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Luo Ning and Qin Yize’s Weibo, after a whole night of bombardment, was both forwarded and commented on over one million times. And the voting situation of the year-end TV drama awards had also undergone a drastic change—during this period, Qin Yize was scolded badly, and his die-hard fans did not dare to vote for him, waiting silently for Qin Yize to publicly respond to the cheating scandal until tonight, when the truth finally came out, then everyone finally let go of their hanging heart, and let out the tickets in their hands.

As a result of a large number of his die-hard fans voting, Qin Yize was in full swing, surpassing five people in a row on the ranking list, and the number of votes soared to the first place overnight!

This also showed how terrible Qin Yize’s fan base was. The manufacturers who previously terminated the contract with Qin Yize regretted it so much that their intestines turned green.

Li Xin woke up early in the morning and saw Qin Yize soaring to the first place in the popularity rankings. He thought he was dazzled, so he rubbed his eyes hard to make sure that he read it correctly, and then excitedly sent a message to Qin Yize: “We fought a beautiful turnaround, and you are very hopeful to win this year’s Best Actor in TV Series!”

In the selection of the best actor in the TV drama awards, in addition to the judges’ scores, fans’ votes would also account for a certain proportion. After the conversion, the difference between the final scores of the first place and the second place was actually not much, but Qin Yize’s acting score would definitely not be low, so he was very hopeful to compete for the best actor.

On December 28th, TV drama year-end awards.

Compared with the fierce fighting in the film industry, this year’s TV series did not have many big hits, but the first season of “Strange Records”, which was released at the end of the year and ended within a week, was well received.

Everyone felt that the Best Actor trophy should go to either Qin Yize or Xiao Zhuo.

However, what everyone did not expect was that in the end the host announced: “The winner of this year’s TV drama best actor award are the dual male protagonists of “Strange Records”, Qin Yize and Xiao Zhuo!”

Hearing this, the audience couldn’t believe it, even Qin Yize and Xiao Zhuo couldn’t believe it.

Double Award, which had never appeared in previous award ceremonies. The organizing committee gave the trophies to the two of them, indicating that the acting skills of the two were comparable, especially the scene where the two played with each other, which made the audience enjoy it, so that fans of both parties didn’t have to worry about it.

After regaining their senses, the two hugged each other and went to the stage to receive the award side by side.

Holding the trophy, Xiao Zhuo smiled brightly: “Thank you, Director Zhang, for allowing me and Yize to appear in this drama, thank you to the organizing committee and the audience for their recognition of our acting skills, and thank you to the fans for their support! We will also put our heart into the next season and present the series of Strange Records to everyone in a complete and wonderful way.”

There was warm applause at the scene.

Qin Yize took the microphone and said: “I should be thankful, Xiao Zhuo has already said everything for me, here, I have to thank only one person in particular.”

Xiao Zhuo joked next to him: “You won’t have to thank your lover again right? Luo Ning just thanked you at the award ceremony a few days ago, everyone say, is it really okay for them to show their affection like this?”

The audience said in unison: “No!”

Qin Yize said seriously: “Don’t worry, I will not thank Luo Ning publicly, I will thank him privately with actions after I get home.”

Everyone: “…”

How do you thank Luo Ning with actions? CP fans could make up a lot of pictures that were not suitable for children.

Qin Yize changed the subject and said: “I would like to thank my manager Li Xin especially. Thank you, Brother Li, for thinking about me everywhere. He not only worries about my work, but also helps Luo Ning and me deal with a lot of personal matters. You are the best manager, thank you.”

Li Xin: “…”

He was really flattered! But suddenly thanking him at the awards ceremony, was Qin Yize going to do something that would give him a headache again?

Li Xin suddenly had a very bad premonition.

After the awards ceremony, Li Xin arranged a press conference for Qin Yize and Luo Ning, and Qin Yize also cooperated very well.

At noon the next day, the two joined hands at the press conference for the first time.

The media reporters were going crazy with excitement, scrambling to pass the microphone forward – sitting on the stage was the legendary Second Prince His Royal Highness, who expected the Second Prince to become involved in the entertainment industry, but he not only won the Best Newcomer Screenwriter Award, he was also the author of a very popular supernatural novel.

His Highness Luo Ning was good-looking, had a gentle and friendly smile, was full of talent, and also had a close relationship with Qin Yize.

Could they find any faults in such an Omega?

Not only a large group of fans on the Internet went to Weibo to meet the prince, but even the reporters were so excited that they turned into fans.

“His Royal Highness Luo Ning, why did you suddenly want to develop in the entertainment industry?” “His Royal Highness Luo Ning, can you tell us how you and Mr. Qin Yize fell in love?” “Why did you marry in secret and didn’t make your relationship public until now?” “Does Your Highness plan to be a screenwriter forever?”

The reporters asked Luo Ning excitedly, Qin Yize had expected this scene, after all, Luo Ning was a new face in the entertainment circle, and he had “the status of a prince”” It was normal for such a Luo Ning to attract everyone’s attention because of the double aura of “talented author and screenwriter”.

Facing the bombardment of the reporters, Luo Ning looked very calm. He smiled slightly and said gently: “Everyone, don’t hurry, I can’t understand the questions like this. Come one by one, thank you.”

Your Highness was so gracious and polite, that the reporters were embarrassed, and immediately sat down and raised their hands to ask questions.

Luo Ning replied: “Yize and I met at the premiere of “The Replicant Project” last year. I fell in love with him at first sight. Later, with the help of the parents of both parties, we got married in secret…Entering the entertainment industry, the development is not because of Yize, but because I have read a lot of books since I was a child, and I have always dreamed of being able to write a book by myself. I just happened to write a work that was signed for a film and television adaptation, so I decided to be the screenwriter myself…”

His Royal Highness Luo Ning had a very good temper, most of the questions were answered seriously.

The barrage area of the online platform that was broadcasting this press conference was going crazy. The fanboys and girls that Luo Ning had harvested in just two days could almost line up to circle the Capital Star. Everyone shouted to come to His Highness, willing to be a sweeping robot, and expressing that they wanted to fight Qin Yize. Qin Yize also suddenly changed from a “public lover” to a “public enemy”.

The atmosphere of the press conference had been very harmonious.

At the end when the reporter asked about Qin Yize’s next plans, Qin Yize picked up the microphone and announced calmly: “After I finish filming the remaining season of “Strange Records” with Xiao Zhuo, for the next one year, I will not accept any TV dramas or movies.”

The reporters immediately exploded: “You have just won the Best Actor in both movies and TV series, and you are at the peak of your career, why would you suddenly stop filming for a year?” “Didn’t the Second Prince say that, he supports your work?” “Could it be pressure from the royal family? Your Majesty doesn’t want you to continue acting?”

There were different opinions in the comments, and the reporters were full of question marks.

Qin Yize glanced at Luo Ning, and under the gaze of countless people, the Alpha gently held Luo Ning’s hand, and said in a very happy tone: “Because, my lover is pregnant, and I want to take some more time to take good care of him.”

This news, like a heavy bomb, stunned all the reporters and onlookers.

The second prince was pregnant?

That’s right, he was an Omega, the easiest to conceive.

Qin Yize was taking a one-year hiatus because his lover was pregnant, and he held Luo Ning in his palm and wanted to pamper him.

Luo Ning smiled slightly, looked back at Qin Yize, and said softly, “You don’t have to take a break for me for a whole year, right?”

Qin Yize said softly, “Don’t worry, I’ve already reported this matter to Brother Li, he also expressed his understanding. Your body is the most important thing, and this year, I will be by your side and the baby every step of the way.”

Luo Ning’s heart warmed, so he had no choice but to stop objecting.

The scene of the two getting together and whispering was seen by countless people after the live broadcast, and everyone said that they didn’t want to eat these days, since the second prince and Qin Yize gave out too much dog food, and they were already full.

What would their baby be like? It must be very cute!

Netizens had used their imaginations to put the faces of Luo Ning and Qin Yize together, and genetically synthesized some baby pictures. There were many versions of the “baby” on the Internet. The child of the two had not yet been born, but it had become the anticipation of countless fans.

After many friends in the entertainment industry got to know about it, they also posted on Weibo to express their congratulations.

Only Li Xin was moaning. Qin Yize publicly thanked him at the award ceremony, and he really didn’t do anything good! That night, he told him privately that he didn’t want to take on new dramas anymore. Luo Ning was pregnant, so he should take good care of Luo Ning. Li Xin’s head turned as big as a cow on hearing this, but he was embarrassed to affect Luo Ning and the child, so he could only grit his teeth and agree to Qin Yize’s request, and was busy rejecting various variety shows, interviews, and invitations to movies and TV series.

By the time all this was done, it was New Year’s Eve.

Qin Yize gave all the staff in the studio a ten-day long vacation, and it was rare for Li Xin to stop worrying about the entertainment industry and go back to his hometown to visit his parents. He decided that after the filming of the Strange Records was finished, he would not care about Qin Yize, and he would concentrate on taking care of Xiao Zhou—— Zhou Jinyun was more obedient, and Qin Yize gave him headaches every day!


After the new year, Qin Yize and Xiao Zhuo joined the team to film the sequel of “Strange Records”. The director heard that Qin Yize was going to take a rest to take care of his husband, so he speeded up the progress and wanted to make the next few dramas finish soon.

Luo Ning also came to the crew – this time, he didn’t need to be sneaky, but accompanied Qin Yize as a family member.

In order not to affect the progress of the crew, Luo Ning did not go to the crew to disturb everyone during the day but stayed alone in the hotel and concentrated on writing the new arc of the Necropolis Hospital. Readers saw that he was pregnant and still writing books, and they all expressed: “Your Highness, don’t work too hard, the baby is important!” “Luoluo, don’t be too tired. You are pregnant with a baby. It doesn’t matter if you write slowly. You must take care of the baby just now!”

Luo Ning knew that everyone cared about him, so he left a message saying: “Don’t worry, everyone, the baby is fine, I will pay attention. I am with Yize on the set, and he also takes good care of me.” Fans also thought that Qin Yize was a good person, an Alpha who loves Luo Ning very much, and countless people looked forward to the smooth birth of their baby.

Although Luo Ning was pregnant, he was in a good state of mind, his complexion was rosy, and his writing inspiration was very rich. At night, when Qin Yize came back, he would gently massage his cervical spine, shoulders and waist, and Luo Ning would lie comfortably in Qin Yize’s arms and sleep peacefully.

After two months like this, the Strange Records’ sequel was successfully completed, and Qin Yize officially announced his one-year hiatus on Weibo.

The fans also expressed understandingly: “Take good care of Your Highness Luo Ning!” “Looking forward to your baby’s birth.”

On the day of the crew dinner, many people came to congratulate Qin Yize on becoming a father. Qin Yize was in a good mood and had a few more glasses of wine, but he didn’t dare to get drunk, so he finished early and returned to the hotel.

However, as soon as the door was opened, Luo Ning was seen lying on the carpet beside the bed, his eyes closed, and his face looking unnaturally pale.

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