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Qianwu Mountain was about 2,000 kilometers away from Cannes, and it took several hours to fly even by plane, but under the full speed of an eighth-level demon, Mi Wan could already see the white snow capped mountain tops of Qianwu Mountain in less than 30 minutes.

At this time, the sky had turned white, and a piece of deep red was slowly dyeing the white piece.

“Uncle, the sun will rise soon.” The little white fox, who had been hugged by Mi Wan to keep warm, looked at the red sky and suddenly said.

“It’s okay, there’s still time.” After saying that, the fiery red demon fox stepped hard, and the speed of flying became faster.

“Do you have to arrive before sunrise?” Mi Wan guessed.

“That’s right, the festival of the demons starts with the sunrise. Sit still, we are about to land.” Quan Juncai’s whole body was submerged in a dense cloud just after he finished speaking.

Mi Wan only felt that her whole body was covered by a layer of mist, and then her eyes went dark, and then it lit up, and she came out again. The time was very short, less than a second before and after, but her whole body was already covered with mist. Fortunately, with the furball in hand, Mi Wan didn’t feel too cold.

When approaching the ground, Mi Wan leaned over and glanced down. At a glance, she could see hundreds of animals of all kinds neatly arranged on a piece of white snow. Among them were elephants, tigers, monkeys, giraffes, pigs, dogs, and others. Even chickens and ducks were there…. Anyway, whether it was birds or animals, whether domestic or wild, you could find them on this mountain top. A large collection of farms’ and zoos’ animals.

They were forming a huge circle, but in the center of the circle there was no altar like Mi Wan had expected, but an open space with a higher terrain.

Was this because the altar hadn’t been erected yet? Mi Wan thought suspiciously.

When Quan Juncai landed, all the demons below looked up at the same time. Being stared at by hundreds of demons like this, Mi Wan suddenly felt nervous for a long time.

However, just so few demons, wasn’t it a little little?

“Aren’t the demons who can come here to participate in the festival all the powerful demons of the demon clan?” Mi Wan couldn’t help asking.

“No, these demons are all employees of our Wanwu Group. Most of the other demons stayed in their own clan.” Quan Juncai landed on the ground, and while putting Mi Wan down, then he explained, “The festival of the demons does not require us to surround the altar, and after the ceremony begins, the blessings of nature will blow all over the land of China with the spring breeze, as long as you are a demon race member, you can feel it anywhere.”

“Oh.” Mi Wan nodded understandingly, it seemed that this festival should be the welfare that Fan Chen gave to his company employees.

“Master Mi, you can stay here, I’m going to accompany the Fox Clan.” Quan Juncai said.

“Okay.” Mi Wan was standing on a raised boulder at this time. Although she was standing outside the circle surrounded by the demon clan, she was standing high enough to not affect her vision.

“You can let me down.” The little white fox struggled a few times, beckoning Mi Wan to let him down.

“Little white fox, I gave you a life-saving grace. In such a cold day, do you have the nerve to let me stand here alone to be blown by the air?” Mi Wan nodded the little white fox’s head, as Quan Juncai said just now, the standing position did not affect the demon’s ability to receive blessings, so it didn’t matter where the little white fox stood. If the closer you stand, the better the effect, she would naturally be embarrassed to let the little white fox stay with her.

The little white fox froze, and asked fiercely, “You know it’s cold, why don’t you wear more clothes when you go out?”

“You furry people don’t understand, wearing too many clothes will make you feel uncomfortable.” Mi Wan laughed.

The little white fox felt very wronged and looked at his uncle with dark eyes for help.

Quan Juncai didn’t seem to understand, he raised his front paw and patted his nephew’s head as a comfort and left on his own. Immediately, a voice sent by demonic power quietly fell into the ears of the little white fox: “You can’t blame uncle for not helping you, Xiao Rui, as a little white fox with a natural charm, you have to get used to your own charm. You are still small, so you are just likable, when you grow up, you will truly understand the dangers of this world. Uncle is training you, don’t take it lightly just because you are a boy.”

“…” The little white fox shuddered and the white hair all over his body exploded.

“Hey, why did it blow up? Forget it, if you don’t like it, go with your uncle.” Seeing that the little white fox was blown up in anger, Mi Wan decided not to tease it.

“No.” The little white fox suddenly turned its head and buried itself in Mi Wan’s arms.

This was, suddenly willing to stay?

Mi Wan didn’t have doubts for too long, as her attention was attracted by a sudden loud bang. The mountains suddenly began to shake, but not strongly, as if something huge was coming out of the ground.

Mi Wan turned her head and looked towards the center of the open space. Accompanied by a huge and familiar demon force, she saw a green vine suddenly grow on the originally empty hillside. The vine broke through the ground and continued to grow. As it rose higher, the aura seemed to grow into the sky and break through it.

Can I finally see Fan Chen’s true form?!

Mi Wan thought a little excitedly, she always knew that Fan Chen’s body was a tree, but she was still curious about what kind of tree Fan Chen’s body really was. Now that she had the opportunity to see it with her own eyes, Mi Wan held her breath and waited ahead without even daring to blink.

It was a pity that Fan Chen didn’t turn into his original form as she wished. The vines that covered the sky stopped growing after reaching a certain height, and then looked like a huge green flower bud blooming slowly.

Huge vines spread out on the ground, forming a circular space with a size of tens of square meters. Fan Chen, dressed in white with green belt, his long-haired was decorated with golden crown, while holding a staff, suddenly appeared in the middle.


A gust of mountain wind blew by, lifting the complicated sacrificial robes and the crisp bell on the staff. After a series of jingling bells, Fan Chen moved. He raised the magic staff in his hand, channeled enough demon power, and then thumped it heavily on the ground.

“Boom!” After a muffled sound, the demon power released by the staff flowed along the huge vines to the surroundings, and where the demon power passed, countless small flowers bloomed against the wind. If someone could look down from the sky at this time, they would definitely be able to see that the directions in which the flower roads bloomed was forming an extremely complicated sacrificial graphic.

At the moment when the pictures and texts of the sacrificial ceremony were completed, the sun completely emerged from behind the clouds, and the top of the mountain was reflected by the snow with a dazzling light, which made people squint subconsciously. At the same time, a mysterious and distant voice suddenly sounded from the sky and the earth, as if someone was muttering to them or singing. The voice was extremely attractive, but no matter how carefully she listened, she couldn’t understand the words.

This was Fan Chen reciting the sacrificial oration.

As the sacrificial oration was recited, Fan Chen’s body also moved. He held up his staff and danced in the center of the altar with mysterious and ancient steps. The greenness seemed to be floating from the hem of his clothes, as if the most exuberant life in the world, and then it melted into the snow all over the ground.

This was not a metaphor, but the real scene. The thin layer of snow on the top of the mountain was melting away at a speed visible to the naked eye, converging into small streams, gurgling down the mountain. In just a few breaths, the top of the mountain that was originally covered by ice and snow turned into moist land, as if small green shoots would emerge from the ground at any time.

“Dingling bell~~”

There was another burst of bells ringing, accompanied by a long and mysterious sacrificial oration, a new force came from the center of the altar, and then melted into the wind. The wind was gentle and warm, as if filled with infinite joy and vitality, it gently brushed over this mountain top and everything on the mountain top.

Suddenly, there was a slight sound, as if something broke the ground. Mi Wan couldn’t help but look down curiously, only to see a small grass blade struggling hard to break through the ground. Then came the second blade, and the third blade… Mi Wan couldn’t help raising her head, and look into the distance, only to see a piece of vibrant greenery spreading rapidly. It was as if an invisible big hand had touched a touch of green and wiped it over the landscape fiercely.

“It’s so comfortable.” The little white fox in Mi Wan’s arms couldn’t help but narrow its eyes, every hair on its body was feeling the blessing in the wind, as if a gentle big hand was stroking him, and gently exhorting him: Be healthy~~


The wind was actually not loud, but its voice fell on the ears of every demon clan, as it blew from the top of Qianwu Mountain to the entire mainland of China.

In the old house, Butler Ye finally found the little squirrel on the window sill of the room on the second floor. The squirrel was squatting on the window sill, holding a nut in his hand, but was not eating it. It had closed its eyes and was facing the direction of the wind. The fluff on his body was shaking slightly in the wind.

“Songzi, why did you hide here?” Butler Ye wanted to hug Songzi, but Songzi gently dodged away.

“What’s wrong?” Butler Ye asked in confusion.

“Chichi~~” Xiao Songzi yelled a few times facing the direction of the wind.

“Are you blowing the wind?” Butler Ye miraculously understood, so he didn’t insist on hugging Songzi, but lay down on the window sill with it, letting the wind blow his half-white hair, “The wind is very comfortable today, looks like the weather is going to get warmer.”

“Jiji~~” Xiao Songzi nodded vigorously.

“You are very happy today.” Butler Ye found that the little squirrel seemed to be happy about something.

“Chichi~~” Xiao Songzi hugged the nut and continued to narrow its eyes comfortably.

In the wishing square, the Sanskrit tree shook its body comfortably, allowing the spring breeze to baptize every leaf on its body. It felt that the spring breeze this year was particularly warm, and it would definitely grow many more leaves this year than in previous years. Then it could also realize the wishes of more people.

“Rustle… rustle…”

“Hey, the wind is so comfortable.” Someone under the tree suddenly said.

“That’s right, it feels like the whole mood has improved.” Others echoed.

“Then let’s make a wish quickly, maybe today’s wishing tree will be extra spiritual.” Another person said.

In an old community, an old man had gone to the vegetable market to buy vegetables. As soon as he entered the yard, he saw a big dog squatting on the steps of the yard, curled up comfortably.

“Maomao, why did you suddenly change back to your original form?” The old man asked curiously. Since Maomao could change into a human form, this was the first time the old man saw his grandson change back into a dog form.

“I want to blow some air.” Big Dog’s clear and juvenile voice came out.

“Then you blow it, anyway, the wind is quite comfortable today.” The old man said again, “It so happens that the sun is not bad, and you can also dry your hair. I will comb your hair after cooking in a while.”

The big dog saw the old man enter the house, then the whole body lay down again, lying comfortably on the stomach, his tail flicked and swayed, feeling very comfortable.

In an apartment near S University, Guan Li hugged his younger sister Guan Tong, and the two of them after turning into cats, lay on a window sill twenty stories high. The two cats nestled together, the big cat was curled up around the kitten, as they both squinted their eyes and blew the wind quietly.

“Brother, the wind this year is even more comfortable than last year.” Guan Tong whispered.

“Yes.” Guan Li replied with a smile.

At the same time, in every corner of China, whether it was the deep mountains and old forests, or the bustling cities, or the deep sea, all the demon races seemed to feel this warm power. They stopped all activities almost at the same time, and all were quiet and felt the warmth within this spring breeze. Even the old turtle who had just fallen asleep in the depths of the Eastern Sea couldn’t help waking up. He raised his head to feel it for a moment, and then said softly: “It seems that there will be a good spring this year.”

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