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“Sword contest platform?” Lin Xin looked down at the two crossed weapons, “I wonder what the Duke wants to bet on?” It was not that he had to agree to the challenge, in order to go to the sword contest, the two parties must reach an agreement, either to settle the grudge or to make a bet.

“I want you to give up your position as Marquis Lu and accept the discipline of the Lin family!” Lin Yedan said solemnly.

“What a strong tone,” Lin Xin raised his eyebrows, not understanding why this man insisted on letting him return to the Lin family, “If you lose, you will give up the title of Duke of Qing, and the Lin family will also carve out a county!”

One county is much larger than thirteen counties.

“Okay!” Lin Yedan agreed without hesitation.

The Lin family guards immediately went to prepare the sword competition platform and built a three-foot-square wooden platform among the withered yellow grass. Direct and branch members of the Lin family came out to witness, commonly known as watching the fun.

“The head of the family has not been to the sword competition arena for many years. Who provoked him this time?”

“Who else is it? Isn’t it the Marquis of Lu who has been in the limelight recently. He has been cutting lands of nobles all the way, and now it’s our turn in the Eastern Region.”

“He doesn’t know how high the sky is, but has he hit the iron plate this time? Our Lin family is not just a piece of paper, and he even wants to challenge the head of the family! I’m afraid he’ll cry if he loses in a while!”

In their opinion, Lin Xin was just a tough guy. The boy who had just tied his hair could not be that powerful even if he was a genius. He was not a master-level opponent like Lin Yedan at all. Lin Yedan’s spiritual power was stronger than Lin Xin’s master Zhu Xingli. The master couldn’t win, let alone the apprentice.

“By the way, isn’t this Lin Xin the bas***d of the traitor Lin Zhenghan?” A young man from the side branch suddenly said.

“Be careful! If the head of the family hears you saying such vulgar words, you will be rewarded with a bamboo tart.”

Unlike the relaxed clansmen, the smile in Lin Qu’s eyes had faded, and he stopped his father who was about to go on stage, “Father are you forgetting the Lin family’s principle of escaping from the world? Why do you want to be so prominent?”

“He is a bloodline of the Lin family, I can’t let him do whatever he wants!” Lin Yedan waved away his son’s hand.

“Lin Xin dares to do this. He must have something to rely on. Please be careful, father.” Lin Qu couldn’t help but remind him not to underestimate the enemy.

Lin Yedan turned into an afterimage and jumped onto the high platform. He didn’t know if he listened to the prince’s instructions.

Lin Xin stood at the corner of the wooden platform, holding the Yanggu Spirit Sword that was shining brightly. He lowered his eyebrows and his eyes, making it unable to see his expression clearly, “It’s too late for the Duke to regret it now. It’s not nice to lose to the bas***d of the Lin family and a mortal girl.”

“I never said you were a bas***d!” Lin Yedan frowned, and his voice was like a bell echoing among the grass and reeds. Lin Xin raised his head in surprise. The other party did not give him any time to talk nonsense, and directly began to recite the sword oath, “The emperor and the sky are above, the sun and the moon are our mirrors. This sword competition is based on my position as the Duke of Qing and the land of a county. Life and death does not matter. Masters, friends and close relatives are not allowed to seek revenge.”

Lin Xin said sternly, “The land of the queen is below, and the mountains and rivers are the basis. The sword competition is based on me giving up the position of Marquis of Lu and returning to the Lin family. Life and death doesn’t matter. Masters, friends and close relatives and are not allowed to seek revenge.”

After finishing their words, the two fist-bumped and swore an oath. They separated instantly and drew their swords to attack.

The masters exchanged moves without any distractions, and hundreds of moves were exchanged in a snap of the fingers.

The Lin family’s swordsmanship was based on vegetation, ever-changing and endless. The misty green light turned into thousands of sword shadows, tightly surrounding Lin Xin in the middle.

Lin Yedan’s swordsmanship had reached an advanced level, and he could pick it up casually. If Lin Xin were really a young man of fifteen or sixteen years old, he would probably not be able to take more than ten moves under his hands. But not Lin Xin!

There were sword lights in all directions. This was not an illusion, but real condensed spiritual power. It was extremely sharp and would cause blood to splash three feet upon contact. However, Lin Xin did not dodge, he just stood there and closed his eyes lightly.

Among the thousands of sword shadows, Lin Yedan’s true body was hidden. He was too fast to see, but he could hear it! The sword energy was like the hunting autumn wind, rushing from the forest and grassland, and the rolling clothes were like the sound of birds flapping their wings, mixed with the buzzing of the sword.

This way!

Lin Xin suddenly opened his eyes. The Yanggu Sword was like the rising sun. The light suddenly burst out from one point and accurately pierced Lin Yedan who was hidden by the strong wind.

The onlookers only saw two spiritual lights colliding in the air, and the sound of “dang, dang, dang, dang” was heard endlessly. Suddenly, all the sword energy stagnated, and Lin Xin knelt on the ground with the sword in front of his eyes, firmly pressing against Lin Yedan’s blade.

“Shatter”, the sound of shattering Luli, signified that the Luli on their swords was exhausted.

“Boy, give up.” Lin Yedan looked at him coldly.

The force pressing on the sword weighed more than a thousand kilograms. Lin Xin’s body was still that of a young man, and his spiritual power was not as strong as Lin Yedan’s. Such a head-on confrontation would be a big disadvantage.

The surrounding Lin family members breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, the two of them were evenly matched, and they were even worried about the head of the family. Now it seemed that they were still the winner.

“This Lin Xin can actually reach this level.” Those who had just looked down on Lin Xin restrained themselves. He was a young man who had just tied his hair! Now that he could fight to such an extent, what level would he reach when he reached adulthood?

“Could this man be a monster?”

However, what the Lin family didn’t know was that the real monster was just showing its fangs at this moment.

“The Duke is becoming happy too soon.” Countless light points escaped from Lin Yedan’s body, and they all disappeared into the Yanggu sword.

Just like countless fireflies rushing towards the firelight on a summer night, the stars were dotted and moving forward indomitably.

The sword’s body glowed brightly, and Lin Xin suddenly staggered away from the sword and jumped up. The light of fireflies turns into the rising sun, instantly dispersing the mist containing the air of vegetation.

Lin Yedan was shocked. The sword clearly had no Luli on it, but it was even more powerful than before. He turned over to avoid the sword light and quickly replaced it with a piece of Luli.

“Jie——” Everyone around him exclaimed, Lin Qu’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he tightened his grip on the spiritual sword at his waist.

The Yanggu Sword was like an ancient magic weapon. It shone brighter and brighter as the fight progressed, without any signs of fatigue. The scorching sun seemed to rise from Yanggu, and the fire of bean lanterns sets the prairie land ablaze.

“Boom, boom, boom!” Continuous explosions resounded throughout the world, and the withered grass and shallow water around the sword competition platform were shaken. Mud water poured down from the sky, covering everyone’s heads and faces.



On the high platform, Lin Yedan put one hand on the ground and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Lin Xin’s sleeves were broken, and there were several deep and shallow sword wounds on his body, but he still stood upright, with the Yanggu sword shining brightly, and the tip of the sword pointed at Lin Yedan’s neck, “You lose, abdicate.”

“You, what kind of evil magic are you practicing?” Lin Yedan gritted his teeth and glared at him. Just now he clearly felt that his soul was getting weaker and weaker, and his spiritual sword was gradually losing control.

Lin Qu jumped onto the high platform, used the scabbard to block Lin Xin’s sword, and helped his father up, “The Marquis has won. Let’s go to the house to discuss the prize for the sword competition.”

After Lin Xin and Lin Qu disappeared from sight, the Lin family returned to their senses. The head of the family actually lost, losing to a young man who only got his natal spiritual sword a month ago! This Marquis Lu was really terrible.

In his previous life, he became famous for killing Zhong Changye. This time, it was Lin Yedan who was on the sword showdown stage with Lin Xin, but the effect was even worse than before.

The fact that the Duke of Qing was defeated by the Marquis of Lu spread across the country overnight, shocking both the government and the public.

“That Lin Xin, how can he be so powerful?” In a courtyard in the capital, several people in rich and colorful clothes gathered together, and there was obviously a hint of fear in the eyes of the person who spoke.

“I heard that the Mojian sword has the blood evil spirit passed down from ancient times. Maybe Lin Xin has some inheritance.”

“Then, our plan…”

“Send more manpower! Lin Xin must die!”

I wish to admit defeat. Lin Yedan immediately wrote a memorial to abdicate, handed over the Lin family token to the crown prince Lin Qu, and no longer interfered with the matter of Luli cutting. Without this uncle’s help, the negotiations between Lin Xin and Lin Qu went smoothly. In the end, the Lin family was able to get by just by ceding three counties. As for other transactions, it was not enough for outsiders to understand.

After sealing up the Luli and loading it into the cart, a decree suddenly came, saying that there was a banquet for the barbarian envoys in the palace, and that the Marquis Lu should return to the capital immediately.

“Master Marquis, go ahead. Lin Qu will take care of the annual tribute.” Lin Qu stood on the wharf with rustling grass to send Lin Xin off, standing as tall as a bamboo. The wind blew up his green clothes, which highlighted his red peach blossom eyes, making him look like a peach blossom tree that was about to bloom. Elegant and calm, while not being surprised by changes.

Lin Xin was actually a little envious when he looked at Lin Qu who had just emerged from the dust. No matter how chaotic the world was, he always stayed out of it, just playing chess and drinking tea. Looking at the whole of Dayong, in fact, only Lin Qu was truly cultivating immortality. “I guess after the new year, the prince will be the Duke of the country. I wonder if cousin has taken a name?”

“Lin Shujing, just call me Shujing.” Lin Qu smiled slightly, the Marquis of Lu was willing to exchange names with him, it meant an easing of the relationship. They were now considered peers. If there was no quarrel between them and they met in private, they could even call each other cousins.

Lin Xin nodded, “A song of green mountains reflects a small pond, and people in the forest are quiet when the moon shines. I’ll remember it, cousin.”

“Huh?” Lin Qu was stunned. Before he could say anything, the man had already stepped on the spirit sword and sped away. He turned back to look at the Yuan’a who could not return to the capital with Lin Xin because they had to escort the captured Luli, “Your Lord Marquis, just… that’s all. Let’s go in to the Lin house and have some food.”

Reinstalling the Yanggu Sword with goosd Luli, it was a windy journey back to the capital.

It was indeed a spiritual sword forged by Zhu Yangai himself. Whether it was the smoothness of spiritual power or the storage of soul power, it was impeccable. Even the sword was much lighter than ordinary spiritual swords.

When he killed Zhong Changye, he fought with his life on the line. This time, he was not injured so seriously. On the one hand, he relied on the experience of his previous life, and on the other hand, he relied on Yanggu’s control of the soul power.

After landing outside the capital and entering through the Zhengyang Gate, Lin Xin wiped off the dust on the scabbard, hugged Yanggu for a while, and then hung it back on his waist.

“Stop, pass order.” The guard guarding the gate stopped Lin Xin and asked for inspection.

Anyone who entered Beijing, whether mortal or immortal, must have a pass. As the New Year approached, city gate inspections had become more stringent.

Lin Xin took out a jade sign with the words “Marquis Lu” written on it.

“The young man was ignorant and did not recognize the Marquis. Please forgive me, Marquis!” The two guards knelt down and saluted, causing the people around them to look over.

Lin Xin had no intention of showing off his power here, so he put away the jade plaque and entered the city without saying a word, disappearing quickly among the crowd. Stepping onto the crowded Royal Street, a well-dressed child stumbled towards him holding a porcelain vase in his hand.

“Oops!” The child tripped over someone and was about to fall down. If he didn’t help him, the porcelain vase would break, and the child would definitely be scratched.

At this critical moment, Lin Xin suddenly hid aside, letting the child fall firmly to the ground, and continued to move forward expressionlessly.

The porcelain vase flew out and shattered into pieces. The child lay on the ground and didn’t get up for a long time. When the people around him saw this scene, they immediately started pointing at Lin Xin.

“Why is this person so cold?” Princess Yunxi, who was sitting on the second floor of the teahouse and wearing a veil, said disapprovingly.

Shen Yingying, who was drinking tea next to her, looked at Lin Xin with shining eyes, “You don’t understand this. People who often patrol in border towns know that the most dangerous people are not immortals or strong men, but women and children. Barbarian children will kill people as soon as they can walk.” She didn’t understand this when she first went to patrol the border, and she was almost stabbed through by a little beggar who was begging for food.

As soon as she finished speaking, the child suddenly stood up and slapped the ground. A black dagger popped out of his sleeve, and he stabbed Lin Xin directly in the back of the heart.

Lin Xin drew his sword behind him without looking, spun around and kicked the assassin away.

“Lin Buqing, accept death!” Five immortals wearing coarse cloths sprang out from the crowd. The daggers in their hands were all glowing blue, and they were obviously poisoned.

Lin Xin was surprised that these people dared to assassinate him openly in the capital. There were many people here, so he could use Yanggu’s soul-absorbing power, otherwise a large number of mortals would be stunned, so he could only rely on the Luli‘s power to fight one against five.

These people must be killers raised by some family. Their tricks are simple and direct, and their knives were ruthless and could go straight to the vital point. As for Lin Xin’s counterattack, they didn’t dodge, even if they were injured, they still wanted to leave a knife mark on Lin Xin’s body.

Abundant spiritual power came from all directions. Lin Xin was worried about those poisonous blades, and it was very hard to stand on both sides. The capital’s defense was very strict. If there was a fight between immortals, the patrol would arrive within a stick of incense. Why were these people so confident?

Lin Xin thought quickly, unless these people were sure to kill him within a stick of incense. He suddenly looked up and saw a masked man holding a black crossbow lying on the roof opposite. The end of the crossbow was embedded with Luli, which would explode when it entered the body. Lin Xin had no time to dodge at such a close distance.

He must leave here immediately! Lin Xin gathered his spiritual power, cut off the oncoming dagger with a clang, jumped up, and ran away with the sword. Unexpectedly, the man with the broken sword advanced instead of retreating, and slapped Lin Xin on the chest with his palm.

At the same time, the man on the roof also pulled the trigger.

If he spread himself too much, he would not be able to dodge the crossbow arrows, and if he dodged the crossbow arrows, he would definitely be injured.

“Whoosh -” The sound of breaking through the air rang in his ears. Lin Xin blinked subconsciously, and an arrow shot out from behind, grazing his shoulder and hitting the speeding crossbow arrow with perfect accuracy.

In that flash of lightning, everything seemed to slow down. Lin Xin watched helplessly as the feather arrow broke through the iron crossbow and hit the masked man on the roof with a bang, knocking him several feet away and nailing him to the bell tower.

“Bold maniac, how dare you assassinate Marquis Lu!” came the voice of the capital patrol, and at the same time a sword light came from the sky, instantly splitting an assassin who tried to attack Lin Xin in half.

This was less than half a stick of incense, why were the patrols here? Lin Xin cut the throat of an assassin, took a step back, and suddenly ran into a warm and strong embrace.

“A Xin!” Shen Lou hugged him and turned around, dodging the assassin’s sword. The next moment, the assassins were surrounded by patrol guards.

The guards in the capital were all immortals, and twenty of them were more than enough to subdue three.

“Why are you here?” Lin Xin was surprised and happy. He simply leaned on Shen Lou and closed his sword. He looked up at the teahouse. Shen Qiuting, holding the Mulberry Arc Divine Bow, was grinning at him.

“I happened to be drinking at the patrol camp today.” Shen Lou said calmly, trying to help Lin Xin stand still.

Lin Xin refused, turned around and put his arms around Shen Lou’s neck, “I don’t believe it. Prince Shen must be very pleased to hear that I was returning to Beijing today, and he couldn’t wait to come and greet me.”

The guards who followed him looked at this dishonest scene and looked away rudely.

Shen Lou knew that Lin Xin was teasing him in front of everyone, so he shook his head helplessly and tried to push him away, but suddenly felt a dampness in his chest.

“Hold me, don’t let me fall,” Lin Xin said hoarsely, spitting out a mouthful of blood into Shen Lou’s collar. On the back of the hand on Shen Lou’s shoulder, there was a faint blue knife edge, “I forced the poison out.”

These assassins were sent by the princes to assassinate Lin Xin. They wanted to kill him in the capital and show it to the royal family to express their dissatisfaction with the Luli Cutting Order.

Murderous intentions were everywhere, and there must be no visible flaw in the Marquis of Lu.

Lin Xin leaned in Shen Lou’s arms coquettishly, his eyes darkening for a while, and he completely handed over his weight to Shen Lou, holding the fabric around his waist with one hand to support himself.

This situation seemed familiar. In the last life, behind the rockery, he hugged Lin Xin, who was sealed for no reason, in this posture…

A thunderbolt seemed to strike his head, and Shen Lou hugged Lin Xin with trembling fingertips, and spread his spiritual power through his body without leaving a trace. Bending over, he whispered: “Yes, I couldn’t wait to come and pick you up.”

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Note: A green mountain reflects a small pond, and the forest is sparse and the people are quiet when the moon shines. ——Song Han Hui’s “Huanxi Sha·Drinking at Zhongming Xiaoxuan”

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Xinxin: There is an assassin QAQ

Loulou: Don’t be afraid, I will protect you

Yingying: There is an assassin QAQ

Loulou: Don’t be afraid, go and protect your sister-in-law


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