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——The time goes back to half past nine, and we have to start after the dinner party.

Jiang Lan took a taxi and took Xue Meng back to his home for the night. Because there was only one bed in the house, he squeezed into a bed with Xue Meng after washing up, and Suan Ni fell asleep next to his pillow.

It was just that after sleeping until midnight, he suddenly smelled a strange fragrance, opened his eyes in a daze, and found that the strange fragrance was emanating from Xue Meng beside him, not to mention that Xue Meng still had a strange smile on his face. And the beads he wore on his wrist, on the surface of the milky white beads, strands of red threads were slowly flowing like living things.

Jiang Lan realized something was wrong, and used magic to invade Xue Meng’s dream, and only then found the demon that caused the mischief.     

Looking at Xue Meng, who was sleeping soundly beside him, Jiang Lan took off the beads in his hand, and muttered in a low voice: “I just said that there is no such thing as a good thing falling from the sky.”

Suan Ni woke up, so he told him: “Something happened, I’m going to the bureau, you stay at home.”

Suan Ni meowed subconsciously, felt something was wrong after meowing, and rubbed his palm again.

Jiang Lan laughed and tapped his forehead: “You really think of yourself as a cat.”


Suan Ni pointed his butt at him angrily. Jiang Lan rubbed his head with a smile and went out to the Demon Management Bureau.

What he ate just now was just a clone. He hadn’t figured out what the demon’s real body was, but the other party’s purpose was obviously to pretend to be a god, using the fortune stone as bait, to trick ordinary people into praying to it in dreams. Once someone prayed to it, when the wish came true, it was the time for it to charge the price.

That store should have opened not long ago, but the effect of the fortune stone was immediate, and there would probably be more and more people who couldn’t stand the temptation. It was inevitable that the situation would expand, and more ordinary people would be deceived. This matter must be reported to the bureau, and then contact the public security department to prevent it in time.


“Let it slip away again.”

Chen Hua gritted his teeth, feeling very bad.

Ying Qiao walked around the store and saw the fortune stone on the shelf that was too late to take away. He took out a handkerchief and wrapped it around a string and examined it carefully. After seeing what it was, he threw the beads back on the shelf with disgust on his face.

“In order to hide its whereabouts, it is really willing to use ruthless means.”

This rack full of beads was all made of meat cut from its own body.

Chen Hua originally wanted to reach out to grab it, but when he heard this, he quickly withdrew his hand and said disgustedly: “Even if Tai Sui’s meat is inexhaustible, it is the only one who cuts himself into pieces and sells it as jewelry, right?”

Tai Sui, also known as Ganoderma lucidum, was a spiritual creature born between heaven and earth. It took a hundred years to give birth to a plant by chance, which had the miraculous effect of enlivening dead human flesh and white bones. Because of the efficacy of Tai Sui, people had flocked to Tai Sui from ancient times to the present, and very few Tai Sui could live to be enlightened without being discovered.

Therefore, once a Tai Sui had developed his spiritual wisdom and embarked on the path of spiritual practice, he would be especially favored by heaven.

What they hunted was a Tai Sui plant that had developed spiritual wisdom. It was just a pity that it didn’t go on the right path but tried in vain to sacrifice the soul and step on human lives to become immortal.

More than ten years ago, this Tai Sui plant participated in a case in Beijing and owed a lot of blood debts, but it was lucky that it was able to escape. It disappeared after that, never to be seen again.

Until last month, when there were three consecutive murder cases in Hanyang District. The deceased died in a strange manner and the cause of death was unknown. The public security department applied for the Demon Control Bureau to intervene to assist, and when Ying Qiao saw the files sent up, he remembered the escaped Tai Sui again.

He had met that Tai Sui before, and he knew how difficult Tai Sui, who was favored by luck, was, but he didn’t expect that even after he caught him this time, he would let it slip away.

And looking at the Tai Sui meat on the shelf, strands of blood flowed in the milky Tai Sui meat, presumably the other party had devoured a lot of souls, and his cultivation had improved to a higher level.

“Let’s go back first, and I’ll ask someone to track its breath tomorrow.”

Ying Qiao’s face was not very good when he was in vain.

Chen Hua yawned, followed him out, and kept nagging him to remember to count overtime pay.

Ying Qiao ignored him but stopped and suddenly remembered something.

Chen Hua was puzzled: “What’s the matter?”

Ying Qiao glanced at him, waved his hands and said, “You go back first, I remembered that I still have something to deal with.”

After speaking, before Chen Hua could reply, he got into the car and left.

Chen Hua, who was thrown on the side of the road: …

nmd[1], old bastard.

Ying Qiao suddenly remembered that when he met Jiang Lan during the day, he and his colleagues had bracelets on their wrists. That Tai Sui plant had grown into a spirit, cunning and ruthless. And Jiang Lan was just a young demon, if he got tricked, he might be in danger.

The silver-gray Aston Martin roared past on the road in the middle of the night, and soon arrived at Jiang Lan’s neighborhood.

The last time Jiang Lan sent him a location, he just checked the address of the other party. He entered the community without hindrance, took the elevator upstairs, and arrived at the door of Jiang Lan’s house. It’s just that before knocking on the door, he smelled the fragrance coming from the door.

Sure enough, he was targeted.

Ying Qiao’s expression turned cold all of a sudden, he didn’t care about anything else, and directly broke into the door.

Xue Meng was still in a deep sleep, and Suan Ni, who was guarding the house, was awakened by the sound. He quietly arrived at the door of the bedroom in a flash and lowered his body to prepare to attack the uninvited guest——after Ying Qiao entered the door, the strange fragrance became stronger. It seemed to come from the bedroom, but before he could get close, he felt something attacking him in the darkness. He narrowed his eyes slightly, stretched out his hand to grab it, and barely grabbed the Suan Ni who was attacking his neck.

Suan Ni’s golden eyes gleamed in the darkness, he roared fiercely, and when he saw that it was Ying Qiao who came, he became confused again: “Meow?”

Ying Qiao obviously also recognized the young cub caught by him. The cub was Jiang Lan’s younger brother, his expression became a little softer, he squeezed the nape of Suan Ni’s neck, and asked as he walked to the bedroom: “Your brother—” Is everything okay?

The second half of his words were suddenly silenced when he saw the person on the bed in the bedroom.

Jiang Lan was nowhere to be seen, and a human was lying on his bed.


The author has something to say:

Jiang Lan: Hiccup~

Ying Qiao: Am I green again???

Chen Hua: You! live! Should!


In the comments, I saw a cutie asking about the nine sons of the dragon, and I will list it for everyone.

There are actually many versions of the legend of Bixi (bìxì), Chiwen, Pulao, Biyan (bìàn), Taotie, Chongzhu (gōngfù), Yazi (yázì), Suan Ni, Jiaotulong Jiuzi, and this is just one of them. Ha.

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[1] ‘NMD’, for the young Chinese, corresponds in fact to the expletive ‘your mother!’, ‘ni ma de’ in Chinese.

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