YXBG Ch. 15: Banquet

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Laura was very angry and said: “Then why did you say that, as if I encouraged the children to do that big-character poster. Is the title of an excellent teacher so rare?”

Li Jiajun had sweat rolling down his forehead and said incoherently: “I did not mean that, you really misunderstood me, I was saying…”

“Isn’t it proved now? They did it for Mao Ruiying! What else do you have to say? Li Jiajun, you big tall branch, I really can’t climb it!” She stared at him, like an angry little leopard.

“What big tall branch, you are the big tall branch, it is true that I can’t climb you. Wife, forgive me this time…” At this time, acting cute was better than saying anything!

Poor Yin Xiaomei, who had become a voyeur inexplicably, felt that the picture was beginning to become unsuitable for children.

“Wife, who is your wife, don’t be so forward.” Laura struggled, but her tone was not so tough anymore.

“You are my wife. I have identified you alone for the rest of my life, and my mother said that if I dare to find someone else, she will break my leg. So, in my family you are the queen. Let me kiss the queen.” He got his girlfriend’s temper pacified and was admiring himself more and more.

Yin Xiaomei was stunned, and she began to feel that she had better speak up.

“Don’t do it again, I’ll tell you, if you dare to show off in front of me in the future…huh…” Laura pinched his ear and twisted it hard.

Li Jiajun secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and hurriedly continued his efforts: “Yes, yes, I dare not, dare anymore. Would the queen let me kiss?”

Yin Xiaomei crawled out of her seat and said, “Better not.”

“Ah– !” The two teachers were taken aback. They didn’t expect anyone to be in the office at all. Laura’s face instantly turned red as if smoke would come out, she pushed Li Jiajun away, and screamed and ran away. Li Jiajun also blushed, but his face was thick, and he wondered how long this kid had stayed here.

“Xiaomei…” He scratched his hair awkwardly, “You…you are…”

“I’ve been here all the time.” Xiao Mei smiled dryly, “The Chinese teacher punished me to copy phrases…”

“Ha…That’s it…” Li Jiajun coughed, and nothing more was said.

It seemed that a large swarm of crows flew over the two of them[1].

“Teacher, then… I didn’t see anything…” Xiaomei tried to make herself look very innocent.

“Oh… well, that’s good…” Li Jiajun felt that he had never been so stupid in front of one of his students.

“Then…bye, teacher?” she asked tentatively.

“Okay, goodbye.” Li Jiajun hurriedly squeezed out a smile but couldn’t help tears running in his heart. After this, Laura must hate him to death. Why didn’t he see this little guy hiding there! Standing in the empty office, he seemed to see a huge washboard dangling in front of him.


Yin Ruoji’s work today had come to a rare early end, so he ran to pick up Chang Mei. As soon as he appeared at the school gate, he attracted the attention of many girls, and even some girls stood not far from him and shook their heads deliberately, hoping to get his attention.

Yin Ruoji was a little helpless, but it was rare for him to come here, so he endured it.

Finally, the figure of his wife appeared in his sight, he laughed, and greeted her. He shook his hand, and a rose appeared. This was a trick he originally learned for a talent show, but it was very useful every time.

“Husband?” Chang Mei really showed a surprised expression. She took his rose and was embraced in a warm embrace at the same time. Chang Mei was a little touched, Yin Ruoji was busy with work, and hadn’t come to pick her up in a long time.

“Happy?” He cupped her face, kissed her lightly, and walked towards the car with his arms around her.

“Happy, but how are you free today?” Chang Mei put her arms around his waist, the two of them were like new lovers.

“I’ll take you home first, and then there will be a banquet in the evening, you have to go with me.” He fastened her seat belt but watching his wife resist, he said pitifully: “I know you don’t want to go, but you too know that your husband is very attractive, you don’t want other women to harass me, right?”

Chang Mei laughed and poked his forehead: “You just have a big face.”

“And I also want others to know that I and my wife are more affectionate than ever, stifling their unreasonable desires in the bud.”

Chang Mei no longer refused, and smiled: “Okay, it’s just that I hate reporters making random shots. You have to stop them.”

“No problem, my wife!” Yin Ruoji stole another fragrant kiss and smiled openly.

Warning: 18+ content

When they got home, the two children hadn’t come back yet, and Ah Chun had also gone out to buy vegetables. Chang Mei was only wearing underwear and panties, choosing from her closet. Perhaps because she hadn’t attended any banquet for too long, so most of the dresses in the closet were out of date. At this moment, Yin Ruoji walked in and raised his eyebrows and asked, “Have you not picked it yet?”

Chang Mei sighed and said coquettishly: “I found out that all of my clothes are out of date, and there is nothing to wear.”

Yin Ruoji’s eyes smoothed over his wife’s exquisite body, and his eyes became deep: “I think this is good.”

Chang Mei still looked at the closet, absent-mindedly: “If you want me to go out in underwear! That’s okay. If you don’t mind, I can try.”

“Of course, it’s better to show me alone.” He hugged her from behind and started moving his hands up and down her back unscrupulously, and said bewilderedly, “My wife misses me. Isn’t it?”

Chang Mei was embarrassed: “Don’t do this, aren’t you in a hurry to go to the banquet? And the children are coming back.”

“No…” His hand pushed her pink bra up. He smiled and said: “The banquet only starts at seven o’clock, I miss you, or why do you think I picked you back so early?” His hand unceremoniously covered her body, feeling the heat flowing throughout her body swell.

“You pervert…” Chang Mei chuckled as he slid his fingers across his waist. “You’re really slippery. You have nothing to do with diligence.”

Yin Ruoji licked her sensitive back, contentedly. He whispered: “You don’t want them to come back and see you right, so we’d better have a quick session!”

Having said that, Chang Mei knew that this guy had never had a quick session.

The whole changing room was filled with an exquisite smell. Chang Mei was limp in her husband’s arms and said dissatisfied: “I don’t want to go anymore, I’m so tired, and I don’t have any good-looking clothes.”

Yin Ruoji kissed her forehead and stood up He came and said: “Wait for me here.” He thoughtfully pulled the cotton blanket on the side to wrap his wife and said with a smirk: “No clothes.”

Warning: 18+ content

Chang Mei threw a pair of vanity items at his ass. After waiting for a while, Yin Ruoji walked in with a long box and a small paper bag in his hand. Chang Mei opened it, and inside was a new white mermaid dress.

“Wow, it’s beautiful, but it looks like a wedding dress. Isn’t it too grand?” Although she said this, she couldn’t wait to put it on.

Yin Ruoji pulled the zipper on her side and handed her the small paper bag, which contained a set of exquisite jewelry. The finishing touch made Chang Mei look like a fairy from a fairy tale.

“My wife seems to never grow old…” Yin Ruoji hugged her a little nervously, really afraid that she would suddenly disappear like a fairy.

“What nonsense are you saying.” Then Chang Mei kissed his cheek, “My husband is still so handsome!”


In the evening when Xiaomei came back, Yin Zhefei was the only one at the huge dinner table. She was surprised: “Huh? Where’s mother?”

“Today is their wedding anniversary.” Yin Zhefei said, but he knew that it was in vain to say that. Yin Xiaomei never remembered things like important dates. He looked at the little guy with excitement and expressed his doubt: “It’s you, why did you come back later than me?”

“Huh?” Xiaomei was dazed, “Because…because I have extracurricular activities!”

Yin Zhefei looked at the watch in the living room: “Extracurricular activities until seven o’clock?”

“I don’t want to talk about it!” Xiaomei muttered. Climbing up to the dinner table, she saw that today Ah Chun had made yam ribs, which looked very delicious. If she was more careful, she would find that none of the dishes had been touched: Yin Zhefei waited until she came back before starting to move his chopsticks. But her explanation made the tall young man very dissatisfied.

Yin Zhefei leaned close to her and warned: “It’s best not to let me find out that you did something bad behind my back, otherwise…” His fists squeezed loudly, causing Xiaomei to sweat immediately all over her body and look at him in horror.

“You, what nonsense! I didn’t do anything bad.” She was furious and very upset.

In the face of her bluffing, Yin Zhefei knew that the effect of the threat had been achieved, and he sat back on his chair, still having difficulty letting down his guard against this guy. Recently, his clothes, especially underwear, had always been disappearing inexplicably, so it was hard not to doubt this little girl who was being sneaky lately. Could it be that she was an underwear fanatic? Yin Zhefei fought a cold war in his own thoughts, and this kind of thing always became more ominous as he thought about it. Although he was very busy with homework now, he still thought it was better to solve this puzzle.

Yin Xiaomei, who had a ghost in her heart, was afraid, but she still couldn’t stop her business. Anyway, the price of his “golden underwear” was so attractive that she couldn’t refuse it! Even if she died, she would have to steal another one and sell it. Even if she died, she had to die with her money jar.

After dinner, Yin Zhefei went upstairs to take a bath. Xiaomei held the camera and looked at the photos inside, she couldn’t help but sigh at her superb shooting skills. That guy Yin Zhefei was handsome, but without her camera skills, how could he be so hot?

She listened to the sound of water coming from the bathroom, and suddenly her eyes lit up, as if there were many more golden banknotes falling from the sky.

Yin Xiaomei almost screamed at her own bold idea! She worked hard to calm her excitement, and thought: my God, if it can be filmed, she will make a profit!

Yin Zhefei, who was taking a bath in the bathroom, shivered again. It was strange, why did he suddenly feel cold behind his back?

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[1] An awkward situation was created.

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