EVLM Ch. 44.2

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The outer door was locked again, and the surroundings were immersed in silence again.

Ji Muye crawled out from under the bed, with a lot of gray on his face and hair.

Looking at his appearance, Jiang Zheng burst out laughing, took a towel and dipped it in some water, and handed it over.

Ji Muye took it and thanked her.

The tense atmosphere suddenly eased.

“Teacher Ji, we have entered the plot since we came to Paradise Island. There is no time to buffer and think.” Jiang Zheng’s expression was much more relaxed as there were more people in the room.

“This is the director’s trick.”

Jiang Zheng hummed, “Let’s think about it carefully and see if there is any missing information.”

The two stood and sat together, sorting out every detail after entering Paradise Island, and found that there were three messages that keep appearing.

First, by the lotus pond.

Second, the lotus god.

Third, Ming Dongfang, the founder of Paradise Island.

Now the lotus pond could basically be identified as the garden for the godman’s selfish desires. The lotus god was invented by the old godman to fool people. As long as he wanted, the lotus god could be the god of chrysanthemums, peony, or even the dog’s tail grass god.

As for Ming Dongfang, this name appeared once on the signboard of the pier, and the Lord God said it once. Among them, why Ming Dongfang passed the position of leader to the old god stick, and what happened in the middle, they knew nothing about it.

Time passed by, and suddenly the small window on the door was opened from the outside, and a rough hand appeared in the gap holding a dinner plate.

Ji Muye quietly hid aside, winking at Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng got up, looked at the quite tempting food on the opposite side, and suddenly squatted down covering her stomach, and began to cry.

The man outside waited for a long time but no one came to pick the food up. He tilted his head and looked in through the small window and was startled.

Lord God said that this woman was very importan, so she must not be slighted.

He hurriedly asked: “What are you doing? Don’t play tricks. Get up and pick up the food. If you don’t eat, you will have to stay hungry.”

Jiang Zheng raised her head and saw the face of the man outside through the gap.

Her small face was wrinkled, with painful tears in her eyes, as she squeezed her voice and said: “My stomach hurts. I can’t get up.”

While speaking, she knelt down on the ground with a plop, and no one responded no matter how much she shouted.

After a few rattling noises outside, the door was finally opened from the outside.

The man rushed in and saw that Jiang Zheng was unconscious and was about to turn around and call for someone to come over, when suddenly a figure flashed in front of him, and someone rushed up behind him, clamped his arms and bound him tightly so that he could not move.

Who would have thought that a wild man was hidden in the cabin by the lotus pond where only women were allowed to enter for meditation.

#Ah ah ah Why does this person bother Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye’s vacation trip to the wooden house?

#What HAHAHA All Jiang Zheng’s acting skills are used to deceive people.

#This is only the second episode of “Terror City” and the plot is already so Shura, I wonder if the second season would even be able to attract guests.

Ji Muye’s arm strength was amazing, he suppressed the strong man under his body and no matter how hard he struggled and kicked, he couldn’t do it.

Jiang Zheng hurriedly dragged the sheet from the bed and stretched it into long strips to help Ji Muye tie up all kinds of people and throw them aside. Before leaving, he did not forget to stuff a towel in his mouth.

Jiang Zheng rushed forward when Ji Muye grabbed his hand.

Only then did she see clearly what kind of environment she had been in the previous few hours.

The fairyland was so treacherous, she did not know how many souls of resentful girls were hidden in these wooden houses.

The two ran hand in hand on the forest path, like a couple who were eloping desperately, and like a lost fairy left in the world, no matter how you looked at it, it was touching.

They rushed to the wooden house that had been marked just now and used the key to open the house where Liang Xiaoduan was being held.

As soon as the door was opened, the little pitiful girl was crying, and when she saw her unrivaled cp stepping on colorful clouds appear in front of her like steamed food, she immediately started crying even harder.

Through her tears, she keenly saw Jiang Zheng’s hand and Ji Muye’s hand tightly clenched together.

She was dumbfounded, so she raised her head and asked: “Sister Zheng, Brother Ji, did you secretly get married behind my back while I was locked up?”

The author has something to say: Brother Ji: I really want to.

Jiang Zheng: The child after being locked has become stupid.

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