PPM Ch. 78: Are you concerned about me, Li Shengxia?

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The rest of the people had almost dispersed.

Li Shengxia packed her things and decided to leave. At this moment, a person suddenly appeared at the door of the lounge…

She looked at the sudden figure in surprise and forgot to breathe…

“Li Shengxia!” He suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her to go with him.

Li Shengxia was upset.

Could it be that the person who helped her on the stage today was him!!!

At the same time, the corners of Mo Nianchen’s lips rose slightly, and his outline became gentle. He was about to open the door of the lounge…

Who knew, the lounge was empty.

She was not here?

Where did she go?

He came out with a bad face, just to see Li Shengxia being pulled out of the lounge by Yin Tangyi and walking towards the empty corridor.

Seeing this scene, Mo Nianchen’s face suddenly turned white, and his pupils were so cold that he seemed to be able to freeze all the objects in his sight into ice sculptures!

It was Yin Tangyi again!

Once it could be an accident, but how would she explain it twice!

At this time, Li Shengxia was dragged to the corridor by Yin Tangyi and did not notice that Mo Nianchen was nearby.

Li Shengxia was surprised to see Yin Tangyi suddenly just now. She didn’t expect that Yin Tangyi was also at the venue. But thinking about her winning the contest, the celebs who voted for her in the end were the key to victory.

And she didn’t know them.

For a moment, she wondered if Mo Nianchen had helped her, but after thinking about it seriously, she thought it was a fantasy.

He misunderstood her, and wouldn’t even listen to her explanation, not to mention that they were still quarrelling. He was such an arrogant and conceited prince, how could he come to help her?

She only understood when she saw Yin Tangyi just now. Could it be that the person who helped her was Yin Tangyi?

Otherwise, why would he be here, why would he enter the lounge, and drag her to no-man’s land without any explanation.

That’s true, but she felt a little bit of loss in her heart, so she guessed right, and it wasn’t Mo Nianchen the one who helped her?

She knew, how could it be Mo Nianchen? They were still arguing!

Li Shengxia came back to her senses, thinking that she was only able to pull the game back because of Yin Tangyi’s blessing, so this time, when she saw Yin Tangyi, she became less resistant.

“Do you have anything you need with me?” Li Shengxia said to break the deadlock.

Yin Tangyi asked bluntly: “I heard that the Li Group has had the contract breached by many partners. What happened between you and the Crown Prince?”

Li Shengxia didn’t expect that he was still paying attention to the Li Group. When he said this, she thought of Mo Nianchen. The conflict between Mo Nianchen and her had become a mess.

She held her breath and returned, “This is my own business, and I will handle it myself.”

Yin Tangyi felt the alienation in her tone, and frowned and said, “Li Shengxia, I want to cooperate with the Li Group, you know I’m the only person who can help the Li Group, and I’m here to talk business with you.”

He hoped that saying this would make her stop resisting and alienating him, which made him feel very sad.

“Master Yin.” Li Shengxia was surprised to hear this, and immediately rejected his kindness: “The withdrawal of the partner’s capital is indeed related to the prince. Since you know it, don’t make a joke about it.”

The prince’s strength was obvious to all, and no one could afford to offend him! The last time she just met Yin Tangyi, Mo Nianchen directly put the Li Group in danger. If Yin Tangyi dared to help the Li Group, she didn’t know what would happen.

He didn’t seem to be afraid, and said to her firmly: “I’m willing to do anything for you.”

She couldn’t stand his scorching gaze, even though she knew that his heart had never changed, but her heart had long since turned back.

She never wanted to implicate him. After all, he had given her the best company during her most painful years.

So, she could only use words to stimulate him and keep him away from her, so as to protect him.

Li Shengxia said coldly: “Master Yin, if the Yin Group wants to fight the Emperor’s inheritance head-on, it is tantamount to hitting the stone with an egg and using a man’s arm as a vehicle. The Yin Group is not enough. You are the only heir of the Yin Group, how many of your subordinates are there? Tens of thousands of people are waiting for you to pay them salary, do you know that if you do one thing casually, you may make tens of thousands of people unable to eat?”

Yin Tangyi ignored her tone and was quite excited. He said, “Are you concerned about me? Li Shengxia…”

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Li Shengxia: “I’m very grateful for what happened tonight, and from now on, don’t come to me again. You don’t have to help me.”

What happened tonight? Are you saying that you want to go your own way to help the Li Group? She refused his help and refused to meet him again…

She didn’t know how hard it was for him.

He had already decided to fulfil her happiness, but was she happy?

The prince didn’t take her seriously at all, otherwise how could the Li Group be in trouble?

When Yin Tangyi saw Li Shengxia turn around and about to leave, he stopped her immediately: “Li Shengxia, leave him. He is not sincere to you…”

Li Shengxia coldly blocked all his words: “How much is sincerity worth? Can you help me?”

Yin Tangyi’s face became extremely ugly, and he didn’t know how to face the aggressive Li Shengxia in front of him.

But his hesitation was only for a moment, and then he said unswervingly: “I can help you! Even if I have to do my best, I will spare no effort.”

Last time, he did the stupidest thing in the world and didn’t believe her, which let her leave him completely and go to someone else’s arms. This time, he would never let her go, and let her wander in danger.

However, she didn’t appreciate it.

She sneered lightly: “I don’t need your fullness, and I don’t care that you spare no effort! You are nothing but my discarded piece. No matter how rich you are, can you compare to the prince? No matter how much sincerity you have, can you fight the crown prince?”

She did not hesitate to use the sharpest words to hurt him, but she just wanted him to let go earlier.

But he was still so firm: “For you, I dare! Even if the other party is the prince, I dare to fight!”

Li Shengxia said with a ‘sneer’: “You know that I am this kind of woman who sees money as the most important and only thing to survive. Why are you still stalking me? Do you think you will be able to save the hard-hearted me if you are persistent? Master Yin, you are no longer a child, and our Li Group will not cooperate with you.”

Not only did she not appreciate it, she also extinguished all his enthusiasm.

Yin Tangyi’s tone suddenly became weak, “Are you still blaming me for the slap in the face when we broke up? You hit back, even if you hit back ten times, a hundred times, as long as you can forgive me, I will do anything. You hit me–“

Yin Tangyi suddenly grabbed Li Shengxia’s hand, Li Shengxia was startled, and was just about to pull her hand away, when at this moment, a soda can suddenly flew over and hit Yin Tangyi impartially.

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