MGSGW Ch. 266

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“I almost vomited out last night’s meal.” Chen Fangya complained for Lin Mumu, her voice a little loud.

“Being an adopted daughter, she is so high-profile job, and she is ready to squeeze out her sister-in-law. Today is the first time I have seen such a thing. In short, it’s just a slap in the face. Mumu, if I were you, I would slap her twice on the spot and tear off her pretence. Is going to Xuan Palace so amazing. We don’t even bother to go.”

“Mumu, don’t be angry. Major General Yun must not be interested in her.” Liu Yuanyuan couldn’t help but comfort Lin Mumu.

Lin Mumu was a little dumbfounded and responded helplessly: “I’m not angry, I just don’t want to see her.”

Lin Mumu looked out of the car for the third time. The red couple’s car was particularly eye-catching.

She was open-minded on the outside, but she still cared in her heart. After all, she was not a saint.

Every time she looked up, she could imagine that another woman’s car and her man’s car looking like a couple’s car, running side by side as the scenery on the road. How many people couldn’t care about such a thing?

Although there are more private cars in Yanjing City than in other cities, AD’s car was a limited edition and not many people could drive it. The contrast between the black and red car was really eye-catching.

“Stop the car.” Yun Ting suddenly said.

Xiao Du was Yunting’s soldier, so he obeyed his orders, and his reaction speed was extremely fast. He immediately found a parking spot on the edge.

Lin Mumu couldn’t help but sigh, the traffic environment in Yanjing City was really good now, and there was no rear-end collision even when parking on the roadside. If private cars became more common in ten years, this situation would be unthinkable.

After the car stopped, Yun Ting ordered: “Get down.”

His order was aimed at Xiao Du. Xiao Du got out of the car obediently, walked around in a circle, and returned to the passenger seat.

Yun Ting liked to take Xiao Du with him, not only because of his skill and loyalty, but also because of his cleverness.

He knew what Yun Ting was going to do without Yun Ting having to explain.

At this time, Yun Ting asked to stop the car, but it meant he just wanted to drive himself.

The red AD car next to them was the most unscrupulous. After they parked the car, it actually parked next to them, following them like a shadow.

Yun Ruoshan rolled down the car window and gave Lin Mumu a provocative look.

Lin Mumu wanted to ignore her, but she was still a woman after all, and it was still difficult to vent her unhappiness.

“Mumu, come here, let me have a word with you.” Yun Ting suddenly spoke.

“Ah?” What can’t you say in front of everyone? Since you can’t say it, in such a small environment, can’t others hear you whispering? Is there a time when even Yun Ting is mentally retarded?

Lin Mumu was puzzled in every possible way, but she still obediently put her head over and waited for Yun Ting to speak.

Unexpectedly, after Yun Ting approached Lin Mumu, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he left a moist lip mark on her forehead.

“Believe in me.” Yun Ting finally said something in her ear.

Lin Mumu’s face turned red with embarrassment, and she hugged Baozi tightly, burying her whole face in Baozi’s snow-white fur.

Lin Mumu’s heart was beating wildly, but now it was completely replaced by shyness and sweetness. The lively Chen Fangya from before was still joining in the fun: “You guys are too much. It’s okay to hand out dog food in the store all day long, but even in the car and on the road, where outsiders are watching.”

Chen Fangya glanced at Yun Ruoshan provocatively.

Yun Ruoshan naturally saw it. She didn’t dare to look at Lin Mumu openly, so she took a look in the mirror. In fact, she kept observing Lin Mumu and Yun Ting through the mirror.

The two cars were very close and everything could be seen clearly.

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