CFCS Ch. 211.2: Apocalypse World (15)

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The Zombie King was dead, Qi Yun was also dead, and the other zombies were almost eliminated by the soldiers. Shang Yue walked up to Jing Yang and asked, “Are you all right?”

Jing Yang shook his head and said, “I couldn’t even do it. What can I do, let the soldiers dig the entrance of the tomb, let’s go in.”

The process of entering the tomb was very easy, although there were organs in the body, but for Shang Yue and Jing Yang, who had supernatural abilities, these organs did not need to be counted at all.

After taking out the super power crystal core, they went down the mountain and returned to the car, and Shang Yue proposed that the super power crystal core should be absorbed by Jing Yang.

Jing Yang looked at the super power crystal core and said, “The first super power crystal core has been absorbed by me, you can absorb it.”

“Your ability has been exposed, and you will definitely follow me on missions in the future. Absorbing one more super power crystal core will also help your physical fitness. Anyway, you said that there are other super power crystal cores, and I will absorb the next one.” Shang Yue said.

Jing Yang still wanted Shang Yue to absorb it, because not only did he absorb the first super power crystal core, but the system could also help improve his abilities, so he felt that it would be better for Shang Yue to absorb the second crystal. But because of Shang Yue’s insistence, Jing Yang couldn’t dissuade him. Thinking of the close relationship between the two, there was no need to resign like this. He absorbed this super power crystal core to make Shang Yue feel at ease, and then he got another super power. The energy crystal nucleus was quickly absorbed by him.

Of the five zombie kings, two had already been dealt with, and there were still three zombie kings left to deal with. It was not difficult for Jing Yang and Shang Yue to solve the zombie kings. The more difficult thing was to find the location of the zombie kings, because the zombie kings were not only good at hiding, but also very good at running away. When they mixed in with normal people, ordinary people couldn’t detect it, so unless they showed up actively, they would be difficult to find.

When there was a particularly important task or a task with a high degree of danger, Jing Yang would follow Shang Yue to perform it together. But Jing Yang slept for longer and longer. When he followed Shang Yue on a mission, he would stay asleep almost all the time except when he needed to fight.

There was no problem with Jing Yang’s body but him being in a coma for such a long time made Shang Yue feel very worried, especially when sometimes, Jing Yang seemed to have fainted, and he couldn’t wake up no matter how he called him, it made Shang Yue feel very panicked.

“Qiu Jin, Qiu Jin, Qiu Jin…”

Jing Yang heard a voice calling in his ear, but it didn’t seem to be calling him, he was really sleepy and wanted to sleep well. But the voice had never been heard, and it sounded like he was in a hurry. He could only try to concentrate and listen carefully.

Qiu Jin? Who was Qiu Jin? Jing Yang tried hard to recall the name that made him feel a little familiar, and then he remembered that his name in this life was Qiu Jin. Yes, his life was not over yet, so he couldn’t just keep sleeping like this. He should still have a long time in this life, because he had not grown old with his lover in this life, and he had to grow old together every time before going to the next world.

As soon as Jing Yang opened his eyes, he saw Shang Yue’s worried eyes, Shang Yue was really holding him in his arms, he was obviously relieved when he woke up, but he was still worried.

“What’s the matter? Is it time to eat?” Jing Yang knew that Shang Yue called him usually to get him up to eat or have something important to do, otherwise he would let him have a good sleep.

“Are you hungry? I’ll have someone bring food for you.” Shang Yue asked gently while stroking Jing Yang’s face.

Jing Yang didn’t feel hungry, but subconsciously thought that Shang Yue had called him to wake him up to eat. He thought about it carefully, and suddenly remembered that he fainted in the battle just now. No wonder Shang Yue was so eager to wake him up.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” Jing Yang tried to comfort Shang Yue by saying, “I just, I just wanted to fall asleep, I didn’t really faint, I heard when you called me.”

He went to sleep without warning, this was a worrying thing, and Shang Yue was really worried that Jing Yang would not wake up again. If he was left alone in the world, then he wouldn’t still be alive.

“I’m hungry, you ask the soldiers to cook me some white rice porridge, I don’t want to eat anything else.” Jing Yang saw that Shang Yue’s worries could not be easily eliminated, so he could only divert his attention.

“Okay, wait for me.” Shang Yue would never let Jing Yang go hungry. In his heart, keeping Jing Yang full was more important than anything else.

Watching Shang Yue leave, Jing Yang diligently opened his eyes that he wanted to close, thinking that he must stay awake for as long as possible in the future so that Shang Yue would not be worried.

Jing Yang didn’t know what was wrong with him. There was no problem with his body and his system, but why did he keep falling asleep for a long time?

He thought hard about the reason and recalled when the situation became serious. He remembered that it seemed that since Qi Yun died and they got the second super power crystal core, the time he fell into a coma was getting longer and longer.

After Qi Yun died, he always had a relaxed feeling that the task had been completed, as if there was nothing left to do in his heart. Thinking about it carefully, he didn’t seem to have ever killed his opponent himself like in this lifetime. Before, he always felt that it was better to let his opponent suffer alive than to die. Now he thought that in addition to this reason, there should be another reason.

Shang Yue came back with the white porridge he cooked himself, with some shrimp and scallops in it, which smelled very delicious.

Jing Yang took the bowl and leaned against Shang Yue’s arms and took a sip.

Shang Yue put his arms around Jing Yang and put his chin on top of his head. In addition to worry, there was a feeling that kept drifting through his heart, but he couldn’t grasp it.

After the remaining super power crystal cores were found, because Shang Yue felt that Jing Yang was not in good health, he also let him absorb them. In order to make Shang Yue feel at ease, Jing Yang listened to him in everything and did what he told him to do.

After the last zombie king was finally found and solved by them, Jing Yang felt relieved for a while, feeling that he had finally solved everything that should be solved. On the way back to the military area, he fell asleep in Shang Yue’s arms as usual.

But this time he wasn’t the same as usual. Although usually he slept for a long time, he would still wake up. But this time, after he fell asleep this time, his soul returned directly to the system.

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