KHSW Ch. 175

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Hearing Mrs. Meng’s words, Shu Tingting’s first reaction was that it was absolutely impossible, she immediately rushed before Meng Xicheng and said, “Mom, you may not know that Qi Tiantian is a student I know, and he is still abroad.!”

When Mrs. Meng heard this, she frowned, “Forget it, Xicheng, I was looking for a woman for Yang Yang before, and if you have time, please help to see if anyone you know is worthy of our Yueyue.”

“Mom, the children can make up their own minds now, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Even you are telling me not to worry? If I don’t worry, can this family survive?”

The noisy vegetable market was full of cries.

“Eight yuan, even a penny is a lot.”

“Tomatoes are cheap! One dollar a pound.”

In the past few days, Ling Xi had brought Xiao Nuo to familiarize himself with various environments and learn a variety of life knowledge.

“Mom, look over there, there’s a puppy.”

Xiao Nuo liked small animals the most and seemed to have a natural compassion and love for them.

Ling Xi looked at it, and it looked like a stray puppy with a dirty body and something in its mouth.

“Mom, I want to go and see.”

Xiao Nuo raised his head, seeking her approval.

“Okay, then go have a look.”

They kept following it and saw it suddenly get under an abandoned wooden board, “Is this your dog?”

Suddenly hearing someone speak, Ling Xi looked back, but she didn’t notice that there were still people here when she came just now.

Shaking her head gently, “No, we just came here to take a look.”

Xiao Nuo suddenly fell to the ground and Ling Xi said quickly, “Get up baby, the floor is dirty.”

“Mom, mom, look, it’s feeding the baby!”

As soon as the puppies saw their mother coming back, they rushed to the ground to grab their mother’s milk.

Hearing Xiao Nuo’s words, Ling Xi squatted down slowly, but still couldn’t see it, so she had to stand up.

“Mom, there are four puppies inside, so cute!”

“Okay, baby, Dad should have gone back, let’s go home!”

The little guy reluctantly got up from the ground and patted the dust on his clothes.

After they left, the bitch also got out from under the plank, glanced at the people sitting on the steps, and ran away again to find food.

Having gone a long way, Xiao Nuo shook his hand, “Mom, those dogs are so pitiful! Shall we keep them?”

Actually… She just liked to look at animals, but she didn’t like keeping pets very much, but, for her little baby, she could make an exception to this rule, “Then… well, just this one time!”

Xiao Nuo clapped his little hands happily, “That’s great, thank you mom.”

When they returned, the bitch had just come back, but she kept going in and out under the plank, looking like she was looking for something.

Xiao Nuo quickly lay down, “Mom, why is there only one puppy inside?”

Hearing Xiao Nuo’s words, Ling Xi remembered the man just now, and how he had asked her “is this your dog?” She understood everything in an instant.

It must have been the man who stole the three puppies while they and the bitch had been gone.

If they hadn’t come to see the puppies, that person wouldn’t have known that there were puppies under here, and if she hadn’t shaken her head and said it wasn’t her dog, then he wouldn’t have taken the puppies away.

The bitch didn’t seem to know anything, she was looking back and forth anxiously, Ling Xi’s heart was aching, it was all her fault…

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