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Si Huang sat alone on the single-seat square sofa in the hall. Then he heard Si Zhihan say, “After the filming of “The Emperor’s Path”, your temper tantrum should be done.”

Both Si Hua and Bai Qinglan looked over.

Si Huang shook her head, “I’m not throwing a tantrum.”

Si Zhihan’s face darkened immediately.

Si Huang’s soft voice sounded before he could reprimand, “Actually, I already knew that you planned to leave Fenghua Entertainment to Si Hua, so I want to start a business myself.”

None of the three present thought that Si Huang would say such things directly.

There was ecstasy in Si Hua’s eyes, but he frowned on the surface, and said with a worried look: “Brother, why do you think so, you are the eldest son!”

Although he now knew that Si Huang was not his brother from the same father and mother, but he didn’t know that Si Huang was in fact a woman. Si Zhihan and Bai Qinglan looked at each other and both knew what Si Huang meant, so Si Zhihan could not deceive Si Huang and refute her words, instead he pretended to be warm: “You don’t know how hard it is to start from scratch, my original intention was to let you and Si Hua inherit Fenghua together, you are relatives, you don’t need to care who is bigger or smaller, you should help each other to make Fenghua bigger.”

This was really nice to say.

Si Huang was not angry, such a little thing could not piss her off, she had already known about this kind of thing.

The so-called mutual help was to use her as a tool and spare no effort to tap her value to make a wedding dress for Si Hua.

“I believe that Si Hua can take care of Fenghua by himself.” Si Huang refused indifferently.

Si Hua looked at her in surprise, not believing that he really had no ambitions for Fenghua.

Originally, this was a good thing. Si Huang didn’t peep at Fenghua, and it saved a lot of trouble. Si Zhihan shouldn’t be angry. But there was a fire in his heart and a faint uneasiness, so he said angrily: “You just won’t obey, right?! Leave the family business alone and insist on messing around outside, what will the people outside think? Do you want Fenghua to have a good reputation! I’ll put my words here today, you go to sign at Fenghua tomorrow, otherwise you won’t be able to continue to mix in this circle!”

“Zhihan, calm down, don’t scare the children.” The good Bai Qinglan took Si Zhihan’s arm, caressed his back with one hand to give him comfort, and then faced Si Huang with a stern face, “Si Huang, your father is all for your own good, be obedient, ah?”

It was said that life was like a play, and it all depended on acting. Si Huang looked at the scene in front of her and felt that in her previous life, she was indeed living in a funny life drama.

“Actually, I came back today mainly for this matter.” Si Huang took out a stack of papers from the middle pocket of his sweater and put it on the table.

Wang Ma came over and picked up the stack of papers to give to Si Zhihan, but after taking a few glances halfway through, she froze in place, feeling that the weight in her hand was extremely heavy.

Several people looked at her, and Si Zhihan was impatient: “Wang Ma!”

Wang Ma’s face was pale, her complexion changed several times, and she knelt down with a plop, “Sir! To the Si family, please forgive me this time!”

Si Zhihan’s face changed, and he stretched out his hand: “Bring it here!”

Wang Ma was trembling and did not dare to step forward.

Si Zhihan: “

“Bring it–!”

“Don’t get angry, take a look first.” Bai Qinglan comforted her, walked to Wang Ma herself, and brought the documents in her hand.

Wang Ma’s eyes widened, and she stared at her begging for help.

Bai Qinglan glanced at the document first, and then her face became cold. She turned her back to Si Zhihan and glared at Si Huang gloomily. She turned around and changed her face. She returned to Si Zhihan and gave him the document, sighing, “Zhihan, people will inevitably feel confused, not to mention that Wang Ma has stayed in Si’s house for so long, everyone has feelings.”

Si Zhihan didn’t say anything, read the document carefully, and slammed it on the table after a few seconds.

Wang Ma’s body also trembled.

Si Hua curiously took the document and looked at it again. The items printed on it were details of a bank card consumption, and the total was in millions.

Si Huang said in a timely manner: “At first I thought it was because I was stuck, or I was cut off.”

Si Zhihan automatically made up his mind that Si Huang’s rebellious resistance during this period was because he felt ignored. A child of this age did not receive any pocket money for several years in a row, so he must have resentment in his heart.

“This is a misunderstanding…”

“I know.” Si Huang didn’t wait for him to finish his sentence, and looked at Wang Ma, “I have already called the police.”

“What?!” Bai Qinglan and Si Zhihan said at the same time.

Si Zhihan also frowned, “You don’t need to alert the police for a trivial matter!”

Si Huang: “It’s not a trivial matter for me.” She smiled at Wang Ma, who was glaring angrily at her: “If Wang Ma turns herself in, things will be fine. Otherwise it’s going to be a big mess.”

“You did it on purpose! You knew it a long time ago!” Wang Ma shouted.

Si Huang chuckled: “Know what? Did I know that you started deducting my card a few years ago, raising a little lover, and giving my things to your son?” After saying this, Si Huang stood up, “She must sit in the prison. If a person makes a mistake, he should be responsible for his own fault.” Then she turned around and walked out.

Si Zhihan stood up: “Where are you going? This is your home.”

Si Huang didn’t look back, “There are people here that I don’t want to see.”

Si Zhihan listened to this and felt that she was talking about Wang Ma, and in a fit of anger, he wanted to express his opinion on who he valued more – this family could have Wang Ma without her, and if there was her, there must be no Wang Ma.

“Brother!” Si Hua chased after him and reached out to grab Si Huang’s arm, but was caught by Si Huang’s half-smiling eyes, and said dryly, “We haven’t seen each other for so long, there are some things I want to ask some advice from you about, I also want to get together with you and go out to play together at night?”

“Well, Si Hua is right, it’s rare to cultivate a good relationship.” Si Zhihan also agreed with Si Hua.

Si Huang’s eyes flashed, and he smiled: “Okay, you can call me at night.”



In the Jinglan villa, Secretary Wang came over in person and sent Si Huang a bank card and a message.

“Wang Ma has turned herself in and was sentenced to three years in prison. This is the card that the boss asked me to give to the eldest young master. The password is the same as before.”

Although Secretary Wang was also surnamed Wang, he had nothing to do with Wang Ma.

Si Huang took the card and asked Secretary Wang to leave.

In the living room, Yu Xi watched Si Huang come in, and asked softly, “Have you and the Si family made up?”

Zhao Limei bumped him. Is it okay to ask people’s private affairs from home? “Master Si, I cooked the chicken soup and it’s fresh.”

Si Huang smiled and said, “Thank you, Aunt Zhao.” As he walked to the dining table, he also answered Yu Xi’s words, “Just remember, that is absolutely impossible.”

If Si Huang could say the word ‘absolute’, Yu Xi felt that no matter what he saw in the future, he didn’t need to ask Si Huang this question again.

Eight pm.

Si Huang received a call from Si Hua, and the other party personally drove to the villa to pick him up.

“With your current popularity, be careful when you go outside.” Yu Xi advised rationally.

Si Huang pulled the zipper of the leather jacket all the way to the top of the collar, covering her neck. Tight trousers perfectly outlined her pair of long straight legs, and she was walking on leather boots with shoelaces perfectly tied. Her hair was slicked back at random with hair gel, such that she looked shiny, arrogant and messy. At this time, she squinted at Yu Xi, the curvature of her eyes flew upwards and slanted, and the pupils inside shone with an obsidian-like luster. The dark green outline was dark and mysterious, and coupled with the smile that curled up at the corner of her bright red mouth…

“Don’t worry.” She said softly. She was gently speaking, but the voice was erratic and had an indescribable charm.

Yu Xi who was stunned in place: “…”

The person in front of him didn’t look like a person at all, but like a demon who chose people and devoured them. There was no bloodthirsty evil in her eyes, but a demonic nature, which made everyone who she saw her feel frightened, she made the blood rise involuntarily and the heartbeat accelerate. It was extremely dangerous, but one couldn’t help but approach her.

Don’t worry about it at all!?

A thin layer of sweat appeared on Yu Xi’s forehead when he came back to his senses.

Going out in this way was simply harming the world. Whether it was to be harmed or to harm others, it was all very troublesome.

Yu Ling, who was sitting on the sofa by the side, did not take her eyes away from Si Huang. She took a few pictures of her with her mobile phone, and when she saw that Si Huang was about to leave, she said eagerly, “Your Majesty, you are acting as the demon in Brother Wanjun’s micro-movie. Can you let me try the makeup?”

Si Huang smiled and said, “Okay.”

Yu Ling stared at her back, the stars in her eyes sparkling.

Yu Xi only then realized that Si Huang’s appearance today was indeed very similar to the role he was going to play in the micro-movie written by Xu Wanjun.

“…” Thinking of Si Huang’s acting skills, accompanied by the appearance of the scene today, Yu Xi suddenly felt that it would be strange if the micro-movie written by Xu Wanjun did not become popular.

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