PPM Ch. 79: Going out on your own!!!

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Yin Tangyi instinctively let go of Li Shengxia.

At the same time, Li Shengxia fell into a warm embrace…

When Li Shengxia came back to her senses, she realized that it was Mo Nianchen who had pulled her into his arms.

At this moment, his expression was so indifferent, not saying a word, that it was enough to make people shudder.

Why was he here? Li Shengxia couldn’t help but turn pale in shock. She really didn’t expect Mo Nianchen to appear here. They were obviously in a cold war. And the quarrel was so hysterical!

She thought that he would not spare her, but in the end nothing happened except the withdrawal of funds from her company, and he didn’t even show up for it!

But he was actually here now!

She remembered the last time she dropped the ring in Yin Tangyi’s car, and that was all, Mo Nianchen angrily withdrew all the investments of the Li Group.

Now that he saw that Yin Tangyi was about to hold her hand, how could he easily let go of it?

She couldn’t forget his madness. She couldn’t forget that before, she just said a few words to a boy, and the next day, the boy was beaten all over his body, and he even changed schools…

He would destroy anything she cared about…

She didn’t want him to destroy Yin Tangyi. After all, he was one of the few people who was truly kind to her.

Seeing that Li Shengxia didn’t resist Mo Nianchen’s hug this time, Yin Tangyi couldn’t help but feel even more disheartened.

Her heart was obviously soft towards Mo Nianchen.

Li Shengxia tried to break the terrifying deadlock and asked Mo Nianchen, “What are you doing here?”

She wanted to make herself look as natural as possible, so after asking she motioned for Yin Tangyi to leave, but Yin Tangyi continued to look at her motionlessly, making her flustered.

Mo Nianchen said coldly, “What am I doing here? Did I disturb your good deeds?”

She was a little happy that Mo Nianchen would come to her first, but the words he said later extinguished all her joy.

She said in a deep voice: “What good deeds? Do you have to make it sound so ugly? It’s not what you think.”

“One time maybe it was an accident, but twice, can you dare to say it’s not a sophistry?!” Mo Nianchen was cold and his voice was like he had emerged from hell.

Li Shengxia found it very difficult to communicate with him every time. Her explanation was useless to him. She didn’t know why he was inexplicably unhappy, and his words were even colder.

“Whatever you think, you never believe me anyway! Don’t forget that we are still quarrelling, why did you lower your worth to talk to me?”

She was just angry, but Mo Nianchen didn’t think so.

Mo Nianchen didn’t think that just as he finally let go of his self-esteem to go to her, she would say such words to him, so frowning, he said coldly: “I think your wings have hardened, so you want to fly!”

“You said right! I just have hard wings, and I just want to fly.”

Mo Nianchen couldn’t restrain his emotions anymore, and mocked coldly: “I think you are still so stupid, even if your wings are hard, you have to find a backer first, look who you are looking for? Yin Tangyi? You just like to eat back grass? Forgot how others have humiliated you?”

She said: “Who am I sticking to, it’s not your turn to take charge of it!”

“Now you are my legal wife, if it’s not my turn to be in charge then who else should I be?”

“Now you remember that I am your wife?” Li Shengxia sneered, she really didn’t know what Mo Nianchen was thinking!

“Prince…Prince.” Yin Tangyi said at this time, “Since you and Li Shengxia are husband and wife, why do you ignore the Li Group?”

Mo Nianchen frowned deeply, as if he finally remembered Yin Tangyi’s existence. He said coldly: “Shengxia? So kind. Please correct my identity. I’m your husband, not him!”

Unexpectedly, Yin Tangyi ignored his warning and said righteously: “If you are just on a whim with Li Shengxia, please let her go.”

Li Shengxia was taken aback, was Yin Tangyi crazy? He really dared to oppose Mo Nianchen, that was Mo Nianchen!

Hearing this, Mo Nianchen looked coldly at Yin Tangyi’s sincere expression, and couldn’t help but feel disgusted.

He didn’t know why he was so annoyed, but he felt extremely annoyed when he saw Yin Tangyi, and hated his intimacy with Li Shengxia even more.

Mo Nianchen sneered and said, “What if I treat her as a whim? I can’t let her go, do I need you to take care of it for me?!”

Yin Tangyi’s face suddenly became ugly, and he clenched his fist and said, “Prince, she is the person I want to take care of in my palm wholeheartedly. If you don’t like her, please don’t make trouble for her.”

“Make trouble for her? Young master Yin, you are exalting yourself too much! I look at people who make trouble with her. Isn’t that you? It seems that you are the one who has been tangled with her repeatedly, right?” Mo Nianchen said, and turned his face to face Li Shengxia, then he pinched her jaw coldly with his slender fingers. He raised her chin, curled up his lips and smiled, his voice was calm but with a terrifying coldness, “Darling, what do you say?”

It was clearly such a calm and even a little ambiguous tone, but Li Shengxia really saw the icy light in his eyes.

No matter how bad she was with Mo Nianchen, she didn’t need Yin Tangyi to block his life to help her. Because the end was obvious! Therefore, she could only follow Mo Nianchen.

Thinking of this, Li Shengxia replied bravely, “Yes.”

Yin Tangyi heard Li Shengxia’s answer, and the heart that was burning like a fiery fire just now seemed to be torn apart by the cold voice.

Mo Nianchen seemed to be quite satisfied with the answer, and he didn’t plan to embarrass Yin Tangyi anymore, but he still said condescendingly, “Master Yin, did you hear it clearly? Will you go away yourself, or shall I help you?”

Li Shengxia heard that he did not intend to pursue it, so she suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

Yin Tangyi didn’t want to give up, he clenched his fists and said angrily: “The first time I saw her was five years ago, on the plane, she sat next to me and told me that you were the person she hated the most.”

Mo Nianchen’s pupils suddenly widened! He could never forget the airport incident five years ago, he was desperate to catch up with her, but she told him that she would hate him for the rest of her life!

Yin Tangyi seemed to see Mo Nianchen’s horror for a moment, and said loudly: “It took me five years to become her closest lover!”

Mo Nianchen was very concerned about missing five years of her life, and did not think that Yin Tangyi actually would use this to stimulate him! He just felt something bursting out. Then, he heard that one sentence…

“And you, in the most important five years, became a blank in her life!”

Mo Nianchen’s body began to tremble, as if his important things were robbed by others. His hand had unknowingly loosened from Li Shengxia’s jaw, and his own jaw slowly clenched.

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