TBLF Extra 3 (Ch. 103): After Shameless Marriage

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When Qi Ying was in graduate school, after finishing her theoretical study in school, she was arranged to go to the city hospital for an internship.

As soon as she entered the hospital, she became naturally busy. As a graduate student, the hospital needed her to learn everything, and she was the darling of all the major mentors when she was at school. Anyone who was talented, diligent and hardworking pleased people wherever they went, and the teachers who brought her to the hospital was especially considerate. They were willing to take her to observe and learn.

And she was beautiful, well-behaved, and smiled at everyone. Some family members of the patients came to the office to make trouble with the doctor. But as long as she came out, it was easy to calm down the patients’ family members.

Everyone said that she was a true angel in white.

There were more than a dozen interns in this session, distributed among different departments, but Qi Ying had received the most attention. The single boys were all chasing each other in pursuit of the little angel and tried to brush their presence in front of her when they were free.

Even the director liked her very much and wanted to match her with her nephew who had just returned from abroad. After finishing a minor operation, she called Qi Ying to the office, asked a few questions about the operation, and asked with a smile: “Yingying, do you have a boyfriend?”

Qi Ying said, “No.”

The director was even happier: “Then I will introduce you to a boy, who is very good. He just came back from Wall Street in New York and is in the finance sector. You see when you have time, and I will arrange a meeting for you.”

Qi Ying blinked: “Director, I’m married.”

Director: “???? Didn’t you say you don’t have a boyfriend?”

Qi Ying: “I have no boyfriend, but I have a husband.”


She waved her away with heartache and let her go down.

When she went to the cafeteria for dinner, her colleague asked cheerfully, “Director, aren’t you going to introduce your nephew to Yingying? Did you tell her or not? I heard that the kids in General Surgery are going all out.”

Director: “No matter, Yingying is married!”

Everyone: “??????”

The news that the little angel in white was married just spread like this.

The single men who heard the news lost their love collectively.

Who was it!!!!!

Love rivals! Pull out our knives!

But they did not expect to see this love rival as soon as they did.

At that time, the prison guard brought two prisoners who had gotten beat up in the jail while breaking a fight, and the unconscious personnel had been brought to the hospital for rescue. One of the prisoners pretended to be seriously injured, freed from handcuffs during the operation, snatched the scalpel, and held the doctor in charge hostage.

There was a turmoil outside the operating room, and soon someone called the police.

This happened to happen in the department where Qi Ying was located. The criminal was so vicious that he yelled to prepare a car and cash for him, and the scalpel almost cut the doctor’s skin.

The situation at the scene was very critical, and the police had not yet arrived. The prison guards present could only give temporary reassurance, and there was a stalemate. The crowd standing opposite the prisoner saw a figure from the window behind the prisoner falling from the sky, holding the stone above him with both hands. At the stage, the body swung in from the window, and then threw himself at the roaring prisoner with a shout.

The whole process was carried out in one go. In less than two seconds, the criminal was forced to the ground with his hands tied behind him, and he could not struggle for a long time.

The police quickly rushed in and captured him.

The young policeman who subdued the criminal was tall and handsome, with a cold and violent atmosphere, which simply embodied the spirit of police bravery. When he jumped in from the window, he broke the skin on his palms, he looked around left and right, then planned to take care of it himself. As soon as he walked to the sink to wash it, he heard a voice shouting, “Don’t wash with water!”

Ji Rang had a start and turned his head.

The girl in a white coat squeezed out of the crowd, ran to him anxiously, grabbed his hand and checked, “Use saline, don’t sit around here, I’ll be right back.”

She didn’t wait for his answer, turned and ran away.

The doctors who had just watched the scene awoke quickly, “Thank you Comrade Police! Thank you just now! Thank you so much!”

Ji Rang smiled: “This is my responsibility; this is what it should be.”

The chief doctor looked back: “Has Yingying returned? Let her hurry up and bandage the police comrade!”

The little girl quickly ran back with a medical tray. Squatting in front of Ji Rang, holding his hand carefully, she began cleaning the wound for disinfection.

The doctors who were watching the scene were looking intently, then they heard the young girl ask with a distressed voice, “Does it hurt?”

Wasn’t this nonsense?!! The skin on his palm was peeling! Could it not hurt!

Unexpectedly, the cold police comrade sitting in the chair smiled very gently at their little angel: “It won’t hurt anymore.”

Everyone: ???

Then everyone saw the little angel holding the hand of Comrade Police, lowering his head and tending him carefully.

Everyone: ???

Ji Rang smiled and touched her stupid head: “Okay, it’s not funny. It doesn’t hurt, wrap it up, I have to get back to the bureau.”

She nodded obediently and wrapped the wound around with gauze after applying the medicine.

After bandaging, Ji Rang stood up, nodded to the surrounding doctors, and was about to leave, thinking about something, he then turned back to Qi Ying and said, “Estimated to work overtime today, don’t wait for me, go to bed early.”

Qi Ying nodded; her voice soft: “Okay.”

It wasn’t until Ji Rang’s departure that the onlooking doctors reacted. The director stuttered and asked, “Yingying … is you … is you?”

The little angel smiled wryly, “It’s my husband.”

Everyone: !!!!!

What knife??? He just rushed to the enemy to subdue the criminal’s action with such skill, and they did not dare to pull out knives and were thus persuaded.

The police car was parked downstairs below the hospital.

Ji Rang opened the door and got on.

The partner saw his hand wrapped in gauze and was shocked: “Are you hurt?”

Ji Rang said, “Minor injury.”

His partner shook his head. “I asked you to wait but you don’t listen. You have to be Superman, let’s see how you explain to sister-in-law when you go back.”

Ji Rang stretched out his hand in front of him and smiled very wryly: “She is the one who bandaged it.”

The partner was shocked: “Son of a bitch? Sister-in-law works here? Didn’t you say she is still in school?”

Ji Rang leaned back: “Her internship is here.”

The partner had a lingering fear: “No wonder your face changed when you received the task today.”

Ji Rang squinted.

Indeed, when he heard that a criminal in a city hospital was holding a doctor hostage with a knife, his first reaction was about his baby. So, he couldn’t wait for the back up to rush over, and he came over alone.

After grinding for a year at the grassroots level, he thought he had been sharpened, but when the situation concerned Qi Ying, he would still get out of control.

His partner patted him on the shoulder: “The captain will surely teach you again after a while, please ask for blessings from God.”

He had become accustomed to lessons and punishments.

The captain loved and hated him.

He settled the case in the hospital, and the follow-up treatment was also handled by him. He was busy until more than eleven in the middle of the night.

The light in the room had gone out, and a lamp was left lit for him under the eaves to illuminate the boxy yard. Ji Rang went to take a shower lightly. Just after washing, as he entered the bedroom, Qi Ying switched on the bedside lamp, and was rubbing her eyes and getting up.

His hair was still wet, he was wiping it with a towel, and he sat down beside the bed and kissed her forehead: “Woke you up?”

She shook her head, pulled his hand and touched his injury: “The gauze is wet and needs to be changed.”

Ji Rang pressed her down: “No, just go to sleep.”

The little girl was firm: “No, it will be infected.”

Her words fell away, she climbed up, ran out, took the medicine box back, and re-bandaged him with medicine.

With her head lowered when wrapping the gauze, her voice was dull: “You promised me you won’t be hurt.”

Ji Rang found himself at a loss, and sincerely apologized, leaning against her waist: “I was wrong, I promise there won’t be another time.”

She pushed her head back and forth, “You said the same last time!”

Ji Rang was now acting shameless, smiling and pinching her fingers.

Qi Ying’s fingertips were tickled, and she felt both funny and angry. She bandaged hum, put the medicine box back, took out a hair dryer to blow dry his hair, and angrily taught him: “How many times have I said that you have short hair, you have to blow dry it to sleep, or you will have a headache later. “

The small hand flicked over his head, softly.

Ji Rang began to feel restless again.

As soon as the hair dryer stopped, he pressed the little girl back on the bed and asked her with a smile, “You are not sleepy, right?”

Qi Ying kicked her feet in disorientation, and her anger seemed to go soft: “Why are you still like this?”

Ji Rang turned off the light: “What’s wrong with my hand? I won’t use it.”

Qi Ying: “…”

There was no shame!!!!!

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