TBVSR Ch. 56: Justice

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Jiang Yu hurried to the People’s Hospital, and she saw Qiu Li in the corridor of the ERon the second floor.

He was sitting on a horizontal chair in the corridor, his blue and white school uniform was stained with blood, and his head was bowed, as if he was resting.

Looking closer, he was still holding a small dictionary in his hand.

Jiang Yu sat next to Qiu Li, then she reached out and touched the band-aid on the corner of his mouth, it was very light, for fear of hurting him.

Very uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry.” There was guilt in her tone.

Qiu Li looked away from the dictionary, looked at her, and asked softly: “What are you sorry for?”

Jiang Yu’s eyes were slightly red, and she said stubbornly, “I’m just sorry.”

“I deliberately found fault, what does it have to do with you.”

Jiang Yu’s emotions were still immersed in the memory of her previous life. For some reason, the memory of her previous life seemed to have a subtle connection with him.

But at that time, she only looked at him a few times from a distance, and didn’t know him at all.

Nameless sadness invaded her emotions, she pursed her lips tightly, and a drop of warm tears fell on the back of his hand.

Qiu Li carefully held the little girl’s face, wiped the wet corners of her eyes with his fingertips, and asked softly, “Why are you crying?”

“I seem to have loved you…for a long time.”

Qiu Li’s heart was hit by the word “love” for a moment.

Jiang Yu leaned her forehead against his strong arm, and said hoarsely, “I’m really useless.”

Qiu Li shook the back of her hand heavily.

“Did the CT scan come out?”

“It came out, it’s all right.”

“Show me.”

“Throw it away, the doctor said it’s all right.”

Jiang Yu looked up at him: “Did you not have a CT scan?”

A CT scan cost several hundred, not to mention that the doctor at the school hospital advised Qiu Li to have a comprehensive examination of the head, chest, and abdomen…

He didn’t have that much money at all.

Jiang Yu pulled him and wanted to take him for an examination. Qiu Li said stubbornly: “I know my own body very well. There is no need for an examination. It’s fine.”

“The spleen is ruptured, if the ribs are ruptured, you don’t know, you don’t feel it… Wouldn’t it be a delay.”

Qiu Li stopped, and said in a deep voice: “I feel it, when it hurts.”

Jiang Yu looked at him puzzled.

He touched his chest and smiled helplessly: “Because there is light rain here, why can’t I feel it.”

Jiang Yu pulled his sleeve, with a pleading tone: “Go and check it.”

“I won’t go for the check-up.”

“Go for a while.”

“There’s no need to waste money.”

All her money was used to learn ballet, and Qiu Li didn’t want to waste any money.

“It’s really unnecessary. I don’t have a ruptured spleen or broken ribs. That bastard Huo Cheng, who is strong on the outside but weak on the inside, can’t hurt me…”

Before the words fell, Jiang Yu stood on tiptoe, held his head, and kissed his dry lower lip.

Qiu Li’s words stopped abruptly, and he subconsciously opened his mouth.

Jiang Yu moistened his thin lips lightly, then moved away.

Qiu Li’s mind was empty, and he still wanted more.

Jiang Yu tilted her head back, her narrow and beautiful phoenix eyes were bent, then looking at the young man who was close at hand, and asked softly, “Will you go?”

Qiu Li stared at her for a long time, but in the end reason still failed to overcome emotion, so he gave a soft “hmm”, and then bit her greedily.

CT scan showed that Qiu Li’s body was fine, but his muscle tissue was contused, and he would be fine after a short rest.

Qiu Li walked out of the hospital with the CT film, and said sullenly, “I told you everything is fine, you wasted money for nothing.”

“I’m happy to spend this money.”

Jiang Yu said confidently: “Spend some for peace of mind, so you don’t have to worry about it all the time.”

“You care about me so much?”

“I don’t care too much, just…a little bit.”

Qiu Li smiled, and wrapped his arms around her slender waist, but Jiang Yu nimbly avoided him, not letting him touch her.

He said unsatisfactorily: “If it is like this in the future, I will listen to Xiao Yu for everything.”

“How can there be such a good thing.”

“I think there will be.”

Jiang Yu walked away at a faster pace, walked a few steps, and looked back at him: “Then be good in the future.”

“Okay, I’ll be good.”

“You’re too worthless, so I agree.”

“I’ve been worthless for a long time.”

Jiang Yu won’t let go so easily. After passing Huo Cheng, Jiang Yu decided to take action when he refused to apologize and the school was obviously protective of his shortcomings.

She collected the videos from various angles taken by the classmates who were present at the time with their mobile phones, selected a relatively complete and clear section, edited them together, put them on the Internet, and submitted articles to some traffic bloggers who opposed school violence.

Campus violence was a very sensitive topic, but in this video, Huo Cheng uttered wild words, which also invoked the hostility of the society towards the arrogant and domineering rich second generation.

In the video, while beating Qiu Li, Huo Cheng yelled, “You trash, even if I kill you, no one will care about you.”

“Do you know who my father is!”

Such a conflict. After the explosive video was reposted by bloggers with a lot of traffic, the popularity suddenly rose.

Netizens were all angry after seeing this video.

In a society ruled by law, someone clamouring that killing people would not break the law, and beating people to death with one punch, how could such a guy be tolerated by the public.

This time, no matter who his father was, he wouldn’t be able to save him.

Some netizens had already started digging into Huo Cheng’s family, finding out that he was the son of the notorious “Lao Lai” Huo real estate boss.

The scolding on the Internet became even worse.

Immediately afterwards, another anonymous student jumped out, saying that he had also been bullied by Huo Cheng, that he had a bad character, but he did such “deeds” to the three good students of the school every year.

Jiang Yu looked at the comments made by netizens, and felt happy in her heart, but it was not enough.

She hated him so much that she wanted him to die.

In the previous life, Huo Cheng had a good reputation and social status, and in the eyes of outsiders, he had the perfect image of an entrepreneur.

Only Jiang Yu knew that when he returned home, he became a devil.

Now, Jiang Yu wanted to take off his shiny coat layer by layer, so that the world could take a good look at who Huo Cheng was?

This incident became more and more troublesome, and followed the name of the school and became a hot search.

The leaders of the school were so anxious, they hadn’t expected the matter to ferment to such an extent.

They issued a draft of the “Statement of the Situation” overnight, explaining that this was just an ordinary dispute between students, and the students involved had realized their mistake and wrote a letter of guarantee.

However, this draft, not only did not satisfy the anger of netizens, but made them even more excited, “The attitude of the school is clearly to protect the shortcomings of Huo Cheng.”

“If you deliberately hurt someone, writing a letter of guarantee can calm everything down. What should the law do, what will the police do?”

“The son of a real estate boss, the school can’t afford to offend.”

“You can imagine how domineering he is at school.”

“There must be a clear solution, otherwise this matter is endless!”

“It was also this school before, where there was a school violence incident.”

“It really stinks.”

The school did not expect that the school’s usual attitude of calming down and making big things small, would anger netizens so much this time.

The leaders were so anxious that they didn’t know what to do.

Yuxi Middle School had always been the most important choice for parents and students in Beicheng with its high admission rate and good reputation.

As long as the family had the means, they would send their children to Yuxi Middle School. If they had no means, they would create means to send their children to Yuxi Middle School.

But this incident would obviously cause Yuxi Middle School’s reputation to plummet.

The school leaders quickly contacted Huo Cheng and asked him to apologize publicly on the Internet.

Of course, Huo Cheng didn’t want to apologize even if he died, so he just pretended to be dead.

At the same time, the Huo Group also began to mobilize its forces to suppress and criticize the matter by buying water armies, trying to annihilate this matter.

With the participation of capital, the matter gradually calmed down.

However, it happened at this time that Qiu Li sent an apology letter full of tea[1].

In the letter, he explained the situation and sincerely apologized to Huo Cheng and the school, saying that he should not have angered Huo Cheng with his words. Under the education and criticism of the school, he realized his mistake and promised not to make it again in the future. supervision.

At the same time, in the letter, he also euphemistically mentioned the reason for the conflict, which was related to scholarship.

Jiang Yu never expected that Qiu Li would write such an “apology letter”, but again, just as soon as such a green tea apology letter was sent out, the incident of #Yuxi Middle School Wind# became a hot search again.

Netizens were filled with righteous indignation, cursing angrily for this long-knighted world that was difficult to understand, “The victim was pressed on his head to apologize, what a horrible school this is!”

“The school dug him over, and in the last semester, they unilaterally tore up the agreement, just because the rich second-generation son was unhappy with him.”

“It turns out that in Yuxi Middle School, a rich second-generation can execute the fate of a poor student at will!”

“My God, what kind of world and what kind of school is this, it’s too scary!”

“What’s the use of a high enrolment rate, the people who are taught are all scum.”

Knowing this moment, Jiang Yu finally understood why Qiu Li was beaten like that, and why he didn’t try to fight back.

Everything was his plan.

He was not a lamb to be slaughtered, nor a fish on a chopping board… How could a fool like Huo Cheng be Qiu Li’s opponent!

He couldn’t play him in the last life, and he still couldn’t play now!

Once this letter of apology broke out, even the Education Bureau began to ask about it.

Under the pressure of public opinion from all sides, Huo Cheng could only apologize, and sent an apology letter full of typos. Although his attitude was extremely insincere, he bowed his head anyway.

The public was still dissatisfied with his letter of apology. The title of “the rich second-generation son of the Huo Group” had basically made him a street rat and had made him suffer a social death.

In the office, Xie Yuan watched the video of Qiu Li being beaten up on the Internet over and over again.

The boy in the video, who looked like a poor little boy being bullied, made it clear that he deliberately provoked the perpetrator.

He was the mastermind behind this situation.

It was too dangerous for such a vicious boy to stay by his daughter’s side.

But what could he do, he couldn’t do things like beating mandarin ducks, just like those things that Bu Tanyan’s family did to him.

He could only silently protect his daughter.

Just when Xie Yuan was deep in thought, the assistant walked into the office and asked Xie Yuan, “Mr. Xie, the school has agreed to restore Qiu Li’s scholarship and increase the amount to 100,000. Is it appropriate?”

Xie Yuan looked at the boy who was trampled under Huo Cheng’s feet in the video, then he said calmly: “It’s too much, boys don’t need to spend so much money, 80,000 is enough.”

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[1]Reference to green tea. Green tea bitch refers to a woman who presents herself as innocent, sweet, and kind in order to approach guys who she finds useful, potentially in the sense of money, power, or purely fulfilling. (This is the green tea part). Yet this woman is actually calculating and all her good qualities are fake merely in order to appeal the guy. This woman uses many methods to achieve her goal, usually involves lying and being immoral. QL is being a green tea bitch in his letter by acting innocent in order to incite people.

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