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“Come here.”

Hearing her big brother’s characteristic cold and deep voice came, Nuan Nuan hugged Briquettes, and ran over with short legs.

Gu Nan rubbed her hairy head with his slender fingers. The black shirt he was wearing at home still looked very cold, but Nuan Nuan was not afraid, and instead liked to cling to this cold brother.

“Big brother.”

The little girl called out in a soft voice, while her big moist eyes looked at the tough and stern young man in front of her.

Gu Nan looked at the cat lying lazily in her arms, and glanced at the dog not far away who was grinning at him but didn’t dare to go forward.


Nuan Nuan nodded her head obediently, and explained in a childlike voice, “They grew up with Nuan Nuan . The cat is called Briquettes, and the dog is called Rhubarb.”

He held a box in his pocket, opened it, and took out a beautiful crystal gemstone bracelet inside, with a beautiful crystal clear butterfly hanging from the lower end of the bracelet.

His fingers as white as jade carvings held Nuan Nuan’s slender wrist, and put the bracelet on the little girl.

The cat in the little girl’s arms licked its paws gracefully. It glanced at Gu Nan with its green cat eyes, and jumped out of its owner’s arms lightly.

Looking at the bracelet, Nuan Nuan widened her eyes in surprise, the obsidian-like pupils shone brightly like stars, and her clean and transparent eyes covered in glass were beautiful and fascinating.

Gu Nan looked down at Nuan Nuan’s beautiful big eyes full of aura, and his thoughts suddenly returned to the time when she had opened her eyes when she was just born. At that time, everyone thought that the eyes of Nuan Nuan were the most beautiful and lively.

“Big brother, is this a gift for Nuan Nuan?”

Nuan Nuan held up her wrist, the beautiful bracelet shone brightly under the refraction of the light, exuding a bright and soft light on the falling crystal butterfly. It was so vivid, as if it would spread its wings and fly at any time.

She liked it very much, and she was very happy. Her eyes were bent into round and pleasant little crescents, and she was as soft as a harmless little animal, always making his heart soft.

Gu Nan’s cold and sharp eyes softened a lot unconsciously.

“Well, it’s for you.”

Nuan Nuan sniffed her small nose, walked a few steps towards her big brother, and leaned her soft body into his arms.

The big brother not only had a cold temperament, but his body also felt a little cold, however Nuan Nuan didn’t feel it at all.

She hugged her elder brother’s slightly cold big palm with her soft little hands, and pressed her little face against it with crooked eyebrows, rubbing against him like a petite kitten acting coquettishly.

Big Brother’s hands were cold, but Nuan Nuan was warm, and it was not cold after rubbing.

Gu Nan was stunned for a moment, looking at the little person leaning on his lap, the corners of his mouth curved up a little, and he rubbed her soft hair with the other palm.

Nan Feng, who dutifully stood behind Gu Nan, “…”

His boss was getting more and more out of order.

These two brother and sister got along very harmoniously, so harmoniously that father Gu was very excited, seeing that his eldest son really had a heart, not just a nose and eyes.

At the dining table, Gu Nan looked at his grandfather and father, “When will the banquet be held to announce Nuan Nuan’s identity?”

When Nuan Nuan returned to Gu family home, they had already agreed to hold a banquet to officially announce her identity. Gu family should not be underestimated by outsiders.

“Already preparing, Nuan Nuan’s birthday is September 1st, and it is only a month away. We will prepare a grand birthday party for Nuan Nuan, and at that time we will openly announce that Nuan Nuan is our Gu family’s only daughter, we will take good care of her during this time, and try to make her gain some weight.”

They also knew that many people were staring at Gu family, Nuan Nuan was too thin now, if they could raise her well when the banquet came, so it would be better for her to gain weight.

They definitely won’t dislike their daughters, she was the prettiest no matter what.

But there would be many people at the banquet. If Nuan Nuan was too thin and had a bad image, it was easy to be used by some malicious people to talk about things. They didn’t care about these, but they cared about Nuan Nuan’s mood. Sometimes some people could move their lips up and down, they might not care about what they said, but it was easy for the sensitive child to remember it in her heart.

So they wanted to prepare the most beautiful and perfect birthday party for Nuan Nuan.

Gu Nan gave a light hmm…, and didn’t say anything else.

Nuan Nuan looked at them blankly. Before she could figure out what the banquet was, a crystal white and tender prawn was placed in her bowl.

Gu Nan put the shrimp that he had peeled himself into his sister’s bowl, and then picked out another one. His bony fingers continued to peel the shrimp slowly.

The sleeves of Gu Nan’s black shirt were neatly rolled up a little till his elbow, revealing his forearm corded with tight and smooth muscles. And such a pair of hands that one could not control but want to collect when they saw them were being used to peel shrimp shells at this moment, which made people feel a little reckless.

Gu An wanted to go to the battle to help his brother peel the shrimp shells, but unfortunately he didn’t dare to move unless he was ordered.

The movements of peeling the shells of the shrimp with fingers, carved like white jade, were unhurried, as if they were dealing with some kind of artwork, which made other people looking at it stunned and appreciate a kind of beauty.

The second shrimp was quickly peeled off completely by Gu Nan, and Gu Nan naturally placed it on Nuan Nuan’s side.

Seeing that she didn’t move, Gu Nan asked in a low voice, “Don’t you like it?”

Although his voice was cold as if there was no warmth, what he did was completely opposite to his icy demeanour.

Even the family members who were familiar with him looked at Gu Nan in shock.

Their son and grandson was actually peeling shrimp shell? You must know that he was a person who didn’t do anything he found troublesome. Generally, he basically didn’t eat this kind of shelled food, but now, it was also done to feed Nuan Nuan.

Nuan Nuan shook her head quickly, and her soft hair flicked along with her, especially the little bunch of dull hair on the top of her head, which twisted happily.

“No, Nuan Nuan likes to eat it very much.”

As she spoke, she ate the shrimp quickly, her cheeks were round and her watery eyes were big and bright, like a cute little chipmunk.

Seeing Nuan Nuan eating happily and earnestly, the corners of Gu Nan’s mouth curled up a little bit in satisfaction, then he continued to peel the shrimp shells for her, and then started deshelling a crab. For fish meat, he carefully deboned the fish. He put the ones in the warm bowl after picking them out, but he didn’t touch his own.

Nan Feng was so shocked that his expression was numb. Who would have thought that the man who could make children cry just by standing there could actually be so sweet towards this little girl!

“Big brother, you can eat too.”

Nuan Nuan brought some food for her big brother.

Nan Feng hesitated to speak, their boss was a bit of a clean freak, at least he would never touch food touched by other people’s used chopsticks.

As soon as he was about to open his mouth, he saw Gu Nan expressionlessly eating the food that Nuan Nuan had put into the bowl, and he even showed a little bit of joy in his mood.

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