MGSGW Ch. 265

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“I’m hungry, I’m hungry. You promised to let me eat crayfish.”

Lin Mumu was so frightened that she quickly begged for mercy: “Of course our Major General Yun is a young and promising superman, how could he be a bad old man? Even if you get old, You will still be the most handsome and adorable old man.”

Yun Ting gave Lin Mumu a funny look and stopped bickering with her.

Xiao Du drove over Yun Ting’s black AD private car, which was parked at the entrance of the flower and bird market. It was only a few steps away and he walked there quickly.

But next to this car, there was another car of the same model, and even the license plate was very similar, but that car was in an arrogant and enthusiastic red color, which was in sharp contrast to Yun Ting’s black car and looked like… a pair.

Lin Mumu looked at the red car next to their car in astonishment, feeling that something was going on.

At this time, the car door opened, and a pair of bright red stiletto heels appeared along with a slender white calf.

Afterwards, a well-dressed woman with decent and beautiful makeup got out of the car. The diamonds embedded in her handbag seemed to light up the darkness of dusk.

Lin Mumu curled her lips and glanced at Yun Ting helplessly.

After the woman landed nobly, her eyes were completely fixed on Yun Ting, and then she walked over gracefully on high heels.

“Second brother, you are here too, what a coincidence.” This woman was naturally Yun Ruoshan.

Yun Ruoshan was now dressed exquisitely and elegantly, more like a lady, and had a bit more of a soft and sultry femininity than before.

“Go away.” Yun Ting had only one word for her, and whispered: “Disgusting.”

Yun Ruoshan’s smile froze on her face, but she still maintained her demeanour and politeness, even though her face was so stiff that it was about to twitch.

When she watched Yun Ting turn around and get into the car, she could only chat with Lin Mumu: “Lin Mumu, why are you here? What a coincidence. Mommy asked me to go to Xuan Palace for a banquet. Who knew that the driver was a newbie and got lost. I could only come down first and take a walk.”

Yun Ruoshan especially emphasized Xuan Palace. Two words. Xuan Palace was not a palace, just a club. However, Xuan Palace had developed rapidly in recent years and had become the preferred gathering place for the most prestigious people in Yanjing City.

To put it bluntly, Xuan Palace was not accessible to ordinary people. Only those who had status and were invited could go in.

Based on Lin Mumu’s life circle, if Yun Ting was excluded, she would be really out of tune with Xuan Palace.

Yun Ruoshan deliberately emphasized Xuan Palace just to make Lin Mumu feel inferior. She also didn’t forget to look up and down at Lin Mumu’s clothes. Although she didn’t say anything, her eyes were full of disdain.

Not to be outdone, Lin Mumu looked at Yun Ruoshan’s so-called elegant dress with the same unscrupulousness, and kindly reminded: “Are you dressed like this to visit the flower and bird market? The ground here is not easy to walk on, be careful not to twist your feet. Oh yes, the security here has been bad recently. It’s okay with you dressed up so beautifully, please be safe.”

“With my second brother here, I’m not afraid of anything.” Yun Ruoshan looked at Yun Ting shyly, as if she hadn’t heard Yun Ting tell her to get out in disgust before.

Lin Mumu had no choice but to ignore her and get into the car while enduring her nausea.

The seats for four people could only accommodate the grown man Yun Ting in the front passenger seat, and the three girls Lin Mumu, Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan in the back.

Lin Mumu sat in the middle, with Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan sandwiching her in the middle.

After their car started to move, Yun Ruoshan’s red AD also started, running alongside Yun Ting’s car. It really looked like a couple’s car.

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