CFCS Ch. 212.1: Road to Immortality (1)

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Jing Yang didn’t stay in the system space for long this time, and almost immediately after his soul arrived in the system space, he was sent to the next world. He hadn’t even had time to think about why he left that life earlier than ever before. Although he had a hunch that his life was about to end, his feeling that understanding why he left the previous life was more urgent than anything made him a little puzzled.

He buried his doubts in the deepest part of his heart, thinking that when he should understand, the answer would naturally appear. Then he opened his eyes and looked at this new environment.

Jing Yang looked at the large carved wooden bed he was lying on, and then looked at the layout of the room, wondering if was an ancient world again? Although the layout of this room was simple, it was also elegant and generous, and it could be seen that it was the house belonging to a large family.

He sat up and wanted to go outside to take a look, but he felt a little dizzy in his head and a little nauseated in his chest, and his body had no strength, in fact he felt like he had drunk too much and had a hangover.

Jing Yang closed his eyes and started the system. He originally wanted to eliminate the discomfort in his body, but he saw the extra functions in the system. Although it was said that the functions of the system would change more or less because of the different worlds he visited in each life, this time the change seemed to be a bit big.

He carefully studied those functions, and it seemed that they were used by those who cultivated immortality. Could it be that this was a world of immortal cultivation?

Jing Yang originally wanted to just lie down and understand what he should know about the rebirth, but before he could lie down, he heard hurried footsteps outside, and then the door was pushed open.

A seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy in a servant costume walked in anxiously and quickly. Seeing Jing Yang sitting on the bed, he was obviously relieved, but he still seemed a little nervous and said, “Young master, you finally woke up. The people from the Zhu Yang Island are coming soon, and the masters have already gone to greet them. You should change your clothes and go as well, or it will be too late.”

Seeing him hurriedly opening the wardrobe, Jing Yang saw him quickly take out a set of light blue robes. The brocade robes looked like a dress that was only worn on formal occasions.

Although he still didn’t know who the person from Zhu Yang Island was, and what the importance of seeing him was, but his intuition told him that this attendant was loyal to the original master, so he would not harm him. He would not go wrong if he did what he said.

Jing Yang used the system to search for the name of the attendant. His name was Mu You. He had been serving the original owner for several years, and he was indeed loyal and trustworthy.

Jing Yang changed into the light blue formal robes under the service of Mu You. He stood in front of the full-length mirror, a little surprised by the original owner’s good appearance. Although he had a different body in every life, his appearance was always very outstanding, but his appearance in this life should be the most extraordinary. He thought that even in the world of immortals, such an appearance must be considered outstanding.

If An Yang’s appearance was a top-quality ruby, dazzling and enchanting, then his appearance in this life was like a piece of white suet that was rare in the world, although he was restrained, he was still warm and noble, like somebody from a fairy world.

Jing Yang activated the system and walked out of his courtyard while activating his short term memory. There were many pavilions along the way, and this didn’t look like an ordinary big family.

Under the constant urging of Mu You, Jing Yang almost trotted to the gate. There were already many people standing on the spacious slate outside the gate. Jing Yang looked at those people, roughly estimated the number of people, and felt that there should be more than one family. It was not just an entire family that was present there, there must be several.

Mu You was not qualified to stand and wait with those people outside. Seeing Jing Yang standing still, he pushed him anxiously and said, “Young master, hurry up and stand where you should stand.”

Jing Yang was still thinking about whether he should just find an inconspicuous place to stand behind the crowd, but listening to Mu You, he seemed to have a place where he should stand.

At a glance, he knew that it was very important to welcome the people of Zhu Yang Island today, but on such an important day, the original owner was drunk. If it wasn’t for his rebirth, the original owner would definitely not have woken up on his own. It seemed that someone didn’t want him to appear today, if that was the case, then he couldn’t make that person’s wish come true.

Jing Yang walked over again based on his short term memory. When he passed through the crowd, many people turned their heads and glanced at him, but they only glanced at him, and displayed no other emotions.

Jing Yang walked to where he should be standing but found that someone was already standing there. That person seemed to sense that Jing Yang was looking at him, and when he turned around and saw Jing Yang, unexpected emotions flashed in his eyes. But the man didn’t show any sign, he neither spoke nor made any other movements, he just turned his head and continued to stand silently.

Based on his experience from so many lives, it was the most unwise choice to make trouble on such a serious occasion. Even if he was late, he would not be stupid enough to do it. Moreover, that person would not give up his position, he must have decided on this point, whether he made trouble or not, he would be the one who suffered.

That person looked a bit like the original owner, and should be the original owner’s brother, but Jing Yang intuitively felt that the two were not born from the same mother.

His place was occupied, so Jing Yang could only stand in that person’s place. When he had just gone to stand up, a woman dressed extravagantly turned her head and glanced at him, her eyes also flashed with an unexpected look, but it contained a little bit more meanness and disgust. Jing Yang guessed that this should be the real mother of the one who stood in his position, that was, the stepmother of the original owner.

Jing Yang stood for about half a column of incense, and when he looked up, he saw a lot of black dots flying in the sky. When those black dots flew over, he could see that it was more than a dozen people flying over on swords.

After those people landed, four men who looked like masters greeted them and saluted them respectfully.

The four of them didn’t look like brothers, but among these people they were all the masters, which made Jing Yang feel a little strange, and one of them should be the father of the original master.

“The messenger has been working hard all the way, please come in and have a rest.” The man heading the four said, while moving sideways.

“No need, we’ll leave when we’re done, let the young men of the same age come forward.” Said the middle-aged man in azure clothes, who exuded immortal energy.

“Yes.” After the man heading the four saluted again, he turned and beckoned.

Jing Yang used the system to search whether he wanted to come forward, and the answer he got was to go forward with the few teenagers about the same age as him.

“I am the head of the disciples of Zhu Yang Island. What I’m here for this time, I think you already know it very well. I won’t say much about the rest, let’s just start.” The middle-aged man in a purple robe who claimed to be the head of the disciples of Zhu Yang Island waved his hand, and out of the dozen or so people behind him came over holding two wooden boxes.

The two boxes were opened at the same time, a piece of white jade flew out from the box on the left, and four pieces of dark green jade flew out of the box on the right. After the five pieces of jade hovered in the air for a while, they scattered and landed in front of several people.

Jing Yang looked at the white jade pendant parked in front of him, raised his hand and took it, then he turned to look at the few people next to him, and didn’t understand why only his jade color was different.

The others behind them didn’t understand why only Jing Yang got the white pendant, and they felt very puzzled, they then looked at the middle-aged man in purple robes, waiting for him to clear their doubts.

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