overjoyed.” When he said this, he raised the trophy in his hand, “A lot of people would like to thank the director screenwriter as well as other members of the crew at this time, but I won’t say these extra words, tomorrow the crew and the staff would be given one extra red envelope per person.”

Lenses specially swept “Autumn Wind’s” crew’s expressions, and the people in the camera laughed so hard that they could see their teeth, and clapped very enthusiastically.

“Finally, I would like to thank someone, thank you for everything you have done for me, I love you.”

Everyone knew who this person was. Although he was gay, everyone smiled kindly. When Lu Chengyu stepped down, the applause became even more enthusiastic.

After the award ceremony, Lu Chengyu went out from the backstage passage and saw Yan Mu standing outside the door waiting for him. He walked behind Yan Mu with the trophy and held his hand from behind: “Have you waited for a long time?”

Yan Mu turned his head, with a smile on the corner of his mouth: “I heard what you said.”

Lu Chengyu raised an eyebrow and smiled: “Yeah.”

Yan Mu touched his cheek: “My heart likes you, and it won’t change forever.”

“I will also not change in this life”, Lu Chengyu followed this statement with a nod.

The two held hands and walked towards the car among the night light. The shadows were stretched long, and finally entangled together, as if they could no longer be separated from each other.

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