KHSW Ch. 176

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Xiao Nuo also realized something, and his eyes filled with tears again, “Mom, did that uncle take the puppies?”

Ling Xi squatted down, touched his little head lightly, hesitated for a long time before nodding lightly.

Although she didn’t want the little guy to know such cruel things, she had to let Xiao Nuo know that he needed to learn to take responsibility.

“Mom, Xiao Nuo was wrong. Xiao Nuo shouldn’t have come to see the dog, so the dog’s baby won’t be taken away.”

Ling Xi looked at his little face carefully, and saw remorse and sadness in his eyes.

“Xiao Nuo, mother is also at fault.”

“Mom, can we go find its child?”

“Xiao Nuo is right, we should go help the dog mother find its children.”

However, only Xiao Nuo had been able to see the appearance of the man just now, and he just remembered the man’s clothes.

They asked many people along the street and searched for a long time, but none of them remembered someone like that, and there wasn’t even a camera here.

“Mom…” Xiao Nuo lowered his head and asked in frustration, “Can we find the puppy?”


When she and Xiao Nuo returned home, Xu Yizhi had already prepared the food and covered it with a lid.

“You are back?”

Seeing that the little guy’s face seemed a little sad and he was still holding a box in his arms, he asked.

“Xiao Nuo what happened?”

Ling Xi told him what happened today, “…then we brought them back.”

When Xu Yizhi heard that the box had a dog, the corner of his mouth twitched imperceptibly, and his eyebrows couldn’t help frowning.

After opening the box, Xiao Nuo took out a dirty dog and a snow-white puppy from it.

“As soon as I approached this little puppy, the dog’s mother started barking at me. I was worried that it would bite Xiao Nuo, but as soon as Xiao Nuo approached, it became extremely docile.”

Xu Yizhi couldn’t help but feel nervous, and quickly said, “I’ll go and reheat the food.”

As soon as Ling Xi raised her head, he thought why did Yizhi’s footsteps feel a little cramped? He didn’t like this dog?

“Baby, Dad has gone to heat dishes. Shall we go and give the dog a bath?”

The process was bittersweet, but the result was very satisfactory. The dirty dog turned white after being rubbed with bubbles.

“Baby, let’s name the dog!”

Xiao Nuo touched his head, “The mother dog is called ‘Nian Nian’, and the baby dog is called ‘Yueyue’, okay?”

“Okay, year after year, month and month, you have given good names!”

As soon as the dog mother realized that Ling Xi was not malicious, she became docile to her.

After drying their fur, they took them out of the bathroom.

“Husband, look at these two dogs, they are both snow-white and cute, right?”

Just don’t know what breed they were.

Xu Yizhi glanced at them indifferently, “Well, they are cute, come and eat!”

“Mom, what does the puppy eat?”

“It should be dog food. Let’s buy it tomorrow. Today, we will give the dog mother meat, and the dog mother will feed the baby dog with breast milk.”

Xu Yizhi tried his best to ignore the addition of the two new members to the family.

“Husband, don’t you like dogs?”

Ling Xi’s voice suddenly appeared behind him, Xu Yizhi turned around and was startled by the dog in her arms.

She suddenly seemed to understand something.

“Husband, are you afraid of dogs?”

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