MGSGW Ch. 263

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A smile finally appeared on Lin Mumu’s face, and she rested her head on Yun Ting’s shoulder. The original discomfort caused by Liu Ting had disappeared.

As for Liu Yuanyuan’s loan to Liu Ting, Lin Mumu and Chen Fangya were both smart and didn’t ask a single question.

Liu Yuanyuan was truly benevolent and righteous to Liu Ting. Liu Yuanyuan’s family conditions were even more difficult than Liu Ting’s. Although she made some money in the flower shop, she had to send it all back to her grandmother for medical treatment.

Judging from Liu Ting’s character, they didn’t know when she would pay back the 10,000 yuan. It might even take three to five years.

“Mumu, I will collect the money as soon as possible and return it to you first.” Liu Yuanyuan said sheepishly.

“The end of the year will be in a few months, and then I will deduct it from your dividends.” Lin Mumu responded with a smile.

“Chen Fangya, what are you doing?”

“I’m sharing exciting gossip with Miss An, don’t disturb me. An Xiaoqin also gave me a piece of gossip. Who do you think her blind date is today?”

“Who?” Liu Yuanyuan was curious.

“Is it Qiu Jun?”

“No. It’s Qiu Jun’s brother Qiu Feng.”

Chen Fangya smiled with a wicked smile on her face: “I heard that Qiu Jun went with him. An Xiaoqin felt so happy that she met them both in one breath. She said that she and Qiu Feng had not spoken a few words, and she had only talked with Qiu Jun. They had an appointment to have lobster in the evening, and the man was treating her. Do you want to go and eat with them together?”

“Brother Qiu is treating me, of course I want to go.”

Lin Mumu took Yun Ting’s arm and shook it, hoping that Yun Ting would go with her.

“Yes.” Yun Ting nodded helplessly, and stretched out his finger to tap Lin Mumu’s forehead.

Classmate Lin Mumu was really naughty and could kill people. Yun Ting looked at her eyes gleaming and knew that she just wanted to gossip. He was really speechless and couldn’t help but want to pinch her.

Her fresh look made him feel comfortable. He hoped that Lin Mumu could stay like this forever. Only a happy little woman could be like this.

If she could keep her innocence, even if she touched his bottom line a little more, it would be better to pamper her a little more.

Otherwise, with Yun Ting’s character, how could he possibly pay attention to other people’s gossip!

Hearing Yun Ting’s “yes” word, Lin Mumu hurriedly went back to get her coat, and smoothly also took out Yun Ting’s coat for him.

“How do we get there? You didn’t drive here this morning, do you want to take a taxi?” Lin Mumu and Yun Ting came running from home early in the morning without driving.

“No, Xiao Du is coming soon.”

Yun Ting was really good at predicting things. While the girls were chattering and trying to pack their things as quickly as possible, Xiao Du had already started knocking on the door.

“Sister-in-law, let me help you get your things.” As soon as Xiao Du entered the door, he enthusiastically asked to help Lin Mumu carry her schoolbag.

Lin Mumu smiled, knowing that Xiao Du was in a good mood because he was about to reunite with his fiancée. She had nothing to be pretentious about, so she handed her schoolbag to Xiao Du.

“They have more stuff, go help them get it.” Yun Ting snatched Lin Mumu’s schoolbag with his hands.

Of course he would hold Lin Mumu’s bag with his own hands!

Xiao Du giggled and went to help Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan. It was not tiring for one person to carry two schoolbags.

Not to mention that although students’ schoolbags were not as beautiful as fashion girls’ bags, they were still surprisingly heavy. Because books were heavy objects, and college textbooks were mostly large and thick, it would be heavy enough to hold just two books.

“Let’s go back and buy a bag.” Yun Ting glanced at Lin Mumu’s schoolbag. Yun Ting had asked Xiao Du to buy it when she came down the mountain. The schoolbags in the small town were all simple and practical, but they were inferior in appearance.

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