MGSGW Ch. 268

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Lin Mumu curiously looked through the rear-view mirror at the red couple AD that was following closely behind. It was also fun to see the car twisting and turning in a panic.

“Yes, right here, we bumped into each other, beautiful!”

Under Xiao Du’s excited voice, everything calmed down.

It was like returning to calm seas after a storm.

It felt so good to be able to sit in the car in peace.

Especially Liu Yuanyuan, after waiting for the car to stabilize, she opened the car window to breathe, and she felt like she was alive again.

Lin Mumu also looked through the rear-view mirror and saw the poor red luxury car, now twisted and tattered on the ground. The door was opened with difficulty, and Yun Ruoshan limped out of the car in embarrassment.

Yun Ruoshan seemed to be waving to them for help, but Yun Ting just pretended not to see and continued to drive away.

“You’re not afraid of hitting her to death.” Lin Mumu was also a little scared. Yun Ting’s move was too cruel. After paralyzing and confusing the opponent, he deliberately lured the opponent into driving into the garbage dump.

This sudden impact basically destroyed the red car. Fortunately, the people in the car were fine. Otherwise, the matter would have been a bit big. If Yun Ruoshan was really dead, Yun Ting’s father may want to sever his father-son relationship with him.

Yun Ting just smiled and didn’t answer.

Xiao Du responded with a smile: “Sister-in-law, have a little confidence in our leader. If he wants the other party to break his left leg, he will never break his right leg. Don’t worry.”

That’s right. Who was Yun Ting? It looked like he was just brave and powerful, but in fact he was more careful, terrifying and calculating.

It was only later that Lin Mumu learned from Qiu Feng that the payment records of Miss Lily and reporters that had been obtained by hackers were all made by Yun Ting himself.

Anyway, Lin Mumu felt that besides giving birth, he could do everything.

Seeing Lin Mumu smile, Yun Ting’s mood improved inexplicably, and he drove to the Crystal Palace himself without changing places with Xiao Du.

The name was a bit scary. In fact, this was not a high-end club like Xuan Palace. It was just a place to eat and specialized in fish and shrimp, so it was named Crystal Palace.

Most of the people who came to eat here were white-collar workers, which was not an exaggeration.

After they got off the car, they saw Qiu Feng waiting outside the door.

“Second brother, why were you so slow?” Qiu Feng was still surprised. Yun Ting always had a strong sense of time. He said he would arrive on time in twenty minutes, but this time he was actually five minutes late!

“I had to do something on the way.” Yun Ting said calmly.

Qiu Feng turned around and saw Xiao Du’s wonderful expression. He just barely put two words on his face: “Tell me.”

“Xiao Du, what’s the matter with you? Is your leg or arm broken? You actually asked your leader to drive in person?”

“No, Third Brother, let me tell you, today was very interesting. We scrapped a car today, and the chief personally did it!” Xiao Du followed and shared today’s events with Qiu Feng with great joy.

When they arrived at the reserved private room, Xiao Du said it again and shared it with Qiu Jun and An Xiaoqin.

Qiu Jun and Xiao Du were on the same channel, and he was immediately attracted by the glorious achievements of his idol Yun Ting, so he showed a look of disgusting admiration in his eyes.

While An Xiaoqin scolded: “What the hell, you have a high-level skilled woman who sleeps with thousands of people. How amazing is your mother? Don’t even look at where her broken car came from. She has the nerve to show off, it’s disgusting. Which godfather bought it this time? Mr. Jiang from Riyue Island?”

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