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Deng Te finally managed to get a date with Ji Wenfeng, but Ji Wenfeng lost control of his emotions and punched him continuously for 3 minutes without stopping. Deng Te’s master suppressed the silent and furious Ji Wenfeng, dragged him to the sidelines, forced him to rest, and then pulled Deng Te aside and asked him if something had happened to Ji Wenfeng.

Deng Te hummed solemnly: “He invited someone to go to the hot spring hotel, but he was rejected.”

Coach: “…” Were all high school students today so good at playing?

Coach: “You are his good friend, please advise him to be more open-minded. There is not only one blade of grass in the world, so why should you fall in love with a flower unrequitedly.”

Deng Te: “Yes.” Deng Te walked to Ji Wenfeng, sat down and said in the way of having a sincere conversation between brothers: “Don’t be sad if you are dumped.”

After hearing this, Ji Wenfeng frowned and stared at him for a long time, turned his face gloomily, looked ahead and said proudly: “I dumped him.”

Deng Te: “Really?” That’s not what he heard.

Ji Wenfeng didn’t want to explain so much, so he stood up and put on his gloves: “Continue.”

Deng Te: “More?” Ji Wenfeng had fought from morning to afternoon, which was far beyond the normal training time. He had never seen Ji Wenfeng work so hard.

Ji Wenfeng: “I’ll go home later today.”

Deng Te tilted his head slightly: “What about the little slave?” Ji Wenfeng usually didn’t stay in the boxing gym for an hour before wanting to go home, saying that he had a little slave to take care of at home, so he couldn’t stay away for too long.

Now that Lu Rong was mentioned, Ji Wenfeng’s expression became even colder: “He did something wrong today, and I want to punish him.”

Deng Te’s heart clenched, thinking of those inhumane cat abuse videos on the Internet: “What kind of punishment?”

Ji Wenfeng said coldly: “I was boxing in the boxing gym all day today. I won’t go back so soon.”

Deng Te: “What about it?”

Ji Wenfeng: “While he’s staying alone at home.”

Deng Te asked nervously: “Is there food? Is there water to drink? Is there a TV?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…Of course, what are you thinking about?”

Deng Te thought for a moment, raised his head and asked Ji Wenfeng: “So, what kind of punishment is this?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “This is a kind of psychological punishment, a kind of humiliation. I was too good to him and made him think that I cared about him. So he became domineering and did whatever he wanted, I want to tell him that he is not that important.” As he spoke, he punched the sandbag in front of him.

Deng Te thought for a while: “If you don’t care about him, why were you so nice to him in the first place?”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “I just teased him because of a bit of interest, it doesn’t mean I can’t leave him or live without him. From now on, I will ignore him and let him know that I am the only one who has the upper hand between us.”

Deng Te thought of a lonely cat sitting by the window sill, feeling love and reluctance on his face, when he heard these words: “He must be very sad right now.”

“It’s best for him to be like this.” Ji Wenfeng thought of Lu Rong’s face that was about to cry when he canceled all the schedule for today, and his mood improved slightly. He dared to say such treacherous and shameless words as “Ji Wenfeng can’t live without me”. It seemed that he had indeed pampered him too much recently.

Deng Te: “But the obligation of the shit shoveler is to make the cat master happy.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…I said, he is a human being.”

Deng Te: “No matter what it is, if you raise it, you can’t let it be sad.”

Ji Wenfeng was slightly startled.

The kittens and puppies that Deng Te had brought home countless times were all thrown out by his father, while Ji Wenfeng was so blessed, but he didn’t know how to appreciate this blessing. Deng Te’s eyes when he looked at Ji Wenfeng were full of regret and condemnation: “If it’s very sad, you’re not happy either. You’re just boxing today to vent. You guys are sad together.”

Ji Wenfeng was silent for a few seconds and stood up: “Let’s go.” He took off his boxing gloves and packed his things, motioning for Deng Te to follow.

He really didn’t expect Deng Te to be an emotional expert. Deng Te had convinced him to go back.

After walking out of the boxing gym, Deng Te specifically told Ji Wenfeng: “Go back and give it a hug.”

Ji Wenfeng regretted it again at this time: “I think I can be late for an hour or two.” Lu Rong said something very outrageous, despised his favor and trampled on his self-esteem. Although he was not hurt at all, not at all, Lu Rong still deserved the punishment for playing.

Deng Te: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “He did very bad things. If I forgive him so easily, I will lose my prestige as a master.”

Deng Te asked: “Did the cat not go in the litter box? Is it so bad that it spread cat poop all over the floor?”

Ji Wenfeng: “It’s more serious than that.”

Deng Te tightened his hold on the gloves on his back: “Okay – what are we going to do?”

Ji Wenfeng thought for a while. He recently planned to rent a house near the school so that he could take a rest during lunch break. Now he just thought to get this done. He and Deng Te found the nearest real estate agent.

Real estate agent: “What kind of house do you want to rent?”

Ji Wenfeng: “An apartment five minutes’ walk from Chengnan High School.”

Real estate agent: “We just have such a house in hand. We just registered it. It’s fresh and warm.” As he said that, he took out the key to Lu Rong’s house and winked at him.

Recently, Lu Rong and Fang Qing had moved away, and Lao Wang lost his goal in life. One of them was his boss, and the other was his dream lover. Lao Wang seemed to have experienced unemployment and lovesickness at the same time. His life had thus become extremely decadent, sitting on the sofa every day, smoking, drinking and watching TV.

The pain of losing Fang Qing soon disappeared after a few days, leaving only a dull pain in his heart. After all, he had never had Fang Qing; but the pain of losing Lu Rong became more intense day by day: this little ba**ard lied, he took away 10% of the shares of his non-existent company, saying that he would repay his capital in half a year, one year to open a store, and three years to open a chain. Now there was nothing left, which caused a devastating blow to his non-existent business.

“Do you even want me, this little ba***rd?” Lao Wang felt resentful when he thought about it. He felt that his emotions were being played with. Sure enough, no one would treat people like him sincerely, so he gave up on himself more and more.

When Lao Wang went to the small supermarket to buy instant noodles that day, he happened to see Lu Rong who was returning home after registering his house with the real estate agent. When Lao Wang saw Lu Rong thinking after so many days and nights, he was overjoyed: He has not forgotten me! Then there was another big worry: I haven’t worked well at all during this period. I have an unkempt beard, a few locks of hair left uncut, and my appearance is slovenly. My overall image is close to that of Duan Yanqing. How could he reunite with Lu Rong who he had been thinking about him day and night like this?!

Seeing Lu Rong coming towards him, Lao Wang turned his back, carried his instant noodles and walked onto the corridor next door, pretending that he was a resident of another building, walked around the corner and lurked to secretly observe Lu Rong’s movements. Seeing this, he saw that just as Lu Rong was about to pass by their building, Lu Rong’s phone rang. He stopped and picked up the phone: “…Well, it’s me – so soon? Okay, it’s convenient, I’m here. 2 o’clock? Okay.” He finalized the viewing time with the agent without raising his head. Then a cold “come out” rang, Lao Wang turned around dejectedly and went downstairs to follow him.

“What have you been doing recently?” Lu Rong asked.

Lao Wang: “I didn’t do anything…”

Lu Rong took out his mobile phone and sent him a message. Lao Wang clicked on it and took a look: A young woman from x place died of cold and starvation in the stairwell because she was too lazy…

Lu Rong: “Are you awake?”

Lao Wang: “Hey, I’m awake.” He hadn’t seen him for more than a week, and even Comrade Lu’s voice when he scolded him sounded like the sound of blessing.

Lu Rong sent him some more wedding photos of Fang Qing and Ji Tong: “Is it exciting?”

Lao Wang was reminded of the pain of losing Fang Qing: “…Boss, I want to learn how to fry cakes.”

With a cry, Lu Rong let him into the house, took out the recipe for small fish cakes that he had already perfected in his pocket, and handed it to Lao Wang. Lao Wang found that the steps inside were accurate to a few minutes and seconds.

Lu Rong: “I will take you through it today so that you can familiarize yourself with the process. After you are proficient in the operation, you can consider the standardized process of mass production.” He opened the plastic bag, took out the prepared ingredients, and put on an apron.

Lao Wang burst into tears and put on his apron solemnly. Lu Rong had not forgotten him and wanted to start a business with him. He must also show his energy!

Lu Rong gave a demonstration and let Lao Wang explore slowly by himself. He handed the freshly baked fish cakes to Lao Wang, walked to the door of his room, opened it, and pointed at the snakeskin bags: “This is another business for you.”

Lao Wang was full of thoughts: “Boss, you are so unsatisfied that you even handed over two businesses to me at the same time. I really…” Then he burst into tears.

Lu Rong: “…”

Lu Rong mysteriously opened a snakeskin bag, turned out the goods inside and showed them to Lao Wang: “This batch of clothes, shoes and luxury goods are worth a lot of money. I have already put them for sale on salted fish. I usually can’t respond to messages in time because of classes, so I can’t do customer service. I can’t bargain with them, and I don’t have time to go home all the time to package and ship goods. You can use my account to sell things and I’ll give you 10% of the labor fee. That’s okay.?” He said and showed his salted fish page to Lao Wang.

Lao Wang saw a pair of second-hand sneakers with a price of 3777 and 14 people wanted 3000 for viewing. He immediately nodded and said, “Okay, okay!” If he sold a pair, he would get 377, making him rich.

At this moment, Lu Rong’s cell phone rang again, and the real estate agent told him that they were almost there. Lu Rong walked to the living room and opened the door, and he heard Ji Wenfeng’s voice in the corridor of Tongzi Tower.

Ji Wenfeng: “Let’s forget it here.”

Real estate agent: “Brother, don’t look at the tattered outside, it’s clean on the inside! It’s also well soundproofed and very private. If you lock someone in, he’ll scream and break his throat, but won’t be able to escape!”

Ji Wenfeng became excited when he heard this: “Really?!”

Lu Rong: “…” What kind of magical selling point was this?! Why did Ji Wenfeng still look interested! The most important thing was – why did Ji Wenfeng follow him home after he finally brought this batch of goods home?!

What a fate.

Lu Rong returned home and looked at the bedroom filled with snakeskin bags and Lao Wang, who was stroking Ji Wenfeng’s clothes with a rich look on his face. He immediately closed the door and locked him in. He could not let Ji Wenfeng see his gray industry under any circumstances.

Lao Wang was locked up for no reason, so he banged on the door: “Lu Rong? Lu Rong! Why are you locking me up!”

Lu Rong: “Shut up. Don’t make any sound for a while.”

He heard three people in the corridor. From the sound of footsteps, he guessed that the person coming with Ji Wenfeng was probably Deng Te, and he immediately had an idea on how to deal with Ji Wenfeng. Although he felt sorry for Deng Te, for the sake of the entire villain team’s success this month, he could only sacrifice the reputation of King Chuang.

When Ji Wenfeng took Deng Te through the door of Lu Rong’s house under the guidance of the real estate agent, he and Lu Rong looked at each other, while Lu Rong pretended to be shocked.

He delayed the shock for a few seconds, and then expressions of pain, resentment, and heartbreak appeared one after another on his face. The entire expression was rich in layers, extremely rich, and the rhythm was very well controlled and full of contagion.

Finally, a very penetrating sentence popped out from his trembling lips: “You actually brought other men to rent a house behind my back!”

After saying that, he pushed Ji Wenfeng and Deng Te away and ran out like in a Japanese drama.

Just then the real estate agent’s cell phone rang, and it was the theme song of “The Temptation of Going Home”: “For all the pain of persistent love~ For all the pain of persistent hatred~ I can no longer distinguish between love and hate~ Is this the case~ Blood and Tears fell together ~ My heart is broken and weathered ~ My trembling hands cannot stop ~ Unable to forgive ~”

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