TK Ch. 19: Responsibilities

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“Okay, okay, don’t fight.” Bai Ze coaxed with a headache, holding one in each hand, trying to separate the two children as much as possible. The teleportation array was not very stable, so he was worried about letting the two children go by themselves, so he had to hold them. He could only coax them while walking towards the bamboo forest.

The battle in the sky was still going on, there were hordes of demons, like dark clouds covering the top, wave after wave ramming towards the barrier of Kunyu Mountain. The heavenly soldiers in silver armor kept attacking the demon group, and the silver-white light shone in the dark clouds, like a storm intertwined with thunder and lightning. Nezha stepped on the hot wheels, shuttled back and forth in the dark clouds, and his figure looked extremely heroic.

“The evildoers know that my magic power is not enough, they are bullying people too much.” Emperor Donghua lay on Bai Ze’s shoulder and looking up at the sky, he waved his small fist angrily.

“Shut up!” Fu Li reached out and slapped him. If the demons in the sky found them, they might chase them to the Kunyu Mountain in the human world, and they would be trapped there and couldn’t get out.

Bai Ze sighed helplessly, hugged the two pushing and shoving children, and jumped into the formation.

After spinning around for a while, he opened his eyes again, and there was still the bamboo forest, but his ears were full of noisy human voices.

“They just disappeared in this bamboo forest. They really are demons.” An old lady said from outside the bamboo forest.

“It must be a fox demon.” The scholar was still immersed in the legend of the fox demon.

“No wonder my husband went out of his mind.” The woman next to him interjected.

Bai Ze twitched the corners of his mouth, pinched his fingers and performed an invisibility technique, and swaggered out of the bamboo forest with the two children in his arms. He was really stupid before, why would he be afraid of these people as a god…

Then he put down the two children and led them to the outside of the Taoist temple, the gray horse was still grazing leisurely by the roadside. The people around couldn’t see the three of them at all, but the gray-haired horse’s eyes lit up, then he spit out the grass in its mouth, and ran towards Bai Ze with a whimper.

“Can you see me?” Bai Ze was very surprised and raised his hand to touch the horse’s ear. He used a very low-level invisibility technique, but it was more than enough to fool ordinary people. The fact that the horse could see him meant that he already had mana.

“Hey…” The horse snorted and rubbed his big head against Bai Ze’s arm.

Bai Ze patted the horse’s head, carried the two children onto the horse’s back, and jumped on himself, shaking the reins lightly. It was too conspicuous to rise up in a crowded place, and it was easy to cause riots among the people. So, it was better to find a secluded place.

So, he reined in the horse and ran through the open area, then Bai Ze bid farewell to the gray horse, and carried the two children to the heaven.

“Hey——” the horse ran after Bai Ze’s shadow on the field and didn’t stop until they were out of its sight.

“It already has spirituality, and it will become a fairy in a thousand or eight hundred years.” Seeing that Bai Ze was still looking down, Fu Li said something.

“Yeah, I don’t know if it’s a male or a female. If it’s a male horse, I’ll let you know in advance.” Donghua lay on the edge of the cloud, looking at the little black spot on the ground, the old god said. All newly promoted male immortals must pay a visit to Emperor Donghua first.

Fu Li slightly frowned and said: “Whether it can become a fairy or not is its fate. Its fate with you is over, so don’t pay attention to it.”

“Yes.” Bai Ze responded with a smile, looking at the little Fu Li. When he spoke seriously, he couldn’t help laughing. In the future, even if Fu Li became white-haired and white-bearded again, it would be difficult for him to listen to his sermons seriously.

Emperor Donghua’s Nine-Colored Yunxia Clothes, when flying in the air, spontaneously stretched out into long nine-color silk ribbons, which would dye the clouds in the sky when he crossed the sky. When the immortals saw it, they would know that Emperor Donghua had come to heaven.

“I have seen the emperor.” The little immortals on the road bowed and saluted one after another.

Donghua stood on the cloud, nodded slightly, and was about to greet those people, but was grabbed by Bai Ze, and made to hide among the clouds, as they quickly flew towards Yuqing Palace.

“Why didn’t the emperor go to Lingxiao Palace, and went directly to Yuqing Palace?” Fairy Baihua looked in the direction of the cloud, very surprised.

“Perhaps he was in a hurry to grab Bai Ze from Tianzun.” Qian Liyan curled his lips.

“Talking nonsense again.” Fairy Baihua glared at him.

Not only Fairy Baihua, but also Emperor Donghua himself asked the same question: “Shouldn’t we go to pay a visit to the Jade Emperor first?”

“He will come over later, so it’s the same if we meet at that time.” Bai Ze fooled. Now there were more and more of these children, and they were getting harder and harder to discipline, it was better to keep them inside Yuqing Palace, so as not to be seen by anyone.

“Alright,” Donghua nodded, “Then let’s pay a visit to Laojun first.”

Fu Li glanced at the talkative Donghua, jumped out of Bai Ze’s arms, flicked his sleeves lightly, and opened the door first.

“Welcome to Yuqing Kindergarten!” Bai Ze jumped up the jade steps and said with a smile.

The little emperor straightened his clothes, smoothed the silk belt around his waist, just in time for the three-pronged golden crown to appear on his head, and walked in with his head held high.

“Fu Li—” Laojun’s childish cry immediately reached his ears, and he ran over like the wind, grabbing Fu Li’s little hand, “I have practiced a new medicine, come and see.”

Tianzun was being dragged by Laojun to see the alchemy furnace, Li Jing was still fast asleep while being tied up with a red thread, while the Queen Mother sat on the jade bridge and looked down at Donghua: “Are you new here? What’s your name?”

“Don’t move.” Yue Lao was sitting behind the Queen Mother and was tying a red band for her.

“Who will tell me what’s going on?” Bai Ze pointed to a pile of cabbage leaves on the ground. It was the cabbage he had just planted the day before yesterday, and it could be eaten today, but now it had turned into a pile of rotten leaves, mixed with the soil.

“Li Jing got drunk and trampled on it.” Yue Lao tied the Queen Mother’s headband, stood up and replied obediently.

“What about this?” Bai Ze picked up the half-remaining wine jar, and there were only a few drops of jade liquid left in it.

Yue Lao lowered his head and said nothing, but the Queen Mother blinked: “We didn’t do it, Laojun broke it.” After speaking, she raised her finger to Laojun squatting beside the alchemy furnace.

Laojun was giving an elixir to Fu Li: “Try it, wine jelly bean, it’s delicious.”

Fu Li took it and put it in his mouth. The sweet taste was no different from the previous jelly beans. When the sugar on the surface melted away, a few drops of jade liquid wine spread on the tip of the tongue, and the sugar mixed with the aroma of the wine became extra delicious. After tasting for a while, Lord Tianzun gave a “fair” evaluation.

Laojun was very happy and decided to present this kind of elixir at the Pantao Fair this year.

Bai Ze raised his forehead, lowered his head and said to Donghua, “Don’t imitate them, be good…”

Before he could finish speaking, the Queen Mother had already run over and grabbed the silk sash around Donghua’s waist: “This is so beautiful, excuse me I’ll wear it.”

“I won’t give it to you!” Donghua grabbed one end and pulled the silk ribbon out of the Queen Mother’s hand. The Queen Mother refused and still wanted it, so Donghua started running away, and the originally unclean Yuqing Palace suddenly became even noisier.

Bai Ze: “…”

There were more children in the kindergarten, but classes still had to start. Bai Ze gathered the children together and began to explain the precautions to be taken at the Pantao Festival.

“The Pantao Festival is when the immortals from the nine heavens and ten palaces gather in the heavenly court to eat the peaches planted by the Queen Mother.” The Heavenly book stood on the ground, and with Bai Ze’s hand, it showed the scene of the Pantao Festival in the past.

“That’s my flat peach, don’t let them eat it!” The Queen Mother pouted, dissatisfied.

“You have to eat the flat peaches when they are ripe. If you don’t eat them, they will go bad. You can’t finish them all by yourself,” Bai Ze coaxed. “And, if you let everyone eat the flat peaches, they will give you gifts.” While saying this, he pointed to the heavenly book.

In the heavenly book, Emperor Donghua, wearing nine-colored cloud robes, presented a basket of crystal-clear hibiscus fruits; and Laojun, wearing a robe, presented a pot of golden elixir.

“I don’t need flat peaches, just hibiscus is enough.” Donghua took out a hibiscus fruit from his Qiankun bag and took a bite.

“Who cares about your broken fruit, I won’t give you my flat peaches.” The Queen Mother said unconvinced.

“I want it, I’ll exchange the elixir with you,” Laojun took out three jelly beans, and held them in front of Donghua, “Wine jelly beans.”

Emperor Donghua thought about it carefully, and exchanged the fruit in his hand for jelly beans with Laojun. Laojun took a bite happily: “Well, hibiscus fruit is still delicious. I don’t want to eat flat peaches because there are worms in them.”

“You… woo…” The queen mother pursed her mouth and wanted to cry again.

“Boom!” Fu Li, who couldn’t bear it any longer, patted the table, “Shut up!”

As soon as Tianzun spoke, the children immediately fell silent. The queen mother didn’t dare to cry anymore, fearing that Fu Li would sue her in front of the Jade Emperor, Yue Lao lowered his head and twisted the red thread, Li Jing held the wine glass and slowly drank the wine soaked in the sun essence stone, Donghua had jelly beans in his mouth, Laojun took a bite of the hibiscus fruit and sucked the juice in a low voice.

After controlling the group of noisy guys, Fu Li looked up at Bai Ze, motioning for him to continue.

Bai Ze was very moved, as expected, Tianzun was still the only one reliable. Taking a deep breath, he began to explain everyone’s procedures in the Pantao Festival and their responsibilities at the meeting.

Pantao Festival had too many things to do, and giving the children a glass of Tianjun wine every day could only guarantee that they would turn into adults that day. They could not be expected to finish these complicated tasks on the same day, so they must start preparing early. Laojun began to practice preparing jelly beans every day, so as to save enough for the Pantao Festival; Donghua began to make invitations, so as to notify all the immortals… The Queen Mother’s task was the most important. She needed to order Xian’e to pick flat peaches, Zhinu to weave brocade, and Jiuxian to brew jade liquid. Bai Ze wrote down these things, asked the Queen Mother to take them, and then gave her a pot of wine from the Tianjun jar. The golden light flashed, and the Queen Mother’s body stretched out, as she walked out of the Yuqing Palace in a daze.

“Can this work?” Bai Ze stood at the door, very worried, and lowered his head to ask Tianzun.

Tianzun and Bai Ze looked at each other and then Fu Li yawned. Fu Li’s particularly beautiful eyes, placed on his small face, looked unusually large and crystal clear like glass. After yawning, his eyes were covered with a thin layer of water mist, and when he blinked, a teardrop hung on his long eyelashes, which would not fall.

Bai Ze immediately forgot about the drunken Queen Mother, bent down and hugged Fu Li into his arms: “Sleepy? Let’s go to sleep.”

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“Preparation for the Pantao Festival”

Bai Ze: Welcome to the 38th Olympic Pantao Festival. Now is the time for questions.

Reporter Shun Feng’er: I heard that elixirs are prohibited in this Pantao Festival. Is it true?

Laojun: Yes, only rich immortals can afford elixir. For the sake of fairness and justice, only jelly beans are provided this time.

Fuli Tianzun: It’s all rumors, I never drink alcohol, I only rely on dual cultivation to increase my mana

Bai Ze:???

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