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The three of them glanced at each other, with Ji Muye leading the charge and pushing the door open.

They made a lot of mental preparations, but Jiang Zheng didn’t expect such a scene in the treatment room.

The long space was divided into small squares. Each square was surrounded by transparent glass curtain walls. In some squares lay patients moaning and groaning in pain, and in some there were black-robed therapists and patients being treated.

The strange thing was that in the hospital, doctors used medical instruments and medicines to drive away diseases for patients, while the therapists here relied on one hand.

Jiang Zheng passed a transparent square and couldn’t bear to look straight after only a glance.

The therapist’s hand slapped the patient’s back, slapping him very hard, as if he wanted to beat him to death.

He murmured: “The oracle of the lotus flower, all illnesses are demons, and a thousand pains are obsessions. Dispel pain and drive away illness, like smoke and clouds…”

After reading it once, he patted his back vigorously again.

No one could bear this kind of beating. Those who pinned their last hope on the lotus god could only endure this beating and baptism.

The three of them didn’t dare to look too much and walked straight to the innermost part.

Fortunately, there were so many people who needed treatment and people, so the therapists were overwhelmed, and no one had the time to care about other things.

The innermost square of the treatment room was made of iron doors and iron walls, leaving only a small hole in the middle for food delivery.

There were two tall and mighty bodyguards standing at the door, and when they saw three black-robed therapists coming, they stopped them and said, “No one is allowed to approach without the permission of the Lord God.”

“The three of us came to take the person inside to meet him.”

The bodyguard looked suspicious, “The three of you look very unfamiliar.”

Jiang Zheng: “Therapists never show their true appearances, how did you come to this conclusion?”


#Give this NPC a box lunch.

#Too real, big devil.

The bodyguard was stunned for a moment, then hugged his chest and stopped talking, anyway, he just didn’t want them to go in and take people away.

The corners of Jiang Zheng’s lips curled up, and she reached out to lift off the black veil mask, revealing a beautiful and glamorous face.

A Nan immediately understood, and reprimanded: “You really don’t know Mount Tai. This is the Holy Mother chosen by the Lotus God. She has the same status as the god. Anyone who sees her must bow down. How dare you stop the Holy Mother?”

The two sang together, and immediately calmed down the bodyguard.

Although the matter of the Holy Mother had not been made public, the believers were discussing this matter privately. A new girl now lived in the lotus core wooden house by the Lotus River. Legend had it that only the future Holy Mother could live in that house. In addition, Jiang Zheng’s appearance was really stunning, and everyone couldn’t help looking at the future Madonna with awe.

Entering the iron room as one wished, the air inside was quite turbid. There was a figure sitting on the ground, his hair grew like grass to his feet, almost covering his face. The robe he was wearing was so dirty that he couldn’t see the color, and his exposed arms were so thin that only a piece of skin remained. His hands rested on his knees, motionless, like an ascetic monk in meditation.

Ji Muye tried to shout, “Ming Dongfang?”

The person on the opposite side slowly opened his eyes. Even though he was in such a predicament, the eyes of this person were not cloudy, and even had a touch of clarity.

He hadn’t spoken for a long time, so the man’s voice was very hoarse, “It’s been a long time since anyone called my name.”

Jiang Zheng stepped forward and stared at him condescendingly, “Paradise Island is your life’s painstaking effort, that old godman plotted against you, and now Dove has occupied the magpie’s nest and imprisoned you here. Doesn’t Mr. Ming want to take revenge?”

Ming Dongfang slowly closed his eyes, “One day he will suffer retribution. My body can still bear it.”

In this Ming Dongfang’s early years, he was a big industrialist who had made a lot of money, so he had a great desire to seek welfare for the people. Thus he liquidated all his wealth and built holiday villas, nursing homes, hospitals, and hospice stations on this island far from the sea to help those in need for free. At the beginning, people didn’t believe him, thinking that there were no such stupid people in this world. Thus, very few people were willing to come here.

Later, some homeless people really had nowhere to go, so they came here to try it out. In the end, they really got food and lodging and free medical treatment. One of the tramps was the godman who was now worshipped by the majority of believers. He didn’t know what his real name was, but he said his name was Hao San.

This Hao San was the smartest of the group of homeless men, and soon gained Ming Dongfang’s trust. Publicizing the rescue purpose of Paradise Island and selecting candidates for the island were his main tasks. Although this person looked honest, he was cunning and greedy down to his bones, so he started stealing publicity funds secretly or swindling people’s money secretly without charging fees on the surface.

Bad things couldn’t always be hidden, and Ming Dongfang found out the truth soon after. Just when he was about to drive Hao San out of Paradise Island, Hao San acted preemptively and imprisoned Ming Dongfang, declaring that he was summoned by the Lotus God to leave. Hao San transformed himself into a human messenger of the Lotus God and a holy god. He turned the paradise island that was just meant to help the poor into an isolated island of terror controlled by evil and religious thoughts.

When A Nan first came to Paradise Island, she was assigned to the laundry room to wash clothes. There was an old man in charge who got drunk once and boasted in front of everyone that he once slept in a room with a god and ate a pot of rice. Knowing the shitty things he did before, he also proudly said that he knew a super big secret about the former leader Ming Dongfang. Everyone else laughed at him for being old and foolish and talking crazy. Only A Nan subconsciously felt that what the old man said was the truth. So, once she purposely found a bottle of good wine and got the old man drunk again, then she set out where Ming Dongfang was being held.

Seeing Ming Dongfang’s appearance as a living Bodhisattva, Jiang Zheng couldn’t help but sneer, “You have to pay back the sins you have committed.”

Ming Dongfang was unmoved, “I’m afraid you came here secretly. Please go back quickly. Don’t be caught by that man, or you will end up like me.”

Jiang Zheng took another step forward, “The people on this island were brainwashed by Hao San, they abandoned their families, gave away their property, and are willing to be his slaves. Sick people drink medicines with unknown ingredients, and their mild illnesses turn into serious illnesses, and serious illnesses turn into incurable diseases. People with weak hearts give up life completely and become poor ignorant believers of the so-called lotus god in his mouth.” Here, she held A Nan’s hand, “There are girls like her who were sent to Hao San by the foolish family.”

A Nan covered her face and wept.

“You don’t know people clearly, and you lured wolves into your house. All of this is your fault in the final analysis. At this time, you tell us that you don’t want revenge like a living Buddha, and want to wait for the old god to burp by himself? This is a fart.”

#One breath of lines is so cool.

#Jiang Zheng entered the play, well said.

#Hahaha hiccup fart? A very down-to-earth statement.

Ming Dongfang’s originally calm face like an old monk finally loosened.

The camera switched to three at this time.

One showed the picture of them persuading Dongfang in the consultation room, the other was the picture of Liang Xiaoduan, He Xiao and Xiao Cheng going to the pier to find the sea purchase ship, and the other was inside the church.

Inside the church.

The Lord God stood with his hands behind his back, and the golden lotus rose up in front of him, reflecting his face like a layer of Buddha’s light.

His eyes were deep and his expression was complicated. Sometimes he thought that he had told too many lies, and even he himself was deceived.

“My lord, we searched many places, but we couldn’t find Ms. Jiang.”

“I’m Teacher Zhang from the nursery. The new teacher Ji went to the pier to get milk powder, but he disappeared.”

“The two administrators assigned to the beach are also missing.”

A group of believers reported one after another. Mo Ji stood beside him, followed by Ke Cancan, who was the only one who didn’t run away.

Lord God turned around slowly, with a rather ugly expression on his face.

Mo Ji turned his face and asked, “Miss Ke, where do you think your companions will go?”

Ke Cancan laughed dryly, “I really don’t know. If I hadn’t followed Teacher Mo, I would have lost my way. Maybe they are here for the first time, yes they are not familiar with this place, they might have just lost their way. It’s not a big deal.”

Damn. None of the five of them ever take her with them, so there must be very little screen time for her in this episode again.

The face of the gods softened, “Paradise Island is surrounded by water, even if they get lost, the five of them will eventually appear. It’s okay.”

Mo Ji tried to ask, “The Holy Mother’s enlightenment ceremony will be held as scheduled?”

Ke Cancan was taken aback, “What is the Enlightenment Ceremony of the Holy Mother?”

Mo Ji said with a mysterious face: “Your companion, Miss Jiang, was appointed as the Holy Mother by the Lotus God. She will be the spokesperson of the Lotus God together with the gods and lords and will preach and enlighten the believers of our Paradise Island and let them pray for blessings.”

Ke Cancan: “…” Damn. Every time the director would add the most conflicting plot for Jiang Zheng.

The Lord God waved his hand, “It will be held immediately. No one should delay the will of the Lotus God.”

Mo Ji quickly said yes.

Meanwhile, the thugs continued to hunt for the five people in the shops on the street.

The church was decorated again. The red blessing ribbon of the initiation ceremony was hung high.

With joy and awe on their faces, the believers went to the church to participate.

After a while, the church was crowded with people, but everyone was silent, and even the sound of a needle falling could be heard.

The ceremony was held at an auspicious time, and as usual, a group of choir singers led by Mo Ji began to sing teaching songs.

The deity looked calm, and even sang along with high emotions. The believers in the audience burst into tears, expressing their unparalleled love and admiration for the lotus god.

Next, the gods began to read the “Lotus Treasure Book” and brag about the awesomeness of the lotus god, which could drive away diseases, relieve pain, and give people happiness. As long as they had the lotus god in your heart, they would be invincible, and their life would reach the final harmony.

Mo Ji silently looked at the entrance of the church. He didn’t quite understand why the Lord God insisted on holding the Enlightenment Ceremony of the Holy Mother in such a hurry. They didn’t even know where Jiang Zheng was hiding. If he couldn’t wait for her later, wouldn’t he be completely finished?

The believers were immersed in the teachings of the gods, and they chanted the so-called teachings in their mouths. Many people cried and shouted to sacrifice all their property in exchange for the mercy of the Lotus God.

If they were not crazy, they were not alive. Everyone here was scrambling to be the first, for fear that the lotus god would favor others and ignore them.

The Lord God nodded in satisfaction, and asked Mo Ji to go and count the offerings of these people and was very happy to praise everyone for their brave actions in cutting off the secular ties.

Next he announced the official initiation of the Holy mother.

Mo Ji’s forehead was sweating, the Holy Mother had not been seen yet, so how could he achieve enlightenment?

He raised his eyes to look at Lord God, and saw that his expression was normal, and felt that his acting skills had improved.

At this moment, a reprimand came from the entrance of the church, “Let me go.”

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