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As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere immediately froze.

The wolf king didn’t talk too much. He narrowed his eyes and said bluntly: “You are the prince of the wolf clan, and the wolf clan has never had male queens.”

“So what?” The man standing in the center of the room asked blankly.

His unmoved and fearless attitude made the attendants in the room even more nervous.

On the first day that His Royal Highness the eldest prince and the prince of the bird clan met, the news had already reached the wolf king.

However, the wolf king remained silent, and he didn’t mention this matter until today, probably because if this relationship continued, it would really step on his bottom line.

——It’s not just for fun, the elder prince is for real.

However, before that, no one thought that the eldest prince would actually like a man, and it was still the weakest and most despised prince from the bird clan…

The attendant behind the wolf king secretly wiped his sweat in his heart.

If the behavior of the prince made the Wolf King dissatisfied, the Wolf King could quietly erase the qualification of the other as the heir at any time in his heart, so just for the sake of their future, there were very few princes who opposed their beast king fathers like this.

However, not to mention that after the events of that year, the character of the eldest prince changed completely, such that even the attendants who were bystanders could no longer imagine the eldest prince being obedient to the wolf king, the question that arose in everybody’s mind was whether the eldest prince, who was about to turn 20, was still under the Wolf King’s control. It was already a question to which everyone had a question mark in their hearts.

The wolf king sitting behind the desk stared at Jing Yan for a moment and asked, “So you have made up your mind to fight against me?”

Jing Yan glanced at the time and said indifferently, “My relationship with Qiao Xi has nothing to do with you. I like him, that’s why I associate with him. Even if I encounter problems in the future, I will solve them all and keep walking with him. As long as he wants to be by my side for a day, no one can take him away from me.”

The last sentence, he said slowly and clearly.

The room went silent for a while, and the attendants buried their heads low.

Half a minute later, the wolf king coughed, picked up the water glass and took a sip. After putting down the glass, he did not continue the topic, and instead said: “Why have you never talked about your friendship with the bear clan and snake clan? And the whale clan, since you know the prince of the whale clan, you should socialize more. If you can form an alliance with these three orc clans, the wolf clan will become the orc clan with the most allies.”

The attendant started sweating even more after hearing this question.

When they got to know the relationship between the eldest prince, the bird prince and the whale prince, they were already very surprised. And during last month’s unified examination of the Orcs, there was a piece of news from the Bird King that surprised them – in addition to the Three Meow Alliance, Butterfly, and Whales, the eldest prince had also been friends with the Bear Princess and Snake Clan all this time.

When the eldest prince was still young, these people did meet in a few sporadic royal banquets. But the friendship with the snake tribe had been developed by the eldest prince in private.

The eldest prince had never mentioned it and seemed to have no intention of helping the wolf clan to form an alliance with those clans. The wolf king remained silent after hearing this news which made his attendants even more uneasy.

Jing Yan said indifferently: “The relationship between me and them is also a matter between us, and has nothing to do with the wolf clan. As for the alliance, if the other royal family has an intention of forming an alliance with the wolf clan, I will naturally deal with it.”

The Wolf King raised his head slowly, breathing heavily, all the while staring at Jing Yan without speaking.

Jing Yan said coldly: “Is there anything else? If not, I’ll leave.”

After a while, the door closed behind him.

As soon as he went out, Jing Yan bumped into the queen and the beast-shaped Jing Yu.

When the woman saw him, her eyes turned cold.

The news from the Bird King last month was still ringing in her ears, so she gritted her teeth secretly, and sneered: “The eldest prince in love refuses to let people go, but the bird king and queen have cried in front of me several times, they miss their child very much, so they hope that the eldest prince will let him go back as soon as possible.”

Jing Yan glanced at her, sneered and passed her by.

The queen’s expression changed, and she clenched her hands, her nails digging into her flesh.

…He dared to ignore her!

Jing Yu glared at Jing Yan’s back, turned around and muttered, “Mom, wouldn’t it be good for him to date a man? You can just watch from the side-“

Before he could finish speaking, Jing Yu was glared at by the queen. The gloomy gaze that turned around pushed him into a frightened silence.

“Very good?” She said these three words slowly, causing Jing Yu to shudder.

Yes, the eldest son of the former queen, the most capable prince in the wolf royal family at present, was willing to fall in love with a man and fight against his father, wasn’t it good?!

…Why was she angry?

——Because even she understood that the current Jing Yan had long been out of the control of the wolf king! And the wolf king had always been rational, even if he was not satisfied with Jing Yan’s other half, he would never abandon the heir he valued most!

Interacting with men couldn’t shake Jing Yan’s current status in the wolf royal family, so why should she watch this little devil live as he wanted?! Moreover, that little lover was actually sent by Jing Yu himself!

He had just slapped himself in the face!

However, since the end of the Orc National Examination last month, she had called several times and failed to talk to the Bird Queen. What she said to Jing Yan just now was all false, not to mention missing her son, the Bird King and Queen didn’t seem to want to offend Jing Yan at all, and for this reason, they had also started to act deaf and mute to her, dodging her everywhere!

Those cowards!

The queen was furious.

Jing Yan returned to the forest and went straight to his wooden house. The rain had stopped now, but the chill in the air had not subsided.

At the same time, two of their friends had fallen ill, so everyone was busy.

A Xue and Jing Yi looked after Chris, while Jiao Yue and Hei Yu looked after Qiao Xi, and nobody had eaten yet.

Jing Yan entered the room and walked to the bed.

Qiao Xi still looked like a little chicken, a round one in the center of the bed, sleeping soundly.

The doctor was packing the medical box, but when he saw Jing Yan, he respectfully said hello.

Jing Yan frowned and asked, “Qiao Xi hasn’t woken up yet?”

“Well, he is sleeping soundly, but the doctor has already given him an injection, so he should rest for a day.” Jiao Yue said.

Jing Yan asked the doctor a few more questions and confirmed that Qiao Xi was fine. Although he was in a coma-like sleep similar to Chris, he should have just caught a cold. Hearing this, Jing Yan sat down on the bedside worriedly and patted Qiao Xi’s head.

When he went out in the morning, he was fine, but he suddenly had a fever.

Jiao Yue looked at his face, then looked at Hei Yu, and asked, “What’s wrong? You went to His Majesty’s place this morning, what happened?”

His face looked a little bad.

“It’s nothing.” Jing Yan didn’t bother to mention the man’s interrogation or that woman’s ridiculous assertion. As for the bird king – he didn’t mention it to Qiao Xi, but he kept his attention on the couple’s movements. After leaving the exam city, they didn’t come to the wolf clan at all, instead they went straight to their home, without any intention of fighting with the wolf king to bring their child home.

It was a joke what the queen said, but he didn’t want Qiao Xi to be sad about it anymore, so he never mentioned it.

But… after thinking about it, he said: “He seems to be sick.”

Jiao Yue was stunned: “Wolf King?”

Jing Yan: “Well.”

Jiao Yue thought for a while, and said: “The last time we met, his complexion was really not very good, has it not improved at all?”

Jing Yan lowered his eyes and said, “The complexion was worse than last time.” No one spoke for a while.

Jiao Yue looked at Jing Yan’s drooping eyes, hesitated, and finally kept silent.

He sighed and said: “Okay, Qiao Xi should sleep for a while, come out and have a meal with us, don’t worry too much.”

“I don’t want to eat, I have no appetite,” Jing Yan said softly, “You go, I’ll accompany Qiao Xiaoxi.”

“But…” Hei Yu wanted to persuade him again, but Jiao Yue reluctantly stopped him and shook his head.

Before they turned to leave, Jing Yan asked again: “By the way, how is Chris?”

Jiao Yue: “He’s still asleep, it’s okay.”

Jing Yan nodded.

When they left, Jing Yan lay on his side on the bed, took the little chicken into his arms, stroked the little chicken’s back, and closed his eyes.

The sky was getting darker.

Little Chicken had been sleeping soundly, Jing Yan used the thermometer to confirm his temperature several times, and he felt relieved that it was indeed slowly dropping.

Jiao Yue and the others called him again, this time for dinner, but Jing Yan still refused.

When it was close to one o’clock in the morning, there was a knock on the door.

Jing Yan opened his eyes, got out of bed and opened the door. Hei Yu flew in the air and said, “You really haven’t fallen asleep.”

Jing Yan’s voice was a little hoarse: “Don’t worry about me, go to sleep.”

Hei Yu said: “Just like last year, I’ll hypnotize you, otherwise you won’t sleep well all night.”

Jing Yan shook his head: “I have to take care of Qiao Xi anyway, it doesn’t matter.”

“How could it be okay, Qiao Xi and Chris are sick, so you are worried, if you have any physical problems, we will also worry,” Hei Yu said decisively, “Rest if you can, Qiao Xi is sleeping anyway, you can’t get sick for him even if you look at him all the time.”

Jing Yan wanted to say more, but Hei Yu directly ordered him: “Go in, lie down.”

“…” Jing Yan took a deep breath, let it out slowly, lay down on the bed in silence, hugged the little chick tightly, and asked again, “If you hypnotize me to sleep, who is going to close the door?”

Hei Yu felt speechless for a moment: “I can become a human, can’t I close the door while being naked for a few seconds?”

Jing Yan shut up.

Hei Yu: “Don’t talk nonsense, close your eyes.”

Jing Yan closed his eyes a little depressed, but still obedient.

Seeing that the man had finally settled down, the butterfly flew above the man.

Qiao Xi slept for a long time, feeling an unusual atmosphere in a daze.

It was sadness.

Someone was sad.

He could vaguely see a little picture, it was dim, as if someone was huddled in a corner, silently shedding tears.

But the picture was too blurry, and Qiao Xi can’t see clearly for the time being.

But he could clearly feel that the sadness came not only from the child in that corner, but also from his side… in reality…it was by his side!

Qiao Xi suddenly opened his eyes, panting, staring at the dark wooden ceiling.

After a while, he reacted and sat up abruptly, a little confused.

It was dark all around, apparently it was the middle of the night.

What’s the situation? He felt like he had slept for a long time, but it wasn’t morning yet?


Qiao Xi suddenly remembered the feeling in his dream, so he turned his head to look, and vaguely saw the outline of Jing Yan’s figure.

He lightly turned on the light and saw Jing Yan lying beside him with clothes on—wait, this…he didn’t sleep all day until the next night, right?!

Qiao Xi was completely stunned stupid.

But soon, he came back to his senses.

Jing Yan’s brows were furrowed, his face was pale, his forehead was sweaty, and his breathing was a little disordered.

Was he having a nightmare?

Thinking of the dream he had just now, Qiao Xi rushed over and called, “Jing Yan? Jing Yan!”

Jing Yan did not respond.

Qiao Xi stretched out his wings and patted him, but Jing Yan didn’t wake up.

He always felt that Jing Yan’s body was a little cold, and he was very worried. He wasn’t able to wake him up even after calling several times. So, he slammed twice and said anxiously, “Jing Yan, wake up!”

This time, Jing Yan’s eyelashes moved, and he responded by slightly opening his eyes.

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