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It was another spring. Because Lu Chengyu won the best supporting actor award last year, the films he invested in had good reputation and box office, and he had become a well-known investor in the circle. Many small directors were willing to show him courtesy, but thinking of Yan Mu’s identity and background, many people suddenly rested their minds.

This year, because consumers paid more attention to PM value, they began to have a great interest in products that purified air and water. After Huading International’s experimental production of purification appliances entered the market, consumption reached a new high, which made many peers see red. Some merchants who followed the trend of production quickly discovered that consumers trusted Huading’s trademark. Even if they fought a price war, their sales in half a year were not as good as the others’ one-month sales. In the end, they were all at a loss. Since then, Huading had become the market leader in this trend.

Lu Chengyu, who put forward this plan that year, once again became the focus of the business community. After all, such a young person could predict the current situation a year or two ago and make such a perfect plan. How many people would even dare to think about it? At the same time, they could see how much Yan Mu trusted his partner, that he invested so much economic manpower to develop a market that had been sluggish before was simply a gamble. People like them couldn’t afford to gamble, in fact they didn’t dare to gamble, so in the end while Huading made money, they could only watch.

However, everyone quickly turned their eyes away from Lu Chengyu, and instead moved it on the recently fallen Sheng Family. The downfall of the Sheng family was almost without warning. It seemed that within a month or two, someone from the family was found to have illegal operations, malicious competition, tax evasion, and even suspected of trafficking in national intelligence.

The most surprising and not so unexpected thing was that the third son of the Sheng family, who died in a car accident a few years ago, was not accidentally killed, but due to a conspiracy between the eldest son and the second son of the Sheng family. The reason for murdering him was because the ability of the third son of the Sheng family was outstanding, and he had faintly shown the momentum of taking over the Sheng’s enterprise. The elder and second brother of the Sheng family were unwilling to let the third son take charge of the Sheng family in the future.

Once the incident was reported by the media, there was an uproar in the whole country. Many people said that rich circle was really messed up while scanning the photos of the third master of the Sheng family. Suddenly, many young netizens felt sorry for such a handsome uncle being assassinated.

At this time, someone on the Haijiao forum suddenly posted a post that countless people did not believe, but although not many people believed it, there were quite a few people watching it.

“A secret that you don’t know, it turns out that the relationship between the inspirational male god Lu Chengyu and the third master of the Sheng family is so complicated! “

The title of this post involved two people who had been in the limelight recently, which aroused many people’s curiosity. After reading the content of the main post, many people who couldn’t help but clicked in, suddenly felt that the host was simply talking nonsense.

What is meant by “that year, she walked alone and helplessly on the winter road?”

What is meant by “even though she struggled, she still left the man she loved and walked into another life?”

This was really like a soulmate. Where did these things come from? Also, was the host hiding under the bed or was he a X-worm in her stomach? That he knew what she wanted to say?

The most unbelievable thing was not the love triangle of the previous generation, but the host mentioned that Lu Chengyu’s mother was the sister of the current Patriarch of the Xia family, and Lu Chengyu was actually the child of the third master of the Sheng family. The complexity of the relationship, the rugged experience, and the dog blood of the story made a lot of netizens shout that the poster was cheating. This kind of story was simply a necessary plot for a ridiculous TV series, a proper brain-dead drama.

Seeing that everyone didn’t believe his revelation, the poster posted a photo of Lu Chengyu’s parents and the third master of the Sheng family at the university, and someone found the second master of the Yan family in these group photos.

After appraising, these photos showed no signs of photoshop, many people were boiling, and wondering whether Lu Chengyu was the child of the third master of the Sheng family, and the complicated relationship of the older generation had also made them interested. It turned out that Lu Chengyu’s parents and Second Master of the Yan family knew each other from the elder generation, was it God’s will for Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu to be together now?

No wonder the people of the Yan family did not object to the two people being together. It turned out that the second master of the Yan family was backing them up. All this now made sense.

The second master of the Yan family, who was inexplicably made to put on a “matchmaker” hat, learned of the remarks on the Internet, and was speechless for a long time before finally sighing with emotion: “The brains of netizens are infinite.”

His bodyguard hesitated and said, “Should we tell Mr. Yan and Xiao Lu about this?” Since Lu Chengyu’s emergence in the business world, many people respected him and called him Xiao Lu, and these people in the Yan family were no exception.

“What is the use of telling them?” the second master of the Yan family lit a cigar and took a puff: “The two let this post hang on the forum, it means that they do not intend to cover it up or have a solution to it, than what’s the need for urgency from us outsiders?”

Sure enough, Lu Chengyu borrowed the Weibo platform to post a long Weibo the next day. It did not explain the so-called love triangle of the parents’ generation, nor did he mention whose child he was, but just wrote an article called “The Time of Love”.

In the article, he used plain but sincere writing to describe some small things in his childhood, his mother who was gentle but not spoiling, his father who was stern but not too stern, and their cosy way of getting along, in this way he described a warm family to netizens. At the bottom of the long Weibo, there was a picture of a seven or eight-year-old boy, wearing a neat shirt and overalls, lying on a handsome man who was holding a smiling woman in his arms.

“My father and mother, the most nostalgic time in my life”, this was the last sentence of the long Weibo, showing plain but unspeakable sadness.

The photo looked a bit old, and the house in the background also had an old-fashioned layout. The netizens who originally wanted to watch the excitement became silent. Because of how beautiful the things described in this long Weibo were, it also represented how pained Lu Chengyu must have been when he heard that his parents died unexpectedly. They didn’t want to continue this kind of thing to satisfy their own gossipy souls.

Netizens solemnly blessed Lu Chengyu’s parents in heaven, and many people said that they would be more filial to their parents in the future and won’t let themselves be left with regrets.

Some ignorant media wanted to interview Lu Chengyu on this matter, but he rejected them all. In addition, it was just after the New Year, so he and Yan Mu were going to participate in some gatherings of friends and relatives. He did not deal with the part, so that it could be compiled by the reporter in a story, right?

But when the reporters died down which Lu Chengyu didn’t take seriously, the Xia family showed up at the reception of the Qi family.

Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu were friends of Qi Jingfeng, so naturally they would not refuse the invitation of the Qi family, however when he was entangled by the Xia family, he thought they were here to please him.

“Xia family?” Lu Chengyu looked at the man who was a few years older than him. It turned out that this was Xia Yucheng, the rumoured successor of the Xia family. His appearance looked gentle, and it was not easy to produce disgusting emotions towards him at first glance.

“Yes,” Xia Yucheng looked at the young man in front of him. In terms of relation, he should be his cousin, but the two had never talked. Under the polite and alienated smile of the other, he didn’t know what to say to bring the two people closer together.

“Manager Xia, hello,” Yan Mu walked over at this time, breaking the embarrassing atmosphere, but because of his appearance, Xia Yucheng was even more speechless. These years, it was their Xia family who had shown an indifferent attitude towards this cousin. He didn’t know anything about the Xia Family, now how could they have the face to recognize the other party when he was getting successful?

At the end of the reception, Xia Yucheng did not mention the Xia family to Lu Chengyu. He watched Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu walk out of the gate of the Qi family side by side, and then take a black RV to leave. He sighed, but thought of the two of them. He felt that there might be nothing wrong with this tacit behaviour.

He was not qualified to make irresponsible remarks about Lu Chengyu’s affairs. The Xia family abandoned Lu Chengyu’s mother back then, so now they were not qualified to stand in the perspective of relatives and point fingers at Lu Chengyu.

When a person made the choice of abandoning, he would not have the chance of being able to pick it up at any time. A person was not an object, nor a dead thing, and he will not wait for the other person to turn back.

Fair enough.

As long as Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu had a harmonious relationship and stayed with each other for a lifetime, what did it matter whether the other party was a man or a woman?

“What are you looking at?” When Lu Chengyu saw Yan Mu, he seemed to look behind him a few times. After a little thought, he understood what the other party was worried about, so he smiled and said, “Don’t think too much, I already have a lot of things. To me, the Xia family is like a passer-by in a story. It’s ok to listen to it, but I don’t want to get involved in their life.”

Seeing that he really didn’t care about the Xia family and the past, Yan Mu showed a rare smile.

The hands of the two were gently squeezed together, there was no excitement/affection, no kiss/hug, but their hearts were pressed together.

“Brother Mu, have I told you that meeting you was the starting point of my luck in this life?”

“Don’t remember.”

“Really don’t remember?”



“I only remember one thing that you are my greatest fortune.”

Tut, people who couldn’t speak sweet words, when they spoke such love words, it was always too sweet.

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