MGSGW Ch. 267

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“Seat belt.” Yun Ting suddenly said.

Seat belt?

There were seat belts in the car, but except for the soldiers Xiao Du and Yun Ting, the girls didn’t have the habit of wearing seat belts on weekdays. No one would drive at higher speeds in daily life, and Yanjing City would not allow it.

Wearing a seat belt was the right thing to do when getting in a car, but not wearing it was the habit of most people. Yun Ting had never cared about it before, why did he suddenly do it?

Yun Ting definitely cherished words like gold. After saying these three words, he started the car.

It was Xiao Du who reminded them: “Just listen to the leader. It’s absolutely right. Classmate Chen Fangya, help my sister-in-law fasten her seat belt.”

Lin Mumu was still immersed in the embarrassment just now. After listening to Xiao Du’s words, she realized she had to wear her seat belt.

She didn’t need help!

After buying the car, it went through some self-assembly, and was improved in terms of safety and performance, including small details such as double-layer seat belts and three seat belts in the rear.

When Lin Mumu, Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan fastened their seat belts, they still felt a little unsteady because their speed was increasing.

The red couple AD next to it was also accelerating. Yun Ruoshan didn’t drive herself, the person driving her was also pretty good, at least he could keep up with Yun Ting’s pace.

Yun Ting’s lip lines were tight and he turned the steering wheel expressionlessly.

On the contrary, Xiao Du was particularly excited and gave Lin Mumu and others some popular science: “Let me tell you, when I first joined the army, our new recruits were all very proud, and some of them were college students. Master Yun had just bought a jeep and came to pick us up in person. Seeing that he was so young, we didn’t know he was the leader and thought he was just like us. There were also a few student soldiers who got close to him and said they could drive for him. And guess what?”

“What?” Liu Yuanyuan was particularly interested in the affairs of the army and asked cooperatively.

Since someone asked, Xiao Du immediately started chatting: “I don’t want to remember that feeling again. Anyway, let me tell you this, we rough guys who have never fainted in a car, when we got off the jeep, we all vomited. Oh! We will never forget that scene.”

“Yun Ting drives very steadily, right?” Lin Mumu had an objection. Her family’s Yun Ting, had always been very stable when driving.

Even though Liu Yuanyuan had started to get motion sickness after going around a lot today, Lin Mumu and Chen Fangya could still endure it. And Xiao Du was even more comfortable, obviously not up to Yun Ting’s exaggerated intensity.

“Of course, we are blessed by my sister-in-law. If Brother Yun wants to drive steadily, he can drive steadily.”

Xiao Du chuckled and said, “My driving skills were all taught by the chief himself. Just take a look, that car will definitely drive smoothly today. It needs to be scrapped.”

Only then did Lin Mumu take a closer look. Yun Ting was basically circling. In fact, the speed was not fast, but irregular, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, sometimes going east and sometimes west, which made people confused.

Yun Ruoshan’s red car followed with difficulty, but very determinedly holding on tight.

“Wife, don’t you not want to see that car anymore?” Yun Ting calmly turned the steering wheel and still had time to talk to Lin Mumu.

“Yeah.” Lin Mumu wasn’t pretentious. If she didn’t like it, she just didn’t like it.

“Then just bear with it a little longer.”

After Yun Ting said that, he suddenly accelerated again.

It was not just accelerating, the constant swinging direction was really uncomfortable. Liu Yuanyuan was already dying. It was thanks to Lin Mumu who helped her massage the acupoints on her collarbone, that she did not vomit on the spot.

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