TK Ch. 18: Fusang Tree

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When Bai Ze heard the people behind him chasing him, he rubbed his forehead with a headache and looked at the expressionless little ancestor in his arms. Lord Tianzun usually didn’t make troubles, but when he did, he caused a big trouble… Although what Fu Li said just now was true… Before he had time to think about it, he burrowed into the bamboo forest with the child in his arms.

There was a piercing formation in the bamboo grove, and Bai Ze focused his immortal power on his eyes, and the hidden formation was clearly revealed in front of his eyes like fireflies at night. Bai Ze hugged Fu Li tightly, and quickly rushed into the formation.

After spinning around for a while, he looked up again and found that the two were still in the bamboo forest. However, there was no noise from the people around, instead it had been replaced by the sound of insects and birds in the mountains, and the faint sound of waves. The breeze and the rich aura, carrying the saltiness of the sea, blew towards their faces.

This place was no longer the Kunyu Mountain in Kunshan County, but the real Kunyu in the East China Sea.

“Boom—” a huge roar came from the above his head, Bai Ze looked up, and saw countless golden lights and black lights exploding in the air, intercepted by an invisible arc-shaped dome, and the aftermath of those forces did not reach beyond the dome. In the light and shadow, he seemed to see a bright red armillary sash[1].

“Nezha and the others have already arrived here.” Bai Ze looked worriedly, and quickly walked out of the bamboo forest with Fu Li in his arms, heading towards Emperor Donghua’s palace.

The Emperor’s Palace was very beautifully built. The entire Immortal Palace was built along the mountain, with five steps to the first floor and ten steps to the pavilion. Green and fluffy moss grew on the bluestone-paved road, surrounded by fairy mist, and the tall stone gate loomed above it all.

It looked like there were thousands of steps, so of course it was impossible for Bai Ze to climb them. Holding Fu Li in his arms, clouds formed under his feet, and he floated to the front of the gate in a short while. Gently knocking on the door, the heavy bluestone door slowly opened, and a Taoist boy in light-colored fairy clothes stood behind the door, carefully watching the people coming in.

“Shenjun Bai Ze?” Dao Tong, who was usually expressionless, showed a bit of joy, “You are here!”

Bai Ze blinked. He had taught this Taoist boy 10% of his kung fu, and he had always looked the same whether happy or angry. It was the first time he saw such a joyful appearance on him.

“Where’s your emperor?” Bai Ze walked into the Emperor’s Palace with big strides, holding Fu Li who had already put on his green fairy clothes again. Seeing that Fu Li didn’t seem to realize that he was still being hugged in his arms, he pretended not to know as well, and still hugged the soft Lord Tianzun and didn’t let go.

“Emperor…” Dao Tong showed a look of embarrassment and took Bai Ze directly to the back garden.

The back garden was where the hibiscus tree was, and there were many magic circles around it, and no special tokens were allowed to enter. There was also a Taoist guard at the gate of the garden. After seeing Bai Ze, he saluted and greeted him: “Master Shenjun.” The movement of bowing his head was full of immortal energy, as if he would fly away in the next second.

Emperor Donghua was an elegant god, and the Taoist boys under him were also very elegant, but now, the two Taoist boys were looking at Bai Ze with burning eyes, which was a bit strange.

“Huh!” Fu Li snorted softly, the voice that sounded like a baby should have originally sounded full of tenderness to the ears of the two Taoist boys, but it sounded like thunder. The two Taoist boys looked at the child in Bai Ze’s arms in horror and were immediately intimidated by the eyes that contained endless avenues, and they froze and couldn’t move.

Bai Ze didn’t hear anything wrong but was scratched at the tip of his heart by the soft hum and looked down at Fu Li. Seeing Fu Li staring at the two Taoist boys, Bai Ze looked along and saw that the two were acting strange. He immediately hugged Fu Li and turned his back to prevent them from looking directly at Tianzun. “Is he in here?”

“Yes.” The two boys came back to their senses, responded hastily, and took out two tokens to open the garden gate, but they didn’t dare to look at the child in Bai Ze’s arms again.

The gate of the garden opened, and a strong aura rushed out. In the not-so-big garden, exotic flowers and plants could be seen everywhere. Of course, the most eye-catching one was the ten-foot-tall tree in the center that was as thick as a five-person hug.

The tree grew extremely delicately, with luxuriant branches and leaves, covering the sky and the sun. From a distance, it looked like a dragon soaring towards the sky. This was the sacred Fusang tree[2], once the habitat of the Sun Golden Crow. Now the tree was full of golden hibiscus fruits, shining in the sun.

There was a long nine-color silk sash hanging from the top of the tree, fluttering in the wind like haze. The Nine-Color silk sash was actually a part of the fairy clothes worn by Emperor Donghua. At first glance, the clothes appeared to be almost transparent light gold, but when they moved, they displayed nine colors, which looked very fancy.

“Donghua, are you up there?” Bai Ze grabbed the tree and raised his neck to look up, but he couldn’t see clearly among the dazzling hibiscus fruit.

“Who is coming? Tell me your name.” The clear and tender voice sounded unexpectedly cute with that pretentious tone.

“Pfft—” Bai Ze couldn’t help laughing, then he hugged Fu Li, tapped the ground lightly, and clouds formed under his feet, as he floated up the treetops in an instant.

There he saw a cute doll sitting on a horizontal branch. The doll was wearing a nine-color haze fairy dress, a three-pronged golden crown was placed on his head, and a long silk sash around his waist fell to the ground, fluttering in the wind. It was the turned-young Emperor Donghua.

“Donghua, this is Tianzun.” Looking at the appearance of Emperor Donghua, Bai Ze couldn’t help but want to laugh, but he held back with all his strength, squeezed Fu Li’s small wrist, and waved to Emperor Donghua.

Emperor Donghua looked at Lord Tianzun, who was also short-handed and short-legged, stood up, and saluted with his sleeves joined: “Tianzun.” Emperor Donghua had always been such a god who paid attention to etiquette. Even if he had become smaller, he was still an elegant and polite one. Donghua, it’s just… he forgot that short hands and feet made it easy to fall over.

As soon as he finished speaking, Donghua slipped and fell from the branch.

Bai Ze let out an exclamation, and quickly made a move, grabbed the long nine-color silk sash, and stopped his fall. Emperor Donghua was just suspended in the air, fluttering gently in the wind.

The little one stretched out his hand and covered his face, it was really embarrassing.

After knowing that he had gotten smaller, Donghua activated the protective circle to prevent the demons from coveting the hibiscus fruit. As a person grew younger, so did his mind. So, he insisted on guarding the hibiscus tree in the garden, no matter how much Dao Tong persuaded him to rest, he couldn’t persuade him.

“The hibiscus fruit is ripe again.” Bai Ze sat on the branch, let Donghua and Fu Li sit on his two legs respectively, looked up at the golden hibiscus fruit on the tree, sucked his saliva, and stretched out his hand to pick it one.

Picking the fruit with one hand, while holding the children with only one hand, Fu Li and Donghua couldn’t help being bound together. Donghua looked at Fu Li curiously, but Fu Li frowned, put his hand on Donghua’s chest, and secretly pushed him hard.

Bai Ze didn’t notice the two children’s movements and picked a hibiscus fruit on his own. This fruit was crystal clear, like amber, and the two seeds in the center could be clearly seen.

“I want to eat one.” Bai Ze blinked and looked at Donghua.

“Wait a minute,” Emperor Donghua snatched the hibiscus fruit, “Tell me first, why have we all turned into children.” This sounded like what the emperor who hadn’t grown younger would ask, very strong, if you ignored him, he would twist his body to one side while holding the hibiscus fruit…

“The vicissitudes of life, the power of reincarnation,” Fu Li began lightly, reached out and snatched the hibiscus fruit, and handed it to Bai Ze, “The higher the mana, the sooner you will become smaller.”

Bai Ze took it with a smile, took a bite, and narrowed his eyes happily. He especially liked to eat hibiscus fruit, the flesh of which was smooth and elastic, it melted in the mouth, and the sweet juice was extremely fragrant, without any impurities, which was very suitable for the taste of beasts.

“Boom—” Before the hibiscus fruit was eaten, a huge bursting sound came from above their head, and a mass of black monsters hit the barrier, covering the sky and the sun, and the surroundings suddenly became dark.

“In the land of the extreme east, there are many monsters. It’s not an option to keep doing this.” Bai Ze swallowed his last mouthful and said, licking his mouth.

To the demons, the hibiscus fruit was like fire to moths at night. As long as the hibiscus fruit was still there, these demons would rush here one after another.

“Let’s pick all the hibiscus fruits.” Bai Ze jumped to the ground with the two children in his arms, looked up at the trees full of fruits, and swallowed his saliva. With the disappearance of the hibiscus fruit, those monsters would not be so crazy, and Nezha could also be relieved of some pressure.

Emperor Donghua stood on the ground with his little hands behind his back, bowed his head and thought for a while: “Forget it, let’s pick them all, and I will go to the heaven with you.”

Fu Li slapped his head and said, “Speak well.”

Emperor Donghua staggered from the beating, pouted and glared at Fu Li, and took out a nine-color Qiankun bag[3] from his sleeve: “Put all the hibiscus fruits in here. You are not allowed to steal the fruit.” After thinking about it, he couldn’t help but say one more sentence.

Bai Ze took the Qiankun bag and looked at the two children. Emperor Donghua lowered his head and stroked the silk belt around his waist, Fu Li had his arms folded and was looking at him indifferently, neither of them obviously wanting to help. Scratching his head, the hard-working Bai Ze had no choice but to climb up the tree by himself and pick the hibiscus fruit honestly.

This Qiankun bag was the same as the nine-color silk clothes on Donghua’s body, and it was a treasure. Putting hibiscus fruit in it would not let the fruits’ aura disperse.

Filled with hibiscus fruits, the huge Qiankun bag turned into a small one again. Donghua snatched it back very pettishly, stuffed it into his sleeve, and followed Bai Ze out with his hands behind his back.

The two Taoist boys at the door immediately bowed to salute when they saw them coming out.

“You are to stay here to take care of the Kunyu Mountain. I, the emperor, will go to the Heavenly Court to have a talk.” Donghua raised his chin and looked like a venerable immortal. As soon as he finished speaking, he was picked up by Bai Ze and told to sit together with Fu Li.

Fu Li stretched out his short hand and pushed Donghua’s chest: “Go by yourself.”

“Why?” Donghua grabbed Fu Li’s wrist and stretched out his hand to push Fu Li.

The two Taoist boys looked at their own emperor, one moment he was looking up at the mountain, and the next moment he began to push and pull with the child in Bai Ze’s arms. They immediately lowered their heads and tried their best to hold back their laughter.

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Sashes are worn by many mythical characters in Chinese mythology, including the Monkey King. This one in particular belonged to Nezha. It was one of the two treasures that he was born with, the other being the Qian Kun Quan.

The Armillary Sash is fire-red, 7 feet in length and is shaped like a dragon. It has the ability to change in length, bind its enemies, and even regenerate if cut, all by its own will.


[3] A Qiankun bag is a pouch able to hold more than it appears able to carry. It is used by cultivators to carry large items.

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