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Si Hua and Sun Bi, who was in the passenger seat of the car, were also stunned for a while when they saw the iron door of the villa opening and Si Huang, who was dressed in leather, coming out.

“Dong dong” The sound of knocking on the window awakened Si Hua.

Looking at the delicate and handsome face outside the window from a close distance, Si Hua almost couldn’t stop his face from changing. He smiled and opened the window, “Brother, you’re here.

“Where are we going?”

Si Hua glanced at the rearview mirror in the car and smiled without looking back: “I made an appointment with some friends for a beach party. It just so happens that you are a big star now, so you can’t go to crowded places.” After a second, he asked, “What do you think, brother?”

“Not bad.” Si Huang smiled.

The car started, and Sun Bi, who was sitting in the passenger seat, popped his head out, he leaned on the seat, then facing Si Huang in the back seat, he said with a smile: “Master Si, do you still know me?”

Si Huang raised his eyelids, “Oh, Ergouzi.”

Sun Bi’s face was thick enough, and he answered cheerfully, “It’s me. Actually, I came here this time to apologize to Young Master Si, Young Master Si told me something. I misunderstood what happened before. Hey! It’s my fault that I am too outspoken, but I can’t see any hypocrisy.” After slapping himself on the face, Sun Bi said with a shy face, “A lord doesn’t need to remember the villain’s past. I don’t have the same knowledge as you. In fact, what I did before was also beneficial, wasn’t it? Isn’t this helping Mr. Si to make a name for himself? This is the case in the entertainment industry now, the more explosive the news, the more it can catch the masses eyeballs.”

“Haha.” Si Huang laughed out loud, “You can really make a dead man come alive with your mouth, and you don’t use a straight mouth like this. Don’t insult this idiom.”

Sun Bi also laughed: “You also know that my grades are not good, so I can only speak with my mouth.”

Si Huang squinted at him, “You said you came to apologize to me today?”

“Yeah!” When he smiled, his eyes almost became a line, making it impossible for him to see the look in his eyes.

“Okay.” Si Huang turned to look out the window, they were already in the suburbs, and there were hardly any other cars in sight, “Jump down.”

Sun Bi was stunned, “What?”

Si Huang smiled and said, “Apologize to me, jump from here, even if you don’t die, I will think that your life is big, and I won’t care about the campus forum.”

“Hahaha!” Sun Bi patted the head of the car seat, “Young Master Si really knows how to joke.”

Si Huang laughed, “If you don’t jump right now, when I really care about it, you won’t even have a chance to bet your life.”

Sun Bi: “…” He, who had always been eloquent, didn’t know how to respond for a while.

The atmosphere in the car became a little depressed.

Si Hua suddenly smiled and said, “Sun Bi, my brother is just kidding, you don’t know him yet, how could he do such a thing.”

Sun Bi also laughed, but as soon as he looked up, he saw Si Huang’s Cheshire cat grin. His waist and upper body rushed in front of him, grabbed his hair with one hand, and he quickly reached out to the passenger door with the other hand, pressing the unlock button.

Slap – the door on the side of Sun Bi’s passenger seat was opened by Si Huang, he threw Sun Bi out and then closed the door smoothly.

Si Hua only heard a short scream, and the sound was cut off by the closed car door. He was stunned for a few seconds before he woke up and slammed on the brakes.

Stagnation –

Then the sound of tires rubbing hard against the road.

“Si Huang! What have you done!?” Si Hua roared in horror.

As soon as he turned his head, he saw a smiling face close at hand.

With a strong and cold smile, and the corners of her lips raised, she leaned over and put one hand on the passenger seat, staring at Si Hua, “Where did you get the courage to ask me out to play?”

Si Hua’s heart beat instantly. After a while, horror surfaced in his eyes, and he swallowed dryly, “I’ll go check Sun Bi’s condition first, and call an ambulance!” He said while unbuckling his seat belt.

Si Huang watched him unfasten his seat belt, but when he was about to get out of the car, she grabbed his back collar, “Sit aside.”

“Si Huang! Wake up, you are murdering someone!” Si Hua shouted loudly.

“Wait until he’s dead.” Si Huang saw that he was holding on to the seat and refused to move, and his voice became cold, “Are you sitting by yourself, or should I knock you out?”

Si Hua’s eyes trembled violently a few times. He was concerned about the possibility of being killed by Si Huang first, so he finally said with restraint, “I will sit by myself.” After he finished speaking, he made a gesture of getting out of the car and going outside to sit in the passenger seat. The back collar held by Si Huang suddenly tightened, strangling him and causing him to feel a burning pain in his throat, and the little bit of calculations in his heart disappeared.

“I’ll sit down by myself!” Feeling that it was getting harder and harder to breathe, Si Hua shouted and crawled over to the second seat with both hands and feet.

Si Huang let go of his hand and waited for him to sit on the passenger seat. “Fasten the seat belt.”

Si Hua did this without saying a word, and when he was done, he saw Si Huang relax his waist and his long legs from the back seat. Then he stepped into the front and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Where is the agreed destination?”

Si Hua pondered for a second and reported the address truthfully.

Si Huang slammed on the accelerator, and the car sped out.

Si Hua’s body hurled forward. If he hadn’t fastened his seat belt, his head would have hit the dashboard. But the seat belt on his chest hurt enough, so he gritted his teeth and shouted: “Si Huang! Brother! Calm down! Don’t be stupid!”

Si Huang glanced at him and saw where his fear was. “You think too much, my life is precious, how can I die with you.”

Si Hua, who was said to be thinking too much, turned black, and clutched the car seat tightly with his palms. He even had the idea of dying with Si Huang for a moment, but it was only for a moment. He felt that his life was more than a little bit more precious than Si Huang, and more importantly, he did not have Si Huang’s courage. The kind of thing who could decisively throw people out of the car.

Si Hua was reluctant to admit that a tinge of fear permeated his bone marrow when he thought of Si Huang – if he was not successful, would he suffer the same fate as Sun Bi?

As time passed, Si Hua found that although Si Huang was driving fast, it was indeed smooth and there was no possibility of an accident. He gradually calmed down, “Brother…”

“Don’t call me that.”

“…Okay, Si Huang. That’s it. Come on, I don’t know what stimulated you to become so extreme, but I think there must be some misunderstanding between us.” Si Hua said, observing Si Huang’s expression, “If it’s for the sake of Fenghua, Dad also said that it is for the two of us. If you really want, I can also assist you.”

Si Huang said nothing.

Si Hua organized his words, “It’s just that in your current state, Dad will definitely not trust Fenghua to you. Si Huang, just say what you have in your heart. If you misunderstand this kind of thing, it will only get worse if you keep it in your heart. The accumulation of more rot will lead to irreparable tragedies.”

[Your Majesty, this person is really hypocritical!] The long-lost Five Treasure’s voice came out in his mind, [He is obviously a black person, and he is even black out of the water!]

“It’s disgusting to be able to speak like that.” Si Huang responded silently with consciousness, “Looks like a new function has come out? Can you see how much people hate me?”

Five Treasure turned silent again.

Si Huang smiled lightly.

Si Hua next to him thought it was his own words that had worked. A hint of happiness and joy flashed in his eyes, and then he heard Si Huang shouting softly, “Si Hua.”

“Huh?” Si Hua responded with a smile.

“You’re right.” Si Huang held the steering wheel and turned around, the faint fluorescence of the car instruments shone on her face, and the gleaming blue was like a veil that enveloped her in the darkness, making her seem both mysterious and soft. The next sentence made Si Hua, who was secretly happy, look sluggish, “I came back to make life worse for you.”

She raised her chin, the smile on the corner of her mouth was relaxed and comfortable, her lightly squinted eyes seemed to show that she was enjoying herself, as she looked at Si Hua quietly, “I have been stimulated far more than you think, and my extremes are deeper than you think.”

Si Hua was so stunned that he didn’t know how to answer. The blood all over his body was tumbling violently, and he murmured dryly between the rolling of his throat: “You are sick! You are sick!”

Si Huang’s appearance was indeed morbid now, with a soft smile but her tone and words were full of malice, and there was no smile in her eyes.

“Then do you have medicine?” Si Huang asked.

Si Hua’s face turned blue and white.

Si Hua didn’t say anything for the rest of the way, and lowered his head, leaving him to wonder what he was thinking.


The car drove off the road and arrived at the slightly bumpy sandy road, and it didn’t take long for them to reach the destination.

This was the seaside, and the Si family had a small villa here. In the summer, Si Huang also came here for vacation with Si Zhihan and the others.

The car was parked not far from the villa, and when Si Huang got out of the car, he saw a group of men and women surrounding a fire among the rocks on the beach by the villa, having a good time.

“Young Master Si and the others are here—!” Someone with sharp eyes shouted loudly.

Everyone else looked towards this side, and from time to time a few girls screamed and whistled.

Si Hua also got out of the car, walked beside Si Huang without saying a word, and approached the group of people.

“Young Master Si, you’re a big deal now but you won’t forget us brothers, right?” Li Qun, a sturdy figure, stood up with a hearty smile, “Our brothers haven’t forgotten you, come over quickly. I have been keeping something for you!” As he said, he greeted him with a smile on his face.

“Li Qun!” Si Hua suddenly shouted, his voice was hoarse and full of sharp ruthlessness, “Fuck the guy, just fuck him to death!” While shouting, he kicked his left foot and ran, taking advantage of them not returning to their senses. Then he grabbed a glass wine bottle from the wine box and smashed it at Si Huang.

If he was hit this time, it was going to be a bloodbath to say the least.

Si Huang stretched out her hand to catch the wine bottle nimbly, and a dark shadow appeared in front of him. Without hesitation, she smashed the bottle of wine she just caught on the shadow.

Bang –

“Ah!” Li Qun, who had attacked, screamed, his fists were pierced with blood by the glass fragments. He glared angrily, raised his head, and was kicked in the head by a whip leg. He was instantly dizzy, his eyes darkened, and he fell heavily to the ground.

“Ah!” The girls screamed again.

“Shut up!” Si Hua, who was already standing in the middle of the party, roared irritably.

The scene quieted down.

Si Huang lifted the sand under her feet and stared at Si Hua, “Is that why you asked me out? School violence?”

Si Hua looked around with a cold face, stretched out his hand to draw a firewood from the fire, and then while glaring at Si Huang fiercely, he said with a torn face: “I didn’t want to play so directly, if you want to blame someone, blame yourself!”

Si Huang nodded thoughtfully, “So, that means there are follow-ups.”

“You’ll find out soon.” Si Hua sneered.

In just two sentences, the other boys had already grabbed wine bottles, fire sticks, and stones in their hands, and deliberately surrounded Si Huang step by step.

Both men and women here were friends of Si Hua’s, and they had taken instructions from him before they came. Although it was unclear why Si Hua did not act according to the plan, they still followed Si Hua’s words and acted.

“Hey, Si Hua, don’t be impulsive! They have both a wine bottle and a stone. What if you murder someone!” The tall slender girl who was obviously the leader of the four girls shouted.

Si Hua glared at her: “Shut up and stay quiet! It’s good for you to play, you love him!”

The tall slender girl was a little angry, but she didn’t speak any more. The girls next to Si Hua also looked at Si Huang with worried expressions on their faces.

Si Hua didn’t know that his words had touched Si Huang’s bottom line.

No matter what Si Hua said, even if Si Huang didn’t like to hear it, it didn’t affect her mood. Now this sentence was different. She looked at Si Hua with a faint look in her eyes, and the latter, relying on the strength of the people, bravely looked at Si Huang, his smile full of hostility, “I have something I want to give back to you.”, he said word by word: “Where did you get the courage to agree to my invitation.”

Si Huang lowered her eyelashes, as if she did not see the crowd surrounding her, she took out gloves from her pocket and put them on, and said lightly: “Si Hua, I didn’t understand at first. I didn’t invite you to mess with you, so why did you try to make trouble with me. Later I understood, you can’t reason with cheap bones.”

“You are right, you are right. Bones can’t be reasoned him… Hit him!” Si Hua shouted.

The boys surrounding him rushed towards Si Huang excitedly.

“Ah!” The first scream sounded.

The boy fell to the ground and twitched.

The others were stunned and saw that Si Huang don’t know from where had gotten a slender silver stick of nearly forty centimeters in his hand, and they could vaguely see a silver-blue electric current surrounding it making a sluggish sound.

Si Huang wouldn’t be polite to them. Seeing that they were stunned, he seized the opportunity to go down with two whips and knock them down.

“You’re all stupid, fight!” Si Hua screamed.

The remaining four came to their senses, but did not dare to approach Si Huang, and threw the stones and wine bottles in their hands at her.

It’s just that this messy offensive couldn’t embarrass Si Huang at all. She nimbly dodged it, and then stepped closer to a boy and slapped the whip around his neck. The latter’s face was twisted and his eyes rolled as he fell to the ground.

“Ah!” A girl’s scream suddenly sounded, as she watched a boy take advantage of Si Huang attacking other people to run behind her and try to hit her on the head. However, Si Huang seemed to have eyes behind his back. He avoided the stick. Then, he put his arm on the ground, and turned his body upside down and hit the boy’s head with one leg until he couldn’t get up.

Si Huang, who turned over smoothly, didn’t stop, and after a few big strides, he came to a boy again, and the electric baton in his hand hit his leg and knocked him down. When he looked up, he saw the remaining boy. The latter met her gaze and took a step back in horror. Si Huang did not let him go. The speed of her instant explosion was not comparable to this person.

“Wow! Si Hua ran away!” At this moment, a girl’s cry sounded.

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