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The office door opened, and the moment Xu Maomao walked out of the room, Oji in the outer hall suddenly sniffed in the air and turned his head to look at Xu Maomao.

In an instant, Xu Maomao immediately and keenly felt that this Oji cat released a very strong and fanatical breath, which should be some kind of pheromone, but unlike the female cat, when he smelled this pheromone for the first time, his reaction was to lower the front body and make a series of purring sounds involuntarily, and the whole cat presented a ready-to-attack posture.

——This cat probably wants to fight with me!

Xu Maomao, who received the strong attention from the male cat, thought so, looking nervously at the staring cat.

And Oji had already rushed over like lightning at this time, meowing and meowing: “Master Oscar, I have admired you for a long time, let’s mate!”


Before recovering from those two words, the string cat, which combined the agility and ferocity of the pastoral cat and the British shorthair, had jumped up behind Xu Maomao, and sniffed his butt in a friendly (roguish) way—this was a cat’s way of expressing friendliness, but also a precursor to certain behavior.

“Meow!” Xu Maomao exclaimed, and just as he was about to escape, Oji’s furry and healthy body pressed against his back from behind, and it seemed as if he was about to start something indescribable.

After all, it was an animal, and had the mentality of if you like it, go for it! It was such a pure and unaffected hooligan style!

“Meow meow meow meow!!!”

This time it was no longer screaming, it was screaming loudly!

All the hair on Xu Maomao’s body was blown up, and he immediately let go of the other cat and ran wildly.

Oji ‘s lightning attack was beyond everyone’s expectations. Seeing his beloved idol run away, he chased after him wildly, as fast as a wild cat!

Xu Maomao was horrified to see it catching up. After all, he was just a puppet cat. When he ran, he was not a mighty opponent of Oji who had pastoral blood, so he panicked and fell off the high platform accidentally.

“Meow!!!” Pain, pain, pain!! Broken Broken Broken Broken!

Oji had already caught up to him at this time, with a cat face innocently smiling and meowing: “I want to have sex with you as you are my idol!” Then he came forward forcefully.

Shen Yu, who just walked out of the office, happened to see this scene, so he rushed over without thinking, picked up Xu Maomao and hugged him tightly.

“What’s going on here!?” Shen Yu asked a little sternly, if he hadn’t kept his self-restraint there, he would have almost knocked Oji away who was too eager to try something! How dare you treat my cat master like this!

The young owner finally caught up and held down his cat, his tongue tied up anxiously: “I, I don’t know! It was always staring at the Oscar poster, I thought it just wanted to see it, who, who knew…”

Shen Yu ignored him and carried Xu Maomao to the beauty table beside him to check his injuries. Because the sound of falling just now was very loud, it must have been hurt somewhere. After checking, it turned out that its hind leg was twisted.

At this time, the Oji cat had been controlled by its owner, and it was lying on the ground unwillingly, looking at Xu Maomao who was being treated with adoring eyes.

“Meow meow?” The idol was big, why did he want to run away?

It was really puzzled, when it was wandering in the past, all the male cats would jump on any female cat they liked! The female cats either fought with the male cats to express their rejection, or said no with their mouths, and they were very honest physically. At least Oji had had many beautiful female cats because of his mighty majesty and good looks, and he had many cute kittens after every spring breeze. But even though Oscar didn’t fight, he also refused to accept it. Could it be that Oscar didn’t want to give birth to kittens?

As a stray cat who was beautiful enough to be picked up by its owner, Oji was rejected for the first time, and he suddenly started doubting his cat’s life!

Xu Maomao trembled twice in shock, even though he was nestled next to the therapist and Shen Yu, he still shrunk in fright from its “affectionate gaze”.

While looking at it, Oji meowed and expressed his thoughts.

Xu Maomao listened and gradually understood what was going on. He had long heard that courtship in the animal kingdom was simple and rough, with little process, but he never thought it would happen to him.

There was no bell on this Oji ‘s neck, which showed that the wildness in it was deeply rooted, and he had no awareness of the thousands of twists and turns when trying to become friends among humans.

He felt both angry and happy, but he didn’t know how to educate this innocent hooligan.

Finally, he whispered: “I have someone I like.”

Oji was shocked: “Do you like people?”    

Xu Maomao: “Yeah.”

You actually like lowly shit shoveling officers, what kind of taste is this? Unacceptable! Big disappointment!

“No, your noble blood cannot be defiled by the fish-lipped humans.” Oji advised earnestly.

Xu Maomao no longer knew how to communicate with it.

The two cats looked at each other from a distance, chatting with each other, seeing this Shen Yu’s face darkened, and he asked the young man, “Did you pick up your cat from outside?”

The young man nodded, “Yes, it’s a stray cat.” When he picked it up, it was mounting a female cat…

“How long have you been raising it?”

“Less than two months.”

“Since you have come to our shop, you can listen to how our therapist evaluates it.” Shen Yu’s voice was a little cold.

The therapist smiled and said, “Your cat is very active, so we suggest…neutering it as soon as possible.”

The young man scratched his head: “I know, I’m just a little bit reluctant.”

The therapist: “There’s nothing to be reluctant about. Cats are very fertile. Since you want to keep it as a pet, it’s better to have it sterilized early. Frequent estrus will cause many diseases, neutering can actually prolong its life.”

“With all due respect, your cat needs this treatment very much.” Shen Yu said with a blank expression, and hugged Oscar tightly.

“…” The young man shrugged and pulled Oji back to the cage, preventing it from communicating with Xu Maomao, “Okay, I will get it done as soon as possible.”

Oji couldn’t understand human language and was unconscious that the tool he once used to commit crimes that he once had a brilliant record in was about to be confiscated…

Outside the door, a pair of golden vertical pupils silently watched the “fan meeting”. It licked its sharp paws, and its ears with golden hair trembled rapidly. Seeing the young man coming out of the shop with the takeaway cage, it squinted its eyes and followed quietly.

It was longer than ordinary cats, with a very strong body and thick paws, but it walked silently.

A few days later, a message came that the cat named Oji was suddenly attacked overnight.

There was no missing leg or blood, but all the hair had been stripped off!

All of a sudden, he changed from a beautiful and proud mixed-breed street cat Oppa to an ugly little bald cat monk…

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