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Jiang Zheng looked down from the side, only glanced at it and then quickly moved away. Oh my God! She actually held hands with Ji Muye in front of the live broadcast camera?

This…not bad for her, but the show was too scary and made her lose her sense of proportion.

#Hahahaha Liang Xiaoduan is a fan. So is she here to participate in the show or to chase stars?

#Ah ah ah ah held hands openly on the show and said that there is nothing between the two of them.

#Sweet Candy.

#Calm down, sisters. Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye are boyfriend and girlfriend in the show. Is there any problem in holding hands?

Ji Muye didn’t change his face, and firmly held Jiang Zheng’s hand, which was trying to break free from him, “It’s not important. Let’s get out of here quickly. They must have found out that we’ve been away for so long, and they might have been looking for us everywhere.”

Liang Xiaoduan was crying, how could this not be important? It was very important. If she was not on the front line of sugar consumption, she would lost her title of first CP fan.

She took a step forward and whimpered, “I’m so scared.” This ghostly place was as quiet as an abyss, the space was still, the sound was still, and she was about to pee from the phobia of occlusion, and she really wanted to find someone to hug… But the two people on the opposite side were holding hands, standing shoulders against shoulders, motionless, she could only stretch out her arms and cross them around, then she hugged herself, and shivered.

Jiang Zheng couldn’t bear it, so she immediately threw away Ji Muye’s hand, stepped forward to hug Liang Xiaoduan, and coaxed: “Don’t be afraid, Xiaoduan.”

Ji Muye: “…”

Liang Xiaoduan didn’t dare to be hypocritical. After too long, the three immediately ran to the marked wooden house next to them.

They opened the door with the key, and the girl who was drugged before was lying on the ground. Jiang Zheng stepped forward to help her up and leaned on her shoulders.

Liang Xiaoduan took out two small celadon medicine bottles from her arms, “I just slipped these out of that woman’s pocket.”

Jiang Zheng just wanted to say that the medicine should not be taken indiscriminately. They had no way of determining what was in it.

As a result, Liang Xiaoduan put two medicine bottles forward, one with “poison” written on it, and the other with “antidote”.

Jiang Zheng: “………”

#HAHAHAHAHA The director is poisonous.

#Simple and crude, direct and clear.

#How could the director have predicted that they would steal the pill bottle? Amazing.

#I think the director set up a lot of plot touch points, and the guests only touched a few. Therefore, if different guests came to play, the situation presented would be very different.

Jiang Zheng quickly took the antidote bottle, smelled it, and suddenly didn’t want to talk.

This taste… Nima was chocolate beans.

She took one out of it and stuffed it into the girl’s mouth.

Sure enough, the girl woke up in less than five seconds…

Liang Xiaoduan, who didn’t know the inside story, stomped her feet excitedly, “Oh, I suddenly think I’m so good. When I played the female pickpocket, I didn’t expect that the pickpocket skills I practiced so hard could still be used here.”

#Hahahaha naive and lovely Xiaoduan.

#I saw the corners of Jiang Zheng’s mouth twitching, so what is the taste of this antidote.

The girl opened her eyes sleepily, and when she saw the three people standing in front of her, she immediately burst into tears.

She originally thought that she was doomed this time, but who knew that these people really had the ability to wake her up.

Just as she was trembling her lips and wanted to thank them, she heard the noise outside, as if many people were rushing this way.

She stood up immediately, “Let’s go, I know another way down the mountain.”

Before those people rushed over, Jiang Zheng and the others had already disappeared into the dense forest under the leadership of the girl.

If the traces of evil and religion were removed, Paradise Island really deserved to be the most suitable and exclusive resort island.

The Tianchi Lake on the top of the mountain was surrounded by continuous layers of pine and cypress trees, and unknown birds made a pleasant sound of chirping. What was not harmonious with it was that there were several figures running fast on the forest path.

The girl said that her name was A Nan while running. Her father was first abandoned by her mother, and later was defrauded by a good friend of the investment funds and thus became a pauper. He lost faith in life, started drinking his sorrows away with alcohol, and was devastated. Later, by chance, he learned that there was a paradise island that could make people carefree, so he brought her here.

Sure enough, as advertised, when she came to Paradise Island, she really seemed to have arrived in heaven. Her father seemed to have found his soul, and since then he had believed in the Lotus religion, and only obeyed the orders of the gods. So, when the godman asked her to go to the lotus pond to meditate, her father was so happy that he took her hand and said: You are blessed by the gods, and now your father can die in peace.

As a result, as Jiang Zheng saw, this lotus pond was not a so-called good place at all. Instead, it became the dirtiest hell on Paradise Island.

The secret road down which they were led by A Nan was a small path that the original islanders of Paradise Island stepped on when they went up the mountain to hunt or gather medicine. The pine needles were all over the ground, which was soft and comfortable to step on.

She walked in the front and turned back as she ran, saying, “Miss Jiang, that old magician coaxed you to be the Holy Mother, just to marry you as his wife. This is not the first time he has done this. The last sister he picked has already disappeared.”

Panting for breath, Liang Xiaoduan stopped, almost dying on the spot, “That old guy doesn’t take a pee to see how old he is, he even dares to covet my sister Zheng?! If he dares to touch my Sister Jiang’s one finger, I, I… Brother Ji can beat him!”

Jiang Zheng: “…”

Ji Muye looked solemn, “It must be.”

#Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Liang Xiaoduan wanted to do it in person, but it created an opportunity for Ji Muye.

#Xiaoduan’s self-consciousness is worth learning from for other cp fans.

#It’s too hard, I’m on the verge of breaking out of courage, and I’m going to eat sugar desperately.

Liang Xiaoduan was gearing up, “A Nan, do you have any tricks to help us kill him?”

A Nan pulled out a wooden hairpin from her head, one end was a peach heart, the other end was ground into a point.

Liang Xiaoduan: “Are you planning to burn everything?”

A Nan hummed, with coldness in her eyes, “Killing him will be considered cheap.”

The four of them continued to walk down the mountain while talking, passing through the dense forest. There were only a few spots left in the sun.

There were no TV entertainment programs on this island. Although people didn’t need to work and study, they had to watch the speeches of the gods for several hours a day. The brainwashing over time made everyone forget the prosperity of the outside world.

Jiang Zheng: “There is no mobile phone signal here, and it is isolated from the world. Even if you send a distress signal, the outside world cannot receive it.”

Liang Xiaoduan: “A Nan, you said before that you escaped three times, and once you escaped to the sea?”

Jiang Zheng tentatively asked: “Although it is isolated from the outside world, it is not absolute. The living materials needed on the island must be brought in from the outside world, so, A Nan, you secretly boarded the material procurement ship and then escaped, right?”

A Nan nodded, but it was a pity that she was discovered before she escaped to the shore and was returned to this terrible island.

Jiang Zheng thought for a while and suggested that Liang Xiaoduan should go down the mountain later to find He Xiao and Xiao Cheng to see if there was a boat that could go to sea. If they could find a way to go up, at least they could send for the police.    

Liang Xiaoduan nodded, “Then where are you going?”

Jiang Zheng glanced at A Nan, “That depends on whether A Nan knows where the former leader is?!”

A Nan smiled, “Yes, I know.”

#It turned out that Jiang Zheng had already discovered that the key point to break the situation in this episode of “Paradise Island” was the former leader Ming Dongfang.

#A Nan seems to be a victim but is the core character who promoted the development of the plot. But she will not take the initiative to explain the name Dongfang, and only when the guests guess it can she cooperate with them to break the game.

#My sister is mighty!

Ji Muye suddenly understood, “Then ask A Nan to lead the way.”

A Nan hummed.

The mountain road suddenly became steeper. Several people held onto the cliff, dragged branches or vines, and walked slowly down with each other supporting each other.

Finally, they walked through the dense forest and came to a stream.

Ji Muye stepped forward to have a look, then turned around and said, “I’ll carry you over there.”    

Liang Xiaoduan shook her head like a rattle, “No, no, no, you carry Sister Zheng. I will carry A Nan.”

She had to create opportunities for the Lord.

#Hahahaha I laughed so hard.

A Nan repeatedly waved her hands to reject Liang Xiaoduan’s kindness, Liang Xiaoduan straightened her trousers, “It’s okay. I have very long legs.”

A Nan looked down at her short legs, not wanting to speak.

Jiang Zheng originally wanted to refuse, but Ji Muye didn’t give her a chance, he just squatted down in front of her and poked her in the back.

She couldn’t be hypocritical at this time, so she had to say thank you and climbed up his neck.

The water was knee-deep, and the bottom of the stream was paved with slippery rocks. If you didn’t pay attention, you would fall into the water.

Not to mention, Liang Xiaoduan’s legs were indeed very long, she was worthy of being a singer who was good at both singing and dancing, and her physical strength was also quite good, so it was easy for her to carry the thin A Nan on her back.

Passing through a farmland, the four parted ways at the intersection.

A Nan really had many connections, she took Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye to a remote shop, and whispered to the shop owner for a while. The shopkeeper took out three sets of black robes from the back room.

A Nan said that the former leader Ming Dongfang was imprisoned by the old godman in a place called the treatment room, which was the basement full of screams that Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye had accidentally bumped into before.

The treatment room, euphemistically called so was meant to drive away diseases for the people who settled on Paradise Island. In addition to all kinds of people who prayed to the lotus god to heal their illnesses in the treatment room, there were also therapists who were responsible for treating them. They wore masks and black robes all year round. They had a very detached position on Paradise Island and were very respected by everyone.

The three of them changed into black robes, only showing their eyes, and walked out onto the street in such a swaggering manner.

Many passers-by bowed to them.

The three of them didn’t dare to delay, they immediately walked into the church and went down the spiral staircase on the left.

Like a living map, A Nan led Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye quickly around the pillar and walked to the place they had been before.

There were still screams and explosions from inside the rusty iron gate.

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