PPM Ch. 80: Li Shengxia, Do you Hate Me?

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Yin Tangyi continued to stimulate him with words: “She doesn’t like you at all, and is very reluctant to be with you! If it wasn’t for your powerful position, she would have left you long ago. You don’t like her at all, otherwise, you won’t use your rights to restrict her, such that she has no choice! Someone, who doesn’t love you and you don’t love her, why do you insist on entangling yourself with her?”

His voice was firm. At this moment, a punch unceremoniously landed on Yin Tangyi’s cheek, hitting him to the side, and the person who punched was the angry Mo Nianchen.

Li Shengxia didn’t expect that Mo Nianchen would actually take action against Yin Tangyi, she was so scared that she covered her cheeks and screamed, “Ah—”

Mo Nianchen ignored her scream and pushed Li Shengxia aside coldly. He strode towards Yin Tangyi with great strides.

Seeing this scene, Li Shengxia felt the terrifying aura emanating from Mo Nianchen’s body, and suddenly felt a shiver run through her body.

She suddenly remembered the scene when Mo Nianchen beat dozens of people by himself when he was young! Yin Tangyi couldn’t fight at all, was he crazy? Why was he saying those things!

At this moment, Yin Tangyi wiped the blood from the corner of his lips and continued to say to Mo Nianchen, who was walking towards him: “Did you see the pain in her eyes? Did you see the hesitation in her eyes? Did you see her? She is disgusted with you. You forced her to do things she didn’t like, forced her to say things she didn’t want to say, forced her to admit things she didn’t agree with! You trampled on other people’s hearts and feelings, just for fun. You are the high-ranking prince. Others don’t dare to have any opinions on what you do, but if they don’t say it, it doesn’t mean they have no opinions!”

Mo Nianchen only felt that his voice was extremely harsh, and he had already walked to his side at this time, bent his knees, and kicked at Yin Tangyi’s belly unceremoniously!

Yin Tangyi was immediately knocked down and fell to the ground with a pale face.

At this moment, Mo Nianchen was like an enraged beast.

He was forcing him!

He was obviously very upset that Li Shengxia was with him, yet he dared to provoke him!

He didn’t need anyone to remind him how much Li Shengxia hated him!

When Li Shengxia saw Mo Nianchen’s hands on Yin Tangyi, he screamed, “Yin Tangyi, stop talking!”

Yin Tangyi didn’t seem to hear what Li Shengxia said at all.

Mo Nianchen seemed to exude a terrifying Asura aura.

This feeling left her at a loss.

Seeing Yin Tangyi’s silence, Li Shengxia had to say to Mo Nianchen: “Mo Nianchen, let him go, let’s go…”

Mo Nianchen’s expression was unusually indifferent.

Let him go? Why? He was scolding him and declaring war on him, how could he let him go!

Mo Nianchen kicked Yin Tangyi who was lying on the ground, and when he was about to kick him again, Li Shengxia suddenly rushed over and stopped in front of Yin Tangyi.

Mo Nianchen would kill him like this!

Mo Nianchen’s movements paused for a moment, and he spit out two words coldly: “Go away!”

She shook her head, “Please stop, you will kill him!”

She didn’t know, but her action of standing in front of Yin Tangyi made Mo Nianchen completely irritated.

She actually told him to stop?

He saw the nervousness in her eyes, it was because of Yin Tangyi’s injuries!

This made Mo Nianchen’s mood drop to the bottom, as if there were ten thousand emotions entangled in his heart!

Mo Nianchen picked up Li Shengxia coldly and glared at her fiercely: “Li Shengxia, tell me, do you have any opinion on me? Do you hate me? Say–speak your mind! Say– “

He wanted Yin Tangyi to listen carefully, so he didn’t force her!

However, his heart was so flustered because he really saw disgust in her eyes as Yin Tangyi said…

He threw away Li Shengxia, picked up Yin Tangyi’s collar, and shouted loudly: “Say it! Why don’t you dare to say it?” As he spoke, he punched Yin Tangyi!

“Tell me what you really think, or I’ll kill him now!”

He said this, and punched Yin Tangyi again!

She looked at him in astonishment and forgot to respond.

Mo Nianchen’s eyes were cold to the bottom!

Who did she like? Was it Yin Tangyi?

Did she like Yin Tangyi? So, she desperately wanted to protects him!?

“Speak…why aren’t you speaking…” He roared, punching Yin Tangyi with punch after punch.

Li Shengxia felt that she was about to be driven mad by Mo Nianchen. Seeing that he was about to seriously injure Yin Tangyi, she could not help but blurt out and yell at him, “Yes, I hate you, you are a lunatic, perverted andcrazy. You never think about other people’s feelings, you never care what others say! You only care about your own thoughts and do whatever you want! You trample on other people’s hearts and are always domineering and aloof! Of course I hate you! Why can’t I hate you!”

She spoke hurriedly and quickly, without pausing, as if all this was what she was thinking, and she finally found an outlet to vent.

“Heh.” After Mo Nianchen listened to her words, he suddenly made a cold monophonic sound, then he coldly threw off Yin Tangyi’s collar, and angrily kicked open the soda can under his feet. Without saying a word or looking at her, he walked away!

The can made a clanging sound, and people who listened it felt flustered.

His back looked very indifferent and lonely, and he walked very fast, as if to throw everything behind him far away.

Li Shengxia looked at his back, and it was as if she finally realized something, then she covered her face in panic.

What did she say? She must be crazy! How could she say that to him! He would definitely get revenge on her, right?

She wanted to yell at him for a long time, but she really didn’t expect that it would be so uncomfortable when she said it…

Why did he show that look like he was hurt? Was she hallucinating? How could he possibly be hurt…

Why did he seem to have a hurt look on his face?

Between two people, only the person who cared about the other should be hurt…

Between him and her, it would always be only her who could get hurt.

Yin Tangyi was beaten by Mo Nianchen and was so injured that he lay on the ground and could not stand up. When he saw Mo Nianchen’s back, he couldn’t help but be startled. Just now, Mo Nianchen was so angry, but he still didn’t touch Li Shengxia. Was this the prince he knew?

Could it be…

Could he really love Li Shengxia?

This realization gave him an inexplicable heartache.

As for Li Shengxia, she was completely stunned at this moment, she fell weakly paralyzed on the ground, and her heart ached inexplicably.

It’s over, maybe it won’t pass tomorrow, and it was the turn of the Yin Group to go bankrupt, right?

Why should she feel sad?

Wasn’t that what he was all about?

She did nothing wrong! But why couldn’t she persuade her heart?

Her heart had never been so chaotic before, he walked out in such a hurry, as if he would never stop for her again, it felt like a hole had been dug in her heart, and it was very painful.

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