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Four months ago, on November 12, Capital Star Central Hospital.

Luo Ning sat in the corridor, waiting quietly. After a while, a young doctor in a white coat pushed open the door and came out.

The doctor was slender and handsome, with beautiful platinum-gold hair color, light pupils, and cold eyes, giving the illusion of being difficult to approach. But when Luo Ning saw him, he immediately greeted him with a smile, and said politely, “Uncle Snow, I am sorry to disturb you today.”

Dr. Snow, who had a cold expression, looked at Luo Ning’s smile and was obviously relieved, then even his voice became gentle: “Luo Ning, you came to the hospital to find me, are you feeling unwell?”

Snow was an Omega and had a good relationship with Luo Ning’s Omega father Ling Yuan, they were college classmates in the beginning. They were even roommates at the time. After graduation, Snow became a doctor at the Imperial Central Hospital. He could be said to have watched Luo Ning grow since he was a child, so he had always been very concerned about Luo Ning.

Luo Ning had been injecting inhibitors since the Omega pheromone in his body began to change when he was in middle school. Every time he was to be injected, he asked his Uncle Snow for help. If he even had a headache, he would come to him for consultation.

Luo Ning and Uncle Snow had always been very close since he was young, so he didn’t want to hide it from him, and replied with a smile, “My heart has been beating very fast recently, and I was restless and had strange dreams last night. I got the inhibitor injection a few years ago, the time should be almost up, so I came to you and wanted to get another inhibitor injection.”

Snow nodded understandingly, and said, “Come with me to get checked.”

He took Luo Ning to the private clinic. In the room, he carefully checked the various data for Luo Ning, focusing on the fluctuation curve of the pheromones, and quickly came to a conclusion: “Your pheromone is normal, you see, the value is very stable, indicating that the inhibitor has not failed.”

Hearing this, Luo Ning scratched his head: “Then why am I feeling uneasy?”

Yesterday, he went to the premiere of the film festival of “The Replicant Project”. At the premiere, he met Qin Yize, and his heart started racing. It seemed like it happened the moment he saw Qin Yize, right? Later, when the crew met, he took the initiative to ask Qin Yize for his contact information. After returning in the evening, he had a strange dream, and the dream was full of Qin Yize.

He originally thought that the rapid heartbeat was due to the fact that the inhibitor was about to fail, but now Dr. Snow said that the pheromone in his body was very stable, and there was no abnormal fluctuation at all, which proved that his inference was wrong.

Luo Ning rubbed his chin thoughtfully, a little confused.

Seeing that he was very worried, Snow couldn’t help but pat his shoulder gently and say, “Don’t worry. What’s the specific situation? Tell me in detail.”

Luo Ning smiled and said, “It’s nothing, I just met an Alpha yesterday, and felt restless, I thought it was the effect of pheromones.”

Snow explained patiently: “Under normal circumstances, Alpha’s pheromones do have an effect on Omega, which is natural. The effect of inhibitors is to minimize this effect. Omegas who have been treated with inhibitors will not be affected too much even if they walk into a place full of Alphas. Moreover, our inhibitors have become more advanced from generation to generation, and the one you inject can completely eliminate the influence of pheromones. Therefore, if your heartbeat is so strong, it should have nothing to do with the inhibitor, but your own subjective and psychological feelings. For example, when you meet someone you admire or like, whether the other party is Alpha, Beta or even Omega, you will be nervous and your heartbeat will race.”

Luo Ning suddenly realized: “So it is like that.”

Snow looked at him suspiciously: “Who did you meet yesterday?”

Luo Ning thought about it carefully before answering: “He is a star, he can be regarded as my idol, I like him very much.”

Snow said: “That’s right, it is your own psychological problem, the inhibitor has not expired. However, if you are worried, I can give you a shot again to reinforce the effect, so that nothing happens during this period.”

Luo Ning nodded immediately: “Thank you, uncle.”

Snow took Luo Ning for an injection, and after the injection, he warned: “This is a long-acting inhibitor, and the duration of action is still three years, the same as the one you used before. If you want to stop it, you can take the initiative to let it stop working.”

Luo Ning opened his eyes in surprise: “Can you take the initiative to make the inhibitor fail now?”

Snow nodded: “Our hospital developed a pheromone release agent a few years ago, which can also be considered by many Omegas after marriage, once an Omega who has taken the inhibitor injection meets the Alpha he likes and wants to get married, he can take this medicine to actively release the influence of the inhibitor. This medicine is very safe, even if you get pregnant and give birth within a year, it will not cause any damage to the Omega’s body.”

While speaking, Snow took out a light blue transparent liquid injection from the cabinet, showed it to Luo Ning, and said, “This is the release agent, you can always find me if you need it.

Luo Ning smiled: “I won’t get married, so I shouldn’t need it.”

Snow nodded: “If you feel any discomfort in the next few days after the inhibitor injection, you can come to me at any time.”

Luo Ning thanked him, then he turned around to leave.

After coming out of the Imperial Central Hospital, Luo Ning returned to the palace. He carefully recalled how he met Qin Yize, and the more he thought about it, the more confused he became.

He was an adult, not like those little boys and girls who madly chased stars. It was reasonable to say that even if Qin Yize’s acting skills were good, he would not really become Qin Yize’s brain-dead fan, his saying to Qin Yize, “I’m your fan.” were just polite words.

He grew up in the royal family, and the Alphas around him were one better than the other. To put it more bluntly, his father was an idol worshipped by the people of the entire empire. On top of that, there were his grandfathers and uncle who had made great military achievements. How could he worship a star blindly?

Moreover, there were so many Alphas at the film festival, why did he only respond to Qin Yize?

Could it be that, as Uncle Snow said, he had met… someone he liked?

Thinking of this, Luo Ning couldn’t help frowning and couldn’t believe it.

Cang Luan was connected to the master’s spirit, so he quickly sensed his master’s thoughts and jumped out to complain: “Master, why do you like Qin Yize? He is just a star! Even if you like someone, you should like somebody like Uncle Ling An. That kind of gentle and powerful Alpha, even if you are looking for someone in the future, you must find a young and handsome general.”

Luo Ning smiled slightly, stretched out his hand and touched the head of the intelligent mecha body, and said, “You are a mecha, you don’t know what I like.”

Cang Luan felt a little wronged: “I’m a smart mecha, and I’ve read a lot of novels with you!”

Luo Ning was silent for a moment, before he made up his mind and said, “If I like a person, it would have nothing to do with his identity or background. All those things don’t matter. I still feel very special towards Qin Yize, I need to confirm again if I really like him.”

Cang Luan asked curiously, “How do you confirm?”

Luo Ning smiled and curled the corners of his lips “Of course I’ll ask him to meet.”

That night, Qin Yize was being urged by his mother to marry him at home. Yu Lan also said that she had arranged for several Omegas to meet him, but at this moment, he suddenly received a message from Luo Ning: “Mr. Qin, I don’t know if you are free tomorrow. Can I invite you to dinner?” Qin Yize was just getting numb from his mother’s gaze, so he lied that he had a lover and was dating, and everything after that went smoothly. Then he replied to Luo Ning and promised to have dinner together the next day.

The next day, Luo Ning took Qin Yize to his private bakery.

Because Luo Ning loved desserts, His Majesty Caesar had specially invited a retired pastry chef from a seven-star hotel to build a secret private bakery for his son, specializing in desserts and pastries he liked. This shop was not open to the public at all. It was Luo Ning’s private kitchen. He rarely brought people here. He had only visited a few times with his childhood friends- Qin Yize was the first Alpha he had brought here.

After the two met, they talked a lot about mystery and suspense novels. Luo Ning told Qin Yize the truth that he was an Omega. Unexpectedly, this Alpha was just a little surprised, but his attitude towards him was still the same as usual. He did not deliberately get close to him because he was an Omega.

Luo Ning had met many Alphas since he was a child. Most Alphas treated Omegas as if they were their prey. When they heard the word Omega, their eyes lit up like a hungry beast seeing fresh meat.

Qin Yize’s expression was very calm, and he looked at Luo Ning very calmly. Obviously, he did not have any evil thoughts towards Luo Ning.

——What an honest and serious Alpha.

Although the two chatted, Qin Yize’s attitude was very estranged and he always kept a friendly distance with him. Luo Ning couldn’t help but ask, “Can I call you Yize? We keep calling Mr. Qin and Mr. Lin. It sounds a bit strange.”

Qin Yize nodded and agreed: “Of course. Then what should I call you? Xiao Luo?”

Hearing the man calling out the nickname “Xiao Luo” in a low voice, Luo Ning’s ears suddenly became hot.

This Alpha was undoubtedly handsome, and his appearance was not inferior to those of the outstanding Alpha generals in the military. His eyes had single eyelids, and his eyes were very deep. He was stared at by his calm etes, and Luo Ning’s heart started beating hard again. It was like the sound of a drum, the thumping of his heart was clearly heard in his ears, and even Cang Luan reminded him in his mind: “Master, your heart rate has exceeded 70, which is 10 beats more than the usual 60 beats/min!”

Luo Ning: “Shut up, I know.”

Cang Luan was a little excited: “Did you really like Qin Yize?”

Luo Ning ignored the noisy mecha, took a deep breath, and looked at Qin Yize calmly. Then said: “You are a few years older than me, just call me Xiao Luo.” This nickname had never been called by anyone, Qin Yize was the first.

Qin Yize smiled slightly, acquiescing.

This man was always serious, but when he smiled, he suddenly seemed a little gentle. Luo Ning was instantly killed by his smile, and his heart beat faster and faster. He immediately lowered his head and drank tea to disguise his discomfort, and casually turned the topic to suspense novels.

The two chatted for an afternoon without realizing. When they separated, Luo Ning took Qin Yize to the bookstore and bought the two books he had written for him.

Cang Luan said: “Master, your treatment towards Qin Yize is too special, right? You have not even given your two books to His Majesty and the First Prince!”

Luo Ning said, “Father and the others have no time to read these idle books. I just think that since Yize and I have a common hobby, it’s okay to send him the two books I wrote personally… I just don’t know if he will like it.”

To Luo Ning’s surprise, when the two came out of the bookstore, he happened to meet Qin Yize’s mother.

His mother obviously misunderstood the relationship between the two and invited Luo Ning to her home for dinner. Qin Yize explained apologetically: “My mother has been urging me to get married, and when she saw me with you, she thought we had that kind of relationship.”

Luo Ning suddenly realized, and from this moment on, he kept an eye on him – Qin Yize, are you being urged to marry by your family?

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