MGSGW Ch. 264

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“This schoolbag is very good. It’s very sturdy and not ugly.” Lin Mumu rolled her eyes at Yun Ting and said, “I’m not interested in those bags that cost tens of thousands of dollars each. We are people who live a good life and don’t want to compare with others. If you dislike me, then don’t get close to me.”

Yun Ting reluctantly squeezed Lin Mumu’s little hand. How could he dislike her? He was just afraid of wronging her.

Why were other little girls pursuing famous brands, but only his wife didn’t have one? So what was she pursuing?

Yun Ting looked at the flowers and plants in the yard and suddenly became more enlightened.

Xiao Du was in his early twenties, only two years older than Lin Mumu and the others, and he had quite a good chat with Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan.

Especially Chen Fangya who had been been obsessed with martial arts recently. After pestering Zhou Qiang to teach her all day long and failed, she set her sights on Xiao Du.

“Brother Du, the way you threw someone last time was so cool, I admire you so much.” When Chen Fangya asked for help, her mouth was like honey, and she refused to poke Liu Yuanyuan.

Liu Yuanyuan could only praise him: “The most respected people in our village are the soldiers. In our hearts, the soldiers are living bodhisattvas who save the suffering. Without you, our village might have died when it encountered a flood last time.”

However, when Liu Yuanyuan said this, her eyes turned red, and the good atmosphere turned into Chen Fangya and Xiao Du comforting Liu Yuanyuan together.

“We also suffered a setback. Xiulan and I were almost snatched away by wolves in the mountains when we were young, but we were rescued by soldiers. I thought at that time that when I grow up, I will also wear a military uniform, learn skills, and be a person who is useful to the people. I was quite lucky. I met Brother Yun, who trained us to death. Let me tell you secretly, in our camp, many related households came in. Later, they couldn’t bear it, and they all cried. Then they yelled for their mothers and ran back by themselves.”

When Xiao Du explained, Liu Yuanyuan didn’t feel so uncomfortable anymore. After all, it was all in the past.

“Brother Du, Xiulan is your fiancée, right? Tell us about your love story.”

“What kind of love story do we have? Xiulan and I were born in the same year. Our families have a good relationship. We played together since childhood. That year we fell into the mountains and were surrounded by wolves. Xiulan didn’t leave me. I thought she was a very nice person. Later, when I was twelve years old, my mother told me that she had made an agreement with the Wang family for me to marry Xiulan when I grow up. In our village, people can get married at the age of seventeen or eighteen. When it came to a daughter-in-law, the two families had agreed early on. Xiulan and I had a good relationship, and I liked her quite a lot. I remembered thinking at that time that we would live together in the future. Later, I went to serve in the military. She just said to me: “Du Qiang, I’ll wait for you.” Now that Xiulan is older and her father has passed away, her powerful mother, seeing how beautiful she is, feels evil in her heart and always wants her to marry into a rich family in the town.”

“Sister Xiulan is so nice!” Liu Yuanyuan sighed. It was a blessing to have a childhood sweetheart who cared about you wholeheartedly, and he was even a good man with ideals and ambitions.

And Xiao Du’s appearance was not bad, he was a sunny and handsome young man.

“I’m relatively happy. I just hope she can come to Yanjing and settle down as soon as possible, otherwise I’m really worried about her being kicked out by her careless mother.”

Lin Mumu glanced at Yun Ting and couldn’t help but smile secretly.

“Why are you laughing?”

“I’m looking to see if you are a bad old man.” Lin Mumu chuckled.

“Oh? Let’s go home now and I’ll prove it to you.” Yun Ting’s eyes were filled with fire.

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