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Yu Siyang woke up because of hunger, and when he took a look at the electronic clock on the bedside, it was already noon the next day. No wonder he was so hungry.

There was also a sticky note next to the electronic clock with Xue Chengxiu’s vigorous and powerful handwriting, telling him that the other two people in the family had gone to work and kindergarten respectively, so he should rest at home and wait for them to come back to have dinner together.

Yu Siyang took five days off from the crew for Fashion Week, and then added another week because of the bet with Russell. He had to rush to the crew’s location today. But Mr. Xue saw that he was so tired that his eyes were blackened. So, abusing his power, he personally called Director Chu yesterday and asked for another week of leave.

Once the Big boss spoke, the silently resenting Director Chu could only agree and dared not be angry, so Yu Siyang had another week’s vacation, reading this he happily rolled over in the quilt, and finally wrapped the quilt firmly around himself…

After the childish ghost left him, he struggled to free himself from the quilt roll. After washing, he picked up the mobile phone on the bedside and went downstairs. The mobile phone was muted by Mr. Xue, and several missed calls from Luo Peng were displayed on the screen.

Aunt Wang was watching TV in the living room, and when she saw Yu Siyang coming downstairs, she immediately went to the kitchen to bring out the lunch that had been prepared.

As Yu Siyang walked to the dining room, he called Luo Peng back.

“Xiaoyu, did you just get up? You slacker.” After Luo Peng got on the phone, he didn’t talk about business, but first mocked him.

Yu Siyang was furious, but couldn’t find anything to refute, so he hummed and expressed his dissatisfaction.

“What are you doing now?” Luo Peng asked.

“Going to eat lunch.”

“Who made lunch?”

“Aunt Wang.”

“…” Luo Peng decisively swallowed the words “I’m going to eat at your house” back into his stomach and turned to talk about serious things: “Master Yan is free these two days, he wants to meet you.”

“Which Master Yan?” Yu Siyang couldn’t remember when he got to know such a master.

“Yan Haiqing,” Luo Peng rolled his eyes even though he couldn’t see the other party through the phone. “The screenwriter of “Dead Land”.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, when?”

Luo Peng said:” I will talk about the time and place with Master Yan, and then call you.”

“En, En.” Yu Siyang kept nodding, he had read the script of “Dead Land” so many times, and the more he looked at it, the more he liked it.

“Also,” Luo Peng continued: “The Emerald Hotel found me again and agreed to the price I offered and would like to ask you to be their spokesperson.”

The endorsement of the Emerald Hotel had been under discussion for nearly a year because the endorsement fee could not be decided so the two sides were in a stalemate. Yu Siyang himself didn’t have much interest in this matter, but Luo Peng was patient, and he kept arguing with them.

Now they actually agreed to Luo Peng’s price. It was estimated that it was because Yu Siyang won against the famous French chef Nino, which made the hotel completely determined.

“…How much did you get them to agree to?” Yu Siyang asked.

“Ten million a year.” Luo Peng replied proudly.

Yu Siyang: “…”

No wonder the Emerald Hotel had always disagreed before. Luo Peng’s words were simply opening a lion’s mouth. But now that the other party had agreed to the price, Yu Siyang was not happy again.

“Brother Luo, can we not pick it up?” Yu Siyang said in a negotiating tone.

Luo Peng seemed to be stunned for a while, and then asked after a few seconds: “Why don’t you want to pick it up? This is ten million.”

Yu Siyang dug his finger in the smooth table top of the dining table, but nothing came off.

The income of the agent was closely related to the income of the artist. Yu Siyang knew that if he accepted the endorsement of the Emerald Hotel, it would not only mean that he could get a large amount of income, but Luo Peng would also earn a large commission.

When the two were poor, Yu Siyang and Luo Peng encouraged each other to work hard, make money, and buy a house and a car. For more than a year, Luo Peng has made great efforts to help him get in touch with work. He often drank with people from various circles before returning home until midnight. Yu Siyang had kept it all in his mind.

But now because of his own reasons, Luo Peng would lose a large amount of income. He really felt uneasy, thinking whether he was being a little too willful and ungrateful.

“Brother Luo, I want to open a restaurant by myself.” Yu Siyang said seriously: “I have always wanted to own a restaurant of my own.” This dream had been in his life plan for several years, even if it had deviated halfway through, his dream had not changed.

Luo Peng was silent for a while before asking: “Are you not planning to continue to be an actor?”

“How come!” Yu Siyang was surprised, not understanding how the other party connected him opening a restaurant to him not being an actor, “I have signed a 15-year contract with the company and the breach of contract also has such high liquidated damages. I have no money to pay. Moreover, acting is very interesting, I quite like it, do you think I should go to the film academy to study systematically? “

Luo Peng:” …… “

The topic turned too fast, like a tornado, and Luo Peng was completely ignorant at this moment.

“Brother Luo?” Yu Siyang called Luo Peng suspiciously as he did not hear any sound from the other end of the phone.

“…Then you said you want to open a restaurant, I thought you weren’t going to film…” Luo Peng said in a difficult tone.

The silly kid on the opposite side of the phone was absolutely lacking in heart and eyes. He was now the “boss” of All-Star Entertainment, so who would dare hold him liable for his contract and liquidated damages.

Yu Siyang naturally said: “Opening a restaurant does not conflict with filming.”

Luo Peng asked: “Then why don’t you want to endorse the Emerald Hotel?”

Yu Siyang asked in turn: “If I endorse the Emerald Hotel and then open a restaurant by myself, wouldn’t it cause a conflict of interest?”

Luo Peng found that the two of them had spoken for a long time, and finally came to the point. He asked, “Then your restaurant. Has the site been selected? Has the profit margin been calculated? Has the market analysis been done? What about the decoration? What about the industrial and commercial procedures? What about the personnel recruitment? How about the equipment ordering?”

Yu Siyang: “…”

Luo Peng: “So, you just have an idea now, and you haven’t done anything?!”

Yu Siyang said embarrassingly, “This…this. I just recovered the funds of the Yu family. Wasn’t there no money before… …”

Luo Peng said like a gunshot: “You are stupid, you won’t start preparing the restaurant immediately. You can endorse the Emerald Hotel for one year, and you can learn about restaurant management from their hotel and make money. After getting more experience, you can still increase the reserve fund for opening the restaurant. Won’t that be hitting two birds with one stone.”

Yu Siyang: ⊙▽⊙ It can also be done like this?

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