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After being disturbed by someone, the plan to ask for leave to go to the bathroom completely failed.

What was even more irritating was that as soon as Yan Han finished shouting, the other party turned his gaze to his face, looked at him calmly, and didn’t even feel like being called a pervert.

Yan Han: This…were children so thick-skinned these days?

The problem was that Lin Jianlu didn’t feel it, but he did.

Maybe this was called a guilty conscience.

If he was really a woman, seeing Lin Jianlu staring at him like this, he would have knocked him away with an electric cannon.

But now… wasn’t he… not confident enough!

The guilty Yan Han didn’t dare to say anything and walked towards the classroom against Lin Jianlu’s gaze.

The door of the men’s room was pushed open, and Su Linpei walked up to Lin Jianlu with a refreshed face: “Hey boss, are you still waiting for me?”

Seeing that his boss ignored him, Su Linpei stretched his neck and walked along Lin Jianlu’s side. Lin Jianlu looked over, and finally saw a slender figure in a skirt disappearing in front of the door of a classroom.

“That girl has grown so tall.”

“Is she tall?”

“She’s pretty tall, what’s wrong, boss?”

“It’s nothing.” Lin Jianlu said thoughtfully.

The end of the second period was the time for intermission exercises. In order to make students have a healthy body, the attendance rate of intermission exercises was also one of the school’s key issues. Except for students on duty and special circumstances, everyone had to go to the big playground downstairs to gather.

The familiar “March of Athletes” echoed in the teaching building, which was almost a conditioned reflex. As soon as the music sounded, everyone walked downstairs automatically and orderly.

Yan Han, who was caught in the crowd, still didn’t forget to turn his head, and look at the restroom that was bustling again in the distance, and suddenly feel a sense of urgency.

“Sister Yan! Wait for me, Sister Yan!”

As soon as Yan Han turned his head, Wen Juorong chased up with his muscular body. He had a fat face, a short shaved head, and a grin that looked like a Maitreya Buddha.

At this moment, he approached Yan Han with a smile, and said, “Sister Yan, are you going downstairs to do gymnastics? Then let’s go together!”

“Brother Yan.” Yan Han said.

“Alas! Brother Yan!” Wen Juorong yelled in a very doglike manner.

These days, female men had already started roaming the campus. Many girls with delicate looks were called “brother” by their peers because of their bold and unrestrained personality.

On the other hand, Yan Han’s mood was not very good. Although he didn’t drink water in the morning, he didn’t really feel any sense of urgency, but it was not a solution to hold back like this all the time.

This problem would have to be resolved sooner or later.

He walked in front with a blank face, perhaps because his expression was too serious, but he attracted many other students’ attention along the way.

Wen Juorong this son, he had many friends in other classes because of his nature, and most of them were girls.

In fact, they were all secretly looking at Yan Han.

“Hey, Wen Juorong, who is this young lady? She has such a cool expression! The way she walks is too stylish!” Someone pulled Wen Jurong and asked quietly.

“This is my brother Yan!” Wen Juorong spoke loudly, he was usually not serious, but being by Yan Han’s side gave him an inexplicable sense of pride, and his voice was even a few degrees higher than usual: “This is my brother Yan, I’m her younger brother.”

“Go! Are you kidding again, you call such a beautiful young lady brother? You are going too far!” Another girl slapped Wen Jurong, but she still couldn’t help but sneak a few glances at Yan Han.

There was such a good-looking and handsome young lady in Class 17? …How did they never notice before?!

Yan Han with short hair had a sharp beauty, his face looked exquisite but domineering, he would subconsciously shake his shoulders when he walked, such that his body looked a little swaying, he blinked, exuding a rough look and some wildness, if it weren’t for him wearing a skirt, it would be really hard for others to recognize whether he was a little brother or a little sister.

Girls not only liked good-looking brothers, but also good-looking young ladies.

Especially the “little sister” with such a unique temperament.

Coupled with Wen Jurong’s flattery, Yan Han soon followed a large group of people, chirping with Wen Jurong and trying to talk to Yan Han.

Yan Han ignored them as he was in a bad mood and let them talk.

When they reached the playground, they found the seats of Class 17. During the inter-practice time, each class stood in a vertical row. The girls were in front of the boys, and since Yan Han was so tall, he stood among a bunch of boys.

“I’ll see you later, brother Yan.” Wen Juorong gave a final wave, shook his chubby fingers to greet him, and walked towards the end of the boys’ line.

The girls who were with him automatically dispersed to find their own class.

Some of them were as familiar as Wen Juorong and were easy to joke with. Before leaving, they waved goodbye to Yan Han: “We’re leaving, brother Yan!”

Yan Han: “…”

When the crowd was almost gathered, the background music stopped, the dean in charge of school discipline stood on the podium and began to speak.

Recently, the exercise rate and the exercise situation were not ideal, and it had reached the point where the teaching director had to come out to emphasize it.

“Only by doing the movements properly can you exercise your body. The body is the capital of the revolution. Without a good body, how can you cope with heavy learning tasks?”

“Besides, why do you go out to play basketball after class so energetically? But after doing some exercises, you can’t lift your arms, and your legs have no strength… Today I want to see who is the worst! I want him to do it on the exercise platform, as I want to see if he could exert his strength in front of the whole school.!”

Just like having the teacher watch you do eye exercises when you were young, many people liked to take physical education classes, but they didn’t like to do exercises between classes.

Adolescent students were mostly rebellious under the influence of hormones, and they were most likely to interact with each other when they were not in the presence of teachers. One didn’t like doing exercises, and some others didn’t do it. Most of them just hung around for a while, while moving their arms and legs to deal with it casually.

But the words of the teaching director just now provided some ideas for Yan Han.

Obviously, doing exercises between classes well and doing every movement well was exactly what a student should do. If everyone was unwilling to do it well, he may be able to get achievement points if he did it well.

After the dean finished his training, Yan Han raised his head as the prelude to radio gymnastics sounded, and his eyes fell on the leader in front of him.

When he was in school, he was undoubtedly the type who resolutely refused to do gymnastics.

At that time, he felt that some of the actions were silly and crooked, and it didn’t fit the image of him as a big brother.

The others were also resolute in avoiding exercise under his influence. Anyway, the school was very lenient, and they were notoriously stubborn, so the teacher didn’t bother to care about them.

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