SLDH Ch. 38.2: Half Demon

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As soon as Mi Wan returned to the eastern suburbs by car, she received a call from her younger brother Mi Shao.

“Sister, elder brother passed out.”

“What’s going on?” Mi Wan was startled.

“I don’t know, elder brother was processing documents in the living room just now, and suddenly he fell to the ground covering his head. I’ll send elder brother to the hospital first. You also come here.”

“Xiao Zhang, go to the hospital.”

After ordering Xiao Zhang, Mi Wan began to think about the possible reasons for Mi Yan’s sudden fainting. What Mi Yan had described was the flower demon’s entanglement technique. This entanglement technique needed to be carried out through a carrier, and the carrier must be something that the party wore and loved very much. The reason why Mi Wan had said that it would take three days for her to cure Mi Yan was because the Entanglement Technique could be completely broken only by finding the carrier.

Originally, she wanted to clean up Lin Manyu tomorrow, but she didn’t want to die like this, she actually cast spells to kill Mi Yan as soon as she got home.

It was already half an hour later when Mi Wan arrived at the hospital. Mi Yan, who was unconscious, was undergoing examination. He was lying in a huge equipment she did not know what it was checking, all the while being surrounded by experts from the hospital.

“Sister.” Little brother Mi was only fifteen or sixteen years old. This was the first time he encountered this situation, and he had already panicked. Seeing Mi Wan approaching, he greeted her as if he had found a backbone.

“What did the doctor say?” Mi Wan asked.

“The doctor is still checking.” Brother Mi replied.

Mi Wan didn’t speak, when Mi Yan was finished being checked, she leaned over to take a look, and her eyes immediately turned cold. Then she saw that the demon power that had been dispersed by her was now winding around Mi Yan’s temples with dozens of times the concentration.

Lin Manyu, you are really trying to die!

“Dean Liu, how is my elder brother?” Mi Shao stopped the hospital’s director and asked.

“We haven’t found out the reason yet, but don’t worry, we will continue to try to find a solution.” Dean Liu said.

Mi Shao’s face turned pale, and he turned to look at Mi Wan, only to find that Mi Wan’s complexion was a bit uglier than his, with a murderous look on her face.

In the end, the hospital still found no problems, so Mi Yan could only be kept in the ward for observation.

“Sister, will the eldest brother be okay?” In the ward, the two siblings stood on one side, and Mi Shao asked anxiously.

“No.” Mi Wan shook her head, she put her hand on Mi Yan’s forehead, and used her spiritual power to dispel the demon power. After a while, most of the demon power was dispelled by Mi Wan, but there was always a residual demon power no matter how hard Mi Wan tried, which could not be expelled.

How could Mi Wan not understand what this meant; someone had bound Mi Yan with the entanglement technique, Lin Manyu, don’t blame me if you want to die yourself.

“You wait here, I’ll go out.” Mi Wan withdrew her hand, got up and walked out.

“Where are you going?”


Without waiting for Mi Shao to ask again, Mi Wan opened the door and walked out, left the hospital, and went directly to the Lin family’s villa.

Lin Manyu was a good friend of the original owner in name, so she had naturally been to the Lin family home several times, but Mi Wan’s appearance had changed drastically at this time, and she was still thinking that if the security guards won’t let her in for a while, how should she find Lin Manyu? Then she heard the security guard at the door of Lin’s house say: “Miss said, if someone from the Mi’s house comes looking, they are to be sent in, so you can go in directly.”

Mi Wan smiled again, was she waiting for her?

After getting out of the car, Mi Wan went to the main hall. At this time, the living room of Lin’s family had already been tidied up by servants and restored to a tidy appearance.

“Miss is waiting for you in the workshop in the basement.” Saying that, the person who brought Mi Wan in led her to the basement again. When they reached the door of the workshop, the man left Mi Wan alone and went back.

Mi Wan pushed open the door and saw Lin Manyu sitting comfortably on the sofa drinking flower and fruit tea. When Mi Wan came in, a smug look flashed in her eyes, but she pretended to be surprised and said, “Wan Wan, how did you come here?”

Mi Wan walked up to Lin Manyu step by step, then without saying a word, she raised her hand, waved it out, and slapped her directly off the sofa, knocking over a whole row of essential oil cabinets, because of which the fragrance of all kinds of essential oils were instantly released and mixed together, the fragrance was very tangy, making people feel uncomfortable.

Lin Manyu only felt a buzzing sound in her brain, and then she flew out. When she looked up again, Mi Wan was already standing in front of her, pinching her neck with her right hand and pushing her against the wall: “Only a half-demon, and you dare to act in front of me!”

“You…you…you are not Mi Wan.” Lin Manyu could hardly move under the pressure released by Mi Wan, she was horrified to find that the person in front of her wasn’t Mi Wan at all, the original Mi Wan couldn’t have such coercion, and she didn’t know that she was a half-demon.

“I’ll send you to see her right now!” She exerted force, and Lin Manyu couldn’t breathe suddenly. Perhaps it was stimulated by her dying desire, but her demon power, which she was always unable to mobilize because of being a half-demon, began to run rapidly, and the fragrance of flowers overflowed, alarming Mother Lin who was resting upstairs.

“Manyu.” Mother Lin ran into the workshop, and what she saw was the scene in front of her. She rushed up in horror, but before she got close, she was slapped back by Mi Wan, almost making her reveal her original shape.

“If you kill me, no one will be able to save Mi Yan.” Lin Manyu threatened with difficulty.

“I know the flower demon entanglement technique, once bound, the entangled humans can only rely on the fragrance of the flower demon to stabilize their minds, otherwise they will suffer from splitting headaches for the rest of their lives.” Mi Wan snorted coldly.

“It’s good that you know.” Lin Manyu’s entire face was flushed with difficulty breathing, “Let go of me.”

“I just wanted to get back the carrier and give you a little punishment, but since you guys are in such a hurry to die, I will fulfill your wish.” The strength in Mi Wan’s hands increased a little, “Although the Entanglement technique is difficult to solve after it is bound, it is not impossible. When I kill you, I will dry your body and refine a medicine which will cure my brother.”

“The Demon Hunters Association has regulations, and demon hunters are not allowed to kill demons casually.” It took Mother Lin a long time to get up from the ground.

“Sorry, I’m not from the Demon Hunters Association.” After speaking, Mi Wan pulled back forcefully.

Lin Manyu screamed miserably, feeling that her soul was being torn in half, and she almost died of pain.

When Mi Wan withdrew her hand, there was a dilapidated camellia in her hand. What Mi Wan did was to directly pull out the part of Lin Manyu’s body that belonged to the demon side.

“Manyu~~” Mother Lin rushed over in horror. She hugged her unconscious daughter, looked at the camellia in Mi Wan’s hand, and asked, “What did you do to her?”

“As I said, I want her body to make medicine for my brother.”

“You…killed my daughter?!” Mother Lin looked at Mi Wan resentfully.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Once the Entanglement technique is bound, it can’t be undone except by using the caster’s body to refine the medicine. Since you dare to use it, you should know that today will happen.” After saying this, Mi Wan walked to the side table, pulled open the drawer, found the men’s watch inside, and left Lin’s house with the camellia in her hand.

As for Mother Lin’s venomous eyes, she didn’t care. Five hundred years ago, she killed too many demons. Which demon didn’t look at her with venomous eyes? She didn’t pay much attention to a third-order little flower demon.

Not long after Mi Wan left, Lin Manyu woke up from the coma.

“Manyu.” Mother Lin looked at her daughter happily, happy that she didn’t die.

It took Lin Manyu’s eyes a long time to regain focus, and then she looked at Mother Lin with a dazed and dull expression.

“Manyu~~~” Mother Lin suddenly realized something, and she called again, but Lin Manyu’s expression was still dull.

Taking Lin Manyu’s demon body, Mi Wan went back to the old house.

“Miss, is the young master in the hospital?” Butler Ye had heard the news a long time ago, and when he saw Mi Wan coming back, he anxiously asked about the situation.

“It’s okay, he’ll be fine tomorrow.” Mi Wan thought of Mi Shao who was alone in the hospital, and said, “Uncle Ye, my little brother is alone in the hospital, you go and take care of him.”

“I’ll go right away.”

After Butler Ye left, Mi Wan went directly to the kitchen. She locked the kitchen door and hid inside to make medicine by herself. She had just finished boiling the water, when Fan Chen suddenly appeared in the kitchen quietly, looking at the camellia that Mi Wan placed on the stove, Fan Chen’s eyes darkened.

“This is the soul of a half-demon. If you take her demon soul away, her body will become stupid.”

“What, you want to save her?” Mi Wan turned around and looked over.    

Fan Chen didn’t answer directly but asked: “You are using her body to make medicine, you want to undo some flower demon’s entanglement technique. I can undo it for you, then will you…”

“No!” Mi Wan said coldly, “I believe in paying evil with evil, even if my elder brother can untie the entanglement with a glass of water, I still want to soak it in water like tea.”

Fan Chen looked at Mi Wan in surprise, this was the first time he felt such a strong killing intent on Mi Wan, as if her reverse scale had been touched.

“This watch was stolen by Mi Wan and given to Lin Manyu.” Although the original owner was stupid, she really regarded Lin Manyu as a friend, “If I let her elder brother be harmed by a flower demon, I will be sorry for the body she gave me.”

“Half-demons are a sign of harmony between humans and monsters, if you hurt a half-demon in public, the Demon Hunter Association and the demon clans will probably come to you.”

“I’ll wait for them.”

Fan Chen stopped talking, turned around and disappeared in place. At the same time, Mi Wan threw the wilting camellia into the boiling water.

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