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Lao Song sent Ji Wenfeng to the boxing gym first.

Deng Te opened his mouth: “You…” Why did you change your mind?

Ji Wenfeng passed by him with a sullen face: “If you don’t ask anything, I’ll treat you to eel rice after a while.”

Deng Te closed his mouth obediently, and silently went to fight with Ji Wenfeng.

Eel rice cost 80 yuan a piece.

After Lao Song sent Ji Wenfeng off, he came back and sent Wang Xiufang to the skating rink.

Old B rushed over early on Saturday morning, leaving aside his business in several Taobao stores, and even bought a box of lunch, waiting for Wang Xiufang there. After a few days of chatting, Old B had already decided that Ke Gexili’s fragrance was his soul mate. They had common interests and hobbies, and they had the same three views and temperament while both sharing a single status.

Yan Gou also liked skating. Hearing that Old B was coming to skate, he asked him to bring him along. Old B was older than the new group members and had rich social experience. All the previous members of the Villain Group went to college except him, and he was the only one left near Chengnan High School. He felt like he was left alone, so he usually responded to his brothers’ requests. He was lying on the edge of the ice rink, staring at Yan Gou skating while waiting for Ke Gexili’s fragrance.

The indicator pointed to 1 o’clock, which was the time they agreed on. Old B felt itchy and sent a WeChat message to Ke Gexili’s fragrance’s WeChat: “Where are you?”

Ke Gexili’s Fragrance: I have arrived.

The corners of Old B’s mouth rose, at this time, an aunt wearing a bright red coat sat next to him.

There were a lot of people in the indoor skating rink on Saturday, and there were a few coaches training with their children inside. The adults were watching and supervising in the outer circle, so the side facing the main road was crowded. Old B had been occupying the position for Ke Gexili’s Fragrance. At this time, a bombshell took her place, so he reminded her: “There is someone already sitting here.”

Wang Xiufang asked: “Where is the person?”

Old B: “She just went up to the toilet.”

Wang Xiufang: “Then you still occupy the latrine and don’t shit?”

Old B: “She’ll be back in a while.”

Wang Xiufang: “Is it written that this land belongs to your family? Did you buy it or rent it so that you will let no one stand here? Why do you do something so unqualified at such a young age?” She said and rolled her eyes.

Old B had been in the rivers and lakes for many years, used bricks to beat people, fought with school bullies, and had torn up countless Party A and Party B since he became a good man. His life was a life of fighting, but middle-aged women? Their fighting life had lasted many years longer than his fighting life, and he just couldn’t do it. In front of middle-aged women, he always felt like he was back in his infancy, naked, young, helpless, and miserable. He had no choice but to shrink to the side and look at the screen and think about something that was about to end.

Old B: Where are you and what clothes are you wearing?

It was inconvenient for Wang Xiufeng to type, and besides, this was about to be revealed, so there was no need to hide it. She switched to voice note and said, “I’m right next to the skating rink, wearing bright red clothes.”

At the same time, Ke Gexili’s fragrance sent a voice note to Old B.

Old B suddenly turned his head to look at Wang Xiufang.

Wang Xiufang: “What are you looking at?! Do you still want to ask me to give up my seat?! You should die!”

Old B covered his phone and took a step back, and then took a step back: “Don’t dare…”

Wang Xiufang rolled her eyes, and continued to shout to Old B in WeChat: “Brother B, where are you?” Another message notification sound came from Old B’s WeChat, so Wang Xiufang turned her head and looked at him suspiciously.

The Old B quickly put the phone to his ear: “Oh, I’m working overtime, I’ll be back soon, don’t worry, wife…”

Wang Xiufang thought to herself: Another social animal who longs for freedom and has nowhere to go, haha.

Old B went to the milk tea shop opposite and pulled off his hat to call Lu Rong: “Hey! Boss!”

Lu Rong who was packing Ji Wenfeng’s idle stuff here: “I was just about to call you. Have you met the master yet?”

Old B hissed and screamed: “You didn’t tell me that she is such a master!”

Lu Rong: “…?”

Lu Rong: “Is her level not high enough? I heard that she is the champion of ice skating in S city over 50 years old.”

Old B gritted his teeth: “You didn’t mention the group over 50 years old!!!”

Lu Rong: “…you chatted with her, didn’t you?”

Old B: “…”

Lu Rong: “You can’t live without committing your own crimes.”

Boss B begged: “Boss, can I not go to see her?!” Wang Xiufang was now frantically texting him, asking where Brother B was.

“No!” Lu Rong said in a stern tone. He needed the boss to stop Wang Xiufang from coming back.

Old B: “I really can’t go see her! She will suck me dry for such a strong young man like me! What good will it do to you if I am sucked dry?!”

Lu Rong: “…” Why was this world full of filth, he was still just a simple boy.

But after all, Lu Rong was a leader who was considerate of his subordinates. So, he did not force Old B to meet Wang Xiufang in person. Instead, he gave Old B a clear path: “You can hire someone else to replace you. This person must not be like you. You are a strong young man. If you and Wang Xiufang become lovers, you would be the one at a disadvantage; you have to find someone who makes Wang Xiufang feel that she is at a disadvantage on meeting him, so that she will take the initiative to withdraw and not block you. If you let her do this ruthless thing, she will even feel guilty towards you.”

Old B survived the desperate situation: “Boss, you are really my reborn parent!”

Yan Gou happened to be tired from skating and came to the milk tea shop to find Old B. He took out his mobile phone and showed the screen to Old B: Brother B, please buy me a cup of Four Seasons Milk Green Cup with double cream pudding, Boba Coconut Milk, 50% sweetness and ice.

Old B looked at Yan Gou who was malnourished, slurring in speech, socially fearful, panting, and had braces in his mouth – the person he wanted to find was far away, but right in front of him!

Old B held Yan Gou’s shoulders and pointed at Wang Xiufang who was wandering around not far away in a bright red coat: “That person’s name is Ke Gexili’s Fragrance. She has very good skating skills. If you invite her to skate and give you guidance, I will buy a large cup of Four Seasons Milk Green with double cream pudding, Boba coconut milk, 50% sweetness and ice for you.”

Yan Gou nodded without any thought and typed two words on the screen: OK.

He really wanted to find a master to guide himself.

Wang Xiufang was calling Brother B by the skating rink, but she got no response. She suspected that Brother B had discovered her, but he was not her soul mate as he said. Instead, he minded that she was 53 years old, a middle-aged woman, so he secretly left. Haha, there were no good men in the world. Everything from poems, songs, and ideals in life were all fake.

Just then, someone tapped her shoulder.

She was overjoyed and turned around. Yan Gou stood in front of her, sucking on a cup of milk tea.

Wang Xiufang: “…” Where was the young and muscular man with flowery arms that we agreed on? Why was he a malnourished high school student with a big cup of milk tea in his mouth and braces on his teeth?

Wait a minute, he may not really be Brother B. He may also be a salesman selling shoe cleaners, a deaf-mute who asks people for money, or a passerby who took a fancy to her beauty and wanted to buy her a drink…

Yan Gou quickly took out his cell phone and typed a line to her: “Are you Ke Gexili’s Fragrance?”

Wang Xiufang: “…” D**n it, it’s really him. Should have brought a good sister as a wingman.

Yan Gou typed another line: “Let’s go skating.” He walked forward happily.

Wang Xiufang followed him into the arena with ashen face.

She thought that this afternoon she could break away from her status as a “nanny for high school students” and go to a place where no one knew her and be a woman who freely pursued love. But in the end, she was still a nanny for high school students.

Not long after, Old B sent a video to Lu Rong. In the video, Wang Xiufang and Yan Gou were doing double figure skating on the ice, attracting the attention of the audience. In “The pain of all the persistence of love~ The pain of all the persistence of hate~ I can no longer distinguish between love and hate~ Is it just like this~ Blood and tears fell together~ My heart is broken and weathered~ The trembling hands can’t stop~ Can’t

Amidst the BGM of “Forgive”, Yan Gou sprinted and skated towards Wang Xiufang. Wang Xiufang used her strong arms to lift him above her head. Yan Gou straightened his thin limbs and raised his hands flat. Wang Xiufang held Yan Gou upright on the ice and spin, spin…

Lu Rong ruthlessly deleted the video and warned Lao B: “Well done, but don’t show me such eye-catching things in the future.”

After Lu Rong sent Ji Wenfeng and Wang Xiufang away, Lu Rong put all the unused things in the snakeskin bags prepared in advance and carried them into Lao Song’s Bentley: “Go back to my house.”

Lao Song stared at the bags full of luggage: “You…”

Lu Rong: “If you don’t ask anything, I won’t say anything when Uncle Ji asks me.”

Lao Song turned his head back while turning the steering wheel.

If the young master was taking something from the mansion… How could the young master’s matter be called taking? Even if the young master took it, who could do anything to him? The master was his mother’s man, the young master was his man, and the entire Ji family was his… If you think about it like this, the young master was really not worth it! It’s just strategic transport, eh.

Lao Song sent Lu Rong to his home and helped him move his things back to Tongzilou. Lu Rong gave him half a day off and agreed to let him go elsewhere. At that time, according to the original plan, he would be picked up first, then Wang Xiufang, and finally Ji Wenfeng. Lao Song knew that the young master had to deal with some housework, so he drove out to kill time by himself.

He hadn’t gone home for more than a week, and the ground was covered with a thin layer of dust. Lu Rong dragged all the snakeskin bags to his room, planning to come here later to slowly inventory them and slowly replace them with new ones. Ji Wenfeng’s idle stuff was finally settled, and he felt a lot more relaxed. He took a rag and mop and mopped the floor and wiped the table. After wiping, he suddenly came up with a bold idea: because he and Fang Qing left and took away a lot of belongings, the house was deserted and empty, and it became an idle property, so he could definitely rent out this room.

Tongzilou was in a good location in the city center and even though it looked old, they had redesigned and renovated it when they moved in a few years ago. It didn’t look like a house from the 1980s at all. He only needed one room to stock up, with a separate door lock, and the other room, together with the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and balcony, could be just treated as a one-bedroom apartment suitable for living alone. It could then be rented for several thousand yuan.

Lu Rong immediately took the real estate certificate and Fang Qing’s ID card and went out. Fang Qing had three ID cards, all of which were lost, and she had to go to the police station to get them reissued, but they finally found the lost ones in the pocket of a certain dress, which made it easier for Lu Rong to go through the formalities. Lu Rong walked into the real estate agency not far from the community, put up the housing information familiarly, and handed over the spare key.

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