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On the fifth day after arriving at the Mountaintop Club, Si Huang completed the task of dismantling and assembling firearms in five seconds, and even exceeded the standard.

After the two finished the breakfast made by Si Huang together, Si Huang took out the pistol, disassembled it in front of Qin Fan, and then quickly assembled it. The movements of the slender and white fingers looked very light and flexible, which made people feel stunned.

The vocabulary that flashed through Qin Fan’s mind was indeed amazing, unlike his disassembly and assembly of firearms, he felt that many things would have a special beauty after being done by Si Huang, attracting people’s attention.

He didn’t know if it was his own feeling, or if Si Huang really had such a charm.

“A total of 8 seconds.” Qin Fan reported the time accurately, then turned and left.

About four or five minutes later, he came back again, holding a stack of A4 papers in his hand, and put them on the table in front of Si Huang.

Si Huang looked down at each page, her eyes lighting up.

This was an investigative report on Bai Pharmaceuticals.

When Qin Fan waited for her to finish reading, there was a gleam of light in his dark pupils, “You have made a great contribution.”

“Remuneration.” Si Huang squinted and smiled, accepting the credit naturally.

“What do you want?”

“There should be some people in the army who have retired but have no jobs, right?”

“Yes.” Qin Fan didn’t care about this but had heard the people below complain.

Si Huang made a good plan, “When I go to the capital and officially rent an office for the company, I want to hire some security personnel. They don’t have to be particularly powerful, but they should be better than ordinary people, and it is best to have character and discipline.”

Qin Fan squinted and stared at her.

Si Huang was puzzled: “What’s the matter?”

“You have already planned it.” Qin Fan’s words were not inquiring.

Si Huang didn’t answer, but instead asked other questions, “Since you have investigated this matter clearly, when will you do it?”

“After you pass the last exam.” Qin Fan was not very interested in the fights in wealthy families, if it was not for the fact that the kid had his own plan, he would definitely strike like a thunderbolt and sweep up the trash.

The last exam?

Si Huang guessed what it was but still found out the next day.

The club where there was only the two of them for six days suddenly became lively.

In the morning, Si Huang didn’t need Qin Fan to call, she got up before dawn, and she felt something was wrong the first time she walked out of her room. When she came to the dining room, she saw several people already sitting in it.

There were four men and one woman in total. Everyone was in good spirits, and they were definitely over twenty-five years old. The only woman should be thirty, but her body and skin were well maintained and she looked very fit.

When Si Huang saw them, they also locked on Si Huang at a glance.

Their eyes were suspicious, as if they were confirming something. Until their gaze passed through Si Huang and looked behind her.

Si Huang turned her head with a feeling, and sure enough, she saw Qin Fan wearing a black long-sleeved top and trousers, his expression was cold, not the kind of coldness that would not melt into ice for thousands of years, but the coldness that had gone through countless honings. It was the iron and steel, the fortitude and coldness that would not ever be moved by the wind and rain.

The five people who were originally sitting stood up, even though they looked older than Qin Fan, their eyes were shining with respect when they looked at him.

“All ready?” Qin Fan asked.

The one who answered him was an ordinary-looking man with short hedgehog hair among the five, “Ready!”

“Yes.” Qin Fan stopped beside Si Huang and introduced her to them, “My brother, Si Huang.”

The expressions of the five people immediately became wonderful.

“It’s really you! In other words, you are the one who was personally trained by Master Qin these few days. It’s amazing that you are so white and tender!”

“The spirit is also very good, and there is no trace of being destroyed.”

“Could it be that the master was showing mercy?”

“How is it possible, the master doesn’t know how to write the word mercy!”

From their few words, Si Huang understood why they looked at her in the first place.

“What are you arguing about?” Qin Fan’s cold words silenced all five of them.

Immediately afterwards, Qin Fan’s eyes fell on Si Huang, “Make breakfast.” Before Si Huang could respond, he said, “It’s enough to make for two people.”

Si Huang raised her eyebrows, and didn’t look at the five strange people, she just turned and went into the kitchen.

It would take too long to cook porridge now, so Si Huang took out the ingredients from the refrigerator and made sandwiches for now. When it was almost finished, Qin Fan came in and helped her take out the plate.

Homemade sandwiches were definitely better than instant food bought outside.

Si Huang made a total of six pieces and put them all on a plate.

Seeing them coming out, the five people consciously moved out of the way enough for the two of them to sit.

The sandwich plate was placed between the two by Qin Fan.

Si Huang and Qin Fan each took a piece. Among the five, the man with short hair reaching his neck and stubble stretched out his sinful hand. Before his fingers could touch the sandwich, Qin Fan looked over with a cold look.

“…” The short-haired man withdrew his hand immediately, with doubts on his face, “Master, we haven’t eaten yet.”

Qin Fan: “Go to the kitchen and make it yourself.”

The short-haired man looked puzzled, “The cooking sister hasn’t come yet.”

Qin Fan was noncommittal, and his attitude clearly told them that if he didn’t do it, he would have nothing to eat.

The five people looked at each other, but no one moved.

Si Huang noticed their interaction and didn’t take any more after eating two sandwiches.

Qin Fan, who knew her appetite these days, pushed the tissue box towards her.

Si Huang took out two tissues to wipe her mouth and fingers, and Qin Fan cleaned up the remaining four sandwiches by himself.

As soon as the five people saw that he had finished eating, the only woman opened her mouth to speak when she saw Qin Fan clearing up the plates on the table, turning around and walking to the kitchen.

Not long after, the sound of running water while washing pots in the kitchen reached the ears of several people.

The woman’s mouth was left so open that she couldn’t say anything, and the expressions of the other four men were not much better.

Five minutes later, Qin Fan came out as if nothing had happened, “Follow me.”

Si Huang stood up and followed.

The five of them were slow for a second, but also followed quickly.

Qin Fan arrived at the shooting range first.

“Su Yu, you come first.”

The only female among the five came out and raised an eyebrow at Si Huang, “This brother who can be trained by Lord Qin himself, let me see if you are really qualified.”

After saying this, she skillfully picked up the practice gun on the shooting range and aimed at the target in front of her continuously. There were ten shots in a row, and finally the result came out, and it really was ten in a row.

Su Yu put down the practice gun and turned to look at Si Huang. Seeing her calm face, she knew that the kid was really capable. “Let’s do ten rounds for one hundred rounds and compare the speed and accuracy.”

From Su Yu’s first words and her actions, Si Huang knew what Qin Fan meant—this was the exam he was talking about yesterday.

She nodded to Su Yu, walked to a training position next to her, put on noise-blocking earmuffs, and skillfully picked up the training gun.

With the recording system on the screen turned on, the two moved at the same time.

Bang, bang, bang— the two shot at almost the same frequency, and the screens above both sides record their shooting scores.

10, 10, 10, 10… 10!

All hits.

However, this was just the beginning. As time went by, the real competition would start then.

The practice gun had only ten practice bullets each time, and once it was used up, it must be reloaded, and everything was the same as the real gun.

Si Huang’s hand was quick, and she replaced the magazine with a push and buckle, and then continued to raise the gun to shoot.

Her expression was calm from the beginning to the end. She was never nervous or anxious despite looking serious. Her posture was perfect and her hand holding the gun was steady. Coupled with her flawless face, even the few men watching had to admit that this scene was too beautiful, making him look handsome and attractive.

Qin Fan glanced at them, seeing the way they stared at Si Huang, he confirmed that Si Huang did have a different sense of beauty, and it was not just his feeling.

Until the 72nd shot, when Su Yu had an accident and scored 9 points with one shot.

Su Yu paused for a moment, then continued to shoot, and when the 96th round was reached, she scored another 9 points.

One hundred shots were soon over.

Si Huang took off the noise canceling earmuffs, turned to look at Su Yu’s score, and saw a total of 998 points.

She raised her eyebrows, and Su Yu next to her also took off her earmuffs and shrugged her shoulders, “Okay, you won. It’s just fixed-point shooting. You may not be my opponent otherwise, young people shouldn’t be too proud.”

Si Huang didn’t argue, but a deep and magnetic voice sounded, “Six days ago, he didn’t even know how to shoot.”

Su Yu’s body froze, and she looked at Qin Fan who was speaking in a daze, then stared at her. Staring at Si Huang with big eyes, it was like looking at some monster.

It was fine for a boy of this age to not be nervous during the game and keep calm for a long time, but what did Master Qin say? Six days ago, he didn’t even understand the shooting posture!?

Si Huang gave Qin Fan a strange look.

Qin Fan had turned around and walked to the next location.

Everyone hurriedly followed, and Su Yu walked beside Si Huang, determined to get the truth, “Is what Master Qin said true?”

Si Huang smiled, “He’s not interested in lying about this.”

“It’s true.” Su Yu sighed and looked at Si Huang with the eyes of a magical species. At first, the strange and plain eyes showed a little more admiration, then she moved her lips and muttered almost inaudibly, “Monsters must be taught by monsters.”


“It’s nothing.” Su Yu shook her head, and the next second she remembered something, she asked Si Huang again with her eyes wide open, “In addition to learning how to shoot, what have you learned from Master Qin in the past six days?”

Si Huang didn’t hide it, because she had already guessed what would happen next, “Rock climbing, fighting, jungle combat.”

Su Yu’s expression was stiff, “Only six days?”



Master Qin tell us clearly: Have you asked us here to let us teach the newcomer a lesson, so as to prevent young people from being overly proud, right? But why do I feel like I have been taught a lesson?

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