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Baked lobster with butter and cheese[1] with a rich milky flavor and smooth taste, soft and smooth fish maw in clear soup[2], bright red colored, spicy and salty stir-fried wild boar[3] which had a beautiful appearance and spicy taste with thick rattan pepper jade rabbit flowers…

In this manner a table of ten dishes, with meat and vegetables were prepared, which surrounded the largest plate in the middle, which was filled with lion maned mushrooms and tofu.

The eyes of the people wearing the panda hat on their heads gleamed as they looked around the big round table, their chopsticks were almost unsteady, as they looked at the villa owner all together, with their eyes flickering, as if asking, “Can we start eating it? When do we start eating? Can we start eating quickly?”.

The villa owner’s face was as black as if it had been fished out of ink. He placed the right hand on the table and clenched it, resisting the idea of throwing these obtrusive things out, and glanced at the kitchen door, with the meaning- The protagonist is still cooking for you, and you want to eat first, won’t your conscience hurt?

Pei Ziteng felt that he had no conscience at all, but he was thrown away by Dad Xue, whose expression was not harmonious at all. He still honestly took back the chopsticks hanging on the top of the “Panda” and waited with everyone. Their scorching eyes turned to the kitchen door, expecting the protagonist to appear soon.

When Yu Siyang walked to the dining table with a basket of coconut milk pumpkin cakes[4], he was faced with a dozen faces waiting to be fed, “…Why didn’t you start eating?” Didn’t you keep shouting that you were hungry?

“Can we eat it?” a dozen people asked at the same time, with great momentum.

Yu Siyang nodded, he also had a furry panda hat buttoned on his head, which looked quite cute.

But now even the brain-dead fan Ge Rui had no time to appreciate his cuteness. The group of evil wolves in panda skins got their approval, and they immediately stood up, holding chopsticks in one hand and bowls in the other, fiercely grabbing food.

“Who is it? Don’t squeeze!”

“Zhang Zhenqi, you grab everything on my chopsticks. What about your ethics?!”

“What are you grabbing? Everyone has a share in such a large plate.”

“You are still robbing but saying no, you are very honest.”

“Asshole, you put down that lobster.”

Xue Chengxiu’s veins jumped on his forehead, and he deeply regretted agreeing to this group of unreliable guys coming to his home to have a celebration party.

His child had been on the plane for twelve hours and was still delayed for so long at the airport. When he returned home, he did not rest, but had to cook and feed these crazy people.

They simply wanted an excuse to eat and drink, and then also they found such a high-sounding excuse.

“You all sit down for me!” Mr. Xue screamed, which was shocking. The “wolves” stopped robbing food as if the pause switch was pressed. Seeing that Mr. Xue could play Bao Gong’s face[5], they immediately sat down on the chair obediently and straightened the panda hat on their heads, not daring to grab food anymore.

The eleven dishes on the table were as if they had been blown by a tornado, with more than half missing, leaving only the fragrance and flavor.

Yu Siyang sat down beside Xue Chengxiu blankly, and asked: “How long have you not eaten?”

Ge Rui replied embarrassedly: “I just ate a small piece of bread for breakfast, uh… just waiting for this meal… “

That is, they did not eat at noon?

Yu Siyang looked at the others in surprise.

Pei Ziteng raised his hand and said: “I knew you were coming back today, so I deliberately did not even eat yesterday’s supper.”

Xue Chengxiu sneered: “We’ve wronged you.”

Pei Ziteng: “It’s nothing.”

Yu Siyang: “……” You can indeed stand side by side with the sun[6].

The poorest person on the table was Mumu, who had short hands and short legs. He stood only a head higher than the table. Although his dining chair was tall, but his short arms could only get a vegetable omelet[7] which was placed in front of him. He was greedy. After several days of hearing about the “Panda”, the dish was too far away from him, and by the time these unscrupulous adults sat down, the “Panda” was gone.

Child Mumu looked blankly at empty plate, at a loss then he looked around and plunged headlong into the arms of Yu Siyang, and shouted pitiably: “Brother, they ate all the “Panda”, Mumu did not eat.”

The unscrupulous adults were immediately killed by the sharp eyes of the child’s father. They looked at their bowls, and then at the little fat boy who was wronged by them and felt that their conscience was a little bit painful.

“The uncles and aunts haven’t eaten for a long time, let’s let them eat first, brother will make it for you tomorrow?” Yu Siyang touched Mumu’s head smoothly.

Xue Yunmu pursed his mouth and said unhappily, “But Mumu didn’t eat either.”

Yu Siyang looked towards Xue Chengxiu immediately, what’s the matter, why didn’t you feed the child?

“Xiao Mumu, you ate two bowls of rice at noon; the nose of a lying child will grow.” Pei Ziteng unceremoniously took apart the little fat man’s platform.

Xue Yunmu said frankly: “Mu Mu didn’t eat dinner.”

Pei Ziteng: “… ” Okay, you little kid are very awesome

Just like your father.

In the end, Ge Rui was the only caring person, so she divided the “Panda” from her bowl and gave it to Mu Mu, in exchange for a kiss from him.

The group of people came to Xue’s villa to eat and drink under the pretext of celebrating Yu Siyang’s victory. They were noisy for several hours. After eating and drinking, they all said goodbye and let the host family rest after seeing Yu Siyang’s sleepiness.

A lot of panda dolls were left in the villa that was busy all day, which finally calmed down. Yu Siyang hadn’t slept for nearly twenty-four hours and then had to make a big table of dishes for this banquet. No matter how abundant Yu Siyang’s energy was, at this point he was emptied out. With a sigh, Xue Chengxiu stripped and cleaned him and stuffed him into the quilt, stuck his head on the pillow, then he immediately fell asleep.

Xue Chengxiu gently rubbed Yu Siyang’s hair, printed a kiss on his smooth forehead, then went to the bathroom to wash himself, laid down in the quilt, hugged his lover, and touched him up and down. He was dissatisfied to find that this one seemed to be thinner in his arms.

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[5] Bao Gong was a politician in Ancient China who was known for having a fierce face.

[6] He is calling him shameless.


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